so many pond feels

Have you ever seen Amy Pond smile so wholly, so happily and contentedly and widely and bursting with more splendor in your entire life? Have you ever seen two people look at each other with more awe and wonder and a knowing that there is nothing more right than seeing each other at that exact moment? I think not. 

The Evolution of Moffat's shows/characters. (Story of fandoms)

*Finds a new show to watch…*

*Fall in love with said show and cry endlessly over the perfection of the characters…*

*Ship those characters hard!! OTP is the one…*

*Cry more- an ocean if you wish- and have oh so many feels. Maybe if you aren’t already, become part of a fandom or three…*

*Have that character suddenly ripped away from you, with a horrifying fake death (Sometimes a real death, depending on whether he has his ‘kill the fandom with feels’ pants on…*

*Your characters are seen to be alive just a few minutes after dying and being 'buried’*

*But you don’t find out how they survived until the very end of the series, or the next series in 2 years time!*

(Sherlock Gif unavailable…)

*Cry for ages over your favourite shows or characters as Moffat gloats…*

*End up loving your fave shows even more and basically let them take over your life. Cry a lot! Laugh a lot! We all belong to fandoms*

So congratulations, you have officially had your life ruined and heart ripped out your chest by Steven Moffat. Good ol’ Moff. May you enjoy your feels and OTP shipping and crying and generally just having your life taken over by a TV show and characters of said shows. Let’s enjoy these moments, because you’ll never rid them XD. Much love.

[Please note that this if for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken too seriously. I don’t hate Moffat or anything. Also I do not own the gifs in this post, I would never take credit for them as they are other people’s ingenious work. I found them on Google so if any of these gifs are yours, feel free to edit this post and add your name under them.I would never dream of taking credit for someone elses work. I hope you all like this post, it’s just a little thing for new year. I hope you all enjoy the new series of Sherlock, I am really looking forward to it. Oh and if you want to add things to this list, feel free. :) Much love and have a great new year.  

Okay, but River’s little outburst just kills me on the inside. Because we all know under that badass and flirty facade, River is an emotional woman with quite a bit of baggage - and hell, this whole episode happens right after she loses her own parents. Now, here she goes, saying she doesn’t believe that her husband loves her enough to be there in her time of need.

Imagine how much that must hurt her.

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Think of how many tough spots she got into, of all the ones we don’t know about, and she didn’t call or message The Doctor; her own husband. River, highly convinced she needs him, but pushes the thought away because she thinks he won’t come.

“And if I happen to find myself in danger, let me tell you, The Doctor is not stupid enough, or sentimental enough, and he is certainly not in love enough, to find himself standing in it with me!”

This was both a moment of strength and weakness for River Song. While she states that she can take care of herself, it’s clear to see that sometimes, maybe she doesn’t want to. Even if she is a hero in her own right, perhaps she needs another by her side.

She loves (yes, present tense) The Doctor and let herself fall, knowing he wouldn’t always be there for her. When, on the contrary, he always was and is, even if not always in physical form.

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