so many pillow pets

touhouemblem  asked:

Would Zack be the type of person to have a shit ton of stuffed animals, and if so how would the RFA+V+ Unknown react/deal with it?

Yes, I think he would collect some. But for the sake of this head cannon he’s going to be a fanatic. I hope you enjoy it.

Other head cannon’s  

Jaehee Kang

  • I think she would think Zack is more childish than she already thought he was. 
  • “You…sure have a collection of bears.” 
  • “I like bears. Especially the Rilakkuma brand.” 
  • “But…why?” 
  • “Not sure… fills in the empty void that is my soul…
    - Also I just really like them” 
  • She refuses to keep them in cafe. 
  • She also refuses to have more than ten laying around the house. 
  • Begrudgingly he put the rest in storage. 

Yoosung Kim

  • He’d feel more confident to show his collection of LOLOL action figures 
  • Yoosung’s collection takes over five shelves. 
  • Zack happily shows him all the stuffed animals he’s collected at the zoo’s he’s been to. 
  • “Wow! Look at the size of that lion.” 
  • “It’s life sized. It costed over $100 dollars.” 
  • “WOW! And look at that giraffe.” 
  • “Sadly that isn’t life sized but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”
  • They had to find space for all of these. Zack keeps most of them in a wooden box. They kept the larger ones as a replacement for pillows and back rests. 


  • What? What the? 
  • Why does he have so many Pillow Pets? Or Pillows that look like animals? 
  • “As a kid, and even now, I’m only comfortable when I’m holding something in my sleep.” 
  • “Well, babe, can’t you just hold me now?” 
  • “Yes, but when you’re working at night for your show or plays I’m gonna need something to hold.” 
  • “But…you’ve got like thirty of them.” 
  • “Here.” 
  • “What?” 
  • “I’ve got 30 here. And 50 in Rika’s apartment. And 20 back in my parents house.” 
  • “… Babe you need help.” 
  • ZEN agrees to having three in the house and he got to choose which ones he liked. 
  • He fell asleep with one and now they have ten in the house. They used them to replace all the pillows in the house. 

Jumin Han

  • It’s impressive how many antique German Steiff Teddy Bears he has. 
  • He actually kind of likes them. If Zack likes them and Elly likes them then he loves them too. 
  • Jumin looked it up and Zack is living in a gold mine. 
  • “Some woman with the last name Drachen gave my mom these.” (Hehheh…)
  • “You like them?” 
  • “I love them. I think it’s so cool. Kind of dumb I guess.” 
  • “No.” 
  • He now helps collect them. They have this warehouse where they proudly display them. 
  • Jumin buys them at auction houses now. 
  • They cost over $1k


  • He thinks it’s cute Zack never got rid of the toys his parents bought him as a kid. 
  • And geez they bought him a lot. 
  • “You don’t have any?” 
  • “…mother never bought me any.” 
  • Then…” He digs through his box of toys. “Here.” He smiles and hands him a bear holding a heart. “From me to you.” 
  • Seven’s tearing up. He now buys Zack any stuffed toy he finds. 
  • Zack does the same. 
  • It’s getting out of hand. 
  • Someone call Vanderwood. 


  • Okay… this is a lot. 
  • Why are there so many dog ones? 
  • “…So where are you going to keep those?” 
  • “Hm? In my room.” 
  • “Which is also my room.” 
  • “I don’t see the problem.” 
  • They compromised that Zack can keep one. 
  • The rest are put in the closet and the tinier ones are laid around the house. 
  • He’s okay with it but Zack’s collection is a bit…crazy. 
  • He likes them though, they’re pretty cute. 


  • No.
  • Just no. 
  • He forces Zack to give them to an orphanage 
  • “Fine.” Zack’s starts to pout and says good bye to each and every one of them. 
  • “Hurry it up.”
  • “Alistair 5th doesn’t appreciate that.” 
  • “Shut up. Why’d you even name them?” 
  • “Because I had no friends and these were my friends as a kid.” 
  • “Lame.” 
  • “Say hello to Alistair 5th.” 
  • “No. Shut up.” 
  • “Saaaaay hello!” 
  • He sighs. “Hello Alistair 5th.” 
  • “Hello! I love you. Very very much.” 
  • Unknown grabs the toy and pushes Zack on the bed. 
  • They kept that one.