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People are talking about all this drama with making fun of Harry and body shaming Niall. I haven't seen any of it, because as soon as someone does something offensive I unfollow. It's a magical thing and since I started doing that my dash is a very happy place. I highly suggest it to the many frustrated fans out there

Some people like the drama.  And unfortunately the anon aspect of this website makes sure you aren’t always so insulated from the drama in this fandom….

ok honestly it’s late at night but this is all I can think about. I am not one to typically try to contact celebrities I like or admire because I just feel like I’m annoying them and idk it just feels like I am interfering but thatsthat24 deserves all the attention even if he doesn’t want it. Thomas you are honestly one of my favorite people on vine and tumblr and just in general. you seem like the kind of person I would be best friends with if we knew each other in person. you’re so humble and funny and kind and it makes me so happy to see your face on my tumblr dash and my snapchat and you genuinely bring a smile to my face when nothing else will. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but if you do just know that you’ve saved me so many times from doing things because of my depression I would regret later. I first knew you as “that vine guy with the movie trailer voice” and now I know you as “Thomas Sander: the amazing, funny, badass, wonderful man who constantly makes me happy by just being on my tiny phone screen”. just….thank you. thank you so so SO much.


This is a video of a parade in Paris on the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Approximately 17,000 people participated. In this video the protestors first sing anti-semitic comedian Dieudonne’s Holocaust mocking song “Shoah Nanas” which translates as Holocaust Pineapples, where he blames Jewish people for his government fines for hate speech and mocks the Holocaust as a means for Jews to profit. Afterwords they chant “Juif, la France n’est pas a toi” which means “Jew, France is not yours.” 

Reblog the hell out of this. I’ve seen it before, but it never gets many notes. People are dismissing anti-semitism in France and it is killing me. 

Why am I not seeing this pass my dash every day like I do so many other causes? Why doesn’t this seem to merit even a casual reblog? Can you honestly watch this and not feel something turn cold in your soul?

“It’s up to the audience what happens after the end.” 

No. That is a cop-out. That is the creator not having a clear idea of where their story is going. You can leave some things a mystery, sure. What fun is there if not to continue to explore the world of a story and find new things to ponder? 

The problem is when you have a LOT of loose plots hanging around that are never resolved. You don’t set things up, only to let them be left standing and ready, but ultimately left unused. That is poor writing. 

Resolve your story’s plot in an understandable fashion. Complete the character arcs you began, or at least give a very clear idea of where they are going. Just don’t leave things so open-ended that nobody is sure what happened. 

Les Mis Fandom World Map!

(insp. by this post)

So, Les Mis fandom is a pretty diverse bunch, with folks blogging, drawing and writing from all corners of the world - as evidenced by how Speak Your Language Day turns my dash into a beautiful kaleidoscope of languages for one glorious day a year. (thanks, seagreeneyes!)

Then why not get it on a map? LET’S DO THIS GUYS


  • go to this link
  • add a marker! Go to Additions > Add Marker
  • the only info it needs is City + Country, all other fields are optional (including username, if you want to remain anonymous!)
  • DONE! Now enjoy finding out how many people in the fandom share your homeland
  • (if you feel like more than one location applies to you - if you’re an emigrant/expat - feel free to put more than one marker!)

The more markers are put, the wider the Map View gets - let’s get the whole world covered!


‘What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re depriving me of a dashing rescue.’
'Sorry, the only one who saves me is me.’

the reason I barely come on my tumblr is for the fact that my dash is so dead. everyone I follow hasn’t posted in 5 days to 9 months. I need active people pweese!

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basically anything marvel related.

Oh look at me having such a productive day and you know not writing. I’ve done so many things today such as not write. Let me just go finish reading that manga or new chapter of someone else’s fic while I don’t write. Oh, and Tumblr! Tumblr’s fun. Let’s just go scroll through my dash while I’m NOT FUCKING WRITING. It’s not like I have people waiting for an update because I always like making my chapters end with some sort of cliffhanger or whatever so it’s no big deal that I’ve been n o t   w r i t i n g .


Hello, guys! So, recently I hit 6k followers yay!! Tbh, I never thought I would have so many people following me. I would like to thank all my precious followers for making this happen. ♥ Thank you for supporting and uplifting me!! And a special thanks to my mutuals and senpais, who are always filling my dash with amazing posts. Thank you, guys. I love you all. ♥♥ Pls, stay sweet. *hugs and smooches* 

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Italic: mutuals

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I’ve gotten so many people in my inbox trying to defend the first anon’s “opinion” (as they like to put it) it honestly disgusts me. It was not an innocent opinion about food (like you guys like to compare sexuality to) or fashion or anything like that. They were asking me to tag all prompts about asexuality with something so they could blacklist it and get rid of any mention of it from their dash because they “do not agree with it.” They’re the definition of the word bigot, but people are saying that’s not true. Replace the word ‘asexuality’ with another (more supported on Tumblr) sexuality or a race, though, and everyone would be singing another tune.
I’m sick of the erasure of my sexuality, the A being made to stand for allies instead of aro/aces, the crimes committed against people with my sexuality, the thought that we’re broken, the thought that we’re wrong, the thought that we’re emotionless, the thought that we just want special treatment or status.
I’m sick of people being ignorant about my sexuality, choosing to continue being that way, and ridicule, belittle, or hate asexuals instead of educating themselves about it.
I’m sick of people being neutral or not supporting it (“It’s not wrong, I just don’t…”) because you are part of the problem. You are no better than those who dislike our very existence since you choose to turn a blind eye to it all.

And apparently all this makes me a horrible person. It makes me a horrible person to stand up for my sexuality. That is what Tumblr has taught me.

i don’t really do these and i’m not even 100% sure how to format this post or anything but! whatever! it’s almost my birthday and i keep losing followers so i figured i’d do this because why not.


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i’ll most likely be following a lot of people back because i do need some new faces on my dash because i’ve unfollowed a lot of people recently so yeah reblog this have fun i love u guys (also…if you’re a new follower come talk to me i’m nice i promise)

wait. wait. wait. HOLD UP. People are mad that Taylor takes tumblr breaks when drama starts up on here? Can you imagine a world where ever single thing you do is scrutinized. Like imagine you meet a stranger on the street and you are polite, you hold the door for them, you exchange pleasantries, and then two hours later online you are being YELLED at for not knowing they were misogynistic or racist and not accordingly slamming the door in their face when you saw them two hours ago. That is what happens when Taylor does something nice for someone people on tumblr dislike. There are so many people I scroll past on my dash who may be problematic, but I may never know that. If I like their post, or see them for dinner or something before understanding their entire past and complete problematic self I should not be lambasted for it. Taylor should not be lambasted for meeting fans that she may not know caused someone on here personal strife in the past. I mean come on people. She isn’t some omnipresent being who is surveilling the tumblr world and rewarding problematic blogs cause she wants to make people angry. Engage in constructive conversations about things that are problematic. Understand people can grow and change. Don’t bring up moldy ass receipts because people mess up when they are young. We are born into a society that tries to make up problematic. No one is immune, but being kind and helping people grow and learn can make a huge difference. 

Mamrie Hart is getting close to 1 million subscribers (currently at 869k) so I wanted to create a video with you guys to show her about how much this fabulous woman deserves, not only a drink or two, but our love!

I did the exact same videos for Dan and Phil (he even liked and commented on it!!) and I’ve linked them so you can take a watch as to what I was thinking. Of course, hopefully my editing skills have improved in two years.

Want to get involved? ((The rules/instructions are under the cut so not to spam everyone’s dash))

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i’ve been really tired and unmotivated since school started, so i’m sorry to say i didn’t put my 100% into making this follow forever//// i hope everyone is doing alright and feeling as cool as naruto. i want to say thank you to everyone who put me on their follow forevers, and i might seem like i don’t appreciate it but i really, really, do. and i appreciate everyone who follows me and people who i follow that makes my dash look awesome. i’m going to be inactive a lot since school, so i apologize for that as well. i follow so many blogs so it was hard to pick out the ones i really like, so if you’re a mutual, you’re most likely on here. also i want to avoid messaging everyone as much as possible, but i’ll hopefully start doing that tomorrow. hmmm for those of you who are like “wait who is this” my previous url was oreikis. ah anyway, i hope you guys have a good day <3 and this post is really long so  you can check out all the url’s here

I’ve had this blog since the end of May 2016 and I wanted to do this Follow Forever as a thank you to all those beautiful blogs (and beautiful people behind them) that I follow. I’ve bared witness to so much kindness, unity, love and quality. It makes me extremely happy to see all those amazing people on my dash that make the experience on tumbler (yes) so pleasurable. I’m grateful that I’ve found all your little corners on the web and that in some way I can be a part of you having a great time here (I hope, because I surely do).

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of my followers. I honestly have no idea why you decided to follow me, the ultimate dud, but really thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are so many more amazing people than me and it’s obligatory that you follow them, listing them below. Sorry for the lame ass graphic, and failed animation I promise next time, it will be better.

Mutuals, no favs. It would be like mother picking a favorite child.

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gUY S okay so last week, i hit 1k followers!! i can’t believe that i reached this many followers, and that so many people like my blog, but i’d just like to say tH ANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

so as a thank you thing, i decided to do a follow forever bc i follow so many blogs that are absolutely amazing, and deserve pretty much everything- some of you are absolutely great friends, some of you are senpais that i look up to sooo much, and all of you just have amazing blogs that make me happy every time i see you on my dash!! and i know that most people have finals or testing either this month or next moth sobs bc finals but good luck to everyone who has tests, too!! and okay again, just wO W thank you guys!!!


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i love how because of star wars tfa, so many people are watching the original six movies and now my dash is 110% skysolo

people must’ve been like oh if 5.3 minutes of interaction broke the internet over finnpoe, just imagine how much three movie can do!

and im just like

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yess welcome do the dark side - where we also ship the original space gay boyfriends

Hi everyone! I recently hit 500+ followers and I thought I would make a follow forever to show my gratitude. This is my first time doing one of these so bear with me. ♡ I also started school again yesterday so here’s to starting the new school year on a good note! 

To all my followers: you make me smile whenever I see you reblogging my stuff and seeing what you post come up on my dash. Thank you for appreciating my blog! ♡ I honestly cannot believe that I have this many people who like my blog enough to follow me. When I started a blog and then starting making gifs/gfx, I never thought that I would come this far but there are so many people on here who make me want to keep making things. Despite Tumblr’s many glitches I don’t know what I would do without this site. Not only have I met a ton of wonderful people on here whom I love talking to very much, but Tumblr is also an amazing way for me to see content I like and to know that there are other people besides myself who like the same things as me. 

Below you can find some amazing blogs that I follow. I strongly recommend following them because they are all kind, talented, wonderful people who will make your day a little brighter! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Bold: wonderful mutuals/friends

Italics: gif/gfx goals 

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Once again, thank you to everyone!! You all make my days on Tumblr wonderful! ♡


Kurogamis' 2014 Follow Forever!

Man, I can’t believe I’ve been on tumblr for almost 3 years. Time really does fly by! I don’t do these often, but I made this follow forever because 1) I hit 3k followers a few weeks ago and 2) this is dedicated to the lovely people I’m following! I’m so blessed to have met so many awesome people and made such amazing friends! I don’t know what I would do without you guys! Thank you everyone for making my dash amazing and inspiring me with your beautiful graphics! I wish you all a great new year! ♥ ; u ;

Please don’t be upset if you don’t see your url on here. I’ve spent hours going through the list of blogs I’m following and I worked really hard on this edit. I wish I could include everyone, but I’m following 201 blogs and there is limited space. Feel free to check out my blogroll if you’d like to!~

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Hihi! So its been two years since I first made my tumblr. As those two years went by I went through many fandoms and got to meet so many lovely people. I would like to thank all the people who decided to follow my new blog, especially my new mutuals as I have no idea why you all followed me ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ  Although my old blog may have been deleted I want to celebrate this time and to do so I made this follow forever <3

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