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Happy Halloween from the @fantome-stein gang! We hope you have a PHAN-tastic day. Trust no swans, punch no deer, have some pizza rolls…stay spooky <3

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Sorry phil.

Barriscowest playing truth or dare
Iris: Truth or dare, Cisco
Cisco: Dare
Iris: Order me a pizza
Cisco: … Truth or dare, Barry?
Barry: Dare???
Cisco: Pay for the pizza
Barry:… Truth or dare, Iris?
Iris: Truth. Nice try though, honey.
Barry: *grumbles to himself as he brings out his wallet* 

based off this post.

  • Wigglytuff: bruh deadass hungry rn… yo Chatot
  • Chatot: ya, Guildmaster what u want?
  • Wigglytuff: lemme get uhhhhhhhh.. BONELESS APPLE from the provisions wit a 2 liter of coke
  • Chatot: fuck kinda apple? and 2 LITER MACHINE 🅱️ROKE we got 1L tho
  • Wigglytuff: fuck you mean 🅱️ ight look lemme get that apple BONELESS.
  • Chatot: uh? apples don’t got bone on it
  • Wigglytuff: tf did i just say then
  • Chatot: u said, lemme get it BONELESS, like apples got a damn bone on it
  • Wigglytuff: we all got bones in our shit then
  • Chatot: nah
  • Wigglytuff: so whats the problem
  • Chatot: D IC KHEAD name one apple that got bones on it
  • Wigglytuff: just dont get apple with that shits on it bruh how many times i gotta say it
  • Chatot: bruh jus explain me how tf apples can be boneless?
  • Wigglytuff: if it dont got bone on it iss BONELESS
  • Chatot: son what school you go to
  • Wigglytuff: dawg i dont understand the problem just make my shit BONELESS DEADASS
  • Chatot: im deadass not bringing you this apple

Darcy Lewis & Star Wars AU

Darcy and her fraternal twin Kate never knew the other existed. Raised apart, separated by more than galaxies, they couldn’t have ever expected how the Galactic Empire would one day bring them together. One built her life on the politics her father raised her in, using subterfuge to help the rebel alliance. The other longed to leave her home far behind, to use her fighting and flying skills and join the rebels as so many of her friends before her. It all changed when an R2 unit showed up, throwing them into cahoots with a smuggler named Clint Barton and his wookie first mate, Lucky, and a whole new world of adventure.

A sleepover with the Mcall pack would include..

- being the last to arrive at Scotts house

- and being welcomed with a chorus of “hi Y/N” and “youre here!”

- setting your stuff down in the corner by everyone elses

- and sitting on the ground besides Kira and Lydia

- ordering 10 pizzas between 12 of you

- eating so many slices of pizza you feel sick

- but still eating a bowl of ice cream after

- “can we watch Star Wars?”
“NO STILES” everyone shouted, earning an eye roll from Stiles

- arguing over what movie to watch

- and finally deciding on the new movie “IT”

- you being slightly scared to watch it so Theo and Brett came over to sit with you so you werent scared

- Scott and Liam clinging on to each other at a scary part

- Lydia barely watching it as she hated horror movies

- Whilst Kira, Allison, Issac, Malia, and Derek couldnt keep their eyes away

- you and Malia screaming at a scary part, making Brett move closer to you so you felt safe

- a blanket being draped over yours, Theos and Bretts legs

- “you ok Y/N?” Theo asked as he felt your hand tighten around h

- staying up all night

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Day 25 - Draw a resident of Beach City (try one you haven’t drawn before)

Or, you know… seven residents of Beach City. I haven’t drawn Buck, Sour Cream, Kiki, or Stevonnnie yet, so there you go! All the cool kids having a cool dance party.

I liked both of these verions, so double post!