so many pizzas

why do job applications expect us to convince them that we are the Best and Most Interesting Most Productive person who is Driven to Exceed Expectations

I am just ok and most people are just ok and most people looking for a part time wage job are just looking for a job where they can make money

very few people are naturally driven to have a Slavish Devotion to the Customer and most service work jobs are so shitty that even already-nice people have to pretend to be nicer than they actually are

like yes, I appreciate that you don’t want to hire an asshole, but I’m just an ok, slightly friendly dude and it makes me uncomfortable to have to falsely assert that I love all people and want to help them sooooooo much just so I can get a job delivering pizzas or something

[waving internally]

I did not get home from work until 5:30am.
I did not fall asleep until nearly 7:00am.
I awoke at 8:00am to take the car in for an oil change.
Hassles have followed me around most of the day, as has a dreadful mood hanging above my head like a cartoon rain cloud, black and ominous.

I am stupidly tired. Like, not entirely sure what or why I’m typing right now level of tired.

I miss the desert, camping in it, feeling the sand fall through my fingers, sleeping under the stars and lighting fireworks in the great expanse where no one can be offended or bothered by your fun. Scorching hot days and only slightly cooler nights, turning up the radio and soaking in the universe beaming down on you. Good times.

I have the next five days off, unless I get called in at some point between now and then, and I am traveling to a comic book store tomorrow.

Also, a nap. I am napping. Because a nap sounds pretty damn wonderful right now. Nappy-nap nap-nap. This guy. Sorry, I forgot to ask who has two thumbs and likes naps. This guy.

Nevermind, the joke has been ruined.

Sleep now. Hugs to those who need/want them.

if I had money and your information I would order you guys so many pizzas

it would be my way of saying I love you because I can’t do it any other wise so please just accept this pizza and or crazy bread in leu of words 

“I’m so glad those stitches are out, fucking hell. I had the urge to scratch my head all the time, it’s awful. But hey, now I finally can go to my hair dressers and fix this birds nest I called hair these days. Anyways - what are we ordering? Your pick, it’s on me. I’m just unusually hungry, make up your mind already, there are only so many pizzas in this world.”

pizza-is-my-kryptonite asked:

Confess! You ate all the treats at the gala!

Not all of them!! Just..a few…like a 2 cakes and a plate of biscuits and a pan of brownies plus a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and– It wasn’t that much okay?! Arthur stopped me! 

name your top ten favourite characters and then tag ten people

I was tagged by serve-god-love-me-and-mend

this is going to be really hard to list them in order so I’m just going to list ten characters that I love:

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter), Mcgonagall (Harry Potter), Ten (Docter Who), Rose (Docter Who), Donna Noble (Docter Who), Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), and Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is magic).

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