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okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

@smol-anime-phan133 : ty for being with me through life, you’re literally my therapist and i need you to know that any time you need it, i’ll be there for you bc you’ve always been there for me (even during my 12 yo random phase im v sorry) and I appreciate you💕

@malecfangirl101 man we go wayyyyyy back, but i still appreciate you so much, you’re actually one of the most fabulous people i know. it’s a shame we don’t see each other irl as much but im so glad we text bc seriously it’s great to be able to be so open and yet random and weird to someone as accepting as you ✨

@nutellalester don’t even get me started you are such a bean, daniel !! you contribute some of the best bants to the gc and all the amazing creations (art/writing) you make is literally so good,,,also youve got literally the best music taste ty for existing 💛

@huphilpuffs okay so not only are you literally one of the sweetest people, but you make the prettiest gifs ??? how is this fair at all ??you’ve got so much talent and overall just loveliness and support im super happy to know you ty for everything ☺️

@misshktt oml where do i begin?? youre funny, supportive, open and generally just a really great person to be around !! you literally are toriel it’s not even funny the resemblance is uncanny,,, except less goat and more pure bean ty 💙

@actualhatter there’s so much to say about how great you are i literally could ramble on forever but for everyone’s sake i’ll try to be short: you’re funny, kind, really good at drawing AND you share my addiction to tøp and josh dun in general?? how could a person literally get any cooler?? ty for everything fren 😊

@phantastically-over-life phil lester defence squad unite haha thanks for listening and even agreeing with me when i ramble endlessly about my love and appreciation for phil, you’re really great and friendly, i love talking to you tysm fren💗

@philmeup-dildo i have a feeling this might be the longest paragraph purely bc you are literally one of the best people i know,,, you listen to everything i have to say (im sorry i ramble and complain a lot lol) and overall are just so supportive and kind, as well as we share heaps of interests (okay our music not so much bUT STILL) !! ty for being so open and letting me vent and bant with you bc seriously you have made me laugh when i really needed it so ty for everything 🤗 (also my mum loves you more than me im pretty sure)

@totallynotlevi // @totallynotfics you were one of my first internet friends, Levi, and although some of our interest have changed im so glad we still talk regularly bc you’re literally such a great person and im so happy I’ve found someone who loves pj and tøp as much as me 💚

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it you are the purest and funniest bean to ever exist, our gc owes you for making us laugh all the time with your supportive, funny and relatable personality !! if you ever need anything pls feel free to talk bc id love to get to know you better 😁

@little-cheeky-monkey you deserve the world, honestly im so glad we are mutuals, you’re pretty (even if you don’t realise it yet,, believe me), funny, supportive, really kind and just generally share my love of dogs and hp !!! (pls pet your dogs for me btw so pure) ty for everything and just being yourself you matter a lot ❤️

@heck-yeah-fandoms funny! great! supportive! those are only some of the many words i could use to describe you, ty so much for being a great fren i appreciate talking to you, you make me smile 😋

@pepperminthowell have you ever met someone that’s just so great and the thought of them being in your life fills you with joy??? you’re that person to me and basically the whole gc,,, seriously thank you for everything it means so much you are way too lovely and good for this world 💜

@isle-of-the-glowing-eyes although we talk on my other side blog, i just wanted to add you here bc you are really relatable, kind and im glad i feel i can be open around you bc you’ve just got such a great personality !! not to mention we also have a huge addiction with tøp oml ty for listening to me ramble haha 🌸

@dan-phil-obsessed we’ve been talking for quite a while now, and i can confidently say that you are honestly one of the nicest people to ever exist. everyone is kind in someway or another so you probably hear me say this a lot in this post, im not lying when I say that but for you seriously I can 1000% say that you are so genuinely considerate, not to mention really pretty, and great at photography/writing 💖

@phandomsandbandoms ty for being such a funny, witty, relatable and overall amazing person. your taste of music is one everyone should aspire to, not to mention your personality and sense of humour !! basically you’re goals tbh 👌

@glittering-litter i can relate way too much to you honestly you have all the tøp (yes I went there) notch memes and literally such a good music taste !! ty for always listening to me annoyingly talk about phan and emo bands whenever we talk hah you’re really great 🙌

@lestersdog ty for making the gc and Tumblr itself just a generally better place, you’re so nice and easy to talk to !!! your kindness and awesomeness is appreciated by me and so many others 💓 also your pride selfies were actually the cutest thing ive ever seen oml

@pasteldoothowell we haven’t talked one on one, but seriously from what i can tell when you talk in the gc you are a really fun person to be around !! ty for just your general awesome presence i feel blessed 😄

@peachou okay so we don’t really talk on private chat but seriously this may come off as creepy but i love your blog so so much and for you to actually follow me and like my posts blows me away !! you are so talented and i just wanna ty for being really amazing 💟

@softiednp this whole group chat, incase i missed someone individually, means the world to me tysm for everything you all are great people that i absolutely love talking to !!! you don’t even know how much i love y'all !! oml 😩👌

honourable (mostly) mutual mentions that i stalk and admire from afar: (pls feel free to message me seriously you’re all super cool) @wispyphil @fringegaps @florallylester @phanamored @philester @disgustinglygay @stardustphan @hazyphil @macaronidan @decaffeinated-shipper @yodastolemylightsaber @femtastico @britishteacup98 @lozzyg @lost-boy-ben @nonbinary-lester @suchaderp @sparklephil @adorkablephil @astronautdan @clouds-howell @shittywerewolfstudent @fallinghowell @opinionated-internet @stumpostar @tea-and-cozy-idek @purepastelphan @dansforeheadcurl @japhannie @eli-howlter

if i missed anyone pls punch me, chances are i either wrote you on my list but accidentally missed typing it out bc there’s so many names or literally thought we weren’t mutuals bc you are too cool to be following me :))


walking with seokmin moodboard

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Boyfriend Mark

A/N - The first in a little series of Got7 as your boyfriend! I’ll be doing this in age order and uploading a new one each week~ This was actually my first time writing like this so let me know if it was any good! Keep sending in your requests and remember, ships will be closing tonight!

JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • just imagine the ethereal Mark Tuan as your boyfriend
  • like that would just be perfect
  • who would want anything more than this little ray of sunshine
  • he’d be so freaking cuddly
  • omg Mark cuddles would be the best
  • and he’d do them at such random times as well
  • you’re just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal *hug*
  • you’re getting dressed *hug*
  • doing you’re makeup *hug*
  • and don’t even get me started on his kisses
  • they’d range from cute little pecks on the cheek to just full on making out
  • and whenever he started making out with you randomly, he’d just stop and walk away
  • bc he’s such a little tease especially in the bedroom
  • Mark would always want to surprise you with little gifts from all the places he visits on tour
  • which leads to you having a massive collection of keyrings, teddy bears and postcards
  • but you love every single one of them because he looked at them all and thought of you and your pretty face
  • he’d send so many tour snapchats as well 
  • and they’d be of the weirdest things
  • normal people would take photos of the scenery or something
  • but nope Mark goes for taking photos of every bathroom in all the hotel rooms he stays in
  • and whenever you asked why he’d just try and distract you with a shirtless selfie and let’s be real, it works
  • Mark would miss you so much on tour though omg
  • he’d call you every night just so he could hear your voice
  • and he’d make sure to text you when you woke up with a cute message
  • he’d count down the days until he saw you again
  • but he would always make sure the countdown is wrong so that he can surprise you when he comes home
  • and somehow you’d never realise even though he does it every single time he goes away
  • jealous!Mark wouldn’t happen very often because he trusts you with his life and knows you’d never do anything with someone else
  • but every now and then someone would stand a little too close and compliment you a little too much
  • and he’d just switch into a jealous boyfriend
  • it was a rare sight but whenever you noticed him tense up and have a blank expression on his face, you’d know he’s jealous
  • and you’d then make sure to show the person flirting with you that you’re already taken 
  • now let’s talk about the bit everyone was waiting for…the smut
  • Mark Tuan in the bedroom…yes please
  • he’d be so loving and would some nights be really passionate and slow, wanting to make it last
  • but other nights would be the complete opposite, especially if someone had been flirting with you a lot
  • and those other nights were amazing
  • he’d be more rough and he’d leave so many love bites over your neck and collarbones
  • basically Mark Tuan would be an angel of a boyfriend until you got him into the bedroom where he was anything but
  • I just want soft and cuddly Mark in my life though he’s too cute and sexy

anonymous asked:

Yuri.P and Phichit headcanons for cuddles please. If you haven't done it already that is!

Yuri Plistetsky

  • don’t think his hostile attitude makes him any less of a cuddler- he’s one of the best around
  • his favourite places to cuddle: sofa and bed
  • loves having long conversations whilst cuddling
  • needs a cuddle session after a stressful or intense day

Phichit Chulanont

  • loves hugging for selfies (it makes the two of them even cuter)
  • no shame = many hugs- love cuddling anywhere
  • gets all flirtatious and teasing
  • likes neutral hugs (so no big or little spoon, just a mutual, lovely hug!)
  • snacking during cuddle sessions is also a hobby
  • taking funny snap chats and answering to fan mail is also an activity he likes doing during the cuddle sessions
Thunderbird headcannons

- going out in the rain to jump in the puddles

- some students are afraid of lightning and thunder and their housemates immediately take it upon themselves to keep them company with warm mugs of hot chocolate

- a buddy system when exploring

- “picnics and exploration” thats there motto

- trying new things, roller coasters and different foods but its okay if you dont want to bc adventure is only fun if you’re willing

- talking about trips and showing souvenirs “you had the money to go to italy and you brought back a rock” “it has sentimental value” “are you fucking kidding me right now”

- not all the students have the resources to see the world but the entire house gets together to raise money

- bake sales do not work, and all the older students are tired of hearing the first years suggest it “but this recipe is really” “nope, trust me it will not end well”

- no one talks about what happened at the first fundraising bake sale the thunderbirds ever had

- ever

- summer field trips

- “i did not take four years of spanish just so i can watch you play charades with the entire german population” “i know german” “no you really dont, you just think you do“ 

- “why is it always a European country, i actually want to go somewhere where the people don’t think the only language i speak is chinese” “you do speak chinese” “i speak cantonese and they always assume its mandarin, which is annoying and racist”

- “i’m with her, you know how many times airport security has signaled me out, i was put in holding last time” “ you’re right maybe we can all take a portkey to indonesia or something”

- Polaroids, pictures of everything

- selfies with funny faces, landmarks, animals, food, everything is put into a big scrapbook thats shelved into a bookcase in the common room, every trip has its own scrapbook

- learning beautiful languages so they can better understand the world

- reading books and exploring fictional worlds in the place of real ones

- loving different cultures and wanting to be respectful and kind to all

kiwicheekychica  asked:

Oh damn that's a good question... all the moments that anons and non-anons have brought up are valid and significant, but I've noticed no one has said Singapore yet? I thought it was important because not only are they going on holiday to exotic places around the world together (goals) but they always take so many cute photos of each other as well as many cute selfies, but then this time round they chose to share a few of the more intimate ones with us... I just thought that was really special

i think because singapore is still fresh and all that has happened has nowhere near sunken in yet because…. they’re throwing all this stuff at us and we can’t comprehend it all at once

2017-  the year of change

Happy birthday Thomas!!!
You are a wonderful person that many people (myself included) love with all our hearts.
On April 24, 1989, the world was given a gift: you.
The world would be a darker place without your bright sunshine personality, and I am so grateful you exist. Seeing one of your videos or just a selfie can make me smile even on the darkest of days.
Thank you for being you and for existing. I hope you have a wonderful birthday because you deserve nothing less. We all love you Thomas, and I hope you know that.

If I show my face will that kick start an interest for people to talk to me? My socialisation skills have been dead almost as much as I’ve been but in so many words I’ve been told I’m ‘‘shaped like a friend’‘ on more than one occasion.

A good thing about being dead is the avoidance of being killed for sticking my face out from the shadows but here I am finding a place in these newfound ‘‘bubbles’‘ I’ve wound myself in.

What’s new with you all?

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Aobajosai + Easter Event Headcanons

Well guys, for starters I would to say Happy Easter to everyone and hope that y'all are enjoying this Easter day with you family and love ones. So I have decided to post a little Easter event that Aobajosai is holding, since I’m like really sad that they lost, but I want Karasuno to win. So I’m having mixed emotional about the episode.

Toru Oikawa

  • Ends up taking lots of selfies with his female classmates and even his younger fans.
  • Even took lots of pictures with the Easter bunny with his nephew… Even though his nephew was done with him.
  • Got hit by Iwaizumi, because he was taking to many pictures with the Easter bunny.
  • Took place in the Teen Easter Egg Hunt and only ended up with one egg, since the team took all his eggs away.
  • Ended up in last place and had to get his whole face painted pink because of the loss.

Issei Matsukawa

  • At the beginning of the even he was actually the Easter bunny.
  • Was actually enjoying it because the little kids loves him and the girls wanted pictures with him.
  • But started to get frustrated when Oikawa come, so he got Iwaizumi to deal with him.
  • After being in the Easter bunny suit, he met up with Hanamaki and planned the attacked on Oikawa.
  • During the Teen Easter Hunt, he managed to take three eyes from his captain, putting him in 4th place.

Takahiro Hanamaki

  • Come to the event late in his good Easter suit, because Oikawa convinced his parents that they needed to take family Easter pictures.
  • Wanted to get Oikawa back, so he thought of a plan while eating chocolate eggs.
  • When the perfect plan came to mind he grabbed Matsukawa and the other.
  • They really couldn’t take him serious because he had chocolate all around his mouth while wearing the “monkey Easter suit”, but they went along with his plan.
  • His plan became very successful and ended him up in 3rd place.

Hajime Iwaizumi 

  • Was helping out with the younger Easter egg hunt and awarded them with chocolate bunnies.
  • Had to stop because he had to kick Oikawa off the Easter bunny (Matsukawa).
  • Was going to help out Hanamaki with his plan, but was challenged by Kyotani to see who can collect the most eggs.
  • During the Teen Easter Egg Hunt, he ran all over the field collect as much eggs as he could.
  • Managed to win 1st place and was ruled the “Egg Hunt Master of Aobajosai High.”

Kentaro Kyotani

  • Was sour during the whole event, but let the little girls put different bunny ears on him.
  • He also let them feed him some Easter candy and climb all over him, since they weren’t scared go him.
  • When the girls finally left he decided to challenge Iwaizumi to see who can collect the most Easter eggs.
  • During the Teen Easter Egg Hunt he knock most of the players down, as he tried to collect more then Iwaizumi.
  • Ends up losing to Iwaizumi, but managed to get 2nd place.

Shigeru Yahaba

  • Was helping out with the face painting.
  • Finished off with a face paint of a bunny on one cheek and a colorful egg on the other cheek.
  • Wanted to make Hanamaki proud so he went along with the little plan of his to take down Oikawa.
  • During then Teen Egg Hunt, it was him who held Oikawa down while the rest of his team took his eggs.
  • Ended up in 5th place and was rewarded with more candy from Hanamaki.

Akira Kunimi

  • Was the one placing the eggs on the field for the egg hunts.
  • Sometimes caught himself hiding, because the little kids thought he was hiding all the eggs to himself.
  • Didn’t take part of the Teen Egg Hunt, but was watching over making sure no one was cheating.
  • Saw that his teammates was taking Oikawa’s eggs, but didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to ruining the show.
  • Instead he stared to cheer his teammates on.
my personal experience and run ins with each sign

ARIES: hard headed. born leaders. assertive, borderline aggressive. will speak their mind NO MATTER WHAT the situation. very fun to party with. need to be more sensitive. they give good advice.

TAURUS: easy to talk to yet stubborn as fuck. always doing something reckless but fail to see how reckless it really is. always down to get some food and chill. story tellers. they go with the flow. not focused on love, it’ll come when it comes.

GEMINI: major weirdos but embrace it and believe everyone else are the actual weirdos. two faced in the sense that they put on a fun loving mask to cover up their more serious and sometimes sad side. over thinkers. always in need of a fun time. energetic. if they care for you they will do anything and everything to show their affection.

CANCER: super loyal. sensitive and touchy for no reason sometimes. the type of girlfriend or boyfriend to blow up your phone if you don’t text back within an hour. care about your well being and how you are.

LEO: viewed by others like they feel they’re better than others, but use confidence to cover up their insecurities. always have the latest scoop in gossip. one to agree with you and support you. sometimes have a sharp mouth when pissed. care very much about their physical appearance.

VIRGO: haven’t known many virgos but the ones I have are all very intelligent. down to earth and easy going. have somewhat of a self destructive streak. their happy place is their own mind.

LIBRA: everyone loves them. so charming that people don’t see their fake and sneaky side. can either be the life of the party or the one in the corner petting the dog. so chill that they can come off as not really caring about much. they live life in the moment.

SCORPIOS: looooove taking selfies and can be slightly narcissistic. secret romantics. want to impress people. hold grudges. great sense of style. will be an ear if you need to get something off your chest. lovers of life and all they believe they can be/want.

SAGITTARIUS: must always keep busy. music, travel, arts, party. very fun and kind to everyone but will become kind of evil if crossed or you make them mad. their strong sense of optimism can shroud their judgement and hide their troubled side. VERY blunt.

CAPRICORN: extremely hard workers with big goals. not quick to open their heart up but if they do it means they care about you very much. chronic RBF even if they’re in a good mood. secret fun goofy side. tunnel vision when it comes to priorities. if you ask “what’s wrong?” the answer will always be “nothing”.

AQUARIUS: laid back. love to crack jokes but also are very serious. all their closest friends or important people in their lives are also air signs. take holidays and birthdays very seriously. do exactly what they want and don’t care what people think of them.

PISCES: in my opinion the most emotionally withdrawn of all the signs. have a big heart but not trusting enough to let many see. biggest vice is alcohol and/or drugs. very introverted, quiet, and sometimes moody. deeply enjoy good times with loved ones. they have a wild side if in the right environment. opinionated.

we all know that one person who is suspiciously good at meeting celebrities. like you know they’re attending school and working a part time job and never leave the house on the weekends, yet somehow they’ve met all of your favorite bands, got super adorable pictures and videos with them, and have even met some of them more than once??? and its not like they paid four hundred dollars for a meet n’ greet. nah, they just FIND these famous people in random places. like how??? what pagan ritual did u use to become this lucky???? how many virgins did u sacrifice for that selfie with beyonce

bts reaction to getting on your phone and seeing pictures of himself

a/n- heyy cutie tae anon!! i hope you enjoy this reaction! it was a lot of fun, and this prompt was really creative!! 

Seokjin- When you handed him your phone so he could look up a recipe, he secretly decided to look at your pictures. He immediately was greeted by his own face- his derp face, sleeping face, cute face, and every face in-between. He smiled. “Princess, who is this handsome man you have so many pictures of?”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Yoongi- Yoongi had gotten bored, since you had already fallen asleep. He decided to write you a cute reminder on your phone, but took a detour to your pictures. He opened up an album titled "boyfriend” and saw that it was full of pictures of him. Tons of candid shots and silly screenshots were reflected back at him. He couldn’t help but grin and silently put your phone back. 

Originally posted by haru-haru10

Hoseok- You had asked Hoseok to try and fix a problem with one of your apps when he found all the pictures. He got rid of the problem and then decided he was going to take some selfies for you. When he went to check them out, he noticed that there already was pictures of him filling your camera roll. “Babyyyy, I didn’t know you loved me so much!" 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Namjoon- Namjoon knew you had gotten a picture of him drooling while he slept, so he made a plan to delete it. When you left your phone by him on the couch while you went to get a snack, he quickly grabbed it and went to your photos. However, he was surprised to see that you had more than just one picture of him- you had a lot. "Hmm, I must really be attractive for you to have so many pictures." 

Originally posted by kppoptrash

Jimin- You had a picture of Jimin and you at your date a few nights back, so he was looking through your photos for it to send to himself. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw that you not only saved all his selfies, but took cute candid photos of him too. The sight would make him smile wide. "Sweetheart, you’re the cutest!" 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Taehyung- You and Taehyung  have been having a contest over who can capture the most pictures of each other secretly, so one night while you were asleep, he snuck your phone to see how many you had gotten. When he opened it up, he saw that you were definitely beating him…but also that you had gotten a lot of photos before this contest even began. He grinned and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, happy to call you his. 

Originally posted by bangtanxk

Jungkook- You had let Jungkook play games on your phone backstage when his died, but when you weren’t around, he sneakily went to look through your pictures. He was a bit surprised to see his face pop up so much, but also extremely grateful that he had someone who loved him enough to keep so many pictures of him. Plus, he’d be too embarrassed if you didn’t have at least half as many as he had of you.  

Originally posted by shitjeon


Here’s a handful of pictures of my Daenerys cosplay from Dragon*Con! I haven’t even posted any on Facebook yet, but I just wanted an inaugural post for this here new cosplay sideblog. I got many more pictures from the weekend (well not a ton but a few), all on my phone though, so not fantastic quality. I’ve also found online in various places a few other, more candid, professional pictures of me/with me in them, mostly from the parade, and maybe I’ll put some of those here too at some point! In the meantime, enjoy the most pictures of my face I’ve ever put on Tumblr at once. And check out the captions for explanations on why exactly I needed so many selfies.

All of my favorite Youtubers are in NYC right now for the Youtube Creator Summit. ALL OF THEM. IN ONE PLACE! 

Originally posted by coldplaysparachutes

(i better expect a group selfie with all of them like last year) ;) 

anonymous asked:

i'm a trans guy and i'm so dysphoric rn that i feel physically sick. do you guys have tips or words of encouragement to help calm down and cope?

What I find that best helps dysphoria is the following:

  • wearing my most ridiculously masculine and handsome outfit
  • taking so many selfies (and showing off the good ones to a supportive person)
  • distractions such as video games, favorite shows that are relatively short and easy to get into, or taking on a creative project if I feel up to it
  • talking to someone close to you for a little support and reassurance (it is okay to ask for help and validation. we all do sometimes)

Never forget that you are who you are regardless of what your body reflects. Every individual is a unique puzzle and we all take time finding the right pieces, putting them in the right places, and feeling settled with the pieces already laid out. 

You are wonderful, amazing, lovable, and handsome as hell. Your physical self may give you grief, but you are strong and you own life. We all love you. <3

Also, as always, we are here to talk to if you’d like to message one-on-one.



Another set of selfies for #transdayofvisibility ! I have posted like so many today but i honestly dont care! I post selfies so often but today I have a good excuse too so how do ya like them apples

Today has been really nice and its been great to see everyone on my dash. Because I’m trans I have a lot of trans friends and to see their faces all over the place with empowering gender statements is pretty sweet!!!

I hope all of you stay safe, and I hope that nobody felt left out. If you are nonbinary and didnt post today out of fear of not being trans enough, post one now and if anybody has a problem tell em’ to FIGHT ME!

Hey Booklr!

A little while ago, Dakota, magic-in-every-book and a few others created a campaign titled #guyslovebookstoo and it was to help shed light on the fact that there are boys in this booklr community.  

A few days ago, Dakota brought the same idea to me but wanted it to be for the people of color in the booklr community. I remember a longer while ago, there was a post going around tagging booklrs run by poc. Why not blow that idea up? 

If you’re a poc and run a book blog, or hell if you just like any one book, come participate! It’s a great way to show how many poc readers there really are! Take a selfie, take a picture of your favorite books, take a selfie with your favorite book(s), whatever you want to do and tell us about yourself! What you like, what you love, where you’re from, and what you plan to be in life, anything!! Tag your post(s) with #pocbooklr so that we can all be in one place and find commonalities amongst each other! Poc authors are more than welcome as well! 

However, don’t feel pressured and don’t feel excluded. Let’s do a thing! Reblog away, help everyone find this! 

My life as a transexual, Pt. 4

Continuation of my life story:

So that’s how I came to move out, I didn’t really have a choice and I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to all of my friends who had supported me through all this. I basically just left my keys and left.

So all of a sudden I lived in a small village in the woods together with my ex, alot of animals and I had a new family who actually accepted me for who I was. This led to me slowly but surely started to live as a girl fulltime and no longer just keep it indoors.

I’m not going to go any deep into this, life was amazing for a couple of weeks until the problems took over, our relationship wasn’t all that stable and we had moved together way to early. We also had to do everything around the house, which I personally didn’t see any problems with, but she thought that it was unfair, which made me also lose my motivation. Her parents drank far to much etc.
During all this my mother tried her best to make me come back and said that all was forgiven and that I should come back home.

This all led to me getting more and more homesick. I finally lived how I wanted to, but everything else was awfull and I missed my friends more and more and all the good memories that we had together.

So, after a couple of months I finally decided to move back. My mother still said that everything was all good and I wanted all who had meant so much for me through the years back. So me and my ex decided to take a break until we could live together again.
All this was about one year and a couple of months ago.

Well, I got home and I instantly got alot of shit and they made it clear that if I were to live there I was to be a normal person.
I also had to deal with them telling me how worthless I was for leaving them and all that shit.
So it was basically back to living as someone else when I was at home. I tried to stand up to them but my father became aggressive no matter what I did and my mother blamed me for everything.

I thought that atleast my friends would be happy to see me again, but only two of them seemed even remotely interested in seeing me again, and the one that I considered to be my best friend before have I only seen 3-4 since I came back one year ago.

So, I had lost my partner to come back to be harassed by my parents and ignored by those who meant something to me, great.
That went on for a couple of months, I wasn’t even allowed to join in on christmas with all my relatives.
I didn’t have alot of friends so I spent most of my time at home where I had to be somebody that I wasn’t.

I gave up and made contact with our social service thingy. They immediatly helped me and one month after that I had found my own place, so I moved and broke up all contact with my parents.

This is basically where I was one year ago, I have no family left, not many friends and I live alone on an island.
But atleast I could finally live as myself. Even though my life was rather lonely, it was my own atleast.

That’s it for now!

Since BlackOut is technically over in my corner of the universe (even though i have a lot of things queued/a lot on my dash that I’ll keep reblogging), I thought I’d share some thoughts.

I don’t think I have the words to articulate how I feel right now, and how important today was. I don’t know if I even fully understand how I’m feeling. It was so overwhelming and wonderful to have my dash flooded with such beauty, and also with so much self and community pride/love. It was so wonderful to see black people of every size, shape, gender, age and shade. It was so empowering to see other queer and/or trans/non-binary people. It was so great and rare to see chronically ill/disabled black people. It made me realize that sometimes even I forget how truly diverse and varied the black community/population is. There were so many types of bodies and people that I rarely–if ever–get to see in my day-to-day life. And they were all in one place, reminding the world that Black isn’t one-size-fits-all. Blackness is expansive. It is beautiful. It is transcendent. And fuck everyone who doesn’t think that’s true.

But it was also wonderful to keep going back through the tags on my own selfies. To see the comments that people who have never even met me made. I sometimes have a hard time believing other people find me attractive, and having both intra-community and inter-community validation felt so reassuring and emboldening. It was especially wonderfully to see people using my pronouns to refer to me in that context. It was great to see other nonbinary people in the tags excited to find community. It was also wonderful to see other gap-toothed cuties sharing in love and solidarity about our gaps!

I am just so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and pride all over my dash today. These are the faces of our community. All of our lives are precious and beautiful and matter.

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omg imagine a hollstein au based on ed sheeran's song photograph.

Okay I have to admit that since I live under a rock I had never actually heard that song from start to finish or read the lyrics before but I really like that oh my gosh.

It also got me thinking a lot about Carmilla and photographs, and now I have this headcanon where Carm loves to take photos. I think photography must have been fascianting for her when it was new, considering she spent her short human life growing up in a time when only paintings were the only way of preserving someone’s legacy. Being a vampire, her world is a sequence of fleeting moments while she is frozen in time. She has probably met so many people and seen so many places and then watches them all wither and vanish without a trace. But she’s timeless. Just like a photograph. And that’s why she has thousands of photographs that she keeps in boxes in the dean’s apartment. Laura discovers them one day. Some of them are of the streets of Paris, some are of Will and Mattie and Maman, but most of them are photos of Laura. Candids, selfies, and portraits. Because Laura is the thing Carmilla finds the most worthy of being remembered.