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Thoughts on the love triangle in DOS (May contain spoilers. Do NOT read if you haven't seen the film or read the book. Btw go watch the movie, it's awesome)

I saw Desolation of Smaug again(I found and downloaded an awesome quality copy online yayy) and I paid a little bit more attention to the love triangle Legolas-Tauriel-Kili. Kili is obviously the one with the biggest crush. He’s never seen a warrior she-elf and he’s amazed by both her beauty and battle skills so he makes his move -insert “flirty” quote about what’s in his pants- and gets rejected by Tauriel -you go hard girl- altough she’s quite flattered by his interest and excited because all she knew about dwarves’ appearence and attitude turn out to be false. So she shows hints of a crush. Legolas is also a “victim” of Tauriel’s bad-ass battle skills and good looks and we can clearly see his jealousy(remember his comment about Kili looking horrible and the look he gave him afterwards) after witnessing Kili looking at Tauriel with admiration and Tauriel’s comment about his height. So guess what! Legolas is lovestruck by the daughter of Mirkwood too. But it doesn’t come to Tauriel’s attention until the creepy-but-hot king of Mirkwood, Thranduil tells her that Legolas has grown fond of her and doesn’t think of her only as a leader of the guard anymore. If you watched the film you must have clearly seen that Tauriel can’t help but smile at this turn of events which means one thing. Tauriels doesn’t think of Legolas only as her Prince and leader either. She has a crush on him too. It’s not impossible. Quite the contrary. Who wouldn’t like him? I mean, he’s a great warrior, handsome, dreamy and god his hair..Anyway :P However, her smile disappears and turns into a sad look when Thranduil tells her not to give hope to Legolas or herself because he’d never allow him to get involved with a lower Sylvan elf like her. Later when she goes to guard the dwarves she has an encounter with Kili(they mostly talk about his mother, light and sun) during which she realises that dwarves are not as bad as she thought they’d be and they have feelings too. In the end of the scene we see an angry Legolas looking at them full of jealousy without knowing that his father warned Tauriel about their close relationship. After the dwarves’ escape Kili’s injured however Tauriel doesn’t pay much attention until she learns that Kili’s injured by a poisonous arrow that will eventually kill him. I don’t think the reason she leaves afterwards is ONLY because she cares about Kili. She leaves because she wants to escape Thranduil’s arrogant ways of protecting his kingdom(isolating his people from the outside world and the light)and because she wants to fight and help the people in need, including Kili. Legolas, being his lovestruck self, goes after her and tries to make her return to the kingdom with him. However Tauriel, being the rebelious one, tries to knock some sense into him and succeeds making him follow her to Laketown to help the dwarves. While in Laketown, they rescue the dwarves from the orcs and Tauriel, despite Legolas’ order, stays to help Kili. Many of those crazy fangirls, determined to find proof that “Kiliel is true love” or whatever would say that this is the biggest proof. Let me tell you this. You get to know somebody and then he’s seriously injured and you can help them. Would you help them or let them die? Tauriel did what anybody would/should do but it doesn’t mean she did it because she “loves” Kili. She can’t love Kili and Kili can’t love her(at least yet) and that’s why their last scene was awful in my opinion. They knew each other for like a week or a couple weeks (according to the book the dwarves were imprisoned for weeks) and they talked to each other once or twice. One does not simply fall in love within two weeks without interaction. And don’t say that Kili fell in love because of her beauty or because she saved him 3 times. This is not love. He can be greatful and have a crush on her but he can’t be in love. And there’s no reason for Tauriel to fall in love with him either(at least yet). Btw, in case you don’t know, Tauriel wasn’t glowing. Thas was the effect of the poison. Remember Frodo and Arwen in the FOTR after Frodo was stabbed. Anyway, Kili’s whole “love confession” about Tauriel walking in starlight and whether or not she could have loved him was too much. Btw, Tauriel never said yes or no so don’t get your hopes up too easy because it can be a love story but it doesn’t mean that both characters respond to each other’s feelings. It could be Kili’s love story without a happy ending(we know what happens in the next movie..poor Kili). So, from what I saw, I think that Legolas would be Tauriel’s first choice and she shows that during her interaction with Thranduil. It would be possible since they grew up together, they know each other personaly and they both like each other a lot. But since the king ordered her to stay away from his son when it comes to love she drives her attention to Kili, who is more than willing to return it, while Legolas tries to win her unaware of his father’s decision. Which means that if anything happens between Tauriel and Kili you have to thank Thranduil for not giving hopes to Tauriel, otherwise she’d have already ended up with Legolas.

Tell me your opinion. I’d be more than happy to hear it!

Btw, I can’t wait for the next movie to see what’s going to happen with these three. I really hope Peter Jackson won’t “kill” Tauriel because she’s an awesome character and we rarely get such female characters to look up to. But if she dies I hope that it won’t happen because she tried to save Kili(again) and I hope Kili won’t die trying to save her. It’d be too much..But I’d definately like it if Legolas tried to save Kili or the other way..or if Kili and Fili died trying to save Thorin. Or if nobody died because I’ll drown in a pool of my own tears when I see them getting killed by filthy orcs :’(