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Gotham Preference - They Find Out You’re Alive

Requested by @bitweird1Could you do a preference for what the Gotham villians would react like if they thought you died but then they discover you didn’t? Including Sid and Nancy?

A/N: Heyo, I’m guessing by Sid and Nancy you mean Bruce and Selina? I’m gonna go with that cause that’s the only time I’ve seen the term used in this fandom XD Correct me if I’m wrong. Also, sorry for taking so damn long to do this. I’m a mess.

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  • Taehyung: Hey, best leader in the universe!
  • Jimin: Heyo, soft, cute and caring angel-hyung!
  • Jungkook: Hey, you rolemodel of mine and of so many other people's!
  • Hoseok: Hey, the man who always listens to our problems and helps!
  • Yoongi: Hey, you genius philosopher who writes the most beautiful and badass lyrics for his family!
  • Seokjin: Hey, you kinda-clumsy but we-still-love-you amazing-rapper-who-dances-like-a-god!
  • Namjoon: ...
  • Namjoon:
  • Seokjin: stop crying Joonie, it's your birthday
  • Namjoon: it's just
  • Namjoon: I love you guys
  • Taehyung: We love you too. Now where's the cake?
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Reaper: …you ever wonder why we’re here?
Widowmaker: don’t do this to me right now.

On Route 66:

Reaper: oh joy, another empty box canyon.

Talon lackey: this is our new ship! We call it “The Raptor”.
Reaper: …kinda looks like a puma to me.
Talon lackey: wait - what. What the hell is a puma?

Talon boss: okay so I’m not MAD that you failed the museum heist -
Reaper: Widow did it.
Widowmaker: excuse me?

Soldier: 76: Look we could really use you on our side -
Reaper: Sounds like a blue team problem.
Soldier: 76: …
Reaper: …
Soldier: 76: better than your red team problems, Sarge.

Choicest week 2k17 announcement!!


This is a blog for the first ever choicest week!! 

We’re curious how many people would actually be interested. So could you please like/reblog this post if you’d participate!! And we havent yet decided on prompts or dates and we’d like you to reply to this post helping us out!! You can send your questions to this blog~

Hope to hear from you again

ID #30732

Name: Amelia
Age: 16
Country: Singapore

Heyo! I’m Amelia, I’m 16 and I’m living in a small-ass Asian country called Singapore. I’m currently in my last year of secondary school. I realised recently that my group of friends aren’t the best for me, so I’d like to meet as many people as possible and possibly find a life-long best friend! (Yes I’m aware of how strange that sounds lmao). Anywho, I’m open to meeting anyone as long as you’re around my age! I love to listen to almost all kinds of music and I’m currently learning how to play the violin! I also love to watch movies and YouTube videos. I speak Chinese as a second language and am currently leaning Japanese on my own! Tbh, in a nutshell, I’d just like to meet anyone who’s also looking for someone who could potentially be a best friend :)

Preferences: Age: 15-19
Gender: anything is fine
Country: preferably a none-Asian country but I’m generally okay with anything!

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Heyo sorry if this is annoying but like?? Is the ace attorney fandom?? Dead??? Or is it just really small or somthin?? I just love it and I don't kno anyone irl that does too

idk its kind of old and i dont know that many people either

i only got into it like dec 2016 so im not sure what it was like when it was bigger but i know it was at some point, i think every time a new game comes out maybe idkk :~(

“Don’t look at my wife!” - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Unfortunately I still have some issues with the hashtags, so some of my fanfictions just don’t show up. So if you want some more fanfiction goodness, just scroll through my blog and you might discover something nice ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary - Tony makes a party that’s the best he can do and invites a lot of people. A mixture of famous, political people and friends. Bucky doesn’t like the idea of being around so many people and have to talk to them. But Steve convinces Bucky to stay at least for an hour. Luckily he held his promise.

Words - 1,010

Warnings - reader x husband (you’ll see), a long ass gaze oh my god, did I just made a funny pun? no. sorry, that’s it, if I forgot something tell me ♥

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Bucky’s POV

It was loud. So loud.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. They talked louder than the next group. The bass of the music almost made the cocktail and martini glasses vibrate. One group laughed about the oh so funny joke someone made. He already knew the pointé and even after it was explained, he didn’t like the joke. The lights were flickering around. Someone played pool with his friend to impress the girls.

Ugh, he just hated parties.

It was too much for him.

He enjoyed the silence. 

He enjoyed the darkness. 

He enjoyed to be alone.

Just 10 minutes and Steve would already let him go.

Bucky had enough already. More than enough. He just wanted to get to his suite that was luckily seperated by 10 floors. He probably had your silence in there.

Bucky closed his eyes and sat back in his chair, crossing his strong arms in front of his chest letting out a heavy sigh.

“Oh wow. I heared about that metal arm. Can I touch it? You look so strong with it.”

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I notice some people don't like alluka which shock me cause she so adorable but the main reason cause many think she ex-manic since killua never mention her and only been brought up when gon was dying so do you think she was just brought up last minute to bring gon back or was an interesting character that could be explore more?


huuh tricky question.

Alluka was planned from the start as a member of the Zoldyck family though. During the Zoldyck Family arc, it’s mentioned the Zoldyck have 5 children. In the arc itself we are only aware of Illumi, Milluki and Kalluto’s existence, but it’s hinted at that there is another one.

and when Kalluto talks about how he wants to find his brother back, in the CA arc, the family picture we see of the Zoldyck includes Alluka.

finally, we knew that the Zoldyck children were named in a way so they would make a shiritori. that is to say, the child name’s start with the ending of the previous sibling’s name

so we had Illumi, you take the Mi and get Milluki , you take the Ki and you get Killua, then Alluka and Kalluto (IlluMilluKilluAlluKalluto)

so because of that everyone knew of another sibling already in the zf arc, and we knew the sibling was named Alluka. so Her Existence was planned from the start.

Her powers, however, could be argued to… be coming out of nowhere. I kinda understand the Deus Ex Machina aspect of that, since she was never mentioned before, but I’m personally good with the excuse that Illumi’s needle had Killua forget her, since the needle was made to control Killua and his love for Alluka would hold him back and be a problem for the Zoldyck trying to control her too.

Now i don’t think it’s worth hating on her for that. Imo, if Nanika does come from the Dark continent, it also becomes probably just another indication of what awaits in the DC. So in the end it might just be a build up to the story itself. And with the needle and also the Chimera Ants coming from the DC, i suppose it’s likely it was part of a build up for the upcoming storylines.

and besides, i think the storyline made enough of the point that the horror of Gon almost dying wasn’t in his death itself, but on the suicidal reasons that brought him to it, and the result that he doesn’t have his Nen anymore still.
There’s a lot more to explore with Gon achieving his goal, yet not being satisfied by it, and by him losing everything he gained in that journey for that Goal to start with.

Also i think she brings more to Killua’s storyline. Killua always ran away from his abusive family, for good reasons, but i feel like coming back for Alluka and trying to fix things could be part of a recovery process in which he could confront this abuse. Which to me is an interesting storyline as his journey as a character had been to challenge what his family wanted him to be and do.

(not to mention that she’s a really amazing and endearing character and that her dynamic with Nanika is really one of a kind and nice to see.)

and imo that’s where i stand on that point. A Deus Machina to justify a cheap powerup or twist is not good, but if it is well enough written so it fits the world building, and that it brings much more to the character’s journey and trouble, i don’t have issue with that. Especially if we got hints to that before.

Now if people hate on her because Killua decided to leave with her instead of staying with Gon………. that’s another story and this is really shitty :/

but ye i get the deus ex machina feeling but to me this is well written and is brought up for good reasons without feeling cheap. So i don’t feel it as a deus ex machina.

however again we knew from the start Killua had another sibling, so the fact he never mentioned her before doesn’t mean she was put in the story for a deus ex machina, her being mentioned but never actually talked about was a deliberate move by Togashi and therefore ot can be argued for how long he had been thinking about that element of the story.

So ye I love Alluka and she deserves better.

take care!!!

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Heyo! Just wanted to let you know that I had no idea that Omegaverse was even a thing until this fandom,then stumbled upon yours and HOLYSHIT I am enjoying SO MUCH of it ヽ(・A・)ノ Maybe it's just your art and writing for it is SO GOOD, but the gods damn. Thanks for coming up with it! :)

Oh my!! Welcome to omegaverse AU’s ;)
And thank YOU for this kind message
I’m ecstatic that so many people like my AU! Omegaverse is a weak point of mine so I’m happy to add more content to the world ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I need friends lol

Heyo I am Jasi and I am from Austria.

I have done that once and I got to know some really nice people but they somehow stopped texting me.So I am looking for someone to skype with or chat and maybe sometime send some packages to each other or sth.

I am a pretty crazy and weird person and I don’t want to say too much rn or we won’t find something good to start a convo with lol. Hopefully I find someone as crazy as me.(and I like so many things so I am not gonna list them rn lol)

I am 14 btw. and I’d like someone my age,i don’t care about gender,religion,sexuality etc. And I am only interested to be friends with someone,so if you’re interested in something else,don’t contact me.

my sc(i hate my sc name lol): jasii_smiile

my insta: jasii_koe

Tumblr: j-k-au

when i get to know you better and you don’t stop texting I can give you my number and/or skype.


Requested: heyo, can you pls do an imagine where y/n is a yt'ber and she meets shawn at an award show and shawn really likes the girl and he is very nervous


These award shows are so chaotic. You don’t even know how you’ve been to so many. You just started making videos in your bedroom a few years ago, talking about random things, and for some reason people took a liking to you. You never meant for it to become an actual career, but you’re definitely not complaining that it has. You’re backstage at another award show, feeling out of place like you always do at these things. As much as you love and support youtubers, you kind of feel like you guys are your own little community so whenever you’re at any of the mainstream award shows you always feel out of place.

You’re trying not to let your nervousness and feelings of being out of place show. You catch sight of Shawn Mendes, and he starts approaching you. You’re not usually one to get starstruck, especially because you’ve been in this industry for a while and met a lot of famous people. You’re excited that he is headed towards you because you want to talk to him since you’ve watched his career grow. He comes up and looks nervous, which baffles you. He’s the super famous musician. You’re just a girl that sits in her bedroom and makes videos for a living.

“Hey, (Y/n), I’m Shawn.” He sticks out his hand, and you shake it.

“Hi Shawn,” You reply. “I know who you are,” You say with a smile.

“Oh, okay, cool. Well, I just came over to say that I’ve been watching your videos for years, and I love them.” His cheeks turn red as he admits this.

“Aww that’s so crazy to me because I’ve watched your career from the very beginning too. And I love your music.”

His eyes light up as he hears this, and the smile on his face is huge. “Thank you! That’s amazing. I had no idea.”

“I didn’t know you watched my videos either.” You respond.

“Its like we’ve both existed in each others lives without ever knowing it.” He remarks.

“That’s a strange thought,” You reply. You end up having about a ten-minute conversation with him about all kinds of things before he’s pulled away to rehearse for his performance. He’s extremely sweet, even more than you anticipated he would be. He shyly asks for your number before disappearing to start rehearsing.

Although you gave him your number, you don’t expect anything to come of it, and you’re both so busy that you don’t get a chance to see him the rest of the night, except you see his performance and him onstage again to accept his awards.

A few days later, you’re surprised to see a sweet text from him asking if you want to grab coffee. Of course you say yes, and the most unexpected relationship begins between the two of you.

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im a trans girl and im 15 so this doesn't apply to me now but I heard a while ago they're working on womb and uterus transplants to allow trans women to get pregnant and give birth, do you know if that's true at all or have any info on it?

Ren says:

I was actually reading up about this the other day! A cis woman born with MRKH (an intersex condition that, among some other things, means the lack of, or an underdeveloped, uterus) successfully carried a baby for 32 weeks with a uterus transplant! (She developed pre-eclampsia, hence why the baby was born premature - there haven’t been any other successes so far, though not many people have tried it.)

So, it’s not possible yet, but yes, in the future, it is very likely that you could do this! You would be able to carry the child, and if you stored sperm, the baby could be genetically related to you. You would deliver through a C-section, and would be able to breastfeed (which is already something trans women can do, heyo!). 

After a child, though, you would have to get a hysterectomy, because long-term immunosuppression (which transplant patients must undergo to lower the risk of their body rejecting the foreign organ) is no fun, lemme tell you.

:D Still! It’s great news! Scientific possibilities are endless!!!

{ Starter | @tigernightfury14 }

“Another newcomer to my glacier, huh? Heh… Well, welcome I suppose.” He turned towards the girl that had somehow scaled the immense cliffs. He gazed at her, somewhat confused, but after he’s seen so many people appear, he just decided against questioning it and making himself seem like an idiot.

… He had to admit, she looked quite nice though, even for a human. He folded his arms, trying not to think about that.


I decorated my grad cap, as if anyone’s surprised. 

I know everyone and their mother puts TARDISes on their caps but like, Doctor Who really means something to me. This dumb show got me a job, it introduced me to so many people whom I feel incredibly fortunate to know both as friends and in the professional sphere, and it gave me a place where I felt like I belonged (at least back in 2011 before the fandom went to shit haha heyo am i right). 

So uh, thank you Doctor Who for getting me through college and helping me into my future. Here’s to the next 50 years.

tunahaikyu  asked:

Heyo! I just wanted to say that you're just AWESOME and your art is beautiful~ How is it possible to make so many people in the world change their sexuality for you based on ur art?! It's a superpower! I really admire you Kin, and I hope to be as great at drawing as you someday! Um... can I call you senpai? (once you respond it'll be like "senpai noticed me" lolol) Your reaction doodles make my day, so in a way I hope that my message to you made your day too, whether it was good or bad. Luv u~<3

aww thank you dear~ it did make my day haha // u \ and yes you can call me senpai lol

azure-flutearchive  asked:

Hiya! I have a question about Sei's name and I wondered if you might know the answer? In the game, is his name written with the kanji 生, or is it written セイ? I believe it is written as the latter on the animation references, but most people say it means life, which is assuming it is written 生 rather than the many other kanji that could be read "sei". Thank you for your time!


So for Sei’s name is only written in katakana as セイ. What this means is that N+C deliberately want to leave the name open to interpretation based on the different kanji that you can use to write the name. I touched on this a little in my After-Party fic, but depending on how you write it Sei can also mean different things like “silent” (静), “an oath” (誓), or “cloaked in stars.” (星衣)

Interestingly enough, the “tou” in Toue’s name comes from from the kanji higashi 東 which means east, while the kanji for west, nishi 西, can also be read as “sei.” The standard kanji for blue, or ao (青) can also be read as “sei,” though Aoba’s name uses a different kanji for blue (蒼).

heyo people so currently Louisiana where I live is having a record amount of flooding and I’ve only seen about 3 posts about it and it’s not even on the news anyplace else so um what’s up with that??? but basically at least 7000 people have been evacuated and 3 people have died (update 20,000 rescued and 6 dead) and like it’s bad you guys. many of my friends have had to evacuate and most have water in their homes or are literally living on an island. my school and many homes are completely flooded. luckily I live in an area that hasn’t been affected as much as most have and the water has only reached the road leading up to where my subdivision is so me + my family are a-ok. so! donate if you can! I’m sure many people have set up places where you could do that. if you can’t, please keep LA in your thoughts and prayers if you’re the praying type and uh yeah! thanks for reading!

So, Valentine’s Day was yesterday, which everyone obviously knows. But something really weird happened. Or maybe it’s not so much weird as cute, kinda? Basically I was at this store and this guy was buying balloons, but I’m not talking two or three, I’m pretty sure he had about thirty, and he had one of his buddies helpin’ him ‘cause who can carry that many balloons without floating away? No one, that’s who. And I’m not really sure why he had that many, but I like to think whoever got 'em was pretty happy, yeah? Or maybe he gave all of them to different people – lonely ones, you know? That woulda’ been nice. A lot nicer than my cousin – 'cause he got four different people presents, rather than one person four presents, and I’m not sure that’s what this is about.

What is sqult?

Sqult is a terrifying and powerful phenomenon created by the enigmatic duo, babyryanross and the-alchemist-exorcist, that has evolved into a dynamic, dramatic family led by Ryan Ross and his wife Shoes.


Vanessa ( babyryanross )

Sis/Alex ( the-alchemist-exorcist )

Ryan Ross ( no tumblr given bc hes ryan fuckin ross)

Cult ( ryanrosssinghallelujah ) {Peyton}

Shoes ( i-love-pete-and-pizza ) {Chloe}

Happy Ryan ( xethairius ) {Happy/Hap Hap}

Ryden ( rossryro ) {Kam}

Bambi ( itsnoregrets ) {Nhu}

Lee/Gerard ( frenchytoast ) {Lauryn}

Flowrs ( tylerssjoseph

Cheeks ( kiki4160 )

Bear ( maydaypanicc )

Frank ( ryden-fxcker )

Hair ( ringosmagicbeans69 )

Two face ( eavanpeters )

One Eye (i….dont know your tumblr. fuck)

Mirror ( linearvenue )

Grey ( dfabjoshdun )

Pink ( katiedaboss )

gERARD ( nearlysinners )

Stella ( antigxne )

baby ( pansexualryan )

bangs ( brendonuriehasruinedmylife )

Wing ( voodooway )

Santi ( ode-to-20dollarnosebleed )

*NOTE: there is a difference between gERARD and gerard. note the capitalization. 

Family History

It starts out simple enough. Two tumblr users get the bright idea to make a band, a many-personned band called The Suffer. They create a kik chat, and invite all who hope to be a part of this prosperous musical group. 

It quickly goes to shit, because heyo, Ryan Ross joins us. 

And damn.

He’s told us quite a lot, but these are secrets (like us, the squad cult is a secret, don’t tell dankeyes).

So then things progress, and we kind of get to a point where Ryan is naming people based on their icons. So we get Shoes, who marries him, and is now his wife, and it’s all very complicated but that’s how we ended up with names.

Now. The story so far:

Ryan and Shoes’ relationship is harmonious, usually, and Shoes would be considered third favorite member of the chat. They have one biological child, Ryden. The rest of us are adopted and therefore some of us have married among ourselves. Grey married Wario (thats a thing), Hair has a crush on Flowrs (flowrs is the first favorite), and Frank proposed to me. 

But there’s been some shake ups today. Namely, Shoes said she loves Dan (as in his music, but Ryan misinterpreted it), and they nearly divorced. We were going to have to split the children, it was A Mess. Now, Ryan is cuddling and eating candy and watching movies with Dan, and the divorce may be on the brink once more. 

eh, whatever. we’ll fix it with threats of taking away the kids.

Other Things Of Great Import:

Happy Ryan

Happy Ryan is the alter ego. They are the Ryan who never gave up all his joys and loves, the Ryan who married Beebo and lived happily ever after. Happy Ryan keeps the peace, an integral member of The Suffer’s infrastructure.

The Wario War

Now, on this, I’m not clear. I wasn’t present for the war, but apparently there were a lot of pictures of Wario of the Mario Bros. franchise, and now Grey is married to him. Someone else will make this clearer. 

The Aunts

aka Vanessa and Alex. Every now and then they pop in to see how the kids are doing (We always have a lot to say). They keep the calm, as well, and keep Ryan under control.