so many season 4 feelings

do you ever just get to a point in your life where you’re like “yep, this is exactly what i’m supposed to be doing and this is exactly where i’m supposed to be”

i think i’m finally at that point


GMW RANT #4 | I decided I couldn’t not make another longer post about how I feel about Lucaya and how, as much as I ship the long/end game that is Joshaya, Lucaya would have totally worked out, if y'know Riley had accepted Charlie or Evan (THEY WERE BOTH GREAT DESPITE BEING MINOR), and I think this scene shows the biggest reason as to why Lucaya > Rucas

This is when Lucas really shows he’s past self, or his true self, the one he keeps hidden under his Southern charm and goodness that Riley is infatuated with - the part of him she seems willing to accept because even when he shows his true colours, she just says “He’s going to be a veterinarian”, which is her way of completely sweeping this whole other side of him under the rug

Maya though, has wanted to ‘break’ Lucas from the start, because no one is that perfect (except maybe Riley) and she knows there’s a secret he’s keeping and she’s right, and she accepts that; she likes him even, as it is clear on her face

This just shows that Maya understands him more and accepts him better than Riley does, because Riley always wants things perfect, which is fine but unfortunately, outside of Rileytown, that’s hard

Also I feel like Lucas sees Maya and Riley as his past self and the self he wants to be respectively, like Lucas and Maya are 'like a light summer rain’ and so very similar and good, and basically boring, but safe and not dangerous; Maya and Lucas would be 'like fire’ because as I said, underneath his good boy exterior, he has some anger issues tied to his loyalty to his friends

I think Lucas feels that Maya reminds him too much of his former self, and he himself can’t fully accept that that is always going to be a part of him, no matter how good and sweet he is on the outside, and so he runs towards Riley who represents everything he wants to be, in a hope that maybe, just maybe, being around her will erase, or at least bury, his former self


is this how it ends?

Look at these assholes. Is this Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak? Or is this a young couple who have decided that holy shit, thirty is a pretty big age to hit and we must immediately see the world? Is this a couple who have decided that work can wait while they learn each other? Yes. Because this is who they are now.

This is a couple who absolutely have dropped the poisonous parts of their lives to have this time together. This is a couple who are more than likely appreciating the beauty of one another than the places they are visiting. Eiffel Tower? Meh. Mountain Rages? They’re alright. Felicity in his shirt making coffee? Now that’s perfection.

This is Oliver Queen who feared the darkness so much that he lived in it, seeing his avoidance of the light as the only way to protect it and keep it pure. This is the same Oliver Queen who watched his family die in front of him, cradling the girl who he wishes he’d brought home them years ago. This is the same Oliver Queen that had to choose between being with her and being the Arrow. The choice, in the end, was unavoidable. When he chose the Arrow, the Arrow was taken from him. Being with her was always going to be his ending. Being with her is what he lives for now. He’s spent so many years watching people get hurt, and now he watches the sun rise on her face. He’s exchanged holding her at arms lengths to crushing her into his embrace. He has put everything on hold for her after years of making her wait for him and it is the best decision he’s ever made.

This is Felicity Smoak who developed a crush on her boss’s son and couldn’t stop spewing innuendos, who trusted him from the beginning for reasons she could never explain. This is the same Felicity Smoak who was raised by a hard working single mom, who grew up watching a woman be independent while raising a daughter without any help, who taught her the value of working and that no matter what, you provide for what is yours. He is hers now. So she buys him a bed, buys him a fern, brings that light into his darkness until he’s walking out from the shadows. He chose the Arrow and she said “okay, for now maybe”. This is the Felicity Smoak who has gotten everything she ever dreamed of.

This is a couple who can’t stop holding each other, no matter how they’re standing. They’ve waited three years to exist in this state together, too many quiet dreams that don’t need to be kept away now. This is a couple so in love that they don’t even need broad, wide grins and this is far deeper, far more intimate, because this is contentment. These are the smiles they will have when they’re seventy years old and their grandchildren are climbing on them, the smiles they’ll have in their wedding photos, the smiles that will plaster the walls in every home they ever have as long as they’re in the crazy frames that don’t quite match the decor, which is okay because they don’t quite match the lifestyle. But they’ll bleed into it, they’ll make it their own, as they do with everything.

This is Olicity 2015 guys. Season fucking 4. Let’s dive headfirst into this shit.

I have a lot of feelings (about 4x13)

I’m screaming.

This episode.

I’m so tired.

Very subtle about the “people never change,” Arrow writers, very subtle. (A+ to Charlotte Ross for her immediate change in attitude, glorious.) 

Here we have Oliver desperately trying to change, clinging to the idea that he’s changed, that he’s better (with every fucking person pointing it out to him), because Oliver is the kind of person who commits. He’s gonna be good, he’s gonna do better, so that’s who he is… except for, you know, one giant ass lie, which I’m sure he’s justifying by putting the blame at Samantha’s feet. (I get that, I get that, he feels out of control and he doesn’t know how to handle it, doesn’t understand his rights or the situation, whatever - but it’s still not the man he’s purporting himself to be right now.) 

Then here comes Noah Kuttler, lying left and right, and basically confirming that people never change, which is especially heartbreaking because Felicity wanted to believe him. (I have so many issues of my own that I’m finding myself thinking, ‘What if he’s telling the truth?’ I don’t know if that’s a bleeding heart or me just reverting. But… it does lead me to wonder if they’ll use him as a stepping stone to bringing the idea of people can change to close at the end of the season, as a way to help close the gap between Olicity… Huh.)

Oliver’s blind naive attitude when it comes to Malcolm is exhausting. He’s trying to find the better path, but in doing so, he’s turning a blind eye to the very real danger in front of him, and that’s not counting Malcolm unveiling his giant-ass lie, it’s counting the fact that he’s putting innocent people in danger: his son, and his mother. I need a life lesson this season for Oliver to realize there is a balance, something Diggle touched on - you can’t be all bad, just like you can’t be all good. Malcolm needs to go. (And what makes it harder for me is that I get why he didn’t want to, I see what he’s doing, but it’s all projection of his own fears, he’s applying his own fears and insecurities on everyone around him and he’s trying to find ways around them, because part of him knows that he’s messing up, that he’s not the person he’s claiming, and so he’s trying to save everyone else except for his damn self, as usual, and unfortunately that’s leading him right down the path of destruction. Oh Oliver.)

(And are they thinking because the League is disbanded that the marriage is officially null and void now? Because that lack of resolution after wielding it like a weapon in and of itself tonight nearly made my eyes roll out of my head.)

Lies, lies everywhere, holy fuck, the lies. This entire damn show is built on lies and they are doing it justice.


There were so many lovely Olicity moments tonight, so many, the kind that give me hope that this shit will hit the fan and splatter, but that it won’t irrevocably break everything…

I absolutely screamed when Oliver said, “Will you marry me?” 

(Mostly because I knew exactly what Malcolm was doing, and I was thinking, ‘This is your time, Oliver, you better treasure this moment because this won’t be lasting.’)

(Look at the differences between them, oh my god, this is high heaven to my shipper heart and I’m so mad at Oliver, because he’ll be taking this away from me.)

Treasure her, Oliver, because you can’t lead two separate lives - did the first three seasons of Arrow teach you nothing? - and expect her to understand.

It’s just like this damn hug…

A beautiful moment, but it’s tainted because of this huge life-altering thing he’s keeping from her.

Oh Oliver, please don’t make me sit through a scene where Felicity tells you that you haven’t changed, that you’ll never change, because I will cry for 23 years and just live in a wine bottle.


Okay, I feel better.

I did enjoy this episode, quite a bit. I didn’t like some things (I can see the theme, and I can begrudgingly accept it, they were building on with only Oliver beating Malcolm - which was hot as fuck, I love that they are remembering he’s a badass and sexy as hell fighter, please beat up bad guys forever, Oliver - but if you think I’ll believe that Nyssa couldn’t beat Malcolm’s ass, you’re wrong), and I liked a lot of other things (Laurel was on-point tonight, when she, Diggle and Oliver stood between Malcolm and Nyssa, that was gorgeous; Felicity is always amazing, but her scenes with her dad were heartbreaking and painful and so perfect that I don’t want to watch them again; Diggle is the rock, he will always be the rock, nobody touch Diggle…).

I do think they are doing a great job building up the tension around William and Oliver keeping it from everyone, I really do. They’re dropping foundation blocks left and right for why Felicity will not be okay with this, as well she shouldn’t be, because one, that’s a huge lie, a huge lie like that is never okay, not ever, we shouldn’t accept it just like Felicity shouldn’t accept it, and two, it’s another character growth moment for Oliver and this show is, after all, Arrow. So when the lie surfaces, and he’s faced with losing his entire world (both Felicity and William, because I’m pretty sure Samantha won’t be pleased when this hits the news circuits), he better grow, and learn, and change - become the man he’s so desperate to be by accepting his lies, accepting the penance and working on the things about himself that he doesn’t like. Like fucking lying.

So, next week… are we thinking they save the building and end the episode with Oliver debating with Ruvé Adams, only to have her drop the bomb about illegitimate children and if Oliver Queen can’t take care of his own child, then how can he take care of Star City?

Dear god.

The pain is starting. I love it, but I hate it.

"I love you Regina!", it's what I'm looking forward to the most in season 4

It’s been 28 year or probably more since anybody has said that to her, since anybody showed her love, since anybody let her know how much she’s loved and cared about. I can’t wait for Robin to tell her he loves her. Can’t wait for her to hear those words. And I’m sure Lana’s acting will kill me with feels this season.

I feel like I can’t even be mad at Samantha because it’s such an OBVIOUS and FORCED writing choice to create this melodramatic crap storyline that the show does not need (you have magical *supervillains* come on)

Oliver wanted to tell Felicity and asked Samantha and the WRITERS had her say no and hold his child over his head… (I know being a single parent and custody is incredibly complicated but aren’t their courts and stuff and just UGH someone more qualified than me can speak to how realistic her reaction is [not even his girlfriend? It’s not like he asked her if Felicity could babysit William next weekend] but still…)

anonymous asked:

I love the way olicity looks together in that balcony kiss!! EBR has a tiny and slim figure but she's also pretty curvy and super traditionally feminine shape wise and Amell is SO BIG AND BUILT his thigh is like two of hers. They're so hot. Feel free to ignore this I just had to express lol

They’re so perfect, I simply cannot handle it either, anon!

It means that our feelings and understanding of the people we love should change and evolve over time. How I feel about Lyla when we were first married isn’t how I feel about her now. Admitting that doesn’t take away anything from the way I was in love with her back then, but it gives everything to the way I love her now. I've learnt so much about her, about me since then, good and bad, and that’s important. Love stories shouldn’t be written in concrete, Oliver, there is no give in concrete. It should be written in tensile steel, forged under extreme temperatures, but all the stronger and more flexible because of it.

Under My Skin by louiseblue1

Sorry for the LOOONG quote, but this one has the most sage advice Diggle has ever given Oliver, IMO (actually, it’s good advice for ANY relationship). Louise = this was PERFECTION. It gives me SO many season 4 feels it’s ridiculous. My eyes welled up with tears when I read it.

Technically this is part 3 of a series. Read part 1 Secret Women’s Business HERE and part 2 Love Potion #9 HERE.  People - seriously read this trifecta. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will explode.