so many questions are going through this girls' mind


Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 1,702

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Warnings: angst - not a happy ending im so srry babes

Summary:  @winterladybr asked:   “Don’t Test Me” was sooo good ❤ Do you write anything other than smut? If you do, can I get one where the reader and Hotch were dating when he decided to get into Witness Protection, and he broke up with her because of it and she didn’t get to tell him that she’s pregnant? Thanks !!! 😘

Anon asked:   Can you do one where Aaron and the reader have a baby

A/N:  I am currently only on season 6 of the show, so if there is any information about Jack’s stalker wrong, please forgive me.  I did as much research about it as I could so I hope everything is correct/makes sense.

These requests were similar, so I combined them.  I know this isn’t really a good way to fulfill the request of the anon, but that just means that maybe this story should continue.

I’ll make this into a multi-fic only if I’m asked to.  The ending is unhappy so if it gets good feedback, I might continue.  Just let me know if you want more and a happy ending, but really, that’s ultimately up to me to decide.

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You sighed at the sight of the two blue lines.  Of course, you were happy, but there was too much on your mind.

You’ve been dating Aaron for a long time, almost three years, there’s no doubt he’ll be happy, too…  Right?

Get it together, Y/N, you thought to yourself.  He was going to be home any minute from Jack’s soccer game, so you needed to get rid of the pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Quickly, you tossed the test and its box into the garbage can, even lifting up some older trash to shove it further down.  You wanted to make sure you were 100% indeed pregnant before you said anything to Hotch.  You were sure he’d be happy and excited, but you didn’t want to tell him and give him any false hope if it turned out you weren’t actually pregnant.  So to play it safe, you would go to the doctor and get everything checked out.

Two minutes later, you were on the phone with JJ, explaining the situation.

“Well, drug store tests aren’t always completely reliable,” she told you.

“I know.  That’s why I want to go to the doctor, but I really don’t want to go alone,” you replied, chewing on your fingernails while pacing back and forth.  Aaron and Jack could walk through that door any minute.

“I really think you shouldn’t worry about it and talk to Hotch, he’d be excited, you more than anyone should know that,” JJ said.

“It’s not his reaction to the baby I’m worried about.”  You thought for a second before letting out a sigh and admitting what it really was that was scaring you.  “It’s Scratch.”  You could hear JJ’s breath hitch at the name.  “Aaron’s had his suspicions and I don’t want him to worry about another child.”

“Y/N,” JJ started, but that’s when you heard the front door open.  

“I’m sorry, I need to go.  I’ll call you when the appointment is set up,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

“Y/N!” Aaron’s voice boomed through the house.  “Go to your room, Jack,” you heard him tell his son.

“Everything alright?” you asked, giving him a peck on the cheek and giving Jack a pat on the head as he ran passed you to his bedroom.

“I thought so,” Aaron said, loosening his tie.  He looked worn out and worried.

“What is it?” you asked, pulling out a chair from the kitchen table for him to sit.  Once he did, you sat in the seat across from him.

“I saw Peter Lewis there today,” he said, rubbing his face in defeat.  Mr. Scratch.

“At the soccer game?” you asked, your heart race speeding up.  All Aaron did was nod, his demeanor defeated.

“You’ve got to tell your team.  They can help you, we could-”

“Enough Y/N,” he shouted over you.  You jumped, unable to look at him.  “I want you to stay out of this,” he said quietly, getting up from his chair and making his way to the room you share.  You couldn’t help but feel angry at his sudden cold shoulder.  You love him and Jack more than anything in the world and it suddenly felt like the feeling wasn’t mutual anymore.

Stop jumping to conclusions, you thought to yourself.  He loves you, too, there’s no denying it.

You picked your cell phone back up and called the doctor to make the appointment.

Tuesday afternoon was the only the doctor could fit you in, so you called JJ and let her know when to come pick you up.  

The weekend consisted of Aaron continuing to give you the cold shoulder and telling Jack to stay in his room as much as possible.  The only conversations you had with him usually consisted of asking about his day and him giving you short answers before turning on the TV.  You felt utterly alone, and you planned to let him know as soon as you knew about whether or not you were actually pregnant.

JJ picked you up from your house while Aaron was out getting groceries.

“You ready?” she asked when you got in the car.

“Do I have a choice?” you replied with a sigh.  

The fifteen minutes to the doctor’s office was a quiet drive, but you preferred it that way.

“Everything’s going to be okay, you know?” JJ told you while you waited for the results.  You were sat on the tall, uncomfortable bed while she stood next to you holding your hand.

“But what if he’s right?  What if Scratch really is gonna try to hurt him again, or Jack?  He wouldn’t be happy about another kid coming into his life, he’d just be scared for it, too,” you said, your eyes beginning to water.  You couldn’t handle the thought of losing Aaron or Jack or the baby that might’ve been growing inside of you. 

“Alrighty Ms. Y/L/N.  I have some good news.  You are in fact, pregnant,” the doctor said after she walked into the door.  “About twelve weeks to be exact.  We need to get you on prenatal vitamins and set out a diet plan for you-”

Slowly, you tuned out the words coming from your doctor’s mouth and instead thought about Aaron and what he was going to think.  Instantly your mind whirled, wondering if you were having a boy or a girl and what you wanted to name him or her.  Which room in your house would have to become the nursery?  How excited was Jack going to react to the news he was going to be a big brother?  Would you have to take on the role of stay at home mom?  

So many - too many - questions raced through your mind, making it hard for  you to concentrate on anything the doctor was saying.  Despite being nervous about your boyfriend’s reaction, you couldn’t help but feel excited about the tiny human being living inside of you, knowing you loved it with every fiber of your being and feeling your heart race at the fact that it was all yours and Aaron’s.  You were going to be parents together.

“So I will see you in two weeks for a follow up,” the doctor said.  She shook your hand.

“Thank you,” JJ said for you since you were still a bit far from reality.  Once the doctor left the room, you finally smiled for the first time that day.

“I’m going to be a mother,” you said to JJ.  

“Congratulations, Y/N,” she replied with a smile.  A single tear rolled down your cheek and you hugged her, thanking her for coming with you.  “Of course.  You know, Hotch is really lucky to have you.”

“Thank you.  I’m lucky to have him, too.”

“Well, why don’t I take you home and you can tell him the good news?” she suggested.  You nodded, wiping away your happy tears and followed her out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, you were back home.  JJ congratulated you again before driving off.

You smiled when you saw Aaron’s car in the driveway.  He was home.

Walking inside, you sat your keys on the table next to the front door, preparing yourself to tell Aaron your news.

“Aaron!” you shouted through the house with a bright smile on your face.  “I need to tell you something.”

When there was no reply, you walked back towards your bedroom.  “Aaron?”

The door was cracked open.  You stopped right outside and listened, but you heard nothing.  “Babe?” you asked while opening the door all the way.  The room looked almost untouched from when you left earlier this afternoon.  But the only difference was that Aaron’s cellphone was sitting on his nightstand.  You walked over to pick it up, seeing that it had quite a few missed calls on it.

Your heart began beating in your throat, your palms became incredibly clammy.

No, you thought.  No no no no no.

Quickly, you ran to the closet, opening the door to find exactly what you were hoping you wouldn’t.  Aaron’s clothes were mostly gone, only a few of his suit remained hung up, and all of his tennis shoes were missing from the floor.  Tears were free falling from your eyes at this point, your worst nightmare was coming true.

You ran out of the bedroom to Jack’s, knowing what you would find.

It was about the same, mainly untouched with many missing clothes.  Your crying escalated into loud sobs, echoing throughout the house.

“No,” you said out loud, unsure of what to do.  You couldn’t breath.  This can’t be happening.  Please.

You searched the rest of the house, noticing it was all the same except for the kitchen.  There was a note.  As you read it, your tears fell to the paper, making the ink of Aaron’s handwriting run a bit, but you knew what it said.  It was the one thing you were afraid of most, and it was really happening.  This was real.

Through your tears, you read the note, almost unable to accept the words written so sloppily, you knew he had to be in a hurry.


I love you.  That’s what I need you to remember.  You always need to remember that.  Please never forget that. 

Don’t try to contact us, don’t try to find us.  You’ll only be putting yourself in danger, as well.  And I can’t have that.  Please just let go.

If we ever see each other again, please don’t try to say hi.  I want nothing more than to be with you, but I can’t. Jack and I want to continue on without you, and that’s as hard for us as I’m sure it is for you.

I’m sorry it had to end like this.  But don’t forget that we love you.  We always will.


Your sobs continued to echo throughout the house, and suddenly your legs failed you.  You sunk to the floor in a fit of screams, holding onto your stomach so tenderly, unable to breath.

They were gone.  The boy you loved like a son was gone.  The father of your own child was gone.

They were gone.

They were gone.  

They were gone.

Just Friends~Jungkook Part 2

Hey there this is the second part of Just Friends. I feel like I’m going a bit all over the place tho. Tell me what you think :D 

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Angst/Fulff? maybe I’m not sure :’) 

-2k words

Music recommendation: Needed Me - Rihanna

~After your fight with Jungkook you meet someone able to make you forget.~

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That night when jungkook and I had that fight I told him I hated him. The moment the words left my mouth I regretted it but it was too late. I spent the whole night crying out of anger and sadness. I didn’t talk much at work in fact I ddn’t often go pretending that I wasn’t I just couldn’t face Jinyoung, he was my friend and I didn’t want to worry him too much. 

It was a Friday night and this nonsense had been going on for too long. I would have to get over it someday but the emptiness Jungkook had left was still there and wouldn’t leave. That night I decided to go out to forget.

I went to the biggest club in the city. When I got there I was lost in the middle of the crowd and the music was pulsing through the club making people dance to the beat creating a human sea of moving bodies. I started to dance to the music closing my eyes trying to forget about jungkook. I could feel all the warmth from people around me passing by my body and brushing it slightly as they danced. I was lost into the music swaying my hips to the beat when I felt a hand creep timidly up my waist. I opened my eyes and turned around. He seemed flustered by my reaction. I was face to face with a tall handsome man. He had black hair and eyes that sparkled with the lights of the club flashing across the room. He was good looking and all I wanted to do was distract myself from my thoughts.  I got closer to him and put his hand back on to my waist . I started rubbing myself against him following the music. He seemed surprised at first but reacted to my movements quickly adjusting himself to my body. At that moment the music changed to a low beat song, and our movments became slow giving the time for us to feel every inch of the other’s body. I was not that great at dancing and he lead most of it since he turned out to dance incredibly well. The way he swayed was hypnotizing. I followed his every move forgetting about everything else too concentrated on the flow of our embodiements. We both danced while rubbing ourselves along one another. I was in need of human warmth, wanting more with every touch. We accorded the way we would sway our hips and place our hands and feet to the moves of our partner. His hand slid down my waist and I felt his warmth on my thigh. His touch sent shivers through my spine, it felt good. Nothing else but our dance mattered at that moment. Our breaths mixed, our sticky bodys became one on this everlasting dance. I was in a trance, all this seemed like it was from another world. Everything was like a blur. This stranger was dancing with me, I didn’t know him in any way but something about him just made me feel like we had known each other forever. My gaze fell into his. I was drowning in his eyes, even when his look traveled down my body all I could focus on was his hungry eyes. Our moves led us to a change of positions, his hands were now on my hips, a tingling feeling started in my stomach. His heavy breath in my neck and hair tickling my cheeks made me want more of him. Everything around us slowly disappeared the I was being taken away by the dance, his warmth was all I could think about. Jungkook was far gone from any of my thoughts. I found myself rubbing my ass against his crotch. I had never done anything like that before but just then it felt natural, I was gliding and rubbing myself up and down of an appearing boner that I started to feel. That reaction pleased me and pushed me to continue further more. Then the music changed he stopped even though I was ready to continue completely drowned in the movements of our bodies. I felt restless, my body wanted more of him. When his warmth left me I felt empty, and cold I wished that the dance would’ve lasted forever. 

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Meant To Be

Roman Reigns x reader

Roman is visiting a friend in hospital and notices (y/n) has no visitors. When his friend is released he decides to visit (y/n) instead, during which he falls in love with her.

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Hey!!! And AHHHHHH thank you so much. I hope you continue to stay by me and continue to support me and request!! And don’t worry, more detail the better!!! And I’ll only do Got7 because I already have a similar request for Bts. Hope this is to your liking!! Also, some reactions will be longer than others.

Mark: I feel like as soon as you told Mark that you had a little girl, he would become a bit disheartened. He would ask who the father of the child was and you would tell him that the little girl was adopted. He would definitely be a bit hesitant to meet the child but as soon as he saw the little girl’s smile, all his worries would wash away and he would try his best to make the little girl like him.

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JB: On your guys’ fifth date, you would tell Jaebum that you had a baby boy. He would be a bit angry at the news, asking you why you didn’t tell him when you first met. You guys would begin to argue and Jaebum would storm off, leaving you alone. He would obviously be mad that you hadn’t told him but he would be more worried that he wouldn’t be a good father figure to the baby boy. He really liked you and now that he discovered that you were a single mother, he would go and apologize to you, asking to see the boy. As he cradled the sleeping 2 month old, he would smile at you, telling you that he was willing to try.

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Jackson: Jackson, like Mark, would be a bit hesitant when you told him that you had two girls. Only because many questions would be running through his mind such as, ‘Will I be a good father figure to them? Would I be able to fully support them? Will they like me?’ He would ask for a break so that he could collect his thoughts and ask himself if he was really prepared for this. Once he was positive that he was ready for such a thing, he would call you over, asking if he could meet the girls soon and fixing the somewhat broken relationship between you two. 

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung’s reaction would definitely be something you didn’t expect. Sure, he had mentioned countless times that he loved kids, but when you told him that you had two boys, you didn’t expect him to jump in joy, asking many questions about the boys. What they liked, how they acted, what they didn’t like. He would practically beg you to take him to see them and you would smile, happy that Jinyoung took the news so well, already wanting to be the kids’ father.

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Youngjae: As soon as you told Youngjae that you had a baby girl, he would definitely be shocked into silence. He wouldn’t know what to say, but he would definitely be thinking about worse case scenarios. “Who’s the father?” Would be the number one question on his mind, not knowing you had adopted. He wouldn’t ask you the question right away but because he didn’t want to lose you, he would tell you that he would love to meet the baby, but you would be able to notice the mild discomfort he was feeling.

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BamBam: This boy is too immature and he knows it. So, if you told him that you had two little kids, a boy and a girl, he would immediately begin to laugh, thinking and hoping that you were joking. But when he noticed that you weren’t laughing along, he would quiet down, giving you a crestfallen look. You would tell him that you weren’t kidding and he would shake his head, sadly looking at you as he told you that he couldn’t do it.

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Yugyeom: Yugyeom is practically a baby himself. Also he’s just too young. He hasn’t even really figured out his own life and now that he finds out that the girl he fell head over heels for had adopted twins, he would have a mental breakdown. He didn’t want to lose you but the stress of being good enough would get to him and he would ask for a long break, not wanting to come back until he was positive that he could support you and the twins.

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Sorry, I realized the maknae line came out a bit sadder than the hyung line.


Hurry Up And Kiss Her Already!

Jaime nervously knocks on your door, ready to take you out on your first date. There is a carnival in town and he wants to take you there tonight, you agreed because it sounds like fun. It took him forever to ask you out but you didn’t mind waiting knowing he can be a bit shy, you find it extremely adorable. When you answer your door Jaime looks at you the way you have always wanted to be looked at. He is completely blown away by your beauty.

“Wow, you look amazing.” He manages to say without stuttering too much. 

“Come on let’s go have some fun!” You smile brightly at him and link arms.


The two of you arrive at the carnival and the first thing you do is go on all the exciting rides together. Adrenaline runs through your body wanting more thrills and excitement. Jaime can’t stop staring at you mostly because you look so beautiful and he can’t help himself. Somehow he still feels really nervous because he knows you will be expecting a first kiss. It’s not that he isn’t ready because he wants to, he’s just afraid he will mess it up. What if you don’t like the way he kisses you or what if you decide from there you don’t like him? There’s just so many questions and scenarios running through his head all at once. 

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Soulmate (Ashton)

Soulmates, cliché as it may sound it is believed that everybody has one destined for them. Growing up you’ve always imagined scenes on how you and your soulmate would meet. You see those reminders everytime; see wrists tatooed with their other half’s name. Some have identical birthmarks or scars, others only see black and white and see the vibrant colors once they’ve encountered their other half.

But you had none of those.

At first everybody said you were just a late bloomer, and that it was normal. But as years passed by you knew it wasn’t just that. In theory it was because your soulmate has passed away or you were an independent soul. You hoped for the latter of course and for years you’ve learned to accept that but now why was there a name etched on your wrist? Written on black and elegant cursive letters was Ashton Fletcher Irwin

It was impossible. People who have their soulmates name on their wrist were etched since birth and doesn’t appear out of nowhere. But why was yours different? Why now? An hour ago, you were markless and now you’re destined to someone. And damn it’s not just some random guy. It’s drummergasm Ashton Irwin. As much as you wanted a soulmate, you knew you shouldn’t get your hopes up. You weren’t into breaking other people’s relationship and he seems happy with his girlfriend.

“Y/n, we don’t have all day! You should really come out now! Management is waiting in the lobby!” Your friend and also your bandmate impatiently shouted outside your shared hotel room. your band was scheduled to sign some papers with your new management because you were picked to be the opening act for 5SOS in their next tour. Just like Ashton, you were a drummer. The only girl, which amazed many because of your undeniable skills.

“Can you go on without me?” You replied, not trusting yourself for the moment still processing everything that happened.

What would happen if they found out? 

Why does my situation have to be this complicated?

Thoughts we’re running wild through your mind. And you knew your bandmates wouldn’t stop asking questions if you didn’t go out so you changed your shirt to some sweater which safely covered your wrist and decided the best thing and go out and think for a solution later. If there is

“Hey so what’s with all that drama y/n? You’re nervous aren’t you?” your lead vocalist snickered as you were striding in the lobby towards the nearest elevator.

“More than that” you half whispered.

“You shouldn’t be, we’ll just sign some papers then you can the rest of the day” your bassist added and you nodded in agreement.

As you and your bandmates entered the elevator, you stared at your reflection; still convincing yourself that this was just a dream. Today you’d finally meet 5sos, especially Ashton. They say meeting your soulmate would make you excited, ecstatic, yet you aren’t. A part of you wanted to pull time faster to finally see the man whom you were destined to be with but your logical mind keeps telling you not to because he’s in a relationship.The mark just appeared and you’re not even sure if he also got your name etched on his wrist .And another thing that added to your confusion was; unlike other people, your names were written in cursive style not the usual generic letters.

You haven’t payed attention to what your bandmates were saying and spaced out that you didn’t notice the elevator halt and and opened. Just as you thought your day couldn’t get any more significant. Your sight captured a pair of mesmerizing hazel eyes looking as shocked as you are. Standing there was a very anxious Ashton Irwin; wrists covered with tribal bracelets and baller bands.

“Y/n, I need to talk to you.”

A/N: Should I make a part 2? Tell me what you think, this is a new imagine blog. Feel free to request! ♥

Exo reaction: First kiss

Xiumin: I think he would start things slowly… I also think he would need his time to get to know you in general. It would probably be your third date (you met each other one year ago but started as friends) and he would take you to a park near by. It’s fall and he knows you love to go out and see the colourful trees and the wind blowing through your hair. So, yeah… you walk through the park and sit down on a bench. You look so small because of your oversized  jacket and your big scarf. He told you already a hundred times how cute you look in this outfit. ….After a while you see a squirrel jumping over the grass, you are totally fascinated by it and turn your gaze completely in it’s direction. Just until Minseok says your name. You turn your face back to face him, when he presses his lips on yours. It is a passionate yet fast kiss. After a few seconds, he pulls back to look at you. You are red like a tomato and he starts smirking at you.

“…I just wanted to get your attention back.” he says… and he did 

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Luhan: You are dating for two weeks now, and you are both pretty stuborn… so it isn’t something new that you get into arguments pretty often… Today, you had a huge argument again, about something pretty stupid, it ended with you running out of his apartment. It was raining…. you walked up the street, after about ten minutes you calmed down a bit and realized how pathetic this argument was, so you decide to buy a small gift for Luhan to apologize. Meanwhile, Luhan also accepted the fact that he was wrong too and decides to run after you to apologize… he knows where you went, you always go to the same places when you’re angry.. so he walks through the streets until he reaches a huge crowd. He asks a person why there are so many people… “There was a huge car accident, a young girl ran over the street without looking carefully and  got hit by a car.” the man says. The first thing that came up to Luhan’s mind was the question if it was you who got hit by that car, he knows how clumsy and careless you are… he starts to worry about you, until he sees your figure on the other side of the street. He runs towards you. When you see him as well, you instantly start apologizing, but when he finally reaches you, the only thing he does is pressing his lips on yours, passionately and full of relief that you are fine.

“I am so sorry that I screamed at you, I shouldn’t have done that. I am so glad that you’re alright!” 

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Kris: It was your second date… and you were on a party…. you didn’t really know anyone there since it was the birthday party of one of Kris’ friends. After he greeted everyone, both of you sat down on the huge couch in the living room. You started talking about this and that until Kris gaze turned to the door. You also looked in this direction. Infront of the door stood a tall, handsome man, he was greeting the birthday person and noticed Kris sitting on the couch, smiling sassy and provoking in is direction. You asked Kris who he is. “He is a old classmate of mine. I met him when I came to Vancouver and I hated him since day one. He always provokes me and  he always got the girls I fell for just to tease me… I can’t stand him.” he finally admited.  You couldn’t believe that your normally so cool and chill boyfriend is somehow so silent and nervous because of one man.

Kris continued starring at his ex- classmate, you tried to distract him from the man and talked about different things, but he only answered in  short sentences and it seemed like he only payed attention to the man on the other side of the room. So you decided to get his attention back by grabbing your boyfriend’s face and pulling him into a deep kiss. At the beginning, he was a bit shocked, but after a few seconds, he melted into your lips and kissed you back.

“Baby, if you wanted a kiss, you could have just asked.” he says a bit shy but more confident than before, somehow you managed to boost his confidence to  level 100.

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Suho: One evening, the members were out to get a drink, Suho invited you to have dinner with him. Of course he didn’t need to ask a second time. So, you came over.After two hours of him, trying to cook some food and failing again and again, he gave up and you decided to order some food. So you ordered, sat down on the couch and appreciated some time all by yourself…. at least that’s what you planned. But after only five minutes you heared the door open and all the members came back… Suho asked them what they are doing here “Baekhyun and Jondae thought it would be super funny to start a drinking game… and Baekhyun didn’t really take it well…” Sehun said. “He threw up and we had to bring him back before he does something even more stupid.” Kyungsoo continued. 

 After they finally managed to bring Baekhyun to bed the members sat down beside you and the living room quickly filled with loud noises. After one more hour Baekhyun woke up again and came into the living room screaming total nonsense  no one really understood, everyone, including Suho,tried to convince him to go back to sleep  but it didn’t seem like he want that. You decided it was time to go home, you quickly stood up grabbed your jacket and walked towards the door, muttering a quick goodbye. You just opened the door when Suho grabbed your face and kissed you softly on your lips while pushing you gently against the door. 

“I’m sorry, this evening didn’t go as planned.” he said while stroking your cheek.

“It’s okay, we will try it again next time, now go and help the boys to calm down Baekhyun.” you said while smiling.

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Lay: Since he is one of the lead dancers of his group, and you are the lead dancer of your group, your entertaiment decided you two should do a dance colarboration for the next award show. You’re relationship isn’t officially announced yet but your fans are already shipping the two of you. So, anyways… the both of you are already training for hours now, and you finally got all the dance moves right. After another hour, both of you decide to take a break. You sit down on the ground while Yixing is getting something to drink for you. He sits down beside you, both of you are covered in sweat, but you like that look on him.  You don’t even notice how you are staring at him, but he does. He starts smirking at you and slowly starts to get on top of you, now his face is just inches away from yours. You smirk at him before he covers your lips with his own. 

“That’s the kind of break I like the most.” he said while leaning in for another kiss.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun and you are kind of made for each other, you have both extremely playful personalities and you can trust each other unconditionally. You always tell each other what’s on your mind, and the other one is always trying to help solving the problem. But you are also teasing assholes sometimes. 

You woke up earlier this morning, Baekhyun was still asleep. You decided to start getting ready for your day, you brushed your teeth, took a shower and did your make up. So after you were done with this, you walked up to the mirror to look if you can go out like this, when….

“You look ugly, the make up won’t change that!” Baekhyun was already awake and smirked at you teasingly, you knew he wasn’t serious.

“Well, at least I don’t look like a frickin’ homeless, who didn’t take a shower in years and has to search his food in the garbage can near by…” you said while brushing your hair, looking at him through the mirror.

Baekhyun touched his chest as if he would be really hurt. “How dare you?? You know, I have feelings just like you, and it hurts just as much if you spit on them!” he said theatrical.

You walked up to him to comfort him and heal his “hurt” feelings.

“Hey… you know that was a joke… you are not able to look ugly, you know that…” you said while sitting down beside him.

“No… now I’m pissed, go out and leave me alone.” he said like a diva.

But not with you, the moment he wanted to turn around , you took his shoulder, turned him back and pressed your red lips on his.

Well he didn’t expect that and was in total shock, but his diva mode was gone for this morning.

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Chen: So, you are an famous actress in Korea, and you started dating Chen two weeks ago, after he tried to convince you to date him for three months or so. So, even if you aren’t dating that long, his and your fans were already curious about what is going on with the two of you. After you read the comments on your social media accounts again and again, you decide to make a video to clear everything up.

“Hey guys, I know alot of you are curious about what’s going on with me and Exo’s Chen, so to clear things up… Yes, we are dating!” you said while looking at Jongdae. You only expected a simple yes, but he probably felt like his words aren’t enough, so when you turned your face towards him, waiting for his answer, he just kissed you on your perfect formed lips. Well.. after that, no one is questioning your relationship status anymore. 

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Chanyeol: You helped him with one of his new composed songs… He already worked for two weeks on it, but he still wasn’t satisfied with it. So you offered your help. You listened to the song and he asked you for your opinion. You personally thought it was great but told him to changes minimal things because you know he wouldn’t accept a simple ‘it’s good’. He told you to change it yourself because he has to go to the toilet. So you did what he said. 

You were just working on the song when he entered the room again. You were so in your own world that you didn’t even notice him. So he decided to surprise you. He appeared behind you and bend over your head to rech your lips and so he did. The kiss didn’t last long, after he ended the kiss he smirked at you.

“You really are in your own world while working right baby?” 

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D.O: He is a shy person, so it would take a while to open up for him. One evening, you two decided to go out. You went to a bar, and you talked through the whole evening. The time flew and you ordered more and more drinks. And you noticed that with every drink he drinks, he gets less shy. 

After the two of you had enough and you noticed that Kyungsoo couldn’t even walk straight anymore, you thought it would be the best to bring him home. So you did. 

You just entered his room, sat him down on his bed and took off his shoes. He was already half asleep. He only murmured something like ‘Don’t leave’ and you layed down beside him. When you thought he was asleep you tried to stand up quietly when a hand gripped your arm and pulled you back. Kyungsoo looked into your eyes before softly pecking your lips.  You never imagined that he would be the one initiating your first kiss.

“I said don’t go…”

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Tao: You were totally bored, so you tried to find something to do. After about ten minutes he got the idea to play ‘Truth or Dare’. Since you haven’t got a better idea, you agreed. 

Most of the time you picked Truth since he’s a shy bean and you are also a shy bean. You told each other things about each other and ate some ordered food. 

After a while you picked Dare, just to find out what he will pick for you.

“Kiss me!” he said challenging while smirking.

You looked at him with big eyes but didn’t really hesitated. You leaned closer to him and he closed his eyes when you decided to bite his lower lip instead of kissing him. 

“Hey!” he said while touching his lips.

“That wasn’t part of the challenge!” he continued before grabbing your face and kissing you himself.

“That’s how you kiss, idiot!” Tao said while blushing.

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Kai: You two were out on a date the night before and it ended up with both of you being drunk.The only thing you remember is how the members brought you to  bed. 

Well, it was the morning after, and you just woke up. Both of you had a huge hangover and you decided to stay home all day to “recover”.

You just sat in front of your mirror to try to make your face look more like… well… a face…when Jongin appeared behind you and pulled you into a cute little kiss.

“you don’t need make up, you look perfect without it.”

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Sehun: You were at a party, and Sehun just walked to the bar to get you something to drink. But even in those few minutes, a guy approached  up to you and started flirting with you. ‘Oh god, every fuckin’ time!’ Sehun thought to himself.

He stared at for one minute to think of something he could do now. But at the end he just walked up to both of you.

“Excuse me.” he said before pulling you into a heated kiss and away from that bold man.

“As you can see, she is already taken… bye bye.” he sassed at the other man who looked kinda lost by now.

“You are mine, never forget that!” Sehun clarified. 

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