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@staff​. @staff@staff​. 

for the last two days, @staff, way too many of my notifications have been from porn blogs. @staff​. @staff​ . @staff​. @staff​, i’m a minor. @staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff

@staff@staff@staff​ can you like, do something about this?  @staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff


@staff hey pay attention to me. @staff this is a huge problem. @staff it’s not just me @staff literally everyone on this website except the porn blogs @staff has been complaining about this @staff porn blog @staff problem @staff @staff @staff @staff 

@staff you never address any of out problems. @staff can we get a response here? @staff can you do things other than break the website all the time? @staffcan you acknowledge us here? @staff why do you ignore all your website’s problems? 

@staff can you do something about these porn blogs? @staff perhaps there’s a reason why other websites have captchas to sign up. @staff @staff @staff @staff perhaps if i tag you enough you’ll stop turning a blind eye.

@staff @staff @staff @staff. can you acknowledge that your website has a problem, @staff?

WIP Wednesday: Some of the pictures I drew while on vacation!

I did the roughs for these on the plane, then finished them up at my friend’s house, where I was staying. I’ll try to post the completed ones here soon.

one of my favorite things in the world: having a scene build itself in my head because of a song i’m listening to

Tiny Yuuri update! His body is finished. He’s currently headless which is kinda sad for him.

You just about can see the red peeking out from the other side of the skirt bit. It’s spandex, not felt, because I needed something with a bit of drape. And it’s nice and shiny. Let’s be honest, in real life there would probably be a LOT of spandex in that costume, because you’d need a fabric with some 4-way stretch.

And you can definitely see the mesh bit on one side. And the little fingerless glove bits, which are super tricky because, I mean, look at the ruler. Those thumbs are TINY.

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Instructions: List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

REOL - Yoiyoi Kokon
REOL - ChiruChiru
REOL - DetaramE KiddinG 
Hazzie - Kimi to
Hazzie - Kizuna
Hazzie - kaze no tayori
BTS - Save Me
Wataru Hatano - Heart Signal
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Harajuku Iyahoi
Sekai no Owari - Mermaid Raphsody

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Rules : List 10 songs you’re currently into, and tag 10 people.

1. Before I forget - Slipknot
2. Run - Foo fighters
3. Marigold - Caligula’s Horse
4. Slip it in - Black Flag
5. Hero of the Day - Metallica
6. Fat Kid - Nothing More
7. Escape - Metallica
8. Paint it black - Rolling stones
9. (We are) The Roadcrew - Motorhead
10. Hybrid Moments - Misfits

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smoking weed with fairy royalty

you’re sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool lit by neon lights, but instead of water the pool is filled with peach soda

you’re an alien visiting your human boyfriend on earth and you’re entering the earth’s atmosphere but you’ve done it like thirty times so you’re just chilling

everything is endless cornfields and stormy skies and the end of the world is coming so the radio’s playing apocalyptic tunes

you’re sitting outside dairy queen at 2am w cherry topped sundaes and you’re wearing your best friend’s faux fur jacket

you’re at 7/11 at night minding your own business but when you go to leave you realize the door won’t open and all the power goes out except for the slushie machine so now you’re just chilling on the floor in a 7/11 in the blue light & hum of a slushie machine

a tiny dancer living in a dusty music box

you’re really tired and it’s late and you feel numb but you’re laughing at memes and feeling intense love for your friends

when you’re in the woods alone and you’re following a tunnel to a house, you hear a sound behind you and when you look around you realize this tunnel doesn’t have a start or an end, and it never did


I waddle onto tumblr and place this upon a chair, slowly backing away while staring everyone individually in the eye. This took 5 months. Please enjoy.

I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble

Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.

  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first