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It was bound to happen sooner then later, I present to you
FANSERVICE NO JUTSU!~ Kagura Mashita In a bunny outfit.

This was requested more than once and I always refused or said “maybe later”- WELL LATER’S NOW!
Rough sketches
Kagura Mashita
Naruto OC


“Lance, are you okay?” Hunk’s voice broke through the paladin’s thoughts. Lance blinked, forcing a smile as he watched Keith and Shiro exit the training hall together, their expressions bright and beautiful, and everything Lance wanted.

“Yeah,” He said, swallowing thickly, and fighting against the tears rising, “Yeah, I’m fine.” But he wasn’t. And it didn’t matter.

Just as long as Keith was.

- - -

This was an angsty idea I had stuck in my head. It was a sort of au-ish thing, but it was full of Langst and heartache. I wanted to write a fic, but I’m still working on my first one. So it’ll be on the shelf for a while. But if you guys want to write something, just tag me and I’d love to check it out!

Eh, I may fix it up and color it when i get a chance. The Sheith one I will though, that’s a gift for my friend.

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feel you | jhs

» OVERVIEW: One-shot — Hoseok makes a request that sends a boulder rocketing right toward your stomach. 

» gif credit

» WORD-COUNT: 1894

» GENRE: Fluff, Slightly NSFW — Mild stripping, something sweet for a change. 

» PAIRING: Hoseok Jung x Reader

» A/N: guess who’s restless again at two a.m. :))))))

» MOOD MUSIC: “Yeah, now i’m feeling you breathing slow.


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