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To Own A Hybrid

pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff (eventual smut) Hybrid!AU Cat!AU 

Summary: the hybrid world was one y/n never really involved herself in; however, after certain events, she is tossed into a world of uncertainty in the company of a particularly rude hybrid. 

Word count: 5k +


WARNING: Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, and prostitution 

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You suddenly fell off of your elbow that you were happily sleeping against; only to have it replaced with the hard metal table in front of you.

“go home” your co-worker jimin laughed as he checked his wristwatch. Jimin was always the last one to leave; he was responsible and hard-working and extremely handsome.

It had been 13 hours since the two of you had walked through the office doors, yet you sat with messed up hair, oily and ruined makeup and crinkled clothes, whereas his crispy black button up was still neatly tucked into his pants and his jet-black hair still perfectly placed.

You sighed before saving your work and packing up.

The office was silent and dark; the occasional snores from your fellow workers who were doing a night-shift filled the office. One of them caught your eye.

“doesn’t he have a hybrid at home?” you asked softly as you observed his lanky figure was sprawled between his chair and his desk.

“who, Namjoon? Yer he has two actually” Jimin answered as he turned to face Namjoon as well.

“would you ever get a hybrid?” you asked him as you turned to face him. He put his fist underneath his chin as he thought about it.

“I don’t know…maybe. But hybrids are a tricky thing to get involved in” he sighed as he shook his head.

You nodded your head in agreement. Hybrids weren’t in a good situation right now. A lot of them were being sold for slavery or prostitution. And then there were the rich owners, who treated their hybrids like trophies…it was disgusting.

There were multiple laws against hybrids basically having normal human rights, but of course, they aren’t counted as human. You scoffed at the thought and decided that you should start heading home.

As you waved goodbye to Jimin you quickly checked the time. 10pm, okay, hopefully, something other than Macdonalds was open. You made a quick plan to go check the streets and then return to your car and drive home.

It wasn’t like you couldn’t get a hybrid if you wanted to. You had a great job working for a great boss and were surrounded by great co-workers; it’s just you were kind of uncomfortable with the idea.

Did you treat them like a pet? What do need? Are there special requirement? Do they get sick like humans get sick?

It was all extremely confusing to you, especially the rules, jesus Christ those fucking rules.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you were surprised to see a lot of places open. Around here, places usually close early…unless something special is happening…of course, how could you forget.

It was November 1st which meant new hybrids were being imported. You tried to strain your ears to hear the usual protestors and were shocked at how loud they were.

A smile came onto your face as you stopped in your tracks and took a deep breath in. some people are lovely owners and have adopted as many hybrids as they can, this thought was the one that let you have faith in humanity.

You approached the Chinese shop excitedly, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on some damn food.

“You filthy pest! Do as I say!”

Aw shit…walk away y/n, don’t get involved.

The sounds got louder as you moved closer to the store that was right next to an alleyway.

Don’t look y/n. keep walking.

“You belong to me! Do as I say!”

You stopped suddenly. Right at the entrance of the alleyway. Fuck it.

“what the fuck are you doing!?” you yelled as you turned towards them. You gasped in shock as you saw the hybrid on the floor, clutching his stomach as the human hit him with a cane, a collar and leesh in his other hand.

You had heard about these situations, people called them hybrid stealers.

Hybrids were either bought for prostitution or stolen for prostitution…

“stay out of this little girl” the woman hissed at you as she stabbed her heel into his stomach causing him to yell out in pain.

“HEY!” you yelled stepping forward quickly; worry had filled your entire body when you noticed how much blood was currently not in his body.

you needed to get him help, and quickly.

You pulled out your phone, pretending to call hybrid protective services “hello! Yes im reporting an abusive owner, hers name Alissa Thompson” you said spotting her name tag

“shit!” she exclaimed angrily before running away. you continued to fake talk into the phone until she was fully out of earshot.

After being sure she was gone you quickly ran to the hybrid, panic quickly entering your system as you watched his head drop to the floor.

“hey! oh my god! Hey, please stay alive!” you rambled as you bent down to his level, as you reached out to touch him, his arm quickly came up, scratching you across your hand.

You hissed in pain as you retracted your hand quickly; as blood started peeking out from your skin you wiped it against your top and took a deep breath.

“look. You need help, if I don’t help you, you’ll bleed out on the street and die” you stated firmly at the stubborn hybrid. He hissed but this time when you reached for him, he let you help.

His body was cold and heavy, but you tried your best to drag him towards your car. If you held him to tight, or carelessly handled him he would hiss lowly at you or attempt to free himself from your grip.

Small beads of sweat were starting to form on your forehead as you continued to drag him towards your car.

“okay, we're almost there” you panted to yourself more than him.

Your footsteps grew heavy and the sound of them repeatedly hitting the ground beneath you gave you a heart attack.

Carefully, you heaved the injured boy into your front seat, silently praying as he continuously groaned in pain.

“don’t…t-take me to a h-hospital” he blurted out as you fumbled around with your seat belt. Ignoring his request, you started the car with the hospital in mind as your final destination.

You couldn’t help him, you didn’t have the medical skills or appliances.

He hissed and groaned as blood poured out of his body with each breath. “I’m sure this doesn’t help but hang on” you said hesitantly trying to comfort him.

As you pulled into the hospitals driveway you heard him grunt in annoyance as he reached for the door, trying to escape.

You quickly jumped out of the car and locked him inside, the only way to unlock it was on your side of the car. In this condition, you doubted he would be able to reach it. Deeming it was safe to leave him for a couple of minutes you rushed into the hospital, blood covering your body.

You slammed your hands on the front desk loudly attracting the attention of everyone in the room.




You head wiped around quickly as your heart continued to beat at a fast-paced.

Your head hadn’t stopped spinning since you entered the building and your heart hadn’t stopped pounding since you retrieved the hybrid. Sweat covered your hands and forehead…correction, sweat covered your entire body and you were positive you looked like a drug addict the other people in the waiting room.

You quickly scanned her eyes for a ‘sorry he didn’t make it’ but instead was met with a clipboard and a pen.

“is he your hybrid?” the nurse asked softly, smiling brightly.

You tensed up before nodding your head slowly. Shit, what if he has an owner? What if doesn’t?

“and how long have you had him?” she asked as she scribbled away.

“not that long, almost seems like 30 minutes” you joked as a nervous chuckle escaped your lips. She didn’t seem to notice anything odd, to which you sighed in relief.

“oh! Well if he’s new I’m guessing you don’t have insurance for him yet, would you like to set that up now? We can do that here if you like, just so you don’t have to go all the way down to the hybrid center” she chirped, her mood changing suddenly.

What the fuck is hybrid center? Where the fuck is a hybrid center? Insurance? Am I buying a car? What the fuck.

“what would I have to fill out?” you asked concerned. You didn’t know his name, his date of birth, or even what kind of hybrid he was. You could tell he was a cat hybrid but you’ve heard that they’re experimenting with different types these days.

“not much. Just your name and address, we’ll make up his system number and just make up a nickname. It’s just in case he gets in trouble or lost, maybe he’s hurt but you’re not present; ya know that stuff.” She answered.

“okay, yer” you nodded as she walked back and the documents.

A nickname…hmmm.

Your eyes moved across the hospitals waiting room, scouting for anything that would trigger your creativity side.

A small boy with bright green eyes sat on a stool happily, he swung his legs back and forth as he held the chocolate chip cookie in his hands as if it was the last one on the planet.

That’s it! Kookie…with a K cause your cool like that.

As you fill in the insurance document you doubted it every second. You had no idea what you were stepping into or what kind of situation the hybrid was in. you could tell by the hisses that he clearly wanted nothing to do with him so all you could do was hope this was right.


Three’s hours later and your eyes were drooping. The cold air kept picking at your exposed skin and your work blouse was useless for warmth.

“hes ready” the nurse said as she jogged up to you happily.

If you weren’t as shocked to see that her hair was still perfectly curled and her smile was still as bright as before you would have fully reciprocated what she had said.

Finally realising that she was telling you he was alive and ready for you to see him you stumbled out of your seat.

As she led you towards his room door you started getting nervous. You had so many questions and so little knowledge and answers on this whole situation.

The nurse gave you a small nod and an encouraging smile before she let you to face your hybrid companion alone.

You slowly opened the door, only enough for you to peek your head into the dull room.

As your vision set on the boy your eyes slowly traced over the marks on his back. They were old but not old enough to fade. You furrowed your brows in worry and confusion before fully entering and closing the door behind you.

“don’t you know how to knock” he hissed as he turned to face you pulling his hospital gown further up his body.

“sorry” you shrugged nonchalantly as you looked around the hospital room.

“how are you feeling? The nurse said you should be able to leave tonight” you said after a moment of awkward silence.

His eyes narrowed at you as you fiddled with your fingers nervously.

“why do you even care?” he asked as his ears flattened on top of his head.

“w-well I was just wondering where you would be going? It’s getting really cold” you questioned as you took a seat next to his bed.

The chair was uncomfortable but your legs were falling asleep and your body was running out of energy.

“you don’t need to know” he replied bluntly, his cold eyes never leaving yours.

“okay…can I at least know your name? mines Y/N” you asked trying to find out more about the boy whose blood currently resonates in your car.

“you don’t need to know” he repeated.

Annoyance started filling your body at the hybrids attitude. You had successfully brought him to the hospital and they had saved his life, he would now be able to see another sunrise.

“well are you going to be alright? Do have money? A safe place to go? Is lady going to come back for you?” you asked, your voice was edgy and harsh.

You didn’t mean to be, but it was late and he was starting to annoy you.

He hissed in reply causing you to sigh/groan loudly as you flailed your arms in the air.

“fine. That’s fine” you said as you hoped up on your feet and wiped out a notepad.

You angrily wrote on the piece of paper before placing it down on the side table next to you.

“this is my address and this is my phone number. I’m on floor 5 but you have to go up some steps to the second level to find my apartment. If you need a place to sleep or you need some food feel free to come visit, there’s a key under the mat” you stated seriously before giving him one last nod and removing yourself from his room.

You felt a pang of guilt and a string of worry as you walked towards your car.

maybe you should have stayed with him…or at least watched him leave…or…

you let out a sigh as you rested your head against your steering wheel. All you needed right now was a hot shower and to forget about your encounter with the troubled hybrid.

Sun shone through the peep of your curtains as you heard soft chirps of a bird outside your window.

You were drained. Your body felt numb and your mind was blank, too tired to process any thought due to yesterdays excessive overload.


You knew little to nothing about them…

Memories of the boy’s hostile looks and cold glares sent shivers down your spine. The scars on his back still present in your mind as you tried to wrap your head around what caused him to be like this.

Thank Jesus you started work at 1pm today, you didn’t think it was possible not to have the energy to even lift a finger.

Kookie…wonder where he is now


The laptop had multiple tabs open and your hand was stuck in your second box of cereal for the day.

You knew it was a bad idea but you just wanted to know a little bit more about the hybrid world…however, you didn’t expect to fall into a complete rabbit hole and be sucked into documentary’s, protest videos and law enforcement.

A small hot tear ran down your face as you watched nurses tend to small hybrid children who had been abused.

There was a particular feeling that started welling up in your chest. The one where you wanted to help, but you didn’t know how.

Your eyes instinctively welled up as the images of crying hybrids filled your screen. You shut the laptop harshly before taking a deep breath.

Why were you doing this to yourself?

You didn’t own a hybrid? You were sure you didn’t want one…well…

Shaking off thoughts of anything hybrid-related you decided to get some more shut-eye before your shift at work. It was only a small shift 1pm to 4pm but you knew those three hours would be an insane mess.

As you strolled through the office’s front area you smiled at the same front desk girls who were always in some sort of hushed gossip session.

“y/n!” one of them called to you before waving you over subtly. You furrowed your brows looking left and right, just in case there was another Y/n that they were calling too.


Cautiously you stalked over towards them wondering what they would want with you.

“did you hear?” one of them started when you rested your arms on the counter, leaning in to join the gossip circle.

“y/n!” one of them called to you before waving you over subtly. You furrowed your brows looking left and right, just in case there was another Y/n that they were calling too.


Cautiously you stalked over towards them wondering what they would want with you.

“did you hear?” one of them started when you rested your arms on the counter, leaning in to join the gossip circle.

“hear what?” you asked intrigued about what they were going to tell you.

“the protestors managed to stop the importing of hybrids since most of them are sold to prostitution they managed to shut it down. The police have already arrested several hybrid trafficking rings and the hybrids have been sent to hybrid foster care and adoption centers! Isn’t that great!” the other one finished.

A small smile covered your face as you nodded excitedly, your mind flicking to the injured hybrid you had met not that long ago.

“also, Namjoon was one of them! He even chased down a ringleader! Isn’t he just amazing!” the last one swooned as she brought her hand to her forehead dramatically.

You giggled softly giving another nod in agreement before saying our goodbyes and making your way up to the 5th floor.

You knew namjoon was an advocate for hybrids but you didn’t know he was that intense.

a new layer of respect had been developed for your hybrid loving co-worker and you made sure to remember to ask him more on the subject.

As you strolled into your office you made sure to smile at fellow co-workers on their way out from the morning shift.

“Y/n! looks like we’re on the same shift again” jimin smiled as you took your seat.

“when are we not?” you asked with a smile before turning to your computer, trying to begin your work. However, as your eyes dragged over to namjoon, you found it harder and harder to get started.

Questions flooded your mind and you knew he would have some answers.

After bashing your keyboard for a good hour, you decided the suspense was getting to you.

Standing up abruptly you tried to think of ways to approach him.

It’s not like the two of you hadn’t spoken before, you knew him fairly well actually. The two of you had been in the same university class. However, your relationship had been based on school and work, never really going beyond that.

“Y/n? what are you doing?” jimin asked in confusion as he stared up at you.

Your mouth opened as you gaped at him like a fish out of water. You had been standing there for a solid minute just staring at namjoon’s back, you realise how creepy that would seem.

“i-i-im…I’ll be back” you said before scurrying off in namjoon’s direction, dragging your chair behind you.

You quickly pulled the chair in front of you as you drew close to him, gathering his attention.

As his eyes met yours a big goofy smile graced his face.

“Hey y/n, what’s up? Haven’t spoken to you in a while” he said as you shuffled closer, joining him at his desk.

Your eyes drifted down to his hand. It had been wrapped up tightly but the splash of red colour spilling through the crisp white was still prominent.

“Congratulations, you’re now a hero amongst the front desk ladies” you joked, sending him a playful wink.

He laughed uncomfortably before scratching the back of his head.

“they whistled at me this morning… is that what getting catcalled is like?” he asked making you laugh at the poor boy’s awkwardness.

“it’s good that there are people like you willing to fight as hard as you did for hybrids, lord knows they need it” you said. He nodded his head in agreement before searching your eyes cautiously.

“did you just buy a hybrid?” he asked intrigued as he tilted his head sideways.

“oh no! well…sort of? Not really i-its complicated? To be honest I have no idea. But I do need your expert advice” you blurted out as your eyes wondered around nervously.

He smiled warmly before leaning backward. “ask away” he stated.

“okay, it’s kind of a long story….not really actually it’s a really short story and I kinda feel bad cause I feel like I should have done more but I don’t know and he just really confused me but he clearly didn’t wa-“ you started to ramble only to have a chuckling namjoon stop you.

“okay, how about we just start from the beginning, just tell me what happened” he asked nicely.

“I found an injured hybrid and took him to the hospital. He was extremely cold and hostile and I got insurance for him but I don’t know if I should have done that. What if he has an owner? Does that mean he’s my hybrid now? He was on the street so I assumed he had nowhere to stay but whenever I asked him a question he would just brush me off; I guess I let my temper get the better of me and ended up leaving my address and number with him…but I don’t know maybe I should have pushed more?” you asked worriedly.

“where did you find him?” he asked in deep thought.

“in an alleyway, he was getting beaten by this bitch” you said, anger coursing through your veins at the memory.

“this could be because of a lot of things, however, if you were able to get insurance for him it means the system didn’t pick him up so he probably doesn’t have an owner. But this is good, now he can’t get snatched by stray catchers” he explained.

Your silence and lip bite told namjoon all he needed to know before he continued.

“stray catches roam the streets looking for hybrids without owners, usually a hybrid will not part from its owner unless the owner has maybe sent them to get something or they are too busy to accompany their hybrid” he answered your unspoken question.

“so…I didn’t do a completely bad thing?” you squeaked with hope watching as namjoon chuckled, fondness and understanding oozing from his voice.

“you did good kid” he assured happily.

The day was going past quickly, you had successfully created a new game and finished your presentation ready for the next week.

You could have left an hour ago as that’s when you shift ended but you decided against it, figuring if you completed everything now, you can have a day off.

You silently whooped as you closed down your computer but you happy dance didn’t go unnoticed.

“day off tomorrow I’m guessing?” jimin asked tiredly as he ran a hand through his hair.

“yep! I’m going to do absolutely nothing ughhh I can’t wait to jus-“

Ring, ring

You looked down at your phone in confusion. An unknown number….weird

“hello?” you asked hesitantly as you pressed the phone against your ear.

“hell is this y/n y/l/n?”

“yes, this is she; sorry who’s this?” you asked.

“hi my names jaebum, I work at the police station. We have your hybrid here, err kookie? We were just wondering if you were able to come down and get him” he stated.

Your mouth dropped in shock before you cleared your throat.

“y-yer I’ll be there in a second” you answered.


You were for some reason nervous. You didn’t know if it was because you had never stepped foot in a police station before or if it was because you were here to collect a hybrid that continuously hissed at you.

“miss y/n? its me jaebum, I talked to you on the phone” the man questioned as you looked around the station like a lost puppy.

“yer! Err..sorry but what exactly happened? How did he end up here?” you asked.

“he was found by stray catchers since he wasn’t wearing a collar. But a least it wasn’t an actually felony this time am I right?” he laughed light heartily as you stared at him in confusion.

“this time?” you asked.

“vandalism, hissing at strangers, running away from owners. You name it, the boys done it all” he said as he guided you to where kookie was being held.

Your heart stung a little bit as you wondered what the hell this hybrid has gone through and why he acted the way he did.

“Alright, time for you to home kitten” jaebum smiled at kookie who sat on the cell floor with his back away from the bars.

The hybrid got up slowly before turning around with that cold glare you missed ever so much.

His eyes widened as he saw you before returning to their usual position.

“alright! Is that it? Do I have to sign anything?” you asked as jaebum opened the door, letting kookie walk out.

Jaebums eyes were glued on the hybrid but faltered and landed on someone behind him.

“the mutt finally got adopted?”

You turned around and watched as an older man walked up slowly, looking you up and down before standing next jaebum.

“Excuse you?” you asked shocked at the way he had addressed your hybrid…friend?

“watch out, this piece of shit is a lot of work” he laughed loudly.

Kookie let out a low hiss as the older man continued to laugh loudly. Jaebum was clearly uncomfortable but the man looked like a higher up, someone jaebum clearly couldn’t talk loudly too.

“did you find him on the street? Aw honey, you probably should have left him there” he said holding his round belly as he let out another roar of laughter.

“how fucking dare you” you said narrowing your eyes at him.

He seemed shocked by your comment as his laughter came to a sudden halt.

“what did you say?” he asked confused.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise old age was already affecting your hearing!” you exclaimed “I said HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! You’re the piece of shit here, not him. Who the fuck are you to acknowledge him like that! If I didn’t know any better I would have assumed you were a pig hybrid you stuck up bitch! and what kind of human being leaves another human being on the street to die! God! People like you are what’s wrong with the world! IYou yelled at him. Leaving everyone in the station in shock.

“we’re leaving!” you said before giving kookie a friendly slap on the chest as you walked by, one that said ‘you better follow me’ but nicely.

As you stormed out of the police station and to your car you mumbled angrily to yourself about how mankind has gone to shits and you hate everyone and everything.

“so where are we going now?”

As you fumbled with your keys you looked up to see kookie standing on the passenger’s side with his arms crossed and his ears perked up.

You looked at him shocked to see that he followed you.

clearly seeing your shock, he growled before narrowing his eyes again.

“if you didn’t want me to follow you, you should- “he started but you quickly cut him off.

“were going home, duh” you said as you opened your car and got in, not giving him any time to snap back or glare at you once more.

He opened the car door cautiously before slowly getting in, looking around in awe.

“you don’t remember what it looks like?” you asked him curiously as you watched him carefully. He folded his arms back over his chest with a huff.

“whatever, I don’t need to either…I only need a place to stay tonight so don’t think your special” he hissed at you.

You laughed before nodding your head.

“rats, just as I thought we were getting somewhere…can I at least know your name? I did just save you from another day with that asshole” you asked as you started the car.

“Jungkook…my names Jungkook” he said as he loosened up from his tense posture.

You smiled as you started to drive home.

“nice to meet you Jungkook”

For You{2} [Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:OMG GUYS YOU’RE AMAZING!The first part got so many notes?WHoa-M

part 1   part 3    part 4   part 5  tags: @gamesandremixes     @leviathan-cas-05     @shamless-wolfies

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It was almost time.She checked herself in the mirror one more time before taking her phone.She send a quick message to Jessica,telling her that she was on her way.Taking a deep breath,she exited the house and started walking all the way to her friend’s house.

Emotionally,she wasn’t ready.She didn’t like dancing,she didn’t like drinking,she wasn’t just like everyone else.She would be like a fish out of water.At first she decided to not go.But after Jessica insisted on her attending the party because “it’s gonna be epic girl" she changed her mind.Not because she thought that she’d actually have fun though.She did it for Jessica. She wouldn’t like it if she told her she couldn’t go.

After a couple of minutes, she was there.A few people were out,drinks in their hands,enjoying the night.She quickly got inside in order to find Jessica. The music was so loud,her ears started pounding.She pushed past some “dance maniacs"as she said under he breath.

Suddenly,someone from behind grabbed her right arm and span her around.It was Jessica,thank God… The young woman put her hands around Y/Ns neck and started swaying back and fourth.

“You’re here!“She shouted and smiled widely.Y/N snorted and shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s eleven thirty and you’re already wasted?Unpredictable!”

“What,me?Not even-” She didn’t manage to finish her sentence because she found the person she’d been searching for minutes now.Justin waved and smiled at her and she nodded.

“Well,hun,i gotta go!Have fun tonight!Jeff is around here somewhere!You better find him!” She said happily,unwrapping her hands from her.

“Hey,” Y/N shouted as she was to head to her boyfriend. “Be careful alright? ”

Jessica gave her a small kiss on the cheek. “Sure,i always am!”

Y/N shook her head once more;that party wasn’t gonna end up well.She took a look around,her hands folded to her chest,in case she found Clay.But he was nowhere to be seen.He said he would come but he probably changed his mind and stayed home.“Something that i should’ve done too…"She told herself.

Everything about the party seemed so wrong to her.She didn’t fit in there.Plus,she couldn’t find anyone to even talk to so she decided to go out and wait for Clay,in case he came later.

She sat on the front porch and that was when she saw him.No,not Clay.The other guy,the guy from the “hall incident”.He had a red cup in his hands and stood at the right of the front garden with some of his friends Y/N didn’t even know their names.

She couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face,his beautiful eyes.Eyes that after a few seconds looked back at her.She didn’t pull away though.His expression was unreadable,vague. They stayed like that for a few moments before he looked away.

Y/N started playing with her fingers as she intently stared at the white tiles of Jessica’s porch.Why were things so complicated between her and Jeff?What the hell had she done to him?She was afraid to ask him,she couldn’t tell why.Her liking him was wrong and she knew it very well.Because such a famous boy would never want to be with the girl who “daydreams”.Besides,the rumors of him not being in long term relationships were likely true.They had to be.

“Hey,Y/N!“A male voice said.She looked to her left and saw Moty,a good friend of Bryce.He took a seat next to her as he smiled widely.

“Oh,hey Moty!“She said and forced a grin.Honestly,the last thing she wanted was Montgomery to keep her company. “Beautiful night,isn’t it?“He asked,looking up at the dark sky which was full of stars.Y/N did the same and nodded. “Yeah,it is indeed.”

“But not as beautiful as you though!Don’t get jealous please!”

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at his words.Really.Had the poor guy lost all his chances with all the girls at the party and his last option was her?Was he just playing around?She didn’t know and she didn’t care.

“Honestly Moty,that’s the best thing i’ve heard all night!“She said as she wiped away some tears that had escaped her eyes.

"Honestly Y/N,that wasn’t even funny but i’m glad i made you laugh. ”

Suddenly,they both heard Zach yelling at someone.Y/N immediately looked at his direction. It was Jeff.He was yelling at Jeff.Something serious must have happened because Zach hardly made a scene.

"Dude,fuck off!It’s not my fault alright?You’re drunk as fuck and you don’t know what you’re saying!Talk to me when you sober up,i’m out…"He said angrily and not bothering looking at her or Moty,he went inside the house.

Y/N tilted her head to the left to see Montgomery’s reaction; He stood up in an instant and went to where Jeff and three other were,probably to ask of what happened.

As soon as he saw Moty,Jeff grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the face.

"You won’t ever talk to Y/N again,you understand?"He shouted and pushed him away.Moty tried to fight back but the others separated them.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Atkins?"He shouted as he touched his mouth,only to see his fingers being covered in blood. Y/N’s mind was on fire.Many questions started crossing her mind.Was Jeff watching her the whole time?Why did he care about her and Moty talking?How the hell did he even know her name when she never told him?Indeed,what the fuck was wrong with Jeff Atkins?And that time,she wouldn’t let all these questions unanswered. Next thing she knew was that her legs were taking her to him.

She had to clear things out.

Two Nights Stand

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell and take your ex out of your system. But what happens when you forced to spend time with your one night stand?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1446

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name,. Readers thoughts are in italic;

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

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We need to talk.” Your roommate says getting in your room and sitting on your bed “Can it wait a few minutes, Wanda? This episode is almost done.” She groans annoyed, turning off the TV. “No, it can’t, you watched two whole seasons this week. You need to get out more, have fun and get laid. Really, when was the last time you got out of the house?”

You straighten up your sweater, sitting up on the bed, “Yesterday, to go to work.” She rolls her eyes at you and you feel like a kid that talked back to her parents. “Sure, you go to work almost every day, but when was the last time you got out the house to have fun?”

You don’t answer her because you don’t remember. Your life lately has been going to work and going home. “See, you don’t even remember. Look, I know that since you and Nathan broke up things are hard, but you need to go back out there. Have fun, do something crazy.”

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Plain Face

requested: can you do a peter x reader where peter and her are dating and he keeps saying she looks like someone he knows and they find out that she’s Captain America’s daughter? thank you!

word count: 1897

pairings: peter parker x rogers!reader

warnings: kept this one clean, but we’ll see for future installments 

a/n: Y’ALL THIS ONE WAS SO FUN TO WRITE. to make it easier im just gonna say this is post-civil war, everyone is surprisingly best budz again. i think i’m gonna turn it into a series!! i’m wheezing this might be one of my faves i’ve written so far. lemme know if you guys want more of it! 

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While you complained every day when you went to the gym hidden underground in Brooklyn, you knew that your father meant well–he only wanted the best for you. And that meant training in self defense nearly every day for three hours after school, sometimes by yourself and sometimes, on days he wasn’t away on a job, he went with you.

Today you had gone by yourself, the gym empty and eerie. Punching bags hung from metal bars crossing the ceiling, and sometimes the fluorescent lights flickered, making you feel like you always had to keep an eye on your six.

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Black and White - Chapter 5

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4014 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

After that particular night in which Baekhyun had kissed you on the cheek, things seemed to have changed. During the following days in which he’d meet up with you so you both could continue the progress of the project, there was an unidentified tension lingering the air. It wasn’t thick to the point where it would suffocate him, but faint enough just for him to feel it in the lightest of ways.

Not to mention, neither of you addressed the kiss either.

He liked you. That much was undeniable. If he thought that the first few weeks when you were glued stuck to the back of his mind was too much, now it got worse.

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comfort: worth it

summary: your family past has left you insecure, and when you meet bucky barnes, you can’t get close to him because you think that you don’t deserve him

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 1748 words

warnings: insecurity, slight angst, fluff

notes: a request, I’ll be answering your ask privately, I’m not sure if I interpreted it correctly, but I hope it’s okay! 

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Your life has been, frankly, a whirlwind, and some parts of it have been great. Others, however, have left you wanting to shrink away into the background. Mainly, you were never close to your family, and you never really got along with them. To some, that may seem normal, but unfortunately, they’ve messed you up. Maybe not on the outside, but definitely your mind has become much more insecure from your upbringing. You don’t live with them anymore, thank goodness, and that’s where your story takes an unexpected turn.

You began working for Pepper Potts, a woman who you looked up to greatly, and your close friendship with her linked you to the Avengers. They made great friends, and you trusted them with telling them all your problems, they were a sanctuary. That is, until, James Barnes walked into your life.

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Note: Reader gets stuck in a lift with Loki and he calms them down when they start to panic. You know the drill; drop me a message if you want to be added to a tag list and let me know what you think!!

Words: 2,731

You can find my other fics here: Loki Masterlist

             “Evening,” you muttered as he stepped into the elevator. Of course, you knew who he was; everyone did. You’d been warned about Loki. Stay away and keep a distance. Whatever you do, don’t engage him. It never ended well for those that tried.

As far as you knew, he’d been in the Tower with the others for many months now, living out a punishment here on Earth. You didn’t claim to understand the logic of keeping him around. It seemed far more dangerous to let him stay here in luxury that in a jail cell. Still, you were sure you’d have heard if he’d tried anything. He’d certainly made a statement the last time he’d visited Earth.

He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement and pressed the button for the floor above your destination. The doors slid shut and you kept your gaze on the ground as you ascended the Tower. Normally you’d have tried to make conversation but Loki’s reputation put you off of trying. He may not have been trying to destroy Humanity any more but that didn’t mean he was known for his polite conversation.

The elevator suddenly shook and it went pitch black. Seconds later the emergency lights flickered on, filling the small space with an incandescent blue light that hurt your eyes. You tapped the display and it soon showed that you were stuck somewhere between floors 25 and 26.

You looked over at Loki, who was in turn already watching you intently. “Help me with the doors?” you asked.

You each pulled on a door, only to end up face to face with the concrete wall. It seemed that you were perfectly between the floors; too high to be able to climb down but too low to climb out. You let out a groan of frustration and tapped the display screen again.

A few seconds later, you heard a voice on the intercom. “What’s happening? Are you stuck?”

               "Between twenty five and six.“

               "Is it just you in there?”

               "Loki is in here, too,“ you said.

There was a moment’s silence on the line before you were told, “Try and stay calm. There was a power glitch that caught out most of the systems. We’re still trying to reboot everything. I’ll get a crew to you as soon as possible.”

You thanked the man on the line and sat yourself down in the corner of the elevator. You pulled your phone out of your bag in an attempt to keep yourself entertained only to find the battery was dead. You let out another sigh. This just didn’t seem to be your day.

Closing your eyes, you took a few deep breaths to calm your nerves. It didn’t help. When you finally managed to open your eyes, you saw Loki staring at you again. Somewhat harsher than you’d intended, you grunted, “What?”

               "You seem tense.“

               "I am.” He raised an eyebrow questioningly so you answered, “I’m not keep on small spaces.”

               "It’s a good thing it’s a big elevator then.“ He sat down opposite you and stretched his legs out, almost able to reach you from across the space. Loki’s gaze wandered around the blank metal cage, trying to find anything of interest. When he found nothing, he said, "You clearly know of me. Pray tell, who are you?”

You almost didn’t answer but knew you needed the distraction. “Y/N. I’m an accountant. I try to make sure that the R&D projects don’t go over budget and when they do I am the one that has to find more funding for them.”

               "How dull,“ Loki said dismissively.

               "Not everyone can be the hero or the genius. Someone needs to be there in the background and work out how to pay for everything.” You started picking at the already chipped polish on your nails for something else to do. “Being at the cutting edge of technology isn’t cheap.”

               "I suppose you can’t help being ordinary. Best make do with what little you have.“

               "You really do live up to your reputation, you know that?” you snapped. He had no right to judge your life after the choices that he’d made in his. The fact that he did so regardless made you angry and having nowhere else to go to get away from him made your breath catch. You forced yourself to breathe in and out, trying to block out the fear of being stuck in such an enclosed space.

You started running random numbers through your head, calculating how many days until your sister’s birthday or scaling up the number of eggs in a cake recipe. The simple maths usually helped to ground you but you could feel yourself starting to get warm again. Taking off your blazer, you tried to think about something cold. Ice cream. Snow. Slushies.

               "How long have you worked here?“ Loki asked randomly. His gaze seemed far away as if he didn’t really care but you were sure that you caught him looking at you now and again. When he did, he seemed almost concerned, although you may have been imagining it.

               "A few years. Since I graduated,” you mumbled. Even you could hear your voice shaking and no amount of effort on your part was going to stop that. You closed your eyes but found that only made it worse so you focused on Loki, taking him in as closely as you could without appearing strange.

               "You moved through the ranks quickly, then,“ he pointed out. "Heading a department so young is unusual.”

You searched his face for the judgement people usually gave you, although you couldn’t find it. People often reached one of two conclusions upon hearing about your position: you either had friends in high places that pulled a few strings or you’d slept your way to the top. Neither was true.

You’d been going through a few old books to try and settle a dispute with a contractor when you’d seen something wrong. You’d shown your boss and somehow the information eventually reached Mr Stark that half of the lead accountants were fiddling the books to syphon money off on the side. When it came out that  you were the one that’d seen it, you’d been offered one of the now vacant positions as department head as a kind of reward.

For some reason, you started to tell this to Loki but couldn’t finish as a minor panic settled over you. Your vision was starting to blur and it felt like the small space was spinning. You knew that your mind was playing tricks on you but felt sure that you were going to fall to your deaths. It got so bad that you had to put your head between your knees just to stop yourself from being sick.

Loki shifted beside you and you felt his gently rub your back. It was a sweet gesture however by that point you were too far gone to be helped. You heard someone mumbling gibberish and realised it was you but couldn’t stop yourself.

               "Y/N,“ Loki said. He sounded far away, distant. It took all your concentration to focus on the world and look at him. As you lifted your head, he cupped your face and held you steady. "It’s okay. You’re going to be fine.”

               "I need to get out. I can’t stay here.“ Your entire body was shaking and if not for his strong grip holding you still you would have been convinced that the world was spinning out of control. You felt the tears streaming down your cheeks but didn’t care. All you could think about was getting out before things got even worse. "I can’t…”

You let him pull you into a hug as you sobbed, not really having the strength to stop him. Being close to him, feeling something solid to anchor you, helped. You didn’t know how much time passed before you were able to unscrew your eyes but eventually you could. When you finally did so, you saw not the small confined space of the elevator but a beautiful, far stretching lake.

Wiping your eyes, trying to grasp at the little tatters of your dignity that remained, you pulled slightly away from Loki and asked, “Where are we? I don’t understand.”

               "My home: Asgard,“ he replied. There was a sweet bitterness in his voice as if he felt unwelcomed here but he did seem genuinely happy to see this sight again. "I used to come to this place as a child when I needed to get away from my brother.”

Everything was so calm; there was a gentle breeze that sent ripples across the surface of the water and made the fish below swim away. The sky was such an intense colour of blue, the kind rarely seen back on Earth. It felt strange thinking of Earth as another place in the galaxy. “It’s gorgeous.”

Loki smiled fondly as he too took in the view. He looked down at you and asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

You nodded. You knew this had to be a trick somehow - you couldn’t actually be in Asgard, after all (half of you still considered it a mythical place rather than an actual part of the universe) - but just being away from the metal walls made you feel much calmer. Your worried seemed so far away now.

               "Sorry for snapping at you,“ you murmured sometime later, your head resting against his shoulder as you gazed out into the distance. The setting sun was reflected in the clear water, making the whole scene like a fairytale. "I take it back. You’re clearly far more than your reputation suggests.”

               "Far more what?“ he asked. You felt comfortable with his arm around you and the way his fingers gently stroked your skin made you feel all warm inside. You liked the way he touched your hair, trying to make it seem like it was nothing more than an accidental brush.

               "Just far more,” you said after a moment’s thought.

You’d been told that Loki was a trickster, only concerned with himself and willing to let anyone suffer. Sitting with him now, you suspected there was a caring, considerate person deep down beneath the many layers of cynicism and anger that most people saw. You knew you shouldn’t be surprised - there was always more to someone than first met the eye - but his inner kindness still shocked you knowing his past. Still, that didn’t mean you were going to feed his ego.

In the distance, you head a metallic sort of sound. You lifted your head and looked up at Loki questioningly. His face hardened slightly, clearly unimpressed by the interruption to your practically silent but comfortable evening together.

The scenery around you vanished and you shuddered as you felt yourself almost bounce back into your body. Before you had time to panic about being stuck in the small, confined box, you heard a voice shouting above you.

               "Watch out!“ a man called just in time as a panel fell from the ceiling. He leant in and grabbed you by your arms, pulling you up into the elevator shaft. From there, you could easily climb up onto the 26th floor.

You thanked the man as he leant down to get Loki out before deciding to make your leave quickly, without saying goodbye to the god. You were told that the other elevators should all be back up and running but you decided to face the stairs instead. You couldn’t risk being trapped again.

Ten minutes and who knows how many steps later, you reached your floor and stumbled into your office just before your legs gave way beneath you. You hadn’t intended to stay and do work that evening but found yourself needing a distraction. However, when you went to pull your folder from your bag, you found it missing. You’d left in such a hurry that you hadn’t checked to see if you’d remembered everything.

               "I do believe this belongs to you,” a voice said from the doorway. You glanced over to see Loki waving around a black folder. You didn’t know what expression it was that you wore on your face but it was enough to get him to cross the room and hand said file over. “You should be more careful where you leave confidential statements lying around.”

               "Well… Thank you for returning it,“ you said, turning back to your computer. Even though you had your back to him, you knew he was still there, perched on the edge of your desk, watching you. "Loki. Do you mind?”

               "No,“ he told you. You couldn’t be sure without checking but you were pretty sure he’d just stolen a pen from one of your pots and was now tossing it up in the air, playing catch with it. "I’m perfectly happy to wait while you finish your work. I can even pretend to be interested if you want.”

That caught your attention. You spun round in your chair - he stopped you from going too far with his foot - and you raised an eyebrow. Noting that he had put the pen back before you could reprimand him for stealing, you asked, “Wait? Wait for what?”

               "For you to finish. I thought I’d covered that already.“

               "That’s not what I meant…” you sighed. The mischievous glint in his eye told you that he knew exactly what you’d mean but had no intention of answering quite yet. You felt his foot gently pushing you seat around and fought back against the action, suppressing a childish grin. “Why are you waiting for me? Surely you have better things to waste your evening doing?”

               "It’s my time to waste. If I want to waste it waiting for you to finish working, I will.“

You gave him a curious glance. "That doesn’t really answer either question.”

He didn’t reply but it was clear he knew exactly what he had and had not said. He stretched backwards across the desk, the graceful movement pulling his shirt tightly against his chest in a way that seemed to show everything. You forced yourself to look away, blushing slightly as you met his gaze. He definitely knew you’d been staring.

Pushing himself back up straight, Loki looked over at the clock. “I know I said I’d stick around for you to finish but if you don’t start doing something soon you’ll still be here when the office reopens tomorrow. And I had rather hoped to steal little more of your time for myself.”

You checked the clock yourself and saw it was almost 10pm. You had to double check. You’d gotten in to the elevator just before 6 to drop off the files before heading home. How had you not noticed so much time pass when you’d been trapped? Because you were enjoying the company, a voice in your head told you.

               "I’ll finish this in the morning,“ you said, logging off of your computer. You didn’t know exactly what made you decide - tiredness overriding your common sense; the unexpectedly caring way he’d been when you were panicking or just the fact that one should never pass up an invitation from men as attractive as Loki - but, in a rare moment of decisiveness, you knew what you wanted to do. And that was to just be with Loki. You didn’t care where you were or what you did.

He seemed more amused by your sudden change of attitude than anything else, not bothering to question why you’d decided to go against you better judgement. Reaching down, Loki grabbed your bag for you and handed it over once you’d packed away all your folders. You perched on the desk beside him, your arms just touching, and asked, "So what now?”

               "I didn’t plan this far,“ he said truthfully. You gave him another questioning glance to which he replied, "I wasn’t expecting such a positive reaction.”

In that moment, you felt for him. You yourself were guilty of judging him by his reputation - one the seemed at least partially unearned - and you suspected that others weren’t so good at hiding their initial negative feelings towards the god. You took Loki’s hand in yours and gave him a small smile. “Well, you’d better think of something face before I get tired of waiting.”

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Hard Feelings

Summary:  (Modern Au) After the death of your only living relative, you find yourself lost in life and your feelings. To make things worse, you have to deal with Steve Rogers someone from your past that is more present in your life now than ever.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1205

Warnings: Death of a relative, a hint of fluffy and a little of sadness. 

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You never hated the black color as much as you do right now, the black dress fits your body perfectly and it has an amazing contrast with the gold bracelet that you wearing but for the first time in your life or at least in a long time you don’t care how do you look like.

You hear a knock on your door, you look yourself one more time before looking at the door “Come in.” When the door opens you are surprised to see, Steve there. Not that you doubt that he was going to be at the funeral, you are surprised to see him in your room and in your house.

“How are you feeling?” He asks getting close to you, you shrug; you refuse to cry in front of Steve Perfect Rogers “How do you think I am feeling? She is dead, Steve, she died and I can’t do anything about it.” You feel the rage coming from you, how can he ask you that?  What he expects for you to answer?

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The Ugly Truth Part Five

Characters : Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Roger

Summary : Ex-maid of honor - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head high and attend her oldest friend’s wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the random table in the back of the ballroom with a group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets. You and a stranger you met, try to make your ex jealous, something begins to heat up between you two. But there are a few secrets which will unfold. Based off the movie ‘Table 19’

Word Count ; 881

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

A/N : I know, there are so many questions! What do you think will happen?! Come tell me! 

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The ceremony was more than just awkward, it was hard to sit there and realize how much has changed.

Nat was your best friend for as long as you could remember. You two had talked about this day for years. Even planned most of the wedding yourself.

And now here you were, sitting in the very back. As if you were just an acquaintance of the family.

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Beaten (Nolan Holloway)

Sixth Installment of the Broken Series

Broken, Bruised, Burned, Battered, Bloodied

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Listen: Love on the Brain by Rihanna


chapter will consist of a series of flashbacks which will all be italicized.

Warning: slight smut at the end of chapter, if you are uncomfortable reading you don’t have too, it won’t affect the series.

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I pulled away looking down at her. The three holes in her chest were healed over, like they were never there. She gasped shooting up off the table.



There’s a quote that says  "when it’s real, you can’t walk away.“ I guess they didn’t take in to consideration all the shit life will throw at you. I knew the first moment I laid eyes on Nolan Holloway that he was going to turn my world upside down. Meeting him was like listening to a song for the very first time and knowing it would be my favorite. He was the genuine soul I had been desperately searching for.  

"Nolan, are you ever scared to tell people how you feel because it will destroy them, so you bury it deep inside until it destroys you?” I asked looking out over the town of Beacon Hills.

It was another one of those nights that Nolan and I had driven up to the cliff and sat admiring Beacon Hills. We sat on the edge, a blanket wrapped around our shoulders. The stress of the supernatural world was getting to me and I felt like I couldn’t cope.

“what do you mean?” He asked looking at me.

“it’s just uh, you know what never mind it’s stupid anyways.” I said quickly shrugging it off.

“No don’t do that.” He said grabbing my hands.

“don’t do what?” I asked.

“Don’t pretend like your feelings aren’t important. Don’t shut down and block people out. I’ve done that too many times and I’m not going to let you do that.” He said pulling me to his chest.

“You mean that?” I asked looking up at him.

“of course I mean it, it’s you and me against the world right?” He said smiling down at me.

He broke down my walls without me even noticing and when he rebuilt the walls he added windows to let the sunshine in. I craved him in the most innocent form. I craved to say goodnight. I craved to give him kisses and tell him how much I adored him when he felt lost. I craved him in ways where I just wanted to be next to him, nothing more and nothing less.

“I think I’m having a panic attack.” Nolan said in between shaky breaths.

I grabbed his arm leading him inside the locker room.

“Nolan, just breath.” I said rubbing his back.

“Y/N I-I c-c-can’t.” He said clutching his chest.

“Nolan just focus on the sound of my voice.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

At this point he was gasping for air. I didn’t know what to do.

“Nolan.” I said.

I didn’t think I just did it. I pressed my lips to his kissing him. He immediately puckered his lips kissing me back. He then took his hand off his chest putting it on my cheek. I put my hands on his cheeks and backed him up to the locker keeping my lips on his. He put his other hand in my hair pulling me closer to him. I could feel myself start to get breathless from the kiss. I pulled my lips away from his. His breathing was back to normal now and his cheeks were tinted pink.

“how did you do that?” He asked.

“I heard when you’re having a panic attack you should hold your breath, so when I kissed you, you held your breath.” I said fixing my hair.

I felt a blush on my cheeks too. I just kissed my best friend. I think I liked it too.

“oh right, well thank you.” He said shyly looking down.

“of course, it’s you and me against the world right?” I said smiling.

I wasn’t looking for anything when I met Nolan Holloway. Somehow it made me question what I wanted. Was I ready for love? I don’t think anyone is ever ready, but when someone makes you feel alive again it’s kind of worth the risk. It was instinctive, the way I fell for him. Like an effortless intake of breath. I desperately wished he could hear all the words I was too afraid to say.

No one was safe. The ghost riders were taking everyone.

“I have to get Nolan!” I screamed through the rain to Liam.

“we don’t have time!” He said grabbing my arm.

“fine, then go without me but I’m not leaving him!” I said jerking my arm out of Liam’s grasp.

I ran all the way to Nolan’s house through the pouring rain ignoring Liam’s calls after me. I threw open his door, screaming his name. He came to the top of stairs looking panicked.

“Oh god Nolan.” I said sprinting up the stairs.

I jumped in his arms throwing him off guard. I felt the tears fall from my eyes as he held me in his arms.

“what’s wrong?” He asked looking at me.

“Nolan, something bad is going to happen.” I said in between sobs.

“What? What’s happening?” He asked shaking my shoulders.

 I heard the familiar neigh of the horses. A chill swept through his house as the ghost riders appeared at his front door.

“what the hell is that?” He asked looking at the ghost rider.

I grabbed his hand dragging him to his bedroom. I quickly shut the door before pushing his desk in front of it.

“we have to get out of here, that won’t hold them off for very long.” I said going over to his window.

I opened it estimating how much damage would be done if we jumped. That was our only option.

“Y/N please tell me what’s going on!” He said looking at me.

“There isn’t time, we have to jump.” I said grabbing his hand.

“Jump? out my second story window? Are you crazy? Tell me what’s going on? What were those things?” He asked.

“Nolan I’m trying to protect you! We have to go now!” I said feeling the familiar tears fall from my eyes again.

“Protect me from what?”

Just as the words left his lips the ghost riders broke down his door. Nolan and I flew across the room landing near the window.

“Nolan go.” I said pushing him towards the window.

“No, you go.” He said pulling me up and pushing me towards the window.

“Nolan, I love you.” I said feeling a tear slip down my cheek.

Nolan grabbed my face placing his lips on mine. He kissed me like I had never been kissed before. A whip wrapped around his neck tearing him away from me.

“NOLAN!” I screamed sobbing.

I gasped shooting up off the table.

“Nolan?” I asked confused as to why he was here.

Scott and Liam looked at each other before looking at me.

“you’re okay?” Nolan asked coming closer to me.

I quickly looked down at my chest seeing I was completely fine.

“How?” I asked looking at all three boys.

Scott and Liam again looked at each other but said nothing.

“what’s going on guys?” I asked again.

“I uh kissed you, and you uh healed.” Nolan stuttered.

I felt the tears well up behind my eye lids. Even my subconscious wanted to be with him.

“I’m sorry, I need to go.” I said getting up off the table and walking out the clinic.

“Y/N wait!” Nolan called running after me.

He quickly caught up to me grabbing my arm.

“Nolan, stop.” I said letting a few tears fall from my eyes.

“I don’t understand?” He said grabbing my hands in his.

“Nolan, I want to be with you. There isn’t one person in this world that I want more than you. You don’t know how hard I’ve tried to stop loving you but I can’t. There’s a part of me that’s going to be in love with you for the rest of my life, and it kills me that I can’t be with you. I just feel so beaten.” I said letting the tears fall freely now.

Nolan was silent for a minute.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that. There isn’t one person in this world that I want more than you either. I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. It’s still you and me against the world right?” He asked wiping away my tears with his thumb.

“I don’t know is it?” I asked my voice shaking.

“always and forever.” Nolan said.

The next thing I know Nolan crashed his lip on to mine. I didn’t have the strength to pretend anymore. I was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him. He held my face gently in his hands. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. Nolan dropped his hands to my lower back lightly putting them under my shirt.

“Nolan, I want you, all of you.” I said in between kisses.

“I’m all yours.” He said.

I opened the back door of the car pushing Nolan down on the seat. I crawled on his lap straddling him. I put my lips back on his kissing him deeply. He put his hands under my shirt slowly lifting it over my head breaking our kiss.

“you’re so beautiful.” He said rubbing his hands up and down my sides.

I copied his actions, putting my hands under his shirt. Nolan had a toned body making my desire for him grow even more. He leaned up so I could officially remove his shirt. I kissed his neck, moving slowly down to his chest. Nolan moaned making me feel an longing need for him. He flipped us over so he was on top now.

“I love you so much.” He said before kissing my lips again.

It was his turn to tease me now. He kissed right behind my ear making me gasp with pleasure. He kissed down my neck making sure to leave a noticeable love bite. He was grinding his hips with mine causing heated friction.

“are you sure you want this?” Nolan asked moving his hands down to the hem of my pants.

“this is all I’ve ever wanted.” I said.

Nolan wasted no time in pulling off my pants leaving me in just my bra and underwear. I removed his pants leaving him in just his boxers. He was even more beautiful if that was possible. He discarded our undergarments kissing me passionately.

Nolan was slow, sweet, and passionate. I never experienced making love until this very moment. Nolan and I reached a perfect high together before coming back down. He lay down beside me as best as we could in the back seat. He wrapped an arm around me pulling me to his chest.

“what happens now?” I asked looking up at him.

“now, we fight.”

In the Arms of Justice Pt. 16 (Cop!Bucky Drabble Series)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Natasha, Rumlow. 

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.

Warnings: Some anxiety, also blood, murder, weapon and death mentions (none of it graphic), violence against women, gritty police drama tv show kind of feel.

Word Count: 1054

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: I’M BACK, BABY. A thousand apologies that it took so long for me to find my groove and stop being afraid of this fic. heh. I finally tackled it and miraculously, I’m in love with it again! Detective Barnes is back and I’m so excited for what’s ahead. :D Part 17 will be posted Friday, May 19! 

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In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

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Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel


Entering her office once again, Natasha stepped forward.

“Y/N, this is Mr. Kopecky. His aunt and uncle immigrated from the Czech Republic and he would like to keep them here legally.”

The man was facing away from you, reading the degrees and certificates adorning the esteemed lawyer’s office wall.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Kope…”

As he turned your way, you lost all power of speech, ice freezing in your veins. 


You remained frozen in place, eyes transfixed on the man who held a knife at your throat two nights ago and now haunted your dreams. Although, if you had passed him on the street you might not have recognized him. Instead of the bleach-blond hair and a clean shaven face, he now wore a knitted cap over a bald head with a few days’ stubble dotting his chin. Horn-rimmed glasses were perched on his nose and he wore khaki trousers with a long-sleeved black sweater and dress shoes. If it weren’t for the cold eyes fixed on yours and the scar on his left cheek, you could have sworn it wasn’t the same man.

Light bruising was visible under his eyes, you noticed as he took a few steps forward. His nose might not have been broken by your head striking it, but you definitely left your mark. Seeing him approach from across the room, you finally thawed enough to stumble to Natasha’s side.

“H-how did he get in here?” you whispered to her, your eyes never leaving his face.

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An Arranged Marriage Chapter 12

Dean Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Not beautiful and sweet like you.” He answered, making you blush. 

“Hey guys, we’ve got a hunt to do!” Sam yelled through the door, and Dean rolled his eyes. Trying to hide a giggle, you watched as Dean walked over to the door, opening it and Sam almost fell through. “Have you called Cas yet?”

“Nope. Was just regaling Y/N with our adventure to the Ole’ West.” Dean told him proudly, winking at you.

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Once Prisoners - Part 1 [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I request a voltron imagine where the reader was rescued from the galea because when shiro “disappeared” he was transported on the reader’s ship and they travelled the galaxy together, messing with galra bc she was a prisoner too, and trying to find voltron. Then when they find voltron, the reader keeps getting hit on by everyone and lots of jealous shiro. (I love your work and change this if you want just something x shiro i love him)”

A/n: I hope I’m interpreting your request right lol. I decided this will probably be around 2 or 3 parts due to the sheer size of the request. I hope that’s okay! I’m happy about that because I’ve been dying to write some Shiro lol. Also I hope you guys like this. Let me know what you think, I’d love any feedback you all have!

Part 2 - Part 3

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers


Shiro wasn’t sure what was happening, all he remembered was jamming his bayard into the black lion before taking the last strike at Zarkon, then feeling the rush from the explosion. Now his head was pounding as he laid on a cold, hard floor.

Groaning he struggled to open his eyes, sitting up he observed the room. “You’ve gotta be kidding me” Shiro mumbled, recognizing what this room looked like. Once again he’s stuck in a Galra prison.

He pulled himself to his feet, feeling pain shoot through his skull. Cautiously he snuck over to the door, peering out the barred window, out of the sights of any guards. He didn’t see anyone but he heard yelling. The voice was far but he could tell what they were saying, “Let me go! Take off these cuffs and see how far you get!”

“Shut up!” A galra guard yelled before he heard an impact and a grunt. When he saw the shadows come around the corner he hurriedly backed away from the door, hiding in the shadow of the room. Holding his breath as the door opened. Watching as someone was roughly thrown in, you quickly regained your balance and charged at the door before it closed. Your shoulder ramming into it.

He noticed your wrists bound in cuffs, but they were different from any he had seen before. You slid down the door, a pained whimper escaping your throat while sitting with your back leaning against the cold metal. He heard you pant, every so often wincing. Maybe he could help, but how were you going to react when a stranger literally just popped into your cell.

“I know you’re there. Who are you?” Shiro hadn’t noticed you were looking at him until now. He choked on his words before stepping into the light, noticing how your eyes widened. “You’re the Black Paladin.”

“H-how’d you? Wait.” Shiro stopped himself, noticing the blue markings under your eyes. “Are you –” “Altean, I recognized the symbol on your chestplate. That’s how I know you’re a paladin.” You cut him off, wincing as you shifted where you’re seated.

“How are you alive? The only Alteans left are Allura and Coran.” Shiro questioned dumbfounded. You smiled at him, “Who told you that? They’re the only surviving two on the good guy’s side at least. The druids are all Altean. Haggar is Altean.”

“And you?” Shiro questioned. “Me?” An airy laugh escaping your throat, “Collateral. I was captured before they slaughtered my people and devastated my planet. I was supposed to be protecting the Princess but King Alfor wanted my skill on the front lines. Zarkon and Haggar noticed my ability to harness magic, decided I could be of use. I’ve been on ice for ten thousand years, only waking up when Voltron did. I guess they wanted to have me around incase one of their druids fell to you guys. Until then, I’ve been a pet to the commander of this ship. Your turn, who the hell are you?”

“Takashi Shirogane, or Shiro. Black Paladin, I was held on a Galra ship for a year. Forced to fight in gladiator matches. Why don’t you use your powers to get yourself out of here?” Shiro questioned making you chuckle. “If you’re going to ask so many questions at least ask my name, Paladin.”

Shiro scratched the back of his neck nervously, “Oh sorry.” You shook your head, “[F/n] [L/n], and the cuffs suppress my magic.”

“I’m going to get us out of here. The other paladins of Voltron and I have wounded if not defeated Zarkon. The empire is weakened, now’s the time to escape.”

“If you can get these cuffs off me and open this door, I’ll shine your lion for you.” Shiro didn’t say anything but only smirked, walking over he engaged his galra arm. The tech in his arm connected to the tech on the cuffs, them both being galra he easily undid the cuffs as they fell to the floor. “I was kidding about the shining your lion thing, I’m not going to do that.” You clarified, rubbing your wrists.

“I thought so, come on. My arm can open the door I think.” You followed Shiro to the door, he checked the area, seeing the guards were rotating shifts. Reaching out of the bars, using his galra hand again to unlock the door. “Okay, I’m impressed”

Shiro chuckled, “Escape pods should be this way” he pointed down the hall, “But what about your lion?”

Shiro let his head hang, “I, uh, I don’t have it. When we defeated Zarkon he had this armour and it blew when we beat him. I’m guessing the energy of it transported me here.” He explained before heading in the direction of the escape pods. “Uh, Takashi hold on.” You called to him, having a better idea than a escape pod.

Though Shiro was taken aback at the sound of his true first name. Not many people called him by it. “How about a fighter instead of an escape pod.” Smirking at the shocked man.

Turning you led him toward where the fighter ships were. You knew the ins and outs of this ship, after your multiple trips to the commander you’ve become accustomed to the layout and guard rotations. A few guards caught you both but you guys easily took them out, but Shiro noticed the strain it was having on you.

“Up there” you whispered, pointing to the guarded door. “You take the one on the left, I take the right?” Shiro nodded. “On 3” he whispered, “1… 2… 3!”

As soon as the number left his lips you both sprung into action. Before the guards even knew it you were on top of them. Shiro knocked his guy out in a single punch, while you punched yours before flipping him over your shoulder. Knocking him out with one final jab.

“Nice move” he complimented. Making a laugh escape your throat, “Well, you’re not so bad yourself. Come on, before they send reinforcements.” Gesturing for him to follow as you snuck into the ship bay.

Shiro couldn’t help but admire you. You’ve been stuck in the hands of Zarkon for thousands of years, and conscious since he became the Black Paladin. But you’re barely flinching at anything being thrown at you. You’re so strong. He’s only known you for a few hours and you’re already having such an impact on him.

“Hey, you still with me?” You snapped him back to reality, seeing as he had zoned out on you. “What? Yeah sorry, I guess I got caught up in the moment.” He smiled sheepishly.

“It’s fine but let’s reminisce when we’re away from this place” He agreed as you both continued to sneak among the ships, making your way to the ones closest to the hangar door. Finding a suitable one, Shiro used his arm to grant access and you both climbed in.

You sat in the pilot’s chair, beginning to hit switches as the ship started up, while also turning off any trackers. “You know how to fly one of these things?” He questioned skeptically. “You doubt me?” Glancing at him over your shoulder.

“No, I wouldn’t say doubt. Just curious.” He shrugged as you started up the ship completely. “We’re going to have to race these guys, when they see one of their fighter’s going rogue they’ll know something’s up. Do me a favor and man the defences.” Immediately Shiro moved over to the other chair.

“Ready?” You asked looking at him. “Ready”

Upon hearing him you flipped one last lever and took the controls. Easily flying yourself out of the galra ship. Though as suspected, the galra were hot on your trail. “Quiznack” muttering under your breath. “I’m taking evasive maneuvers. I’d start shooting if you want to get out of here on one piece.”

“I’m on it” Shiro answered, beginning to take out the ships that he could. “Come on give me a way out.” You spoke to yourself, looking for somewhere to lose them. Seeing an asteroid belt in your sights, “Hang on!” You accelerated toward the asteroids. “[F/n] what are you doing?” You looked over at him, “Do you trust me?” He stared, shocked, for a moment, not tearing his eyes from yours. However he took a deep breath, answering “Yes.”

Smiling you turned back to the controls. Flying into the mass of rocks. You’ve been flying since you were a child, it’s one of the things that made you such a superior Altean warrior. You avoided each rock easily, the galara fighters behind you crashing into the space rocks.

Making it through in one piece you threw your hands up. “We’re out, we did it” you sighed in relief, relaxing into your chair. “Nice work. You alright?” Shiro’s brow furrowed in concern.

You nodded, “Yeah fine, let’s check the map to see where we are.” Standing and going to check the map, but instead your knees buckled under you. “[F/n]!” Shiro rushed from his chair and caught you before you hit the floor. “Are you alright? Tell me the truth.”

“I-I think I just need to rest. I haven’t slept in quintents and I’m not sure of all the injuries I’ve sustained.” Shiro had to think about it for a moment before he realized that meant days. “Here let me help you.” He wrapped your arm around his neck before lifting you up. Not struggling as he carried you over to what resembled a cot.

After letting you lay down Shiro went to the map you were talking about. “Can we send out a distress beacon?” Asking himself. “If you do that it will draw them back to us. Can you remember any places you’d been before?”

“Maybe they returned to Arus?” You shifted uncomfortably, staring at the ceiling while replying “Arus will be tagged on there most likely if the Galra followed you there.”

Shiro shook his head, “They wouldn’t risk the Arusians.” “Maybe flip through galra radio channels. Pick up any chatter.” You suggested and he nodded.

“So, did you know the Princess?” He asked looking over his shoulder at you. With a soft smile you nodded, “We were best friends all those years ago. How is she?” Perching up on your elbows.

“Tough on us paladins but she’s doing good all things considered.” Shiro continued to explain as he went through the communications. “I think I have something” he said listening to one of the stations. There were galra talking about taking another planet, “I’m going to set a course, Voltron might be there.”

“Okay” saying while laying back down.

Once everything was set Shiro looked back to see you out cold. He took off his helmet and set it aside. Beginning to look around the ship for supplies. Finding food, water, and a first aid kit. Opening the kit he began to bandage and tend to any wounds he found on you before tending to his own. For some reason he felt a strong attraction to you, something he couldn’t explain.

Once finished, he sat in his chair. Eyelids feeling heavy as he too had a long day, causing him to unintentionally doze off.

You didn’t begin to stir again until a few hours later. Groaning as you woke up, noticing Shiro had taken to resting as well. Looking down at your arms taking note of the bandages. ‘Did he?’ Thinking while glancing over at him. You had to admit, Shiro’s pretty amazing. You’d heard talk of Voltron during your time stuck on that ship. Shiro being the head of Voltron only made him that much more impressive. He’s a natural born leader and caring, not to mention handsome, Allura made a good choice appointing him the Black Paladin.

Moving to the pilot seat you took over controls, heading to the coordinates Shiro had set. “I hope the rest of them will accept me the way he has.” Mumbling to yourself while continuing the flight. Glancing at Shiro again, a content smile on your face, “Yeah. I hope.” 

Remember Me: Part 4

A Bucky x Reader / drabble series

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

A/N: Here is Part 4. Sorry it’s taken me so long. Had to step away from the writing game, due to work and such. I hope you guys enjoy the direction this series is taking. Please let me know what you think! ♥

Other Characters: Steve, Tony

Word Count: 1,302

- talk of violence, torture.

Tags: (at the end)

*gifs are not mine.

“Do you trust him?” you whispered to Bucky as you walked down the hall, his metal hand gripped protectively around your own. Since you first spoke to one another, he’d never stopped touching you in any way he could; whether his hand grazed the small of your back to lead you down the never ending hallways, or his fingers were brushing hair from the back of your neck. Each time he touched you, you felt electric bursts flutter across your skin, restarting your heart.

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Kill Zone - Part 2: Kill Shot

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Sam Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak,  Dean Winchester, Cindy Stevenson (OC), Ella McKenzie (OC),   

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Guns, talk of murder, talk of character deaths, Dean is a being an ass, Cas is being a jerk,  

Word Count: 4400ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You were absently rubbing your wrist as you stared towards the house. You hadn’t wanted to leave but Sam had insisted, and Cas had practically dragged you out of there.

“Are you okay?” Cas asked, nodding towards your arm, as you looked up with a confused expression on your face.

“Yeah…” you pulled up your sleeve, showing Cas your arm with a smile, “See, no bruises. Just a little sore. That’s all.”

Cas wasn’t convinced till he had taken a good look at your arm himself, letting out a relieved sigh once he had, “I’m sorry Y/N. I should have warned you. Dean has a bit of a temper.”

“I noticed,” you replied wryly, looking back towards the house with the two Winchesters still inside. “What happened between the two of you? I mean Sam knew you, but he didn’t seem angry with you. Dean on the other hand…”

You looked up at Cas, who was no longer looking at you. His eyes rested on Dean’s cabin, but his mind seemed to be far away. “It’s a long story Y/N, and not really mine to tell,” Cas answered, making you even more curious.

You tilted your head slightly, carefully studying Cas’ expression before speaking again, “You’re friends. You are mad at him right now, but you still consider him a friend.”

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Ride With Me.

PAIRING: ReaderxBucky! AU 


WARNINGS: sweating, alcohol consumption. 

So here it is, my new Biker!Bucky au inspired by this  Let me tell you guys, this is going to be a ride from start to finish! I’ve planned most of this but with work I’m not sure how regularly this will be updated. But I will do my very best because I am very excited about this!  


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Originally posted by imaginedcmarvel

You stood across the road looking at the building before you; you had to admit it was nothing special. But that’s what made it so, the neon sign had seen better days you were sure. You could imagine it in its heyday, all light up for the world to see. Well the underworld most likely, you never did hang with the ‘right crowd’ as your mother called it. Maybe it was her consecutive ways that drove you away and into the darkness. But still, at least you weren’t attending charity events or sitting aimlessly waiting for your husband to come home and fuck a couple of kids into you. That was never your life and it was never going to be.  Taking a quick look up the street you hurried over to the bar, weaving in and out of a few haphazardly parked motorbikes you pushed open the door with confidence.

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Bruised and Battered Part 2

Sam, Dean x Reader (Friends, soon to be more)

1250 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

A/N: Mentions of Abuse. Also, sorry this one is shorter than I wanted, but at least I got something out!! Now I’m going to fall asleep and hope I feel better!

Read Part 1

With your legs tucked underneath you, you continued to stare out the window of the Impala, watching as trees and buildings sped past you, nothing but a blur. Your mind a million miles away as you thought about what lay ahead. If your parents were still alive, and whether you cared if they were dead.

Truthfully, that part of you was numb. Your parents had treated you so horribly, that you weren’t sure if you wanted them back or not. Sure, they were your parents, and you should love them no matter what. But this might be the break you were looking for. Feeling horrible for thinking that way, you quickly brushed away a spare tear, amazed that even after everything you had gone through you could still cry.

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Not Like This (Part 2)

Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here
Part 4: Here
Part 5: Here

Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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Teen Dad [Labor Story]

Teen Dad [Labor Story] 

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Birth

A/N: Many, including me, did not want Teen Dad to end, haha. A lot of people also wanted it to become a series, and I guess that’s happening! This should be part 1 of the labor story, and as usual, you have to let me know if you want a part 2, because, this series doesn’t continue unless you want it to! I hope you enjoy this continuation of Teen Dad! 

Ps. Also give me suggestions for baby names!

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Sorry if I forgot you! Please let me know if I left you out or if you want to be tagged or removed. (Please let me know what you want to be tagged to) I’m new to this tagging thing haha and my inbox was full of a lot of Teen Dad part requests so things got confusing. :)

Teen Dad
Teen Dad Two
Teen Dad Three [Finale 1 of 2]
Teen Dad Three [Finale 2 of 2]

You woke up at 3:15 in the morning to a wet bed. Three weeks ago, you hit your nine months, and any day now you would have the baby. I guess that day might be today.

“Pete, baby, wake up,” you whisper, shaking Peter slightly next to you to wake him up.
“Hm?” he said, still sounding asleep.
“Wake up.”
He rubbed his eyes and turns over to face you. He gives you a sleepy smile and put his hand out, looking for yours. I’m guessing he felt something wet, causing his eyebrows to furrow, his eyes were still closed.
“Did you pee yourself again?”
He sits up, rubbing his eyes and slapping his cheeks to wake himself up.
“Then why is it wet again love?”
“I think my water broke.”
His eyes are wide open now.
“What!? Are you sure!?”
“Yeah I’m pretty sure.”
He then suddenly gets up and runs around. Grabbing clothes and the hospital bags that you prepared earlier last month.
“I’ll wake up May,” he yelled, running out of your shared room at the moment.
“I’ll call the doctor,” you yell back.

You sat in the hospital bed. Smiling at the camera Peter was pointing at you. He likes to make little video diaries of important moments of his life. The fight against Captain America being the first one.

“We’re having the baby today guys!” He yelled, talking to the camera.

“I hope so,” you said, sighing with a smile plastered on your face, you were just so happy and excited.

“I hope so? What do you mean I hope so?”

“Labor takes a while sometimes Peter. We could have him today or tomorrow.”

Peter throws his head back and lets out a loud groan.

“I want him out today!”

“Well then give birth for me, would you?” you say with a bit of attitude. When this baby comes out, you’re going to end up having to take care of two kids. Peter, and him. You really do need to find a name for the baby already. You’re kind of getting sick of calling him, ‘him’.

He shakes his head vigorously, “no thank you, I’m good. Sorry.”

Your contractions were less than five minutes apart. You had your eyes closed, breathing slowly.

In, out, In, out, In, out

Peter did the same, trying to calm himself as well. It seems like he was in greater pain than you were.

His face was concentrated, eyes closed, hands on his knees as he is sitting on a chair next to you, breathing deeply and strongly.



“Are you having contractions too?”

“Huh? No– why would you say that?”

You turn back to look at your belly, “nothin’.”

The contractions were getting stronger now. They were so painful, you were shaking.

Beads of sweat rolled down your forehead, your hair sticking to it as well. Your breathing was faster and you tried to hold back the tears.

Peter is so worried of you, he didn’t like seeing you like this, it hurts him seeing you like this.

“Should I call the nurse? Do you want an epidural? Those help right? To take the pain away?”

You shake your head no, “no, I don’t want it. I’m fine.” You managed to say.

“Are you sure? You seem to be in a lot of pain darling. I think you shoul–”

“No, I’–I’m fine.” The contraction finally ended, and you let out a deep breath.

“You are doing great love.” Peter says, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“All right, Ms. (Y/l/n), you are at 9 centimeters, one more and we’re going to start pushing.”

“One more? How long will that take? Oh my g– the baby is coming! oh my g– I need to call Aunt May! I need to call Ned too! I should tell Tony as well, oh my–.” Peter yells, grabbing his phone and running out the room to call everyone.

“Peter! Don’t leave now!” Peter quickly ran back inside, breathing as heavily as you are.

“Wow, I’m out of shape,” he says to himself while walking back towards you.

“Sorry love.”

“All right, we’re at 10 centimeters, it’s time Ms. (Y/l/n).”

You nod, Peter grabbing your hand with one hand, and holding your leg with the other.

“Take a deep breath, when I count to three I want you to hold it and push, okay?”

You nod, unable to speak.

“One, two , three, push.”

You take a deep breath and push as hard as you can. This was more painful than you thought.

You scream in pain a little, Peter hushing you.

“It’s okay darling, I’m right here. Just squeeze my hand.”

“One, two, three, push,” the doctor says again.

This time you pushed harder and squeezed Peter’s hand. And this time, he was the one to scream in pain, except ten times louder than you did.


“No no,” he said, his voice high and cracking, as he tried to hold the pain within him.

“Just a little bit more, we can almost see the head.”

Peter moves a little down and looks, and his eyes goes wide before going back to you.


“N– nothing,” he said, voice still cracking. Let’s just say it was a bit scary down there.

“A few more Ms. (Y/l/n). One, two, push!”

“Hey! You didn’t say three! I wasn’t ready,” Peter yelled, also shrieking in pain as you squeeze his hand harder.

You push with all your might, causing the baby’s head to pop out.

“The head’s out! One more big push sweetie! You’re doing great!”

Peter peeks again, this time smiling wide.

“Baby! His head is out! He has curly hair just like me!”

You laugh with happy tears, “really?”

He nods his head, the smile not leaving his face. He leans in to kiss your lips.

“One more one more! One, two, push!”

You took a very deep breath and pushed harder than the last time. Pain instantly left your body, and a loud cry filled the room. You had tears running down your face before knowing it and Peter was smiling big with tears of his own.

“Baby boy at 4:37pm,” the doctor called out.

The doctor placed the baby boy on your chest.

“Here Mr. Parker,” one of the nurses said, handing Peter a pair of scissors, “cut right here please.” Peter did what he is told and cutting the umbilical cord, baby Parker crying on your chest.

“Good job mommy,” Peter says, placing a kiss on your lips.

“Thanks daddy,” you said, letting out a breathy laugh.

“Hold on,” the doctor called out, catching you and Peter’s attention.

“There’s another one on its way.”