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bet u’ll never guess who one of my absolute favourites r

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Hi there!! I hope you’re feeling better, I was just wondering have you gotten around to reading anything by Desna? I know last time I asked ou said you checked out her profile ages ago and there wasn’t much. But there are so many different ships it’s troop worthy🤤🤤🤤

I don’t remember you asking before but I don’t remember a lot of asks so don’t take it too personally. I’m not positive if you’re talking about the user who focuses on Fairy Tail or something else. The Desna on fanfiction I have looked at, I have looked at the LaLu and CoLu story they have and put them on my reading list but that is pretty big at this point so I’m not sure when I’m get to them.

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1: What got you into Hetalia?

Mod Leah: I read a Denmark fanfic and didn’t understand it so I looked up what it meant and hetalia came up

Mod Taeis: I…actually have no idea. I feel like I’ve been into Hetalia since I was born pff

mod mimi: one of my best friends is in the fandom and a while ago she begged me to watch, so i did.

15: What unpopular ship do you like?

Mod Leah: I’m not that big of a shipper, although I quite like Hungary x Belarus

Mod Taeis: I have so many unpopular ships it’s not even funny. My favorites are EstFin, DenFin and HunUkr though.

mod mimi: i don’t ship much, but definitely pruhun.

26: Who would be the one character you would love to meet?

Mod Leah: I’d love to meet Scotland- oh wait

Mod Taeis: Finland or Denmark because I love them.

mod mimi: oooooh tough one, if i had to choose then either hungary, france or england.

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Okay, I just realized something: why does Vanessa work well with so many ships?! There's you x Vanessa, Ferbnessa, Vanessa x Monty, and even Candessa! Like dang, she's cute with a lot of peeps! 😝😋❤️

I ASK MYSELF THIS SAME THING EVERY DAY. I ship ferbnessa, montessa, and candessa all equally. Hell, she could even have a giant poly relationship with Ferb, Monty, and Candace. They just all work too well!

I finally got the inspiration and motivation to draw a ship~ 

And it became Daisuga!  >v< Part of my drawing practice, not all that good at drawing kisses but I think this was pretty decent qwq (And it’s hella sketchy like always </3)

 But I will most likely draw a bunch of ships from now! I got hella motivation!