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pls consider: shallura aristocats au

@summer-arts summer r u seeing this

initial thoughts:

  • allura is obviously the Very Fancy cat, all the younger paladins are just these random kittens she found on the street and was like ‘lesgo’ 
  • instead of being their mom she’s lance/hunk/pidge/keith’s adopted older sister
  • @summer-arts keith can be a smelly kitten since u seem deadset on that
  • i haven’t watched this movie in ages i forget all the names and plot details. i’m winging this prompt so hard i turned into a goose.
  • coran is their owner… he and alfor co-parent the cats (gay dads)
  • they get kidnapped, right???? zarkon is a kitty-snatcher >:C
  • in this au i guess ulaz brings shiro TO the blades and so they’re jus chilllin… bein alleycats… i literally cannot remember this movie
  • allura tries 2 raise her adopted siblings as Refined Cats… They eat fish out of the can… Pidge and Keith cannot be contained by the collar though
  • allura: ladies may not start fights, but they sure as hell can finish them (starts swinging)

Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

Assassin's Creed Rogue is now backwards compatible for xbox 1?

Shay Cormac Defense Squad, did y'all know about this? Like what?? Please tell me they’re doing it for PS4???? @shay-makes-my-luck @waterbird-loves-pasteis @freedomaboveallelse @bunnyyumyum @greyhood99 @rooks-and-blighters @frostychess @writingsofawaywardnerd

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Name: Saara
Nickname: I don’t really have any :(((
Gender: female
Star sign: aries
Height: 1,67m
Sexual orientation: not quite straight….
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw if I must have one
Fav colour: turquoise, purple
Fav animal: gibbons
Average hours of sleep: 5-7 hours, 9-10 when i don’t need to get up early
Cat or dog person: both are great (but I have dogs)
Favorite fictional person: of all time Chandler Bing, but lately Aaron Dingle
# of blankets I sleep with: one duvet
Fav singer/band: Sunrise Avenue, Green Day, 1D
Dream trip: Iceland, France, Ireland, Switzerland… basically I just want to travel across all of Europe (and right now I really want to do a road trip around Finland in the summer)
Dream job: something to do with tv/film production
When was your blog created: December 2011
Current # of followers: 613
What made you create a tumblr: Some of my uni mates had blogs and it looked cool so I joined and I have yet to escape

Alphabetical Tag Game

I was tagged by my dear precious friend @withnosuchgrace

A - AGE: 18

B - BIGGEST FEAR: deep sea, failure

C - CURRENT TIME: 8:15 pm



F - FAVOURITE SONG: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone


H - HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA

I - IN LOVE WITH: Park Jimin aka the loml

J - JEALOUS OF: “bts bc they get to hang out with bts”

K - KILLED SOMEONE: Well if you count killing @qweentae @mochikotae @sugaswagdaddy @overthemoonjoon with all those posts I’ve tagged them in, then yes LMAO (ily guys)


M - MIDDLE NAME: okay so when I was born, it was Camilon, but when I moved to the US, some mistake happened where they took away Camilon and made my second name, Marie, my middle name instead. So it’s Camilon, but in all those forms and docs, it’s Marie 


O - ONE WISH: world is at peace that’s filled with good people and everyone is happy 


Q - QUESTIONS YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: “what are you” i hear it every single day omg

R - REASONS TO SMILE: family, friends, music, Jung Hoseok

S - SONGS LAST SANG: Spring Day lol

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5:50am rip


V - VACATION DESTINATION: Italy, Iceland, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Singapore

W - WORST HABIT: replying back to texts on time, putting everything last minute like my hw right now


Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: fish (especially salmon), potatoes, pasta, binagoongan

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio

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Send me a ♕ for me to describe favorite rp character of someone else’s.

Hmm… okay. This could include A LOT of people, and I could talk about my usual favorites - @bloody-gorgeous-rps (and basically everyone she plays), @catsroleplays (and her Sebastian, though there are so many more great characters in her arsenal), @tays-role-plays (who makes me a better writer every day with her Sam, Vic, and more), and @robyn-roleplays (my very first Sam). I’m going to try to talk about some people I mention less instead.

@bextkwrites is amazing. Every character of hers that I’ve been privileged enough to write opposite has just been wonderful, but I especially love her Hunter and Koda. Also, her Kitty, who I got to write with ages ago, but I mention her specifically because I wrote one of my favorite dash threads I’ve ever gotten to do with that character. It was this argument between her and my Skylar, and it could have gotten really heated, but the characters ended up having this really interesting discussion instead, and… I don’t know. It’s the conversation I always think about when I think about how sometimes a dash chat can just click… Everything writes itself. It’s effortless.

@chrisbcrgs plays some AMAZING OCs, and she also plays my favorite Mercedes Jones I’ve ever had the opportunity to write with. There’s just something so real about her Mercedes - she captures her voice well, and also that great mix of softness and fierceness that is one of the things I really love about the character. I also admire her as a fellow Roderick Meeks player. I love to read other interpretations of characters I play, and her Roderick is just aces.

@evansrp has an excellent OC named Sarah who I’m totally into. I’m lucky enough to write a great friendship between her and one of my OCs, and I love being able to interact with such an interesting and multi-layered character. I wish I’d had more opportunity to write with her Sam Evans too. We were in a group together for about two seconds where I got to see a bit of her Sam, but I didn’t get to write with him.

There are so many more people I could include in this. So many more characters. I basically just sit in awe of the characters people bring to the groups I’m in. I love reading other people’s writing.

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

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nickname: charlie is a nickname? im comf w/ anything derived from charlie or alyssa tbh
star sign: gemini
height: 5'2
time right now: 4:14 pm
last thing you googled: ok…….. it was the hélène kuragina wikipedia page…… i needed 2 copy down the cyrillic spelling of her name
favorite music artist: mabel @andreibolkonsky 
song stuck in my head: i dont have anything stuck in my head rn but yesterday i had a russian song abt umbrellas stuck in my head
last tv show i watched: futurama
what i’m wearing right now: black pants and a brown sweater is v cold
when i created this blog: beginning of 2015 but ive been on tumblr since like 2010
do i get asks regularly: lmao not rly
why did i choose my url: she’s my WIFE i’d DIE for elena ‘hélène’ vassilievna kuragina
gender: ????????????????????? she/they pronouns
hogwarts house: slytherin 
pokémon team: mystic i think i cant remember
favorite color: green, maroon, and pink
favorite characters: hélène kuragina, charlie kelly, all my ocs lmao, louise belcher, bender rodriguez, kathryn merteuil, abed nadir, heather mcnamara, anakin skywalker, lots of others
dream job: gettin paid for sleepin (im stealin this from jannah bc true)
number of blankets: one but its a big one
number of followers: around 1.5k

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Your college post was super helpful and helped a lot with my anxiety even tho I'm already in college, and you've helped a lot of other people who were really worried about college with it too. There are so many replies and tags on it where people are breathing sighs of relief and saying they really needed the reassurance, and that it helped.I'm sorry there are assholes who are giving u shit for doing something good. Thank you for making that post Kira.🌻

I know.

Thank you.

Most people were honestly happy about that post.

The people who weren’t were just beings dicks.

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viktor's motivational board still makes me wheeze. (also you and keilattes??? incredible. i never knew i needed this in my life. you're both just so ... good ... i )

ahh thank you!!! I’m glad you liked the random collab thing hahah
and I agree??? @keilattes​ is great??? you can put any of kei’s yuuri’s on the motivational board and it’ll be 100/10. look at this masterpiece

i made a helpful diagram for everyone