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may i just say, elena, that you are KILLING it with your edits? i've seen so many on my dash lately, and i'm like "ooh that one's nice" and then i see your name as the source. i'm a #proudmom.

and caryn, can I say you’re the sweeTEST PERSON EVER ILY 

thank you sm aah :”) tbh I always read your tags on my edits and I get so happy bc you always leave such kind tags :”D honestly, thank you so so much!! it really means so much to me 💗💗 

I hope you’re doing well!! ilysm omg please take care <33

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so, i’ve decided to do it again because last time i gained so many amazing mutuals and it was amazing. my dash is a little slow and i’d like to change that, so if you blog about:

  • writing/poetry
  • tv shows (skam, the get down etc.)
  • ya lit and literature in general (hp, tsoa, ari and dante, aftg, trc etc.)
  • pastel/ black&white aesthetic
  • photography

please like/reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog!

mutuals, please signal boost, friends? ❤︎

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Hey! do you know any harry blogs i should follow, my dash is like dead

Helloooo sweet biscuit 💕🌸💗🌺💓 OK, so! I have a lot of amazing Harry blogs, and I tried to narrow the list down so that I wouldn’t overwhelmed you but I failed lmao I already know I’ve missed someone for sure because 1) tumblr doesn’t show me the blogs in alphabetical order anymore because it hates us, clearly and 2) so many people are changing their urls and I don’t know y'all anymore ajsjajsk So, I’m really super sorry in advance and without further babbling:

@17blk // @namelesslondon // @thiscakeisbaked // @stylesunchained // @hs-1dfan // @theepinkalbum // @mesmerizedbystyles // @duckinthestudio // @harrypositivity // @edwardstyles // @daintyharru // @lostjams // @stylishmuser

@soloharrysaved2017 // @intoyouharry // @fromthediningtable // @harrysfalsettos // @amongstthestars // @maythestylebewithyou // @madesmeyourown // @blankspace17 // @oscarsforharry // @nialilouarry 

@greeneyesharry // @harrysgentlesoul // @valentinehes // @haroldslovekitten // @itisnotrick // @dimpledharry // @extravirgo // @hazoffstyles // @hampsteadharry // @harrehmadness // @johnlennon-harrystyles 

@butterflytattoohaz // @hotsauceharry // @ridinholo // @clairdeloune // @magic-view // @midstea // @turntogreen // @venusharrie // @harryhateblog // @yeshaddy // @harraystyless // @harrythesun // @kale-child // @gayanqel 

@adorkablehazza // @whoopsharrystyles // @heypopstar // @lookformyownparadise // @paintednailsandsoftdetails // @namelesspops // @fairylightsstyles // @lollipop-popsx // @ohharryhoney // @accidentalharrie 

@lordendsavior //  @slytherinharry // @androgynoustyles // @harryandlana // @iwillsingwithyou // @aqua-harry // @harrydaze // @newyearstillme // @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 // @tinysilverbird // @styles2017 

@matilda-breeze // @seriousactorharry // @tigerthightat // @lithographarry // @astrologyhoeharry // @enoughfromyou // @snlgryles // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @causeitsweird // @tweedygal

@elzaishere4harry // @deepseaharry // @stylesonly // @rocketmommy // @tsevers // @ziall // @harrystylesalbum // @sillydreamstar // @louissgoldchain // @harrycherub // @teamlouistommo // @habibharry // @hughaz 

@kenbutnobarbie // @harryfeatlouis // @deserthearts // @savage-styles // @hazzwatch // @dichotomyofideas // @aintreallygood // @harryshippudge // @ithadmefromhello // @oflostandbrokenhearts // @dunkirks // @bumpngryles

@harryisiconic // @harrysimpact // @harrysoutar-styles // @happyforreal // @lovedandinlove1d // @dawniestyles // @heart-attack-harry // @bitoflovehate // @golfharry // @hardystyls // @styloff // @kiwistyles // @theharrystyleseffect

@harryisclever // @stylesinthewild // @scrufflecake // @harryslittlepumpkin // @stockholmsstyles // @growgardens // @harrysmeadow // @stylininmi // @packersbeanie // @rosyharry // @truelovealwayshurts // @harrysayingnympho

@frog-son // @harryslovelylocks // @warriormum // @softheartedstranger // @lepetitcomte // @hesgoingholo // @theflaresnotthere // @cheshirepuddin // @harktheharold // @robotharru // @harryistyles // @helladonut // @ifeelitcomingfeatdaftpunk // @imsorryimaharrie // @harryispink 

@fuzzypurplestuff // @thereignofsoloharry // @vinoharry // @icedcoffeeharry // @frontiercity // @fleetwoodharry // @harrysalbums // @verifiedharrie // @harrsys // @horsensharry // @toasttostyles // // @spaceziall // @pinhazpple 

Aaaand of course, the update accounts @thedailystyles @theharrydaily @harrystylesdaily

OK SO!!!!!! This turned into a follow forever basically because I don’t know how to do simple short recs, I’m sorry. One thing I know for sure is that your dash won’t be dead anymore lol Have a great day everyone <3

I wanna see some witch designs that aren’t stereotypical pointy hats and the Witch Outfit™[or the alternative ‘Sexy Witch Outfit™ Now with 20% More Cleavage’] like sometimes it’s really cute if someone takes a new spin on it [like making match a characters personality or making it a theme or something other than generic witch character] but for the most part witches have so many different styles because people have different styles

And like speaking of witch characters there’s so many ways to practice witchcraft. 

Some witches cast hexes and curses, Some don’t

Some witches use plants, some use technology

Some witches like having written out spells/rituals while others prefer to keep their spells/rituals in the moment so that no two are the same

I could really go on forever, I’m so happy there’s such a wide array of people interested in Wicca|Paganism|Witchcraft|Ect and making characters inspired by them it’d just be cool to see different things be used other than TV tropes and Halloween costumes.

i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

so to say thank you, i’m doing follow forever and i’ve tried to include as many people as possible because i really love all my mutuals

(also idk how to make banners so just have a beautiful face of harry)

firstly, a big shoutout to these amazing people. i love you so much and i’m so happy i’ve had a chance to get to know you and talk with you ❤

@magnuslightswood - where do i even start :D our conversations are like 90% harry thirst and sharing our love for this perfect human being. you are the nicest person i’ve had a chance to meet here and i’m so happy we started talking because of your harry gifset that basically killed me haha and all your gifs kill me because they are amazing and so are you ^_^ love you lots ❤

@thirstyalec - you are absolutely the sweetest and by the sweetest i obviously mean the most thirsty haha i love how we always expose each other because apparently we have a reputation haha i love talking to you and i still have no idea how you put up with me haha i’ve said it many times but i love you a lot ❤

@daemonya - ahhh, you are my biggest motivation to continue writing my fic and i have no idea what i’d do without you. i love our talks about others fics because you always have the best recs. and i love talking about literally anything with you because we can never run out of topics :D bonding over healthy relationships is the best way to become friends ^_^ looove you! ❤

@lightwoodclan - MOTHER! should i be worried that my mother is younger than me? :P our convos are sometimes so wild haha but i love you and i love talking to you ❤ even when you’re trying to pretend that you’re innocent haha we know better lmao

@jacehvrondale - i have this huge urge to just send like 5 million hearts because i love you so much ❤ you’re such a sweet and cute person and i’m just so happy that we’re friends. you’re one of the best people i have ever had a chance to get to know

@mrspotterblack05 - it feels like we’ve been mutuals forever and i just love you a lot? ❤ i love talking to you about sh, freaking about literally anything. when something happens, i always go to you because we can analyse literally everything and anything haha you’re always so nice (or salty when there’s a reason :P). i’m so so happy we’re friends ❤

@magnusandalexander - you enjoy way too much exposing me all the time haha but i love youuuuu ❤ you’re so smart and funny. you’re sweet but also super salty (but it’s always justified :P). i have no idea how you put up with me lmao also, your gifs give me life ngl aaaand writing our smut fest was amazing so we should probably go back to it at some point :P

@malecisright - i love writing with you! i love exchanging those cute (or smutty :P) prompts with you. (not so) casually screaming at each other when magnus or alec did something and we just needed to write a short story because we always need more and more :D you’re one of the best people and i love you ❤

@magnusfray - you’re such a sweet person and i love our conversations ❤ your edits are so cute and i’m always in love with them. i even reblog clace for you because they’re just that good haha

@jacelghtwood - bonding over the magicians even though we’re sh blogs? sure, why not :D i love analysing every episode with you ❤ especially when we both can’t stop talking about how amazing eliot is :P i’m so happy i replied to your post that one time because we started talking because of it and it was definitely one of the best decisions :D

my other lovely mutuals who i love so so much (absolute faves are bolded)

a - b
@acoupleofcows@ahrtsyfray @alecgaywoods@alecismyfuture@aleclightwoodlovesmagnusbane@aleclightwqqd@alecmalec @alecsaldertree @alecsplushpillow@alexanderbaens@alexanderbanes@alexander-l1ghtwood-bane@alexanderswarlock @alishawainnwright@alishawanwright@arosendes@alxanderlightwood @baneftglitter@banelights@banesarcher @baneseelie@bee-fabulous@boyfriendsmalec

c - g
@canislytherinthings@caringmagnus@clarystele@clizzyjimon@daddarioll@daddariyos@deamaia@damnmalec@darling-magnus@dimshums@eternal-malec@evak-malec @february22 @ffsmagnusbane@flammenmeer@flirtymagnus@fraywoodbane @gayizzys@glitternsass@gretelsmaias

h - l
@harry-daddario @harryshumjjr@hufflepufflightwood@hoteldumorts@ifellforfandoms@isaaccock @izzybabewoods@jaceslewis@jezthemadficster @justalexanderlightwood@katisith@kitkatmcnamara@kklainesmalec@laurenkmyers @lesbianmaureen@lightwoody @lookingforalicante@loonydru

@magicalmagnus@magnass-babe@magnificentbane @magnificentmalec@magnusandraphael@magnusbae-ne@magnusbaneheart@magnus-banes@magnusizzy@magnuslights@magswoods@magunsbane@maiagarroway@mammafairchild@matthewbane @matthewdaddarino@mattlightwood@mcgnus-bane@meliourn@mgnusbaene@morbidwarlock@mrsblackthorne@mundanelion

n - s
@nephilimagnus@nightfallgoddess@omgharryshumjr@patronuass@patronusmagnus@phildrawsfanart@piesdean@prettylightwoodinspires@pure-magnus@sapphiclydia@shadowstele@shinymalec@simonlevvis@softbimagnus@softdaddario@softmagnusbane@softmags @softpinkjace@softsimon @soulisthirsty@spn-all-around@swishyclang

t - w
@takemystrengthtoo@that-bookish-nephilim@thecassinator@thedownworld@the-host-in-the-pit@thelushfiles@the-magnus-effect@transautisticalec@victaj@vvarlockbane @warlocksarcher@whatwouldmagnusdo@whipsandredlips@winteralec

hi loves~ so today’s the 1 year bday for this blog 🎉🎉 & I wanted to say thank you sososo much to all my followers, mutuals, & everyone who’s liked/reblogged my content~ it means so much to be able to share my love for bangtan with you. in such a short span of time I would’ve never imagined to meet so many people who love bangtan as much as I do, & some of which who are now mainstays in my life. Thank you for such an incredible experience so far, here’s to more great memories~ I love you all! 💕

these are blogs who brighten all of my days with their amazing content & beautiful souls; thank you for filling up my dash with such great vibes!

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A-typical April

I want to start a thing. 

I love my ML fandom. I do, more than any other fandom I have been a part of. 

But in the last 3 months I have seen a distressing amount of posts come across my dash of people feeling that Non- Lovesquare things get overlook or worse actively criticized and even harassed. This is a problem. Not because people shouldn’t like what they like ::aggressively cuddles my Marichat square::: but because there are SO MANY THINGS that are great about this show that aren’t JUST the love square. 

SO I am proposing a thing. A-typical April. a slew of prompts and challenges that have nothing to do with the lovesquare. Lets celebrate the friendships, the kwamis, the families, other ships- canon or noncanon!, heck the villains! I will personally put aside time to have a day of Gorilla appreciation! That man needs more love! 

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of season 2 let’s take some time to appreciate everything else wonderful in the ML fandom! 

Anyone else up for it? 

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Why do u post so many asks and so little art

Because I get a lot of asks and I like to respond to them.
I think that the relationship I have with my followers is very important and I feel truly happy that so many people enjoy my stuff.
Art takes a lot of time to make, and especially when I am working and going to school, it can be hard to get a lot of art done.
Of course I want to post a lot, but, it’s just not always feasible.
If you want to avoid the asks on your dash, you can blacklist the “asks” tag, since I always tag my responses.
If you’re on my blog and want to just look through the art you can follow this link which takes you to the things I have tagged as my art.
But, that is why there are so many asks and so little art.

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I never saw the fandom so tense! I thought that with the boys being more active and doing their own things, the situation could improve but allo see on my dash are nasty anons, bitterness, people putting the boys against each other, petty indirects and so many people actually bored. Like, we're probably getting 4/4 MUSIC next months and people are bored and sad. It makes me want to cry! Remember when Harry asked for us to please don't forget them?

I’m in a strange mood, and nothing can make my feel better and I feel like the fandom is falling apart these days so I wanted to make something to make YOU feel better even if I don’t feel that way. 

I tried to make a follow forever, but I realized I couldn’t, because I was never good at that, so I decided to make this post and to say that I am so grateful for the years spent here with all of you! 

You are like a second family to me and I am happy that I met you here, talked to you and become friends. I hope we’ll stay like that many many years from now.  

And like I said, I can’t really do a follow forever, but I’m gonna tag some people that I really special to me, make my day better and my dash full of good things and I hope they know that. But fi you don’t then you should know that you are all really special to me!

I hope you all have a good day, week, month, year!

Love ya!

@effulgentcolors, @therealkillianjones, @laschatzi, @lenfaz, @ofshipsandswans,  @a-faekindagirl, @a-fairytale-love-story, @accio-ambition, @carmibelievesinlove, @blowmiakisscolin@killiancygnus@actualswanprincess, @afairytaleprincess,  @ahookedswan, @ahoymilady, @ahoyswan, @alexandralyman, @all-mirth-no-matter, @aloha-4-ever, @brooke-to-broch, @bromfieldhall, @cocohook38, @tennant-the-tigger, @captainswansource, @captainswanismyendgame, @katie-dub, @svenjaliv, @bucklesomeswashswan, @badasslass, @captain–kitten, @flipperbrain, @shady-swan-jones, @true-loves-tackle, @tough-lass, @pirateherokillian, @cat-sophia, @cinnamon-seas, @cinnamonduckling, @thesschesthair, @dassala, @emmandhook, @fairytalesandtimetravel, @fallingforthecaptain, @firstbeanstalk, @herhookedhero, @hooklineandswan, @i-know-how-you-kiss, @icapturedkindness, @imhookedonaswan, @lala-mora, @lillyanjones, @midnightswans, @mindyourhelm, @mrs-emma-swan-jones, @naiariddle, @nowforruin, @ohcaptainmyswan, @onceland, @peggyyswan, @phiralovesloki, @princess-emma-of-misthaven, @sambethe, @scapeartist, @captainwiley, @scribblecat27, @seastarved, @seethelovelyintheworld, @seizeeachmoment, @shipsxahoy, @tlynnwords, @whimsicallyenchantedrose, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @xerxesrises, @xhookswenchx, @tirsu, @piratesbooty63fan, @the-reason-to-sail-home, @rollyjogerjones, @xemmaloveskillianx, @piratesails, @swanshope.

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i want more smc positive blogs on my dash, can u recommend?

There are many, many smc positive blogs on tumblr! So many that it’s taken me months to properly find you an answer as I can more easily point out the whole 2-3 blogs on tumblr who aren’t positive about it.

So sorry in advance if you’re not @ on this list. The number of people who like SM Crystal is overwhelming. I had to edit so many times as I was basically @ing everyone and most of you post other things beside sm/smc although some of you who do still made it to the list.

So my apologies to anon if you were looking for smc only blogs, most people on tumblr don’t run specific fandom blogs and if they do it’s a mix like sm/smc/manga/pgsm. This list is about tumblrs who are positive about smc which is a whole lot of people!

Feel free to reblog with more blogs that you can think of, if you want to include them here. This is a Sailor Moon Crystal positivity post.

@sailorcrisis @moonlightsdreaming @purinsesu-sereniti @tiny012 @crystalbehindthescenes @crystalmoonxo @serizawazs @triaelf9 @supersmashnash @sailorgojirarex1997 @i1976blunotte @kagenoneko @little-more-than-a-whim @serafukubishounensenshi @p-serenity @glittermoonandstars @goldenharmony @gwenthewelshgal @carryonmywaywardsenshi @crystalcaps @demisexualmako @eternal-sailormoon @fyeahsailormoon @sailorcinnamonroll @guardiancosmos @mooniesforever @prettyguardianscreencaps @rabbit0fthemoon @tumblin-milano @sailormoonscreencaps @sailormoonfavorites @kindnessiseternal @usagixoxo @thesailorbook @venusmelody @cookie9377 @frozendiamond85 @atinylightinthedarkness @superimaginationcreativity @cinnamonrollusagi @personaeffect @sailorsoapbox @irritablevowel @gingerbowtie @paulthetic @senshiofmom @blackotaku97 @carlosfarinas @luna-whiskers @blackmantagirl @fsakurazuka @reignlove @lunasmagicbox @chanelflorahl @raynfarron @allthatglitter @ainomessage @sailorcorgimoon @solitarysetsuna @silvermoon424 @eclecticdancerm @lookuptotheinfinite @sailorhoneymoon @astraearose93 @she-dreams-in-pink @sailor-moon-turtle @sailormoon-princess @tallladyserenity @supersailorwhore @sailor-skank @cutie-tabootie @cynthiaamata @mdkmoon @louise-valliere-dono @doslunasdereina @erisol-ediciones @ladyaldara @lasmokingreblogger @uswagi-tsukino @idesofnovember @d011qu33n @abbymacaroni @mooncaps @senshiofserenity @smokingbomber @sailormoonparallels @peacelovehappinessandwriting @heavensubt @sailorfailures @sailormoon-mooniverse @sailorkittykrys @moonie-love @idesofnovember

Again, if I missed anybody, this list got overwhelming so I plan on adding to it again in the future. I ❤ all these positive Moonies!✌

hi! so i’ve never done this, but considering how many wonderful and talented people i see on my dash i felt like i needed to show my appreciation for them somehow… and also, to proclaim my undying love and unwavering loyalty to them just a few days before valentine’s day (consider this a love letter from me lmao)! anyways, no joking, i really appreciate you all and i hope you’ll spend this year surrounded with people who love you and inspire you to do great things!

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I’m super glad to see people calling out Tess again/still.

And, like, if she was your intro to body pos THATS OKAY TOO. She was definitely one of the first people I looked up to.

But she’s problematic as hell, and not even in a “well maybe she’s grown and changed” way. She hasn’t. She won’t. And she continues to act like her attitude and actions have 0 accountability towards her racism, ableism, and body shaming.

It’s unfortunate that one of the most visible names in “body positivity” turned out to be trash, but there’s also just… so damn many other amazing people who you can look up to who are doing the lions share of ACTUAL FAT ACTIVISM and not just posing/modelling/getting free shit to sell at an inflated price (and then never send out) (oops did I say that?).

Keep Tess and associates off my dash 2kforever

Need some peeps to follow

Ayy im doin one of these! I follow a lot of inactive blogs and I don’t see very many things on my dash. So like/reblog or do any of the sorts if you post about any of the following and ill check ur blog out!!:

  • Steven Universe
  • One Punch man
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Space Dandy
  • Rick and Morty
  • Animal crossing
  • pokemon
  • nintendo in general/videogames
  • pastel aesthetics/space aesthetics
  • just if you are an aesthetic blog
  • cartoons in general
  • memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • adult swim
  • 90′s stuff
  • 80′s, 90′s, early 00′s movies/show etc.
  • art stuff/ ocs!/ fanfics/ u make music n stuff
  • vent stuff
  • shitposts
  • Free!
  • Heathers

Heres a: GIANT LIST of shows I like if you wanna check that out for more

Some pre-expansion thoughts + “celebratory pre-stormblood”meme created out of spontaneous boredom.

I’ve been playing FFXIV since launch and I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way. I’m absolutely looking forward to the new Stormblood expansion with all the fresh new adventures and friends to be had along the way.

We’re almost in June! So it’ll be here before you know it, I wanted to give all my love to my friends and followers who’ve enjoyed my content that I’ve created since I popped up around 2 years ago. I was really on the fence about creating one, but with a little push from @tsubi-uru, here I am.

And it’s one of the best things I could have done, because the core friends I met through tumblr, we can’t stop annoying each other and it’s great.

(There are so many of you, but you know who you are.)

I love you all, and thanks for giving me reblog fuel when I couldn’t make something. There are so many talented people in this community and it’s always a treat to see on my dash.

THAT BEING SAID… I wanna start something! Just like I did when HW was coming out, I would like to see people do what I just did, make your own compilation photoset post of past screenshots showing how much your character has changed!

(Especially you fantasia users.)

Come on, it’ll be fun!

Sometimes I really wonder how people manage to be larries but also kind of think that louis is some kind of idiot that just accepts whatever ‘nasty selfish Harry’ is doing like he’s some love fool that just accepts things while the fandom clearly sees through said version of Harry like what kind of relationship do people think they have? And do people realise they are basically questioning louis’ intelligence?

anonymous asked:

I just saw a post on my dash about this blogger "luxuriouslifts" getting arrested for having over $800 worth of merch. they said they and their friend "have a court date and everything, and she's really scared" and tbh I lol'd cause like the fuck did you expect? you committed a crime. and there's so many people defending them, saying "what if they have a mental illness?" well if they do they should've recognized it and gone to a therapist. (1)

like I have mental issues myself (depression, anxiety, and ADD), but I was able to recognize my problems, I got diagnosed with these disorders by a doctor, and I started seeing a therapist (and taking medication for ADD). I understand having a mental disorder is hard, but still, there are lots of options for help, and this bitch is just getting what they deserve. (2)             

(I’ve posted my personal opinion on my blog since I know it won’t be a popular one. It’s my opinion, not Mandie’s or Rodney’s. -Abby)

                                                        Thank You!  ミ☆ 407 followers!

 I’m not even sure where to begin with this, but thank you so much, ALL of you.. For making this blog a success and bringing me such amazing writing experiences with Rinoa, making me fall in love with her even more throughout the time here. Below are people, whom have impacted the mun’s life and the muse’s life as well. 

@aeristheancient: Autumn, I really miss you - You were one of the first people to welcome me here and honestly, you were the one that encouraged me to give her a try here when I was so timid about doing it. Really, if I have anyone to really give credit to, it’s you. <3 I love your Aerith, truly and you’ve been there for me in the past, I can’t thank you enough.

@prudentiae: Mani! I love ANY character you write, whether Squall to even Sorey to now Ignis, you’re a PHENOMENAL writer and have become such a little bright star in my life. You’re so nice to talk with and I promise, we’ll do that threat together soon then we can have our muses star gaze and even play little astronomy games together. <3 Your kindness holds no bounds, and you’re truly one of the most sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. 

@jourdevanille: Minnie, I love you and your Vanille ! You’re honestly so sweet and even if we haven’t really spoke much lately, never forget that I do think of you and expect that I’ll forever poke the precious cinnamon roll ! ;)

@blackmage-lulu: I’m including you in this because honestly, from the beginning, you helped me get on my feet. Giving me tips when it came to posting, helping me out. I can’t thank you enough ! You’ve been one of the people that taught me how to write here. Your Lulu is beautiful and I’ve truly loved writing with her and enjoyed talking with you. <3

@magitekelite: Straight up, the mun and muse adore you and Terra so so much! You guys have impacted the both of us and our lives. You’re my little gem and I love having you on my dashboard and the bonds we created between Rinoa and Terra. <3 I’ve always wanted to write with a Terra, and because of you, you gave me that friendship and more!

@prcmising: MY JENNY PUNNY. Omg, I just - you’re one of the funniest and sweetest people i’ve met here. I love your Namine so much! You place depth into her and I love lurking your threads no matter who you write with. You and your little puns made me laugh so many times and I enjoyed when we brought those puns on dash, it was a lot of fun! 

@lazuliss: My Wingly Twin! You’ve been one of the people that impacted me as well, throughout the group we wrote together in. I love you and your Noel, and I love the brother / sister creation we were placing in for Noel and Rinoa - I’m still looking forward to it ! You’re also one of the sweetest people here.

@lockedfighter: Tifa! I’m naming you here because since my personal blog before Rinoa, I started following you and have really adored your Tifa. You brought her to life, to many depths I had never seen before. I even started loving the ship you have with your Noctis. You two have built it up so much and placed a lot of effort into the muse’s, it clearly shows and I ship it so hard now! But even more so, you’ve been there for me when I needed guidance and you’re a lot of fun to talk to! I love your cosplays, my goodness - you rock them girl ! But, I know you’re going through a lot, just know I’m here and I’m sending you some positivity and strength your way love.

@jjillekkot: TIMBER NINJA. YES, YOU ARE MY OWL NINJA. I have gotten to know you as well and I love your kindness, sending me a christmas card last year - it was so sweet. [ ISMILEDSOBIG. ] But, you’re a lot of fun to see on my dash, you’re so sweet to talk to too, even saying I deserve happiness. Girl, if there’s anyone that deserves it, it’s you. : )

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#nofilterwitchcraft reblogs...

Wow, you guys! I’m really pleasantly shocked by the awesome participation this is getting!

Because there are so many people doing this and I know that I don’t always love it when someone floods my dash, I feel like I should restrain myself from reblogging every single post. So, I am only going to be reblogging as many as I feel isn’t overly annoying. I’ll do some anti-aesthetic curating, if you will.

But follow the tag to see more un-aesthetic real-life witchcraft!