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Yey! Req is open!! What will SEVENTEEN DO, for their honeymoon? Thank you💕 i love your blog Admin Kimbab❣

S.Coups: Maui, Hawaii. Seungcheol would take you to a warm, relaxing honeymoon destination. He’d go adventuring with you; scuba-diving, going to luaus, zip-lining, parasailing. He’d want to experience the craziest things with you.

Jeonghan: Paris, France. Jeonghan would take you to the City of Love. He’d take you up to the Eiffel Tower, and you’d both share your first kiss as spouses at the very top. He’d take you to only the best restaurants and cafés in the city, and he’d film your adventure every chance he gets.

Joshua: Venice, Italy. Jisoo would of course take you to one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations. You’d both go for boat rides, go to the shopping districts, and take candid pictures of each other to capture precious, unforgettable moments.

Jun: Shenzhen, China. Junhui would want to take you to his hometown. He’d want to take you to all the best places, and share pieces of his childhood with you. This place means a lot to him, and to be able to return and experience it with the person who means the world to him is more than he could ever ask for.

Hoshi: Tokyo, Japan. Soonyoung would pick a city that’s always so active and energetic. You’d both eat all the street food, go shopping, and go sight-seeing. You’d visit every single part of Tokyo together, and he’d take as many pictures as possible so that he’d never forget these perfect moments spent with you.

Wonwoo: Harbour Islands, Bahamas. Wonwoo would take you somewhere relaxing that would wash away both of your worries. He’d take you for walks on the soft sandy beaches, lie under the clear blues skies with you, and enjoy every waking moment with you by his side.

Woozi: London, England. Jihoon would take you to every museum, gallery, palace; all the historic wonders London has to offer. He’d take you to the London Eye, and at the very top, while you’re looking down and admiring the view, he’d look at you and smile, excited to spend the rest of his life with you.

DK: Disney World, Florida. Seokmin would take you somewhere fun so that your days would be filled with nothing but smiles and laughs. You’d get matching Disney shirts and Mickey Mouse hats, and go around taking pictures, holding hands, and just making memories.

Mingyu: Santorini, Greece. Mingyu would take you here after hearing about the beautiful sunsets. On the first day of arrival, he’d take you to the highest spot, and watch the sunset while holding your hand tightly. You’d both go around the city and get lost together; your honeymoon would be filled with laughs and inside jokes.

The8: Hong Kong. Minghao would take you to the best shopping districts, and make you try only the best food Hong Kong has to offer. You’d both go exploring at night most of the time because of the beautiful city lights and the calmer atmosphere rather than busy daytime.

Seungkwan: Jeju Island, Korea. Seungkwan would take you to his hometown, hands down. He’d take you to all his favorite childhood places, and to all the best restaurants he knows. He’d take you to the most beautiful places, and take pictures of the two of you in front of a beautiful view. Your honeymoon would be filled with laughs, kisses, and unforgettable memories.

Vernon: New York City, New York. Hansol would want to take you to the city that never sleeps. He’d take you to Broadway shows, and take walks in Central Park with you. He’d want to explore every part of New York City with you by his side.

Dino: Disney Land, California. Chan would definitely want to take you somewhere fun that would spark childhood memories for the two of you. He’d want to go on every ride with you, sing to every Disney song that comes on, and be comfortable being his childish and playful self around the person he loves with all his heart. He’d take you to the place where dreams come true.

thank you for your request!! ^^

It is when I’m tired, just falling asleep, really, that I ache for you the most.
I’m reminded of all of our late nights in front of brightly lit screens, talking about nothing, for the sake of absorbing everything.
Each feeding some sort of instinctual addiction for the other that our souls possessed, but never got around to admitting.
It’s when I’m tired that I picture your hands in my hair as I doze against your chest, not quite lucid, not really there.
I picture your expert fingers tracing constellations across my skin, lulling me into tranquility, calming my anxiety.
I picture your knowing smirk as I drift toward dreamland without kissing you goodnight, yet again.
I picture so many perfect moments that have never actually occurred, but I’ve thought of them so often that they might as well be real, if at least in my memory.
It’s nice, in this haze right before sleep consumes me, because here, it’s hard to be sure that they aren’t reality. It is here that I meet you again every evening.
If I can’t have you next to me, if I can’t even have your name still dancing across these brightly lit screens, then honestly, this is probably the next best thing.
Pretending. Pretending that you’re still hung up on me, just as my eyes close, just as my breathing slows.
And hoping, fervently, that you’re pretending, though so far away, right along with me.
Maybe that way, just maybe, we’re guaranteed our happy ending.
How To Have Fun With Your Sleeping Infant At Disney World

Have you been dreaming of all the fun you’ll have with your baby at Disney World? Planned so many fun activities and picture perfect moments only to find that the little shit is going to pretty much sleep during the entire visit?

Well pout no more! Because here a few fun things to do with your ungrateful unconscious bundle of joy!

Plan outfits!

Offer some sweet snacks!

Watch out for his booze intake!

Secure his place in monarchy!