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I’ve seen a lot of mixed emotions about this scene. Let’s talk about my interpretation of this, shall we? When I look at this, I see two married people who have enjoyed their long and happy life together. They were human and happy and lived the long life that they wanted. 

Their smiles? I see Damon’s as one of uncertainty for what is to come for him. As Elena is explaining during the scene, he is worried he will never know peace. He’s worried he will never see his brother again, (and possibly not Elena either for that matter.) Elena’s smile is one of certainty. She knows the kind of man Damon is and she has no doubt he will find peace. She knows he will see Stefan again, because Elena Gilbert has always seen the best in Damon Salvatore. She sees the good and knows the kind of man she married. 

And then…..his hand disappears from her grasp. Personally, I took this to mean Elena passed on (or found her peace) first. From her outstretched hand towards Damon and slightly confused expression on her face, followed by her reuniting with her loved ones it’s easy to see this is a new experience for her. I saw this as a temporary separation until they got to greet their loved ones in this new sense of peace.

As we see in the next scene, Elena was right about Damon. He did find peace like she always believed he would. He did see Stefan again. Their peace is with their families and with each other. 

Do you want to know how I imagine the last scene of TO? 
Klaus is walking in the street of New Orleans surrounded by people and then he feels a presence. It’s her, he knows it’s her. So he stops and he turns around slowly and there she is, in the middle of the crowd. Caroline. They’re staring at each other a long time and then he smiles


[with in the background playing  
 You and I, we were made to thrive
And I am your future, I am your past
Never forget that we were built to last]

While I put on my shoes,
he will button his coat,
and we will step outside,
checking out the coast is clear on both sides,
we don’t wanna be seen.
Oh, this is suicide…

Run | Daughter


a series of unlikely crossovers


We found friendship in hopeless times.

black-sun-dreamer a réagi à votre billet “Ichigo during the last arc =already in love with orihime”

You mean the Lost Agent arc?

The thousand year blood war arc actually . 

I think it went like this : 

first arc= lowkey crush like he find her pretty and funny but that’s it 

Soul society arc =real crush he begins to know her and think she is an amazing person 

Vizard arc = The crush is turning into something more but he doesn’t know it 

Hueco mundo arc = He’s in love with her but does not realize it yet because he is not accustomed to this feelings and he’d rather not think about this kind of stuff because he has crazy tons of self esteem issues because of his hollow and shit and he probably think he does not deserve her 

Timeskip = Slowly coming to the realization that  he does love her . Does not dwell on it because he feels worthless about the loss of his powers and feels he cannot protect her and is not good enough 

Last arc = regained his powers , is confident in himself, made peace with himself over his hollow and his powers . In this last arc he allows himself to reach out to her much more often . He consols her twice,he pulls her close to him to put her out of arms way, he’s kinda showing off when he show her his new hollow form ‘this time I’m still me’ , he smiles this big smile at her because his hollow is not a menace anymore nor for himself or for his friends , he asks her to protect him in battle because he knows how strong she has gotten BASICALLY I think in this last arc he let himself be in love with her because he dealt with his self esteem issues 


the 100 » jasper & monty
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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.

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I'll admit I started watching TVD back when because I thought Ian was really handsome but then I realized Damon was such a jerk and he annoyed me more and more each season so ended up being an SE shipper. I feel like many Damon stans only like him for Ian's looks and they forget he's actually a jerk

Which i mean, sure. I mean I didn’t find Ian attractive but my friend went through the same stage as you.



-We have an ENTIRE movie about their love story
-A theme song that is literally named NARUTO AND HINATA!
-Beautiful soundtrack that describes their love story in The Last!
-They sing about their feelings for each other
-Their children are SO DAMN CUTE!
-Parallel between MINAKUSHI AND NARUHINA in the latest ending !
-They kissed not once but TWICE in the movie!