so many star trek tags to say

so ppl and i have been talking about if the enterprise had a snapchat and it would be wild like

  • there’s a shaky video of kirk sprinting down a corridor, chased by a yelling bones, tagged “#justenterprisethings”
  • shakycam footage that’s clearly a ship crashing just saying “another tuesday”
  • many pictures of sulu’s ass start to circulate with the hashtag “#bridgebuns”
  • it expands to the entire bridge crew
  • one crewman manages to get spock’s ass, its followed by a video of them sprinting down a corridor while spock is purposefully walking after them
  • the crewman is hailed as a hero
  • there’s footage of uhura and spock talking on the bridge (clearly taken from behind a desk) with the words “i ship it”
  • a snap of scotty asleep in the engine room like “i see our chief engineer is doing his job well”
  • people trying to get full selfies with spock after the “see spock run” incident
  • “it counts if hes in frame”
  • eventually kirk has to make a shipwide transmission telling people to stop harassing his first officer
  • that day someone posts another selfie with spock - a proper one.
  • (its from chekov)

Shipping challenge; thanks for tagging me, @cinnamoncountess <3

Rules: List 5 OTPs from different fandoms and tag 10 people.

These are in no specific order!

1.) RED STARLING (Detective Conan): I hope there’s gonna be a happy end for them. (Shuu has beautiful fingers btw)

2.) ROYAI (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood): Nothing more to say… ugh.

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3.) BRIAN/MIA (Fast & Furious): Idk but I really loved them from the very first moment when he asked her out.

4.) MCKIRK (Star Trek): So sorry, but goood, no. These fuckers, I love them to no end.

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5.) REMUS/TONKS (Harry Potter): I can’t even tell how many times I’ve read every single dialogue involving them as a couple.