so many possibilties

every time i see this notification i get excited. theres so many possibilties. maybe a message that could lead to a thoughtful in-depth discussion. or perhaps its someone submitting me some cool fanart they put a lot of time and effort into. even if its just a simple compliment it usually makes me smile. 

but no. its always this

AU where Kevin Price and Whizzer Brown are identical twins that got seperated very early in their lives when their parents broke up.
  • They reunite through the internet after Whizzer got diagnosed. At first they only text a bit to get to know each other but when they meet after a few weeks they already care so much about each other that theres a lot of hugging and tears.
  • Kevin supporting Whizzer through tough patches in his live.
  • Kevin being super protective of Whizzer everytime people insult him bc of his sexuality/fashion choices or Marvin does act out of line, even though Whizzer really doesnt need that.
  • Whizzer helping Kevin with coming to terms  with his traumata
  • Whizzer bringing Kevin to one of the TKF family dinner and Trina falling instantly in love with Kevin???
  • Marvin being super cofused because there are two Whizzers hELP.
  • Kevin introducing Whiz to Arnold and Nabulungi, both treating Whizzer like part of their little family instantly?
  • Whizzer being genuily interested in the Book Of Arnold and everone having repsectful talks about religion?
  • Whizzer educating them about jewish traditions???
  • (Marvin: Aside from your looks you definitely have your ego in common *gets hit by a pillow*)
  • there are so many possibilties in that AU
  • imagine Connor and Whizzer meeting???
  • there is so much more that would just be way too much to list but u get my point right

come talk to me about this (or other AUs)s please Im begging you

edit: the ideas people told me and/or added to this are so good I might just start a little fanart series based of this AU

But Pearl Dating Mystery Girl Would Open Up So Many Story-Telling Possibilties

like, even if it didn’t end up being ‘end-game’ or anything, just consider all the storylines and developments and just cool situations that could come from it

  • more gay flirting before Pearl and S like what more could you want?
  • also more Pearl trying to navigate human social norms, that’s what more you could want
  • Pearl really learning and embracing Earth cultures in ways she’s never had the chance or inclination to do before
  • the character development. Pearl having transformed from the person who taunted Greg about being incapable of a true relationship with Greg because he was not a Gem (and therefore couldn’t fuse), to dating a human herself.
  • Pearl going to Greg for relationship advice
  • S going to Greg for relationship advice
  • Greg, Connie and S all hanging out and being part of the ‘humans who got roped into Gem stuff’ club
  • What’s S’s reaction when she finds out about Rose? Does she wonder if she’s just being Rose’s replacement? Does Pearl have to grapple with that question herself? Or does maybe S accept and understand and value Pearl’s past? Do they commiserate and bond over stories of past exes?
  • And consider… this is the way we finally discover how Pearl and Rose met, how they chose to rebel and founded the Crystal Gems. Pearl telling it not just to Steven, but her new human partner, as well.
  • S runs a tumblr, and she makes a lot of Quirky Romantic Shit Posts. or that’s what everyone thinks they are. she’s literally just blogging about her life:
    finally found the anarchist alien lesbian commune, my dreams are coming true’
    ‘my gf saved the world today what did urs do?’
    ‘went to the moon to make out with my girlfriend’
  • How about Girl getting along super well with Steven? Like rocking out with him, doing his nails, helping him choose a hair dye? Steven getting a new human mom?