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so, um. if you have any particular feelings about labyrinth--specifically Sarah--uh, go wild.



The morning after Sarah Williams defeats the Goblin King, she gets up and makes toast. She has to brush some glitter off the toaster—it withers and vanishes at the brush of her fingertips, and she stares at her hand for a long time. 

It mostly just looks like her hand. Even when she turns it over, and sees where she scraped her knuckles against the oubliette, where the shattered mirror cut the back of her wrist. It looks like she fell, or was playing in the street. That’s all.

The toast comes out burned, and Sarah stares at that too. Eventually, she slumps down against the cabinets and cries, wracking sobs that send her dad and Karen rushing into kitchen. They check her forehead for a fever, put their hands on her, and keep asking, “Are you okay? Sarah, please, tell us what’s wrong…”

Eventually, her dad drags her into his lap and cradles her against his chest, like he did when she was little. Her legs are too long to really fit anymore, but Sarah hugs him around the neck anyway. “It’ll be okay,” he says, keeps saying. “You’ll be okay.” And Sarah—doesn’t laugh, because she can’t, and doesn’t have the words to express what—how—

(None of her stories ever talked about this. What did Sir George do, the morning after he slayed the last dragon in England? Did Tam Lin eat breakfast, or did he sit there, shivering, wondering if his hands were different, having been claws and wings and scales?)

Afterwards, she leaves the burnt toast outside on the back porch. Not an offering. Maybe a reminder.


It’s Didymus she sees the most often, mostly because he’s the one who invites himself rather than waiting for an invitation. He comes for tea, but even if there’s no tea—which there isn’t, usually—he comes to tell Sarah stories. She learns to love poetry because there’s no escaping it with him. (She won’t read Idylls of the King until Brit Lit in college, but she ends up scrawling a lot in the margins; Didymus’ telling of events had been much more interesting.)

Once, she falls asleep like that, her hands tucked behind her head with Didymus curled up and sleepily reciting from the crook of her elbow. “So tender was her voice, so fair her face—though I don’t think he was looking at her face, my lady, pardon me for saying so—”

Sarah buries her nose in his fur. Didymus always smells of rosewater, and a crispness she thinks is just…the Labyrinth. She falls asleep trying to place it.

She wakes up with a wild fox in her bed, animal-black eyes frightened and flat, teeth bared. The fox is whining, and she’s tempted to throw herself across the room, to get away from this wild thing and its teeth. It takes a monumental will to keep herself still and her breathing slow, even; like she’s still asleep and unafraid. 

It takes her longer to swallow, and start humming one of the songs he taught her—a knight’s round, he’d said. She’s shaky at first, but the fox’s ears flick forward. It cocks its head, and slowly, the teeth disappear behind its lips. 

She almost laughs when noses at her throat curiously, butting its head against her jaw like a cat might.

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I love how dianakko shippers are getting anons saying it won’t happen with that trigger interview link and like LMAO what’s your point? Have you met yuri shippers? Honey. 8/10 of my ships are non-canon. Yuri shippers live and breathe non-canon yuri couples. Even the ones where the 2 ladies are basically fuckin married, for example, Nanofate they even have a daughter but are STILL non-canon we still ship them. Why? Because yuri shippers are some of the most badass bitches who will literally keep a ship alive for years by creating their own content. I’m talkin about fanart, fanfiction, doujins, etc. Going into a yuri shipper’s inbox and saying that their ship won’t happen cause the director/writer/etc. said so isn’t gonna do shit. Many of us have watched anime with yuri subtext for years and we’re used to it. It’s sad but we expect non-canon. Yuri shippers won’t play your fuckin game of “but that ship is a reach”, “that ship doesn’t make sense”, “it’s not going to happen” because we don’t fuckin care. We will fight tooth and nail to keep our ships alive despite all the fuckin odds, I should know I’ve done it. Also, HAVE YOU SEEN MY KUMIREI BATTLE SCARS. KYOANI TRIED TO KILL ME BUT I LIVED BITCH.

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not sure if you've ever thought of this but i kind of have this AU in my head of if Sophia hadn't turned and her Carol and Daryl were a cute little family. Any fluffy headcanons you can share with me? :) I'm a recently converted Caryler and I've been thinking about this haha

ok first welcome to our crazy ship Nomy :)

And yes there have been many lovely headcanons  written about this very possibility and I for one absolutely adore the idea of Daryl, Carol and Sophia being a cute a little family.

I wish I could find the artwork someone did recently of Daryl grudgingly (but so grudgingly) letting Sophia paint his nails while Carol watches adoringly.

Or the idea, which I used in a fic once of Daryl and Sophia liking the same type of cereal, and him purposely going out to try and find her favorite kinds to keep her happy.

Or the idea that Sophia liked to randomly give Daryl hugs for absolutely no reason at all, and he would pretend to be annoyed by this but really wasn’t.

Or the idea that they would have picnic in the prison yard (because that was my favorite home for them all, it was where they were happiest IMO) and after they ate they both teach Sophia how to shoot and defend herself.

That Mr Gruff and occasionally grumpy Daryl Dixon was a big old softie when it came to Carol and Sophia. Like everyone else there would be amused by his willingness to give Sophia piggy back rides around the cell block.

And that when she was tired and fell asleep he’d carry her to her bed and put her down and him and Carol would cuddle in chair and watch her sleep for awhile before going to bed themselves.

Is that fluffy enough for you hon? I got good old happy feels about that now :)

This happy surprise came in the mail today 😄.

Loish is an amazing artist and I was super excited to hear she had a Kickstarter started to support her printing an art book of her work. So I jumped at the chance to being one of the many to get on board on buying her book. The book is beautiful and I especially love the extra surprise of the playing cards with pictures of her art and the box that it came in that also featured her work (it looks like the box had a run in with some red nail polish during shipping…but it’s still beautiful enough that I’m going to hang it somewhere in my office 😉). I highly recommend anyone out there if they can to find a copy of this book to buy it. 😄

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Salty Asks: 4, 5, and 12 for Marvel

🎉🎉🎉 Honestly I didn’t think anyone would actually send these in, this is so exciting!!!! (You said Marvel, but I’m gonna stick with the MCU, hope that’s okay!)

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*

Oh god…… Steve/Bucky……. for many reasons but the simplest reason is because the majority of my exposure to the fans that drive this ship has been not-so-great? Also I can count the number of fics where one of them *isn’t* used as a “fixer” for the other on one hand so….

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?*

Steve/Peggy, if fandom hadn’t done enough damage, HA really pushed those nails into the coffin. They were never really an OTP for me, but I didn’t mind it before…. I’m Done™ now

12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I don’t think so?? I didn’t *mind* the Bruce/Nat thing until the farmhouse… I was confused & thought it was kinda predictable, but I didn’t hate the idea of it

Salty Fandom Asks

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Im worried about Liam solo career now :( I hope the baby doesn't come because if then idk if he is going to have a solo career I mean there wouldn't be new fans and ppl would be mad at him for dating a racist when he is singing r&b ...😒😭

You and I both, my Anon, you and i both are worried about his solo career!

Let’s pretend for a moment for argument’s sake that this bump is Liam’s baby- to- be. liam who wanted to be a solo singer since he was a kid and who finally, during the hiatus has his chance. And what does he do? He impregnates a woman who is still married to another man and is working on her divorce (while she shouls be working on her issues…). Now, how plausible, or logical do you think this is? And how come after two long term relationships (cough, fauxmances, cough) with danielle and sophia he still doesn’t know what a condom or contraception is?

Nor do I think he envisioned going on tour and playing gigs while he drags a baby along and has to change the diaper mid-song. Of course, you can always say that the baby can  stay at home while he tours, thus missing his kid’s first months of life. And i won’t even comment on how happy Liam’s mother will be if her darling son brings her Cheryl as a daughter in law! (at this point I’m judging by myself).

Like I said, no very plausible.

As for Cheryl, she was married twice but didn’t have a baby with her husbands (the contraception seemed to work just fine!) but decided out of the blue to have a child while still married to a man, with another man, and one 10 years younger who still needs to grow up and be silly himself)… When you see it put like this you understand what it is: complete and utter Bullshit!

Nope, this is the Chim child and they are having their baies together, while 1DHQ is gleefully rubbing his dirty paws thinking of the damage they have caused to Liam’s career.

Artistically (I mean her career) Cheryl is a joke who since she couldn’t have another album (cause there was no interest0, decided to go ahead an have a baby. How exactly does this helps Liam’s career? it only hinders it (as we already established), and the fact that she attacked unprovoked a cleaning lady who was a POC has not been forgotten. Furthermore, I expect (many) fans to jump ship, disgusted by the tactics of 1DHQ, so…

Bingo! you hit the nail on the head! This impediment to Liam’s career is brouught to you by 1DHQ who will stop before nothing before destroying the Boys individually and as a brand

Stockholm Syndrome {Harry Styles Imagine Part Two}

 Requested: Yes

User: The beautiful @broken-hearted-blues

Request: I really love the Stockholm Syndrome with Harry, would you continue and please do a part two? Ps love love your work. 

Word Count: 2.1k

Rated: PG 13+ 

Authors Note: Heyo! So I’m back with another part too ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. I got good feed back, which I am very thankful for! I’m glad you’re all enjoying this imagine. Not sure how many parts it will have but I guess we’ll cross that road when we get there! I hope you all had a wonderful day! (: Love you all! xx 

Masterlist | Ask or request here | Part One 

Previously on, Stockholm Syndrome

At that moment, all the memories and the voices came back into my head, crowding me and mocking me.

That man has destroyed my life and didn’t even care. He tried to kill me and now he wants to finish that, and I know I should be scared, mortified even. But I feel nothing but anger that has built up.

“You tell him if he wants to kill me, he go ahead and try, but he won’t even make it out alive when I’m done with him.” 

The curly headed boy looked at me with wide eyes as if I had grown three heads and killed his mother. 

“I’m not afraid of him, if that’s what you’re wondering. I was afraid before and that only made me weak. I told my self i’d never put myself through that again.” 

But still, the boy kept his gaze on me, his eyes searching for an answer that I wasn’t going to give him. I don’t trust him. He took me away from my home all because my fuck up of a father told him too. He should have said no and walked away but he was afraid unlike I, who would have almost killed him for asking such a task. I was tired of being afraid of everything after my last encounter with him, so I quickly changed my view on things and became the indestructible girl known as, (Y/N).

“You don’t know him and what he can do.” 

“I may not. But I know what he can’t do and that’s control me.” 

He ran his hand through his ungodly hair and let out an exasperated sigh in frustration, probably tired of my constant attitude and demeanor but can you blame me? 

“You know, my patience is running thin with you.”

“And mine isn’t? Hello, is anyone in there?” I flicked his head.

“Ow what the f-” 

“You didn’t get kidnapped, taken to a house in the middle of fucking no where or get mistreated by some douche bag who’s, without a doubt, shit scared of his boss. None of that happened to you so don’t tell me your patience is running thin when I’m close to having little to no patience left with you. I could easily hurt you in many possible ways and leave, just like that.” 

“Then why don’t you?” he smirked, not believing me. 

“Because, even though I wanna fucking kill you, I have decided to help you stop being a scared little bitch.” I smiled sarcastically, but meaning every word. 


“Look, I get it, you’re a half of a half of a half of a decent guy, who’s scared of the world and his shit boss. I’m going to help you man the fuck up and grow a pair and stand up to him.” 

“And how are you going to do that?” he questioned. 

“I’m not going to do very much. I would tell you but it ruin the whole lesson, now make me something to eat, I’m hungry.” 

“No, I’m n-”

“Get me some fucking food before I cut you into pieces and ship your head to fucking Cuba.” I glared, earning another frustrated sigh and a small nod. 

This was going to be harder then I thought. I need him to work with me and stop being a dumb ass. 

“And make it quick will you, I’ve been here for hours. I’m on the verge of fucking starvation.” I spat, smirking. 

I have a plan, a genius plan at that, but the only way it’s going to work is if he starts growing some balls. 

Minutes later, he set a glass plate in front of me that held a sandwich and some chips. I lifted it up, putting it close to my mouth, and before I could even take a bite, a fit of coughs were let out from the boy. Clearly they were fake, I could tell by the way he was looking at me. He wanted to say something.

“Can I fucking help you?” 

He furrowed his eyebrows. 

“You.. You didn’t say thank you.” he said quietly. 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I set my sandwich down on the plate once again. 

“I wasn’t aware that I, a victim of a kidnapping, was supposed to say thank you to my kidnapper, you. I wasn’t aware that I owed you a thank you.” I spoke sarcastically and harshly while clapping slowly. 

I knew my words were cruel and they were slowly tearing him down but at the same time there were, in a way building him up again. 

“So thank you for kidnapping me, and making me this shitty sandwich that I have to eat becuase, unlike other days where I could just go to my fridge and pick out whatever I want in my apartment, I’m stuck here with you in this shitty house in the middle of fucking nowhere, might I add!” 

“So thank you, thank you so much for your great and honorary services.” I finished.

He was angry. No, angry didn’t even begin to describe how that man was feeling. Infuriated may be better. He was clenching his fist so hard his knuckles became white, and his cheeks became awfully red from me embarrassing him and angering him. I, on the other hand was satisfied with myself. Seeing him like this made me want to continue on and piss him off further, but I knew his little girly heart wouldn’t be able to take it. Therefore, I picked up my sandwich and began to eat. 

“You’re a bitch.” he muttered quietly. 

“What did you just say to me?” I rose my eyebrow, seeing if he would repeat it. 

“I said finish your sandwich.” he shook his head, disappearing down the hall and into a room. 

As soon as the door closed, I erupted into a fit of laughter. The fact that was now shit scared of me and my father was hilarious. This, this treatment I’m giving him, is not because I’m trying to be mean, it’s just a fear tactic, that’s all. I basically have him wrapped around my finger, like a puppeteer playing with his dumb and easily controlled puppets. After I finished my rather good sandwich, I gently placed the plate into the sink, not wanting to make very much noise. I turned around and headed back to the basement to get away, but before I could go a small light caught my eye. I looked down, seeing the curly headed mans phone sitting right in front of me, unlocked. I guess getting out of here was going to be easier then I thought. 

“Are you finished with that damn sandwich yet, (Y/N)?” I heard him yell from the room.

“Yeah, I’m finished.” I replied, locking the phone and placing it back onto the counter on it’s original spot. 

I leaned on the counter, making my self look as natural as possible. Moments later he walked in, shirtless, only wearing a pair of black sweatpants. No matter how much i disliked him, there was no denying the fact that he was attractive. 

I looked at his body, not too noticeable though, and examined his unique a wide collection of tattoos. On his chest he had two birds pointing inward on his collar bones. On his stomach lied a perfectly inked butterfly and near his hip bones were leaves or branches of some sort. His bicep held a large ship and a beautiful rose. There were so many and I knew they all were either meaningful or he just got them for fun. 

“Nice ink.” 

“Thanks…” He coolly replied. 

I nodded and tapped my nails on the granite counter, distracting myself from the beautiful boy. 

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair once again before walking over to where I was and grabbing his phone. 

I let the phone scan his thumb print before he started texting. 

“Fuck..” he groaned, looking up at him. 

“What?” I questioned. 

“They want us to move closer to base, says that people are started to look for you.” 

“Well of course they are.” I rolled my eyes. 

“But why?”

“What the hell do you mean ‘why’? I am a person with very little family and friends but they still care about me of course.” I snorted.

He rolled his eyes obnoxiously and replied with, “How? You’re a bitch who acts as if the world revolves around you.”

I smirked to myself, seeing we were making progress with this new attitude change and I mentally applauded my self for my hard work. Being like this isn’t easy but I guess all the rude and snide remarks are fueled by the anger I have towards him for taking me away from my small group of people I genuinely cared about and loved.

“Why thank you, I’m glad you finally get me.” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

The audacity he has. This boy is pushing my buttons. I have unfinished business with his boss and he doesn’t know that I could easily snap his scrawny ass in half.

“What’s your name?” I asked, finally realizing I had been using, boy, he, curly headed weirdo, and many more names to refer to him.

“Why do you need to know?”

“So I can refrain myself from calling you something that may hurt your feelings for real. You and I both know I’ve done a great job calling you names already.”

He sighed and flipped me off before opening his mouth to speak.

“My name is Harry..”

Harry, what a peculiar name for a peculiar boy.

“It suits you, your name.” I complimented, barely.

“Thank you?” he said, unsure of what exactly to say.

I smiled a bit, releasing the tension in the room from our previous bicker, making him, in return, give me a goofy grin.

The familiar sound of his ringtone flooded through my ears making him grab the phone and accept the call as quick as possible. I could hear a deep voice on the other side but I couldn’t exactly point out who’s it was, of course.

“Yes sir..” he said quietly, sighing and hanging up.

Sir? Ahh, my father then. The ass who’s partially responsible for my being here. Poor Harry, he looked so petrified after he hung up, makes me wonder what he said.

“What did he tell you?”

He stayed silent for a while, making me become a bit annoyed.

“Harry!” I called out again.

“Just tell me what the hell he said.”

“He.. He told me to bring you to him, he wants to get it over as soon as possible.”

I then felt this weird feeling wash over me suddenly. It was shocking and a bit uncomfortable. My stomach was fluttering and I felt as if I were going to vomit. My head began to spin and my palms became sweaty and that’s when I realized, I wasn’t scared of anything in this moment, I was worried.

Worry is not something I feel as you can tell and I hate it.

“Harry, we are not going there yet.”

“Yes we are he just s-”

“Harry.” I interrupted.

“I am not going to see him yet until I feel like it and if you want, give me the damn phone and I’ll call him and tell him myself.”

Without a moments hesitation, he slid the phone over to me and nodded frantically. What a puny little bitch. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and tapped the first number that was displayed on the caller list.

I put the phone to my ear and let it ring until he finally answered.

“Harry, I just explained to y-”

“Listen here fuck face, Harry will not be taking me to you or your disgusting hide out. I will stay here until I feel like seeing your fucking face you asshole. Or if you decide to try anything and sneak me out in the middle of the damn night like the crazy bastard I know, he will move me in secrecy with my orders. Do you understand me?”

He chuckled.

“(Y/N), I think we already know what happened last time you and I had an encounter.”

“Yes I remember clearly. You tried to kill me when I was fucking six and now all I want to do is torture you in the worst possible way and kill you.”

“We both know that’s not going to happen, (Y/N). I’m not afraid of you.”

“Maybe not, but your little servant is and he does whatever I say.”

“Is that so?” he coolly replied.

“Bet your ass it is. Don’t try anything Mark, I know you better then you think I do.”

“We shall see if that’s true or not.”

“I guess we will then.” I hung up and slammed the phone onto the counter, almost positive I cracked the screen.  

Rainbows in Brussels - D Day - Part 1: The Meet-Up

“Why are you packing your camera mommy?” - My heart breaks just a little as I explain that I am meeting some friends I won’t see again for a long time and I want to take some pictures to remember them by. It’s a little white lie - really, I am mostly hoping to catch some decent footage of my favs with that camera, but I don’t have the heart to tell my son I will be seeing his favorite gentlemangirl on stage tonight. Because he “wuvs hawwie”, like really *l*o*v*e*s* him, and I won’t hear the end of it.

The hotelroom where half the TMHFN team is staying is a cosy mess of clothes, hairchalk, t-shirt collars and chargers. Decked out in rainbows, all batteries loaded, we take one last pic of the rainbow hairsquad to post online before we head to the pre show meetup, fashionably late. At the metro station it becomes clear for the first time that juggling priorities - always a challenge for this team when the band is on tour - is just a little too difficult this time with our weekend long rainbow party, a show to attend, and social media to keep up with. All rainbows and chargers are there, but a few tickets are not…

As the only Belgian TMHFN team member, I really don’t want to miss out on my rainbow party so I decide to go ahead and brave the metroride to the Atomium alone. And brave it is, even if I say so myself, because despite the metrostations playing One Direction all day - thoughtful MIVB but it would have been more useful if you’d opened all your stations and ran a few extra trains past midnight - Belgium is still Belgium and not New York, meaning my wig, and I, get a lot of ugly stares. I hesitate for two seconds whether I shouldn’t play safe and stick with the rest, but then I remember unexpectedly being sucked into Pride festival in New York because “some rainbow freak” (even in New York there’s assholes who say that out loud) in my car was being all loud and rainbowy and I just followed the trail. I can do that. I will be Belgium’s own rainbow freak today.

My appreciation for small children goes up 200 per cent when three of them fill up the seats the adults refuse to take around me and one says my hair “is beautiful but is it real?” The adults around visibly relax when I break out my biggest smile and say “no, sir, I just dressed up for a party”. I am not the only one in my car attending that party and when it’s our stop the wig does exactly what it’s supposed to do: tell them who to team up with to find the Atomium. Conversation with my new friends is easy: Brussels is still buzzin’, the atmosphere is amazing and there are so many stories to exchange: where are you from, how did you get into the fandom, how was your trip, which seats do you have, which rainbow items did you bring, and - of course –who do you ship, what is your tumblr, who is your favorite? 40 per cent chance it’s Louis, judging from the bandana’s, with Harry as a close possible second.

At the Atomium, we spend several hours painting nails & faces, eating rainbow cupcakes, exchanging crafts, cutting cards, and tagging and handing out balloons to recruit more people. We are THIS close to 300 participants and team members Alice, Trine, Linda and Laura are committed to make that number before our batteries run out and we can’t celebrate our victory on social media. The minute it happens - by then we have joined the Belgian meetup for a singalong in front of the Atomium - our visual artist Trine draws a celebration post on the spot and I am once again amazed by the drive and creativity of this incredible team. 

It’s been a warm few hours, literally and figuratively. Group hugs at the news that Jonas, the big brother from yesterday, is given a free ticket by another Rainbow Directioner so he can join his sister to the show. He is immediately coloured rainbow and signed up. I’ve made friends, and while yesterday the rainbow lunch hour oddly broke in on a busy work day, today, I’ve exchanged business cards with Helene, who - so we find out after a good heart to heart about what it’s like being an adult Directioner (bottom line: we give no shits) - is in the same line of work. Life is amazing and full of surprises.

Bags need to be dropped off at different hotel rooms, and now that the Belgian street team is wearing Sina & Szilvi’s rainbow badges - shoutout to the Belgian street team because they have been incredibly supportive - Trine, Alice, Laura and Linda are bent on spreading the balloons and the rainbow love amongst the people cueing – we split and agree to meet up again for a quiet dinner with the TMHFN team a few hours later. It’s so packed with people now, that I miss my entrance an end up walking the whole grounds. This gives me more of a taste of the “general audience” – remnants of a night’s camping to get front row, promo crews handing out freebees, TV crews trying to get a shot of that typical screaming teenage girl for tonight’s obligatory news item moms, dads, brothers and sisters, all decked out with matching shirts & the dads clearly getting the “remaining” bandana’s. Also visibly present are other rainbows shooting me quizzical looks.  We yell “Rainbow Directioooon !!!“ while waving our flag-capes. The buzz has definitely grown and become more colourful overnight.

Spotting the crew’s parking lot, the sheer magnitude of the machine suddenly dawns on me. I stop at the gates – next to the girls hoping to get a glimpse of Niall on a Segway or Louis playing footie– to take it in properly. The amount of trucks is impressive. And as I walk on and we are passed by a blinded car, I throw in my New York rainbow freak death stare at whoever’s in the back, on the off chance it’s Harry Magee again – the only band-related person besides Lou I got to see “backstage” last time.

As I pass Malin & Emma’s hotel on the way to mine, I realize that losing another hour on public transport on my own while the team have so little time together isn’t worth it. I walk my rainbow rockchick wig, washed off stretch jeans, cut out t shirt and the badges I got from Szilvi into this fine hotel where only months ago I was collecting distinguished speakers for a conference at work – worlds continue to collide – and find that the hotel reception does not treat me any differently than they did when I was wearing a pantsuit, not a blink. I make a mental note to recommend this hotel to everyone and anyone who ever needs a place to stay in Brussels - although Malin&Emma are already boozing up on bubbles, so I am not sure I’ll remember.

Charged and ready to mingle again, the full team - minus Manon and Audrey who are already on the floor - is hooking up for dinner. We find everyone perched on Lisa’s giant rainbow flag. As I sit down to chat with her and her friend, while she’s covering everyone in glitter, it’s hard not to get emotional. Lisa is a Takemehomefromnarnian from the first hour, kept Ed, Molly, Anna and myself organized during our first six months, long before this campaign started. She was also one of Rainbow Direction’s first participants to bring a huge flag to a concert. Linda has already met her but she’s possible the one person who understands how much this meeting means to me. And suddenly I really miss Ed, my Narnian companion through thick and thin. We bombard him with selfies, but his snark cannot be replaced. 

During dinner, I finally get to know Ariane, who will be joining me for the concert in Marta’s place.   There’s another person that is sorely missed. I am grateful to have Ariane join me instead as she is every bit as lovely in person as she has been online and while we chat away about music, children and project communications (this mini press team has two articles to celebrate!), I can see she’s listening around for possible quotes to go in the post-concert press release.  Meanwhile, Linda is giving final instructions to the “homefront”, Myrto, Nia and Anna, who are supporting our RD co-founder Ellis liveblogging people’s experiences from the concert. The first messages from “inside” are seeping in: rainbow bondage bear is there, with a baby, and sporting rainbow locks. Damn.


The buzz explodes. It’s time to forget about social media, and about rainbow crafts, it’s time to get to our seats and follow Linda’s good advice: “stop thinking about what you are doing and go completely crazy”. It is time for the show.


PS: as the continental Europeans making up more than half of the TMHFN team were all in Brussels we decided to share our experiences live from this blog for the occasion.

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Whats your favorite comicbook writer for the Batman and Catwoman relationship?

It’s a toss-up between Jeph Loeb and Doug Moench. If I had to pick I think Moench has a slight edge over Loeb, just because he wrote so so many great and different versions of the relationship both in canon and in alternate universes. Also he wrote one of my favorite batcat meet cutes of all time along with one of my favorite batcat quotes.

But then again Jeph Loeb wrote Hush, and like it’s Batman: Hush. This is the comic that got me shipping (and reading Batman comics). Jeph Loeb also wrote The Long Halloween which is my favorite Batman arc of all time. Both really nailed the dynamics. 

I don’t know. Don’t make me pick. It’s like choosing between my children. 


So anyone that knows me, knows that I have tons of emotions and nerdy affection for games, anime, movies, cartoons etc., but when it comes to fan art I just…freeze up. I’m hypercritical about my OWN art, so when it comes to paying homage to someone else’s I really struggle to stick with it to the end. I feel like it’s not worthy, that there are so many incredible artists that just nail it and I’m over here with my awkward lines and anxiety and my beloved favs don’t deserve that! But I’m changing that! I want to be braver as an artist and tackle my weaknesses head-on.  I think I’m off to a decent start?  

So have these two superdorks. This is easily the most infuriating CANON ship love square otp I’ve ever seen. I might not survive them tbh. This stupid show is so pure and wonderful and I’m pretty obsessed. Seriously, just kiss already. 

Fanfic Recommendations Update 6/11 - 7/21

Weekly Fanfiction Recommendation Update time! If you’d like to look at all of my fanfiction recommendations follow that link. Feel free to message me with a piece you think I would like if you don’t see it on my main page of recommendations!

Notes: So real life got in the way and I didn’t get to post one of these for a while. In order to make up for it, here’s an extra long list of fic recommendations, including some new ships. :)  I’ll try to get back into doing these regularly. 









~ And with a shitty graphic I threw together on picmonkey that is only saved by the awesome art that isn’t mine, let’s start off the year right with a follow forever! Hell yeah, went over the edge on New Year’s Eve and now it’s time to honor some badasses. You guys make my dash pretty damn fun and I’ve had a hell of a time roleplaying and seeing the incredible content you create! 

The People I Love to See

@bioticgalaxy, @retroteddy, @redmiel, @radishezrom, @rogueteddie, @coinincident@ourintergalactic, @oceanicpornography, @alizardinlaw, @thisgirlgames, @fluent-in-lesbianism, @vreinart, @smells-like-skeletxns, @dimwitt, @polargrizz47, @damiensthirst, @dammit-vaughn, @theteenagehorror, @theleftnostril, @shepard-to-my-vakarian, @strategichomelanddivision, @starfleetspectre, @volsungs, @duoachievement, @ezioavditore, @gibilynx, @hyperiontrashcan, @itsnotunusualtolove, @cosmic-eggs, @nothing-ridiculouss, @the-acethetic, @howdoipunk, @itsnotaplanbutitsaperfectplan, @thelastofassassinsinfinite, @kovicadam, @mehcoffee, @negativpotato, @officialachievementhunter, @octomoosey, @protectpapyrus, @uptown-steampunk, @yusunf, @yusuf-da-istanbul, @zentech-inquisition, @zohmaigawdd

Roleplayers I Should Interact with More

@assassinatcd, @betterhealing, @brxkencxde @blueissuchanuglycolor @charybdiis, @clxxver@ceoatlast, @hxperion, @hands0mejackass, @hypxspist,  @incantatrx, @jackinc, @sungyoja, @gxlxcticsiren, @longliivetheking, @heliosnewhero, @taggingsmoke, @apocalypticgenocide, @helioshero, @mrtassiter, @thxbanditman, @sheriffkadam, @twoceoassholes, @persimmonsilver, @kidsisterextraordinaire, @lovescams, @viisualthinker, @fasttalkingfiona, @hyperiontrxsh, @goodtobejack, @hyperioncompanyman

The Badasses

@rhyssedlightning: Hella fine Rhys right here who doesn’t give themselves enough credit dammit. Man, I’ve loved every single thread I’ve done with them, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like all the ones we do in the future. They’re sweet, they’re funny, they’re so hella artistic and talented and I just can’t say enough nice things about them, They’re a pleasure to roleplay with and I look forward to more pun-tacular content from them!

@handsomejackhoney/ @nicholas-wolfwood: All the kudos go toward this fantastic Mun holy shit cannot, repeat, cannot find the right words to describe how awesome they are. By far one of my favorite Handsome Jack interpretations, with very intelligent and entertaining choices and theories from the Mun. Nick is just as awesome with both characters being handled with such care and articulation it just makes me so damn jealous! Kudos to some fantastic interpretations. 

@vcughn: Twin bros for life! Lovely Vaughn, excellent Vaughn, much praise indeed. Specifically emotional conflicts, they always impress me with their description of their Muse’s thought process. They can describe emotions so well it totally impresses me. Plus they’re just so cute! Oh my god the Mun is so funny and again the puns are too damn much. Glad to have a sweet double to interact with!

@sirhys: Hell yeah another Rhys that impresses the crap out of me yo. And an AU Rhys too, the first one that bothered following me! You make me so emotional in a good way. The threads we have are just so heartbreaking but they make me so damn happy. Another Mun that doesn’t give themselves enough credit for the fantastic work they do and have you seen their art? Fantastic! Much excite for future threads! Make me cry more!

@cognitivehelios: My sister who I’m contractually obligated to praise. …Just kidding they’re fucking awesome and I never would have gotten into writing without them. Holy shit, I want to steal her mystical diction powers and absorb them into my noodle brain and use them because they are hella rad. Go follow my sister dammit! They play Mister Blake like a fucking boss and I won’t let any of you tell me different!

@oceansxftime: Probably the only Mun who’s muse I consistently ship with, this Mun can write yo! I can’t believe she can keep up so many muses like that and still nail our threads like a god damn boss! I’m spoiled with their content honestly and the Mun is just the sweetest person alive! Lucy is just so god damn cute too I just want to hug her! Much excite for future threads indeed. 

~ Whooooo that was a long post okay. Thanks to all of you for supporting this blog! I hope to interact with way more off you over my second semester at university. Happy New Year!