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Is it just me, or is it weird that season five is going to be the senior year? In the way that Teen Wolf has been perpetually stuck in 2011 for four seasons, now suddenly everyone is going to be eighteen? Lydia's 18th was made a big deal last season, could this be a big deal in terms of the supernatural, or is Jeff trying to just make Marrish and Sterek legal? (He sure is pushing Marrish all of a sudden..) the reason I ask is because in many fantasy stories (1/2)

and much of mythology, curses/magic/powers activate on at a certain age (Sleeping Beauty for example…) so could turning eighteen be something powerfully significant for Lydia? .. Or for Stiles…? If he is something, if he’s something inherited from Claudia, could whatever power he has activate after he turns eighteen? His birthday is in April, if we start with the late summer in season five it wouldn’t be too much time between then and Stiles turning eighteen (2/2)


Okay, the age things…. (takes deep breath) - so the first thing we need to do is decide what is canon and what isn’t. I’m always basing my metas on what’s in the series + the search for a cure webseries which Jeff has confirmed as canonically accurate. Which means that birthdays listed on that Teen Wolf calendar that I see many people refer to isn’t canon in my book.

Which also suggets that Stiles’ birthday isn’t in April at all. More on that later.

Now for the timeline I recommend you visit magess wonderful Teen Wolf Wiki Here’s a link.

  • Season 1: Starts jan 2011 - the characters are in their sophomore year, ends towards the end of February
  • Season 2: Starts in February 2011, ends in April 2011.
  • Season 3a: Starts in August 2011 - the character’s start junior year - ends mid-September.
  • Season 3b: Starts end of septmeber/early October - Ends late November
  • Season 4: Starts decemeber 2011, ends probably late february/early March 2012 - before Lydia’s 18th birthday.
  • Season 5: Starts up in senior year, unknown what month.

So yeah, not stuck in 2011, we’re probably somewhere in autumn 2012 when season 5 starts, depending on how huge a time skip we’re getting.

  • In season 1 which starts january 2011 Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Jackson are all clearly 16 because they’re all driving at that point. Which would indicate they will all turn 17 in 2011.
  • In season 2 Lydia turns 17 March 29th 2011.
  • In season 3a in 3x02 Heather asks Stiles a question that he deliberatly misunderstands and answers “have i turned 17? No, not yet.” Her birthday must’ve been in August, since  3a started mid-August and school had just started when they went to her party.
  • In season 3b Derek refers to Stiles’ age when talking to Chris at the sheriff station “I’m not interested in being victim to a 17-year old possessed by a phsycotic wolf.” This is in late October/early November which would indicate Stiles’ birthday was somewhere between August and this point.

So knowing that they turned 17 in 2011 and we’re now in 2012 it will be the year they turn 18. In august 2012 they also start senior year which fits with canon. 

If i’ve somehow botched this up please correct me (seriously the hour is late and my mind is pretty much mush)

As to why we’re jumping to senior year I can only speculate… add on please if you think of other stuff

  • It will give the characters time to breathe, it’s been a hectic year!
  • We can start the season with a few more surprises for the audience
  • We get to skip some stuff that perhaps needs to happen, but isn’t really all that entertaining to watch, like all the details of the search for the desert wolf, what peter suffers in eichen house, the ups and downs of relationships (some might have changed a lot in this time) and so on.
  • Lydia would’ve turned 18 - possibly catapulting her banshee powers up a notch. Her grandmother did leave her the ashes = mountain ash to spread when she was 18 - why? Will she need protection? for what? The fact that the lakehouse is built with mountain ash would suggest that.
  • People of legal age. It will allow for some relationships to be legal, suck as Marrish and Sterek like you point out.
  • If Stiles’ 18 birthday is in early autumn that might very well be the point when he can’t hide his abilities any longer if the age of 18 is significant for dormant powers. We’ve seen that it wasn’t with werewolves, but both Lydia and Stiles are of a different kind anyway.  With regards to stiles who seems to be suppressing his abilities i’ve been saying an “explosion” is coming, perhaps this is what triggers it?