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I Will Show You Part 2 - FP Jones | Riverdale

Hey, after so many requested the second part. Here is it! I have to admit that’s the first text I have ever written, which contained sexual content. So, I am sorry because I am also a virgin. I hope you will like it! ♥

Pairing: FP Jones x Female!Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warning: Sexual content, huge age gap, and green-eyed monster

Wordcount: 1357


After a quiet moment, she felt his tongue on her folds. Y/N threw her head back and moaned his name. His smirk grew and he moved closer.

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Take it Off - James Van Riemsdyk

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Some good ol JVR!  Big fan, big fan!  Anyways, I love these prompt things cause you can go so many different ways with them so feel free to keep requesting them!!  Enjoy!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 601

Warnings: smut (not full blown, but it’s more than just steam)

Request: “#35 with James van Riemsdyk please ❤” - @mattsmartsmarns

Prompt: “You heard me. Take. It. Off”

Up next: Leon Draisaitl


You and James and gone out to dinner with a couple of his teammates and the entire night he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes or hands off of you.  You were pretty sure that it had something to do with the fact you were wearing one of James’ favourite dresses.  It was just a simple long sleeved, black dress but it hugged every curve on your body and dipped down dangerously low in the back.

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Afraid of Loving You

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Pairing: Jughead x reader
Word Count: 1,097
Warnings: None
A/n: Sorry of this sucked, I started it over so many times because I got so stuck :(
Request: Hey
Can I request something? It’s an Riverdale request :)
I’d love to have something with Jughead! *-*
The female reader could be a Blossom, maybe a cousin or a sister, and she falls in love with Juggie. I’d love to know how Cheryl tells Juggie that he shouldn’t hurt the reader or something :)
Thanks ♡

Jughead Jones, the quiet and mysterious boy that sits in booth at Pops had caught the attention of Y/n Blossom, the cousin of Cheryl and late Jason Blossom. Y/n was fascinated by he way he typed for hours after hours. She knew that whatever he was typing had something to do with the murder of Jason but she couldn’t care less. Jason was never very kind to Y/n and often ignored her presence.

Y/n Blossom, the confident yet fragile girl that sits in a booth at Pops had caught the attention of Jughead Jones. Jughead noticed that whenever she would come in she was sit at a booth with her strawberry milkshake and watch him type away for hours. He often found himself smiling at the presence the girl but quickly averted his mind onto his work.

It was average day in Riverdale when you decided to get a milkshake from Pops and see if Jughead was there. You enter the diner to find the infamous writing sitting in a booth the far end of the diner. He was once again typing away. You ordered your milkshake and noticed that Jughead had stopped typing and seemed to be taking a break. You retrieved you milkshake and walked over to booth where Jughead and his laptop resided.

“Hey Jughead” You gave him a smile and he looked up at you with a slightly shocked expression.

“Hey Y/n” He replied distracted. One day while you were sitting at your booth watching Jughead he looked up from his screen and caught you staring at him. This caused you to blushed and look away quickly. Jughead then came over to you booth. Long story short you two clicked and now your good friends.

You smiled and slid into the booth so you were sitting opposite him. You sat your milkshake on the table and took at sip.

Something Jughead had noticed about you awhile ago was that you chewed on your straw when you were nervous, which is exactly what you were doing now. He looked over his screen at you with quizzing eyes.

“Yes?” You asked, unsure as to why he ws giving you that look.

“You’re nervous about something” He said, closing his laptop.

“No I’m not” You lied, you know all too well that you were beyond nervous.

“The confident Y/n Blossom is nervous because of Jughead Jones” Jughead teased.

“Watch it Jones” You warned playfully.

“Or what?” You blushed at the sudden confidence Jughead possessed.

“Nothing” You whined in defeat.

“That’s what I thought” Jughead said with a now smug expression. You knew it was bad, falling for Jughead, but you couldn’t help it, the more you saw him the more you fell.

The Blossoms are an odd family thats for sure but if any of them found out your feeling towards Jughead they’d cut him out of your life for good. This is how you came to conclusion of distancing yourself form him, if you stayed away then atlas you could see him in day to day life…just not the way you want.

Jughead noticed your sudden change in emotion and didn’t like it one bit. You’d catch him starting at you longing and it broke your heart to see that he might feel the same. Someone else that noticed your change was Cheryl. She always had a suspicion that there was a longing for something within you but she never would had thought it would be Jughead Jones. So when she fund you crying in your room she had a feeling she knew what it was about.

“Y/n?” Cheryl called into your room.

“Go away Cheryl…” You answered with a quivering voice. Hearing this broke Cheryl heart. Shut your door behind her and sat on the end of your bed.

“This is about Jughead isn’t it?” She asks softy. This made you shoot up and look at her shocked.

“How did you know?!” You asked, completely gobsmacked.

“Y/n, you’ve been my best friend since I can remember, you’re like and open book to me” She smiles as she pushed loose stands of your hair behind your ear.

“I care for him so much but…I can’t have him” You cried as she stroked your hair.

“Why not?” She asked confused.

“Because he will be ripped away from me” You continued to cry as Cheryl tried her best to comfort you.

“Do you really think he would let that happened?” This made you look at her confused. “Do you really think Jughead Jones would let you be taken away from him? Because I don’t think so” This made you smile softly, thinking about Jughead protecting you gave you butterflies.

“No, I don’t”

“Exactly! I won’t let it happen either.” She smirked at you and you giggled in response. “Now! we’ll clean you up and you are going to Archie’s to tell Jughead how you feel”

Cheryl did exactly as she said she would. You were cleaned up and standing infant of the Andrew’s front door. Your hands were shaking and your palms were sweaty but you knew you had to do this. You knocked on the door and not long after Archie opened it.

“Oh hey, Y/n” He smiled.

“Wheres Jughead?” You asked. He pointe dup to his room and you ran up the stairs. You opened the door quite quickly which caused Jughead to jumped in shock.

“Y/n? what are you doing he-“ Before he could finish you crashed you lips on his, he instantly kissed you back. The kiss wasn’t rushed or heated, it was slow and sweet. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer. You broke away and he rested his forehead on yours.

“I have very strong feelings for you Jughead” You said with a deep blush lining you cheeks.

“I can see that” He chuckled. “I return them” He smiled and captured your lips in another sweet kiss. As this intimate moment continue, Jughead’s phone lit up on Archie’s bed.

From: unknown

Don’t you hurt her Jones, or you’ll have to deal with me.

@notalwaysfair - Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Are you ever going to do a doctor/ medical RFA?

I could! I let my followers vote on the next au so just request it when I start taking ideas ^^ I know many people have requested a medical one before so you’re not alone, but the next au voting might not be until a while because I’m busy with work and I have to do zine stuffs :v 

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You mean like when I wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. to find that I have 15 requests in my ask box for Corey Seager?  *YES*


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