so many posts... and so hardly queued

Hello! This is my ghost queue blogging to tell you that I am not in right now! I’m probably at Sea World at the moment (whohoo!) but anyways, this is a heads up that I’m not in and won’t be back for uh…. 6 more days!

Hopefully I started my queue before I left (be kinda awkward if i didn’t…) so you all have something to look at while I am away. But anyways, I miss you all and shall be back eventually!

Hullo again! Yeah, it’s Outcast being annoying and spamming your dash with my ghost queue!

Just another reminder that if you haven’t noticed, everything has been queued because I am without internet for 11 days and have 3 more days to go! I shall be back soon and thanks for putting up with the queue!