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Top 5 Jumin moments? c:


5. I cried during this scene.

4. THIS GRATIFYING AF SCENE (who knew all you had to do was make out with him to get Jaehee a nice, well-deserved vacation? it’s a win-win for everyone!)

3. Boi be making you some good ole strawberry pancakes!

2. This one is a classic and the big establishing moment in which I was like fuuuucccccccc during my first (totally blind) playthrough. RIP in fuccing pieces Zen (though I was on his route the next day).

1. Anytime the bae is with his cat. Bae needs his cat and they’re perfect together. 

Give me an Éponine who’s tough.
Give me an Éponine who’s missing teeth, who’s so skinny seeing her makes people’s stomachs ache, who’s voice is hoarse from so many years of drinking and screaming, who’s withered and battered from life on the streets.
Give me an Éponine who had a comfortable life pulled out from under her and is constantly pining to know something like that life again.
Give me an Éponine who chooses to leave a crime scene to go off and have an affair with a beautiful dandy because she wants him and she’s tired of letting her father throw her to some scumbag for some extra money.
Give me an Éponine who latches on to a rich boy who treats her with some respect.
Give me an Éponine who has convinced herself that she is in love with a boy who could give her the life she longs for.
Give me an Éponine who sees loving this boy as a way of spiting the grotesque, sick, vile man who she doesn’t see as her father anymore.
Give me an Éponine who stands up to her father and his lackeys and shows them that she can be ferocious.
Give me an Éponine who gives her life to be the person she wants to be.
Give me an Éponine with bite and edges and bruises.
Give me an Éponine who is not the daughter of a dog but the daughter of a wolf.

Slytherin hate

Okay, but seriously, I can’t stand all the hate that Slytherins get based on principle. I just finished rereading The Deathly Hallows and the scene where Pansy Parkinson screams for someone to grab Harry made me really angry. Everyone is so ready to hate all the kids in Slytherin for not choosing to stay and fight. As a Slytherin, I don’t agree with many of the things kids from Slytherin did, or do. But Slytherin has always been a hated house, closely associated with the Dark Arts, said to be the house of evil wizards and hated by the other houses at Hogwarts. In the books as well as the movies, we’re taught from the beginning that Slytherin is not the house you want to be in.

But can you imagine how the kids who actually get Sorted into Slytherin must feel?

Can you even begin to imagine those little first years lining up in the Great Hall, waiting to be sorted and hearing all these awful things about the House of the Snake? Muggleborns immediately wanting to be anywhere else when the Sorting Hat places them in Slytherin? What about the first years whose family holds generations of Slytherins, coming to Hogwarts and being proud to want to be Sorted into Slytherin, only to hear these nasty rumours and scathing comments about the house they grew up revering? Or children like Albus, who was petrified of being in Slytherin because of what he’d heard, but didn’t have parents to tell them that the Hat would let them choose, or that it was perfectly okay for them to be in any house?

Can you imagine them begging the Hat not to put them in Slytherin but they, unlike Harry, did not possess qualities the other Houses searched for, and resolutely Sorting them into Slytherin? Can you imagine them looking up from underneath the wide brim of the Hat, watching as the rest of the Great Hall sneered and booed as they joined their House’s table, while the friends they may have made on the train look on in disappointment?

Can you imagine these kids growing older, their parents known supporters of the ‘Dark Lord’, while they remain opposed to Voldemort’s views, but despised for the colour of their tie? Hundreds of kids lumped in with Voldemort’s supporters, all for the emblem on their chests…

Now imagine those kids being present during the Battle of Hogwarts. Imagine how scared they must have been, knowing that if they chose to fight, they might have to duel their own parents, and that the victory of the resistance meant the loss of precious family members. Imagine the Slytherins who cried in silence, hiding their tears of grief for the loss of Albus Dumbledore, afraid of letting anyone see because of how they’d be taunted. The students who were forced to pretend they shared Voldemort’s twisted ideals, not to protect themselves, but to protect their families. It is well-known that Voldemort didn’t care for his followers any more than he cared for his enemies. These would have been the kids that grew up with ex-Death Eaters trying to rebuild their public image, the kids whose parents would have been brutally punished for “renouncing the old ways” when Voldemort returned, the kids who knew to fear Voldemort and did all they could to make sure their families weren’t hurt.

We praise characters like Sirius for being the first in his family to join Gryffindor and not Slytherin, but what if he’d been placed in Hufflepuff for his loyalty to his friends and dedication to Harry? Or Ravenclaw for his individuality in refusing to be what his family was? God forbid the Hat placed him in Slytherin for his cunning ability to think up exceptional ways to trick people?

Stop hating Slytherins for the actions of other Slytherins. Don’t punish a thousand for the actions of one. I wholeheartedly acknowledge the fact that there were many, many witches and wizards of Slytherin that went bad, but every House produced Dark witches and wizards in its time, and we were all so quick to forgive Snape and excuse his ties to Slytherin.

And remember: children will always rise to the level of expectation. Treat someone like a criminal long enough, and pretty soon a criminal is exactly what you’ll get…


whats your favorite memory from set?
Too many to choose just one, but currently… the last scene I shot with Elise in SEASON THREE!!! - N.

What was your most memorable moment when working on Carmilla?
When Spencer called “cut” for the final time and we all huddled together as it came to an end.  I really can’t describe the feeling.  So overwhelming and beautiful.  Bittersweet.

Inktober x Inktober
Oct. 5, 2016 - “Sad”

There are so many iconic sad parts in HxH it was becoming hard to choose what to draw. I chose this sorta forgotten scene from the Hunter Exam arc that the 2011 anime kinda glossed over but the 1999 version really went to town on how much it affected him physically and mentally.

I’m going to be attempting (digital & traditional) Inktober this year! I’ll be loosely following the official prompt list and also going with a Hunter x Hunter theme!

Consider the difference in the examples of the John F. Kennedy assassination and 9/11. While you’ve probably seen only a single film clip of the scene from Dealey Plaza in 1963 when President Kennedy was shot, hundreds of television and amateur cameras were pointed at the scene on 9/11. Yet neither issue is settled for Americans; in one recent survey, about as many people said the government was concealing the truth about 9/11 as those who said the same about the Kennedy assassination.

Documentary proof seems to have lost its power. If the Kennedy conspiracies were rooted in an absence of documentary evidence, the 9/11 theories benefited from a surfeit of it. So many pictures from 9/11 flooded the internet, often without much context about what was being shown, that conspiracy theorists could pick and choose among them to show off exactly the narrative they preferred. There is also the looming specter of Photoshop: Now, because any digital image can be doctored, people can freely dismiss any bit of inconvenient documentary evidence as having been somehow altered.

This gets to the deeper problem: We all tend to filter documentary evidence through our own biases. Researchers have shown that two people with differing points of view can look at the same picture, video or document and come away with strikingly different ideas about what it shows.

That dynamic has played out repeatedly this year. Some people look at the WikiLeaks revelations about Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and see a smoking gun, while others say it’s no big deal, and that besides, it’s been doctored or stolen or taken out of context. Surveys show that people who liked Mr. Trump saw the Access Hollywood tape where he casually referenced groping women as mere “locker room talk”; those who didn’t like him considered it the worst thing in the world.


How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth - The New York Times

The spread of misinformation in a social network is a feature, not a bug. Maybe what people want to share isn’t the information but the emotional trigger. Maybe in a social context it’s no longer an information network but an emotional network.


farewell degrassi tng meme [10/15 characters]: Paige Michalchuk

“Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade, our limo driver Jim Boy Jed the criminal delivers in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse. Hopped up on pain killers, I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus. Hello everyone! Happy prom! Isn’t this so perfectly festive?”


Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[1/?] American Graffiti (1973, Dir. George Lucas), as Bob Falfa.

  • American Graffiti marked the first of Harrison Ford’s many collaborations with George Lucas, and the very first substantial role in his movie career.
  • Even though all the actors were supposed to be playing teenagers, Ford, 30 at the time, was the oldest cast member in a group whose ages ranged from 12 to 27.
  • He initially turned down the role after they offered him 485 dollars a week for it, claiming he could make twice as much as a carpenter, his day job at the time. He eventually accepted when the original offer was raised by just 15 dollars.
  • Falfa famously wore a cowboy hat after Ford himself refused to cut his hair in a ‘60s crew cut, feeling the part was too small and it was not worth the trouble of having to grow it back out for potential future parts.

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you fav scene from tlou? (i understand if you don't have one so you can pick as many as you like) :)

Ooh jeez, that’s a hard question. I’ll just make a list.

1. Joel comforting Ellie after she kills David and calling her baby girl. ;-;
2. Ellie taking care of Joel during winter, saying stuff like “You’re gonna make it.”
3. The kiss scene from Left Behind!!!
4. Joel escaping from the hospital and carrying Ellie (which never fails to make me bawl like a baby).
5. “Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.”

Gravity Falls ended last week. We would like to celebrate these 4 years of laughs and tears by gathering the artists of the fandom in a big, collaborative fanzine/artbook!


We plan to feature around 80~100 illustrations (yup it’s gonna be a big book!!). The theme is gonna be the GF series! Artists will choose an episode and draw something related to it. This is not a screenshot redraw thingy so you’re still pretty free on what you can draw. (This rule is also here to prevent too many people from drawing the same scene)

At first we’re gonna invite a few artists we’d like to feature in the book. Then we’ll open applications for everyone! Be sure to check the blog for more info~


Now- March 14th: we’re contacting invited artists

March 14th: Applications open

April 3rd: Applications close

July 31st: Submission deadline

Make sure to follow the blog for updates!

Also please help us spread the word! Even if you don’t participate, reblogs are really appreciated :>


marvel ladies meme: 5/6 Relationships
↳ Peggy&Angie

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for the character meme, Rin Matsuoka :)

Thank you for an ask ♥ OMG I knew someone would send Rinrin.

Why I like them: Rin is very realistic character. I usually love the realistic characters the most who I can relate to. He’ve been through so many struggles, but could overcome them all and went to achieve his dreams. 
Favorite episode (scene if movie): Episode 12 for both seasons. I can’t choose one. He was amazing in both episodes.
Favorite season/movie: Since I fell in love with his character from the very start, I’ll go with season 1.
Favorite line: The classic “I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before” line.
Favorite outfit: All his outfits are great. He looks amazing in Arabian prince outfit in ED, in butler outfit in OVA, in all otufits this guy looks STUNNING.
OTP: Haruka/Rin (OTP OF ALL OTPS). 
Brotp: I love all his friendships and brotp him with everyone, but Rin/Rei has a special place in my heart. I just brotp them so hard. 
Head Canon: Since Rinrin is a very romantic guy, I can see him having a huge collection of romantic novels and movies. And Haruka usually teases him about that.
Unpopular opinion: Rin doesn’t cry at everything like the fandom portrays him.
A wish: The biggest wish to see him and Haruka in Olympics. 
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Never stop to showing new sights. NEVER.
5 words to best describe them: Amazing, fantastic, wonderful, great, awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, realistic, romantic, hot, kind, friendly, caring, loving, cute, adorable, sassy, smart, funny, interesting, nerd, talented, hardworking and I need to stop or else I’ll finish the list in 100 ages. 5 words aren’t enough to describe this guy. 
My nickname for them: My cherry blossom prince. It’s also my tag for him.

Give me a character and I will answer.

"let mentally ill kids have their music!"

oh, sure. they can have their music. but lets not kid ourselves into thinking that an attack on 21p is an attack on neuroatypical teens or that they are the best that said teens have to choose from.
there are so many more quality musicians singing about mental illness in a more meaningful way that are not two white dudes trying to carve out a place in the rap scene that black musicians created. so if these two eminems for a new generation are the best band singing about mental health you can find, you’re either not looking or more likely, closing your eyes to possibilities.

Interview Question for a YOI Fan!

Thanks @juliaphantomhive for the tag!

Favorite Episode: 10. It was the game changer in essence.

Favorite scene: So many scenes, it’s hard to choose! So, Episode 10: Ring Exchange. Episode 7: Just Stay Close to Me, Victor!. Episode 3: Katsudon is my Eros(Victor drinking til dawn). Episode 12: Yuri On Ice perfection.

Favorite character: Katsuki Yuuri

Favorite OST: Stammi Vicino Non te ne Andare

Favorite line: “This jet-lagged sleeping beauty.”

Favorite ship: Victuuri

Favorite short program: On Love: Eros

Favorite free skate program: Yuri On Ice

Which characters, aside from the main characters, would you like to see more of in season 2? Sara Crispino, Phichit Chulanont, and Makka-chin.

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