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I make too many ocs

I finally have,, a good jester like dim species character,,,
who doesnt even really look like dim species but i tried

I’m thinking their this protector/guardian of an ancient town or something?? Like they were born/made for t h a t
Theyve been alive for a long time?? and they are very sweet and caring
They protect people for a living after all!

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Heyo! I'm a fellow ace and I just wanted you to be aware that many find the all/o label offensive ... and it's a piece of why a lot have such hatred for aces out there. Just wanted to let you know, hope you don't get any hate for it ⭐️⭐️

Y’know, I’m gonna be honest, I never got why …

It’s like how the word ‘cis’ describes people who aren’t trans. ‘Allo’ describes people who aren’t a-spec.

But cis isn’t offensive, so why is allo?

I’d say “let’s just make up a new word if it’s that much trouble”, but people would probably twist it and make it out to be offensive too when it’s just a word to describe certain orientations.

I hope no one feels bad when I call them allo, honestly, because being allo is a beautiful thing! Romantic love is beautiful, and sexual love is beautiful too!

Seriously, be proud to be allo! Just don’t step on a-specs while you do so, and you’ll be fine.

“Don’t look at my wife!” - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Unfortunately I still have some issues with the hashtags, so some of my fanfictions just don’t show up. So if you want some more fanfiction goodness, just scroll through my blog and you might discover something nice ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary - Tony makes a party that’s the best he can do and invites a lot of people. A mixture of famous, political people and friends. Bucky doesn’t like the idea of being around so many people and have to talk to them. But Steve convinces Bucky to stay at least for an hour. Luckily he held his promise.

Words - 1,010

Warnings - reader x husband (you’ll see), a long ass gaze oh my god, did I just made a funny pun? no. sorry, that’s it, if I forgot something tell me ♥

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Bucky’s POV

It was loud. So loud.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. They talked louder than the next group. The bass of the music almost made the cocktail and martini glasses vibrate. One group laughed about the oh so funny joke someone made. He already knew the pointé and even after it was explained, he didn’t like the joke. The lights were flickering around. Someone played pool with his friend to impress the girls.

Ugh, he just hated parties.

It was too much for him.

He enjoyed the silence. 

He enjoyed the darkness. 

He enjoyed to be alone.

Just 10 minutes and Steve would already let him go.

Bucky had enough already. More than enough. He just wanted to get to his suite that was luckily seperated by 10 floors. He probably had your silence in there.

Bucky closed his eyes and sat back in his chair, crossing his strong arms in front of his chest letting out a heavy sigh.

“Oh wow. I heared about that metal arm. Can I touch it? You look so strong with it.”

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heyo people so currently Louisiana where I live is having a record amount of flooding and I’ve only seen about 3 posts about it and it’s not even on the news anyplace else so um what’s up with that??? but basically at least 7000 people have been evacuated and 3 people have died (update 20,000 rescued and 6 dead) and like it’s bad you guys. many of my friends have had to evacuate and most have water in their homes or are literally living on an island. my school and many homes are completely flooded. luckily I live in an area that hasn’t been affected as much as most have and the water has only reached the road leading up to where my subdivision is so me + my family are a-ok. so! donate if you can! I’m sure many people have set up places where you could do that. if you can’t, please keep LA in your thoughts and prayers if you’re the praying type and uh yeah! thanks for reading!

heyo! this is so overdue but better late than never right? thanks to all my mutuals for following my trash blog and putting up with me screaming about everything (mostly louis & larry)… tumblr is shitty but it would be shittier without you!

i’m too lazy to do individual special mentions to my favorite people (also because there is too many of you) so my buds/people i’ve talked to are in bold!

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Heyo friends !!! A while back a made a neotag birthday calendar; but I ended up missing a lot of birthdays by the time it was posted !! So if you’d like for your birthday to be on the second edit of the calendar, you can reblog and add your date!! 💕