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Patrick-Hockstutter’s 1k+ Follower Face Reveal and Follow Forever

Fun fact: I took my friend to see IT a week ago and as soon as Patrick Hockstetter came on screen, my friend smacked me and nearly screamed, “Dude, that’s you if you were a dude!”

Best compliment ever???

But on a serious note, I want to thank all of you for your constant support for this blog. I know I don’t always post fics as quick as I should, but every time I get an ask or a request, it warms my heart. All this writing and joking around about psychotic boys and killer clowns has really helped with my depression and I’ve met so many nice people in the process. This blog and all of you really mean the world to me.

This fandom really is the best and most supportive community I’ve ever been a part of and I feel so lucky to be in it. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Special thanks to @saintbalor @you-suck-bowers @ihearyatits @bowerstrashboysinc @hockstetter1989 @shockstetter @hauntstetter @bangbangbowersgang @rippatrickhockstetter @patricksfridge @patrickhockstetterisasnack @bowersgangvslosersclub @bowersgangbaby @hennybowers @welcometothelosersclubahole @henrybcwer @henrybowersissoft @bunbunblondie @pommom91 @owenteagued @pennywise-fucker @nicholashamilton and many more for filling my days with laughter, fantastic writing, and 10/10 quality content <3



OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED! Okay, so y'all may or may not know this, but I originally never wanted to start this blog. I didn’t think anyone would like my art work, since so many people are so much better at it. But whoo boy, Imagine my surprise when I reached 100 followers, and then people just started to pour in, giving such loving praise and compliments to my work!

I almost cried when I saw the milestone we hit! I don’t think you people realize just how important this is to me. I had no confidence when I first created this blog, but look at me now! I’m currently running three blogs and co-owning another blog with Socky! I didn’t make this happen; you guys did! You gave me my confidence, and I am forever grateful to you all for it!

Now, some shout outs!
@blog-sockydraw you were such an inspiration to me, and much better with traditional art than I was, so I felt that I could only stare from afar while you amounted to this outstanding young artist you are now. But imagine my surprise when you actually followed me! I was so damn happy! And then you started to chat with me, and I can say with true honesty that you are one of my closest Tumblr friends.
@ask-guilldawhiteinkwildcat (I can’t tag for you some reason) you were so kind to me when I first started! You would chat with me sometimes and make me smile and laugh with your shenanigans. So for that, thank you!
@ihaileysenpai honestly Hailey, I wouldn’t care what you dubbed, because your such a nice person who’ve I’ve looked up to because of your personality and your jokes, which always made me laugh btw. You’re such an amazing person, so you keep being you Hun; never change! (Get better though Hun)
@theniceprincess-tnp wow, where do I even start? Okay, so I’ve been watching you for probably a year now. You were probably the second dubber I ever watched, the first being Ania. You made me crack a smile, and I’ve even talked to you on discord before, though you probably don’t remember. I was with Poni though! You’re such a nice and supportive person, and honest to boot. Playful too! So, do never change Nice, you’re such a good person, so don’t let anyone else’s opinion change that.
And now, probably the most important person to thank;
@pony-broni / @bendybabies
Hun, I literally don’t even know where to start. You helped me through a really tuff time, and I’ve always admired you, even before I started Tumblr. You were the type of person that made me want to better myself and I honestly never thought I’d ever meet you, let alone you noticing me. But when I decided to send you that first fanart, it’s one of my many decisions that I’ll never regret. Thanks to you, I gained so many opportunities and met so many amazing people, so for that I honestly thank you for the very bottom of my heart! Poni, I honestly consider you a sister, and I only do the at to people who I truly trust. So; thank you.

I didn’t make this happen, YOU GUYS DID. And I thank you from the very bottom of my soul. Tumblr is my home, it’s where I belong, and I’ll never regret joining this society.

i just want to be the reason you smile

When someone sends you a nice message/compliments you on a post

My opinion about the signs

Okay… I know this is not really my type of content but I always find these interesting to read so I thought I’ll post one myself.

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

Gemini: fun people to hang out with, their humour is so… unexpected like they say things you would have never thought about, tend to hide their serious feelings/emotions, take the side of the person they want to impress, think too much about how they can impress someone rather than just beeing themselves (even through their personality is way more charming)

Cancer: a little too sensitive for my taste, can get very annoying but they are too cute to be mad at, need a lot of protection, very giggly, great story-tellers (but they tend to tell you the same story over and over again), materialistic, put you first, loves from the bottom of their heart, pretty smart but dumb at the same time

Leo: warmhearted people, try to be funny and cool all the time (but fail eventually lol too cute), buys you a lot of gifts, attention-lovers, likes to meet new people, very vain when it comes to their appearance, very nervous when having tests/exams, naturally intelligent (unfortunately this doesn’t help them much in school), enjoys good food

Virgo: stress themselves way too much, overthink everything, usually very good in school, gets mad and stressed when things don’t work out as they thought they would, sort of a boring personality, they can talk sooooo much, very sensitive (!!!), tend to be too harsh on themselves, high expectations of themselves

Libra: naturally flirty af, cute smile, scared to be alone, talks most of the time about themselves, makes sure everybody is getting enough attention, very lazy, does things in the last minute, usually the one studying for a test/exam the lesson before, clumsy, needs protection, don’t like confrontations/fights, not good at making decisions or being on time

Scorpio: just like libras they talk a lot about themselves, get veeeeery obsessive over things and people, their staring is so intense that it makes me feel uncomfortable, cares a lot about their loved ones, scared to show feelings, makes very weird but cute compliments you would have never gotten from anybody else, sporty, try to flirt but that’s just a little… cringe-worthy lol

Sagittarius: now… these people are the absolut oppostie of me, always awkward when we hang out together, not the most loyal boyfriend/girlfriend/friend, always wearing top outfits, always looking good, cares a lot about their hair or in general their appearance, not the best in school, party every weekend, straightforward

Capricorn: makes sooo many cute compliments, I have this weird attraction towards them, extremly sexy, intelligent, can’t sit still, they are very weird people, humour consists of sarcasm and dad jokes and can be very dry, know way too well how to seduce people, not the best in expressing their feeling but they try, ABSOLUT SWEETHEARTS, gets shy when being complimented, very sensitive, never forget their mistakes and always regret them (no matter how small it was)

Aquarius: makes me feel like home at the very first meeting, either pretty chill or being pissed off at silly things, don’t like stubborn people, tendency to be very religious, very good friends, will do everything for and with you, works hard to reach their goals, plans everything weeks/months before

Pisces: I either like or can’t stand them, actually quite egoistic, not the best in using the right words, sensitive af 24/7, dark humour, cries a lot, scared to hurt someones feelings (even if they don’t like the person), avoids confrontations/fights by not saying what’s really on their mind, in a fight they will say the most hurtful things (and will regret them their whole life), using the victim-card way too often, most of the time smiling

How to learn a new language FAST!

Hi guys! Recently people have been asking me how come I am fluent in so many languages. And although I find this compliment to be very flattering, I do feel the urge to share my best tips with you guys. So I speak around 6 languages, but I am completely fluent in English, Croatian and Italian which always seem to interest people the most. Learning a new language does take time, but hopefully with these tips, you will be able to do it a lot faster!


For instance, if you are from Spanish speaking area, you might want to start off by learning Portuguese or Italian since all those languages have a similar sound and sentence structure. This way learning process might go a bit faster.


For best results, try leaving out at least 10 minutes or so every day to do something in that language. It can be something as simple as listening a song, even listening someone speak. Just be consistent and I promise you, you will find yourself understanding the language algorithm in no time.


It literally doesn’t matter if you understand or have no idea what the heck are they talking about. When I first started learning Italian, I just spent hours watching one Italian movie after the other and God knows I didn’t understand a thing, but I begin to understand the way they formed the sentences and noticed the way they repeated same words but in different context. This is a very important tip because every language has that part that can not be translated, nor explained, only understood by Italian speakers. So just find youtubers, movies or podcasts in language you want to learn and take our dictionary with you and listen.


It’s not that hard, really. There are also app to help you (such as Duolingo). Pick a few words and think of a way to make a sentence out of that word. Then try turning that word in an adverb and then try using that in a sentence. For instance, if you were to learn English and your word of choice was ‘beautiful’ use it first as an adjective: “This apple is beautiful.” Then use it as an adverb: “She drew his portrait beautifully.” This way you will learn a few words that go together and be closer to understanding the language structure. Also, start simple. start off by learning the most common and the simplest everyday sentences.


It doesn’t matter if you’re bad or lacking words, just speak. It is important to use what you’ve learned and practice it. Find someone to speak with. Internet is a huge place and you will find someone to speak with you. Even better if you find a native speaker (who knows, maybe they come to your town as a tourist?) since they will probably be willing to correct your mistakes and you will learn something from them.


This goes with the previous one. If you don’t have anyone to speak with, then write. You will practice your vocabulary and challenge yourself to learn the words that are missing to form a good sentence.


Grammar will come, focus on vocabulary first. Grammar will come as you begin understanding the language itself. So it takes time, but listen to songs, watch movies and try reading books in that language.


Enjoy yourself. Learning a new language is such a noble thing to do. You will have your mind so much more open and you will be richer for another experience.

Also, if you need help with anything, I will be more than glad to help you. My askbox is always open. 

Good luck.

Reminder to tell fic authors and artists how amazing they are

The reason:

besides them spending a lot of time on their pieces and putting all their heart into it (and being bloody amazing at it),

most of them - okay, I mainly speak of me here, I don’t know about others but I just assume it’s the same for them - can’t get compliments from their friends and family and people close to them cause

1) they don’t get their obsession with the show/ship
2) they are homophobic
3) you wouldn’t really want to show explicit works to your parents either, would you?
4) they write in English which is not their native language and not many people around them understand it

So it’s our responsibility to show them that they are doing an amazing job and that we enjoy seeing/reading their work. They need the confirmation and motivation.

So leave comments.

leave comments.

leave comments.

I feel like witchy people can sense each other

Oddly enough, they all come to my work too (except the barista at Barnes).

This one guy was wearing a Mjolnir necklace, and I complimented it. He thanked me and told me it meant a lot, because it’s a symbol for his religion. Then he followed that statement with “but I feel you already knew that.”

A young lady was in my shop today and was asking about tea, and talking about lavender and aromatherapy, and I noticed her moon tattoo on her left forearm. I told her it was lovely, and she thanked me and told me that she loves the moon. She leaned across the counter and whispered “She gives me strength.” I told her I felt the same way, and she got all happy and said “So you know!” and I really feel like we just had this connection about it without having to come out and say (in front of the other guests in my shop) that we’re witches, or we study the occult, or any of the like.

At Barnes, the young man at the cafe had a beautiful Amethyst necklace, which (you guessed it) I complimented and asked if it was Amethyst. He was quite surprised and happy that I knew, so he told me all about the shop in town where he got it, and a few other hole-in-the-wall places between Naples and Fort Myers that sell things like crystals and herbs and incense. Places that don’t have websites and aren’t on yellow pages or the like. 

I have had so many experiences where one of us compliments the other on our jewelry, or a tattoo, or a piece of clothing and it launches us into a conversation about the occult, or witchy things, or even just Paganism, but neither one directly says that it’s what it is. We help each other out, give each other little tips and tricks (and sometimes I will tell people which teas I use for spells and incense and baths) and we go our separate ways. I like to think that they think of our exchange at least a little, because these exchanges give me a type of energy that I quite enjoy, and they make my weeks more fun and full of color. 

It’s good to know that we are everywhere.

I just want everyone to know that I’m wearing my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ shirt today and when I was leaving the hotel this morning and waiting for my car a man waiting near me turned and said “I really like your shirt. We need more of that.” And then when my car came, he literally watched me get in and then closed my door for me. And my HEART IS JUST SO FULL because that’s what it’s all about you know?? Harry’s gonna have thousands of people walking around with those shirts on and it kind of feels like if you can get even one person to pause for a minute to consider how they can put a little more kindness out there–hold a door, give a compliment, make someone’s day–then that’s a really big thing. But Harry’s using his platform to get that reminder to so many people around the world everyday and I just think that’s so amazing and I’m so proud!!

peachiebeans  asked:

Oh my god, Izzy I aDORE your Voltron HCs so mUCH— I find myself rereading them often when I need a giggle omg. Keep doing what u do u radiant garden flower..... u succulent peach...... u beautiful dominos two for one deal...... 👌😩🌻🌻🌻

honestly that’s,,, the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

  • [shit goes down] “houston we have… so many problems”
    • coran: “??? who’s houston???“
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat” also allura: wakes up, insults someone’s ears, tries to break their arm
  • if coran finds a gray hair on his head he’ll shapeshift it back to orange
  • hunk: “well panicking didn’t solve the problem so i guess i’m out of ideas”
  • keith swears that sometimes in battle he’ll faintly hear lance whispering “pew pew pew” while shooting robots
  • keith: [about to do that shit] shiro: “ke-” lance: “keith
    • keith: “…fine >:(” shiro: ?????
    • lmao so how long do you think it takes shiro to realize that lance is keith’s new voice of reason
  • pidge: “this plan will require using lance’s greatest strength” lance: “what? my hair? my eyes?” pidge: “your obnoxious personality”
“but you don’t look autistic”
i know, it’s shocking
i’m sure you were expecting scaly green skin
or another pair of eyes hidden beneath my bangs
but take a look
two legs, two arms, on pair of eyes
i look just like you
i look like a human
because that’s what i am
autism does not have a costume
our wardrobe isn’t embroidered with puzzle pieces and the color blue
funnily enough
like everyone else on this earth
people with autism are all different
our experiences are not stagnate across the globe 
and just because i can disguise my stims
doesn’t mean i am more or less autistic than someone who cannot
and believe it or not
saying that is not a compliment

autistic people can have jobs
we can be loved by someone other than our family members
we can drive
and go shopping
not all of us are nonverbal
and while most of us cannot handle the horrors of eye contact
and certain stimuli
  once again
we’re all different
try not to act so surprised when we’re able to appear just as neurotypical as you

“oh, so you’re like Rain Man?”
if this is your way of implying that you can drop a bunch of toothpicks on the ground and then ask me how many there are
kindly fuck off

“autism is a disease and i’m sure they’ll find a cure for you”
we are not sick
we are not suffering
illnesses are contagious
you can’t catch autism
it isn’t going to spread if you get too close to me
this isn’t rocket science
it isn’t that hard to understand
you either have autism
or you never will
and more importantly
there is nothing about us that needs to be cured

instead of listening to a fear mongering
hate spreading
poor representation
harmful group that markets itself on our existence and feels the need to “fix” autistic people
why not just listen to autistic people instead?
—  Five Myths / Things You Should Know About People with Autism
(cc, 2017)
What Your Sign Seems To Be

Aries: you can count on them, don’t take things too seriously, get mad at small things, much fun to hang out with, somewhat egoistic, as soon as they find someone more interesting than you they will hang out with them (though, they will not forget about you)

Taurus: I always become extremly good friends with them, so relaxing to hang out with them, weird humour, very determined and stubborn, talk a loooot, in a relationship they need a lot of physical interaction, they make me feel like home, laughs about every little thing, cute laugh

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I Like Girls (Veronica x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do something where Archie (or another victim of your choice) tries to kiss the reader or something, but it turns out they are a lesbian. And so Veronica finds out they have a crush on her and teases them and lots of fluff. (Lol if you don’t do stuff other than jughead that’s fine)

A/N: Literally love this idea so much as I have such a crush on Veronica anyways. I’m going to use Chuck as my wonderful victim. I thought about using Archie but that boy is clueless with everything. Requests are Welcome!


I Like Girls (Veronica x Reader)

For the past 10 minutes, Chuck has been trying to hit on you while you stared at him with a bored look on your face. You knew you were gay. You’ve known for the past 4 years but as fresh meat in Riverdale, not many people knew that.

Kevin, who was standing next you trying not to die laughing, knew you were gay the second you walked in the school doors. He compliments that he has a great gaydar when in reality, he caught you glancing at Cheryl Blossom’s beautiful ass. (oh my god that ass of hers is heaven)

“So You, Me, and Pop’s?” Chuck asks as you glance at Kevin, who’s actually dying against your locker.

“Um, Chuck, is it? I’m sorry I’m just not interested.” You shrug as Kevin lets out a snort, making you giggle a little.

“Oh Come on, Baby. One night with me, and you’ll be interested!” You and Kev share a look. Should you let him entertain the thought that you could possible like him or tell him there’s absolutely no way you could like him if you tried?

You were too nice and too gay to lead him on so you speak up, “Chuck. I’m gay. Like SUPER fucking gay.” Kevin laughs. “Like I would rather date Cheryl or Veronica than you or any other guy.”

Chuck pauses and the smile drops on his face. “You could have just said you weren’t interested.”

You roll your eyes and turn to kevin as Chuck walks away. “Why do all guys do that?”

He smiles down at you. “Cause they’re all clueless idiots.”

“So True.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your friends-to-lovers scenarios its one of my favorites! ❤❤❤❤ Could you write one for monsta x wonho as well?

ah thank you!! 
find shownu (here) & changkyun (here)

  • you first meet wonho at a concert you’re both at
  • and to be honest you’re not even standing near each other for the first hour,,,,but as the dancing gets crazier you’re kind of pushed toward each other 
  • and at some point you turn around to see this super cute boy with bright eyes and cute dyed hair and like ??? why not take him by the hands and dance with him???
  • and wonho is a little startled, but soon enough a shy smile plays on his lips and you’re both singing along and having a lot of fun!!!! 
  • and it turns out wonho came with his friends minhyuk and changkyun but they’re lost in the crowd and you try to find your own friend but she’s long gone too
  • so at the end of the concert you tell wonho you’re going to go get something to drink and eat since the concert’s left you sweaty and hungry and you can see what wonho wants to ask
  • so you invite him to come along with!! that’s how you two end up eating fast food together ,,,, sharing the same drink because you both couldn’t scramble enough change to get two LOL
  • wonho is super sweet,,,,,,and you guys exchange numbers because you like the same music and you know it’s always fun to have another concert buddy!!!! 
  • but the truth is,,,,,,you’d kind of felt a different spark that night,,,,,and so maybe you’ve always harbored a crush on wonho,,,,,
  • but c’mon how can someone not when wonho is the definition of handsome,,,,,but with the softest smile and heart you’ve ever seen on any boy ????? ever????
  • like sure you guys get wild together at concert but whenever you’re leaving wonho is telling you to drink water and if it’s chilly he always throws his jacket over your shoulders
  • and for some time you thought he felt the same way,,,,,,maybe,,,,,but the amount of people that hit on wonho when you two go out and the smiles,,,,,those soft smiles he hands out like candy,,,,,,you just don’t know
  • so you’re fine!!!! being his friend,,,,,it’s fine because you’re happy when he’s around and wonho always tells you that you never fail to make him laugh and feel good and that’s enough for now,,,,,,
  • until your birthday rolls around and you’re going to have a little party at a club with some friends and you invite wonho and ofc the moment he gets there,,,,,,,,he’s the center of attention
  • everyone is just eyes on him and you can only sadly chuckle to yourself because a lot of your friends have never met him and they’re all like hOW do you know this dude????? is he a demi-god???? what’s going on
  • but wonho doesn’t have those soft smiles for others anymore,,,,,,tbh he keeps looking at you and you’re wondering if maybe he wants to tell` you something????
  • and someone leans over to whisper into your ear that you’re so lucky! and you get confused but the person just points their glass at wonho and is like ‘id be dying if someone so gorgeous chose me out of the crowd!’ 
  • and you’re still??? like not getting it?????? but suddenly wonho is coming over
  • and you put on your happiest expression and hug him, thanking him for coming but he puts a hand on your waist and you’re like ??? and he’s like “is it ok if i talk to you alone?”
  • and wonho has never really looked,,,,so serious before and when he pulls you toward a darker corner you start to get worried
  • and you’re like wonho??? is everything ok??? and he just looks at you and for a moment,,,,you think he’s going to say something really really horrible
  • but he just ends up looking away and ?? you can’t tell because it’s dim but????? his ears seem to have gone red???
  • and you’re like wonho?? and he puts his hand over his mouth and murmurs that he can’t,,,he can’t say it and you’re like ?!!??! because whaT is going on,,,,,
  • and you’re like wonho,,,,what is it? and he’s like ‘im sorrry, im really sorry but you look so stunning tonight i don’t know what to say around you - i ,,,,, always get so s,,shy,,,,,,,’
  • and you’re like ??? but that’s a compliment it’s very sweet of you- and wonho is like IT’S,,,,,,,,not just a compliment,,,,,,it’s just,,,,,,i really like,,,,ive really liked you since we met and it’s just today i-
  • and you’re like,,,,,omg,,,,,,,,,,,is he??? confessing 
  • and wonho is just like,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,i see how many people here could also be with you and i don’t know if you’d choose me over-
  • and you just throw your arms around his neck and pull him into a kiss
  • and wonho is shocked frozen until you feel the smile you love against your lips and he kisses back,,,,,,,,
  • and it’s magical with the sound of the clubs music muffled in the back and wonho’s arms around you ,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and at some point you know you should go back because they’re going to bring out a cake or something but you’re also super tempted to just take wonho and run away together for the rest of the night
  • and when you tell him wonho let’s out a shy giggle and kisses the side of your head and is like,,,,,ok let’s get the cake and then,,,,,,we can get out of here and go get fast food like when we meet the first time??
  • and you grin because that sounds like a perfect first date to you and wonho ,,,,,, no matter how many eyes are on him keeps looking at you because to him you shine the brightest,,,,no matter what

FIrst pics of my Wasp/ Janet van Dyne Cosplay /)/////v/////(\

I had so many doubts about this Cosplay- But it turned out beautiful o///v//o) a lot of people complimented me - someone even said I was “prettier than the real Wasp” :’D

I’m just incredibly happy with this /)v(\

pictures taken by: liebreizend on Animexx

My report:

Okay so this is gonna be a bit… much… I am currently incapable of being chill. It’s in bullets because that’s the best way to organize I think

  • So first…. EVERYONE WAS DRESSED SO WELL like this was a damn fashion show
  • Second, I came alone and just inserted myself into people’s conversations and even when I could feel myself being weird and overtalking because that’s what i do when i’m excited and no one seemed pissed off or annoyed or even weirded out. the were taken aback by some things… but like…  it wasn’t like “omg i do not want to have this conversation anymore” and more “okay i wasn’t expecting to get this personal with  someone on first meeting.. okay…”
  • Third, the people I originally sat next to were high schoolers from my city. That was cool
  • Fourth, the people in the merch line were so nice
  • Fifth, MUNA was so wonderful and they are so special and I love them and they oepened with Loudspeaker and I think I near lost my voice right there screaming “THIS IS NOT MY FAULT” 
  • Sixth, when they were setting up for Harry and I saw the trans flags, I lost it and everyone around me was so kind and loving and happy for me as a trans fan to see and feel that kind of love and support. I have never been surrounded by so many cis people who were good enough allies to understand that that means a lot. That was when I knew this was really a Safe Space.
  • fuck numbers… I moved up from row J to row F after MUNA before Harry so I got to see Harry from row F. Beautiful.
  • He is so fucking beautiful guys… I forgot. also in the pictures him with short hair doesn’t look like himself to me… but in person, he looks exactly like himself with long hair like they look exactly the same and I do not understandhow it can look so different in photos but so same in person
  • He performed in front of not one but two trans flags the entire time. Every time I looked at the stage, I also saw trans. There is no explaining how special that made me feel.
  • He did thousands of note changes and I couldn’t keep up. It was beautiful. I almost didn’t want to sing and miss something.
  • I didn’t fall for his games in WMYB, but I almost did
  • Let’s go back to Only Angel and the flags… As the Only Angel intro started, he went and grabbed an rainbow flag from the crowd. Then he stood with it in the back of the stage while it was dark and then the lights came on him and he ran around with it and then threw it to someone on the other side of the crowd. Then he immediately went to the back, grabbed the smaller trans flag and ran with it and then put it back right behind him. It was as if he had planned it and coordinated it perfectly. 
  • I danced. Hard. I used the railing for the stairs in the aisle and I danced
  • I don’t think this happened, but I’m going to imagine he waved at me during Just a Little Bit of Your Heart. I was waving my arms back and forth in that like arms stretched out concert sway thing… and to my knowledge, no one else around me was doing it… I couldn’t see anyone else doing it… anyway, he looked up in my general direction, stopped, smiled, and waved. Again, I don’t think he really waved at me… But I’m going to imagine he did. 
  • Embracing a stranger was so fun. I was in a group hug with two girls behind me and then I hugged someone across the aisle and I would have hugged more but the bit was ending. 
  • He did Story of My Life instead of Stockholm Syndrome and I cannot believe he could see into my heart like that. I wished so hard for this and The Harry Wishing Well delivered
  • I forgot how much power he has when he’s performing… it’s hard not to just get mesmerized
  • His speech before Sign of the Times made me cry. Take kindness with you after you leave and help Puerto Rico. 
  • During From the Dining Table a girl got sick. I hope she is okay. Harry had them turn the lights on and get the paramedics to her and he gave her a bottle of water and then they took her away and I hope she’s okay. I spoke to the girl who was next to her after the show and I just relaly hope she’s fine.
  • That brings me to after the show…  I walked out and yelled “What a day to be transgender!: and people smiled and laughed, some said congrats and not in a sarcastic “oh wow you’re trans, congrats” kind of way. as if they were genuinely happy for me as a trans person to have had that experience. 
  • I had another group hug with strangers after the show and we talked about how special and important that was and they were beautiful humans and I love them.
  • A girl who was behind me told me she loved my dancing. 
  • I complimented so many people on their beautiful clothing.
  • The merch is better in person that it looks in pictures. tbh
  • I feel like when we were in that room together, every single one of us there was a part of the same nergy and it is a loving kind compassionate nergy and that kind of energy can’t be stopped. As stupid and cliche as that sounds, I feel like we all share the energy of love
  • I have never in my life walked out of a concert feeling close to that level of safe and loved and cared about
  • Also people liked my neon rainbow beard and I got compliments on it. Even a couple people who understood without explanation. Amazing

All in all, this was the best night of my life and I’ll never forget this experience ever. 

hello! so a lot of people have been relating to what I said this morning, about not getting asks. and it does break my heart knowing people are in the same boat as me; seeing others get asks, but not/barely getting any ourselves. 

so, what I would like everyone do is, take ten minutes, every week, and just compliment a few blogs, anonymously or not. it can be anyone. someone you think is not appreciated enough, someone you see often in your activity, someone you see on your dash a lot, anyone. take a little time, and send them something nice; it can be a “i like your icon!” or an entire paragraph. your choice. but I think we should spread some positivity around to as many people as possible and make them feel welcomed 💖

Don’t take writing on Tumblr too seriously. I see posts dealing with schemes and giving advice to people on how to gain notes and followers and how to talk to other writers and I’m like ???
I’ve never had the courage to talk to other writers since I’ve never felt like a part of the “writing group” here, and I only talk to a couple of people here who have either messaged me first or whom I have messaged because I wanted to tell them I love their work.
Stop forcing friendship with writers because it just seems like you’re doing it to get promoted and nobody likes feeling used. I’ve gotten a ton of asks that have sounded like that and I don’t appreciate them because they feel insincere. I remember so many times I’ve gotten an ask and then talked to a friend and they’ve gotten the same exact one, so it just made us feel stupid.
If you want to give someone a genuine compliment, do it, but don’t expect people to become your best friends after that.
And in regards to gaining followers and notes, once again, IT DOESNT MATTER.
Trust me when I say that follower count doesn’t make you more confident in your work or writing abilities, it doesn’t make you feel more special, and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re worth more than other people. It just doesn’t. I’m just as nervous about posting something as I was when I had 0 followers. The only difference now is that I get more feedback, but more feedback also means a lot more pointless hate.
I just wanted to write this because I felt like I was being called out as one of the “big blogs” (I hate referring to myself as that because just no) that ignores people and all that. I don’t ignore people. It’s just hard to reply to 500 asks you get weekly when you try to take care of your physical and mental health, job, university, family, and friends. I mean, it’s easy to copy and paste the same generic response to everyone but that’s not what I want. If you send me a message, I’ll take enough time to think about it and respond thoughtfully, so if you don’t get a response right away, I’m sorry. I’m not ignoring you and it wasn’t my intention to ignore anyone. Also keep in mind that Tumblr eats asks, so you may think someone’s ignoring you when they might not have gotten it.
All in all, notes don’t mean anything, follower count doesn’t mean anything. People are trying to make it seem like it’s a goal to accomplish and then you’ll have everything when in reality it means nothing. The more attention you get, the more negativity and hate there is on your blog. You’re expected to act as an example to everyone and everything you say will be used against you later on, even if it wasn’t meant in a negative way. People pry into your personal life, people pretend to be your friends to get info out of you or just to backstab you.
And for what? To gain followers on Tumblr? Jesus. Set your priorities straight and focus on your personal life. Tumblr followers won’t help you with your self-esteem, confidence, or anything like that, trust me. It hasn’t helped me one bit.
I want to thank everyone who follows me for your love and your support. I’m sorry if any of you felt ignored by me at some point. I do my best, but it’s just me on this blog and there’s too many messages and asks to reply to, but I try to reply to all of them. Thanks for having my back and for being here and for being such nice, positive people! Tumblr has been my happy place because of you ♥️

you belong to me / suga

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

summary: suga teaches you a lesson

warnings: smut, dirty talk

‘‘why is this such a big deal? he’s getting married suga.’‘ you said while driving to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding. but your boyfriend now was not having it.

‘‘who cares? I don’t want him to have any interactions with you, he’s a jerk and you know that y/n.’‘ he boasted back, biting at his nails. 

‘‘i’m the jerk I broke up with him.’‘ you tapped on the wheel, earning a groan from your boyfriend. 

‘‘still he’ll try to…get in your pants or something.’‘ he stammered, looking out the window. you rolled your eyes turning to him, his eyebrows narrowed.

‘‘are you serious? he’s getting married he will have a wife in a few hours.’‘ you laughed back, sometimes your boyfriend really surprised you with his statements. 

basically your ex was your very first love and you had to brake it off because it wasn’t working out, due to the long distance. still you two remained as friends and a few years later here we are, he’s getting married. 

the entire ride you kept laughing at suga, as he was clearly jealous. but you enjoyed teasing him a bit. what bothered him the most is that this ex-boyfriend of yours was your first love. he was your first kiss, the one you lost your v-card to…and he had a slight fear in himself that he wouldn’t be good enough for you. 

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“Many people pay for this you know? It’s called acupuncture”

Samurai Jack tries to be positive while things are grim as shit really cheers me up. Even after years and years and years of wondering aimlessly, being lost, etc going through a lot of shits, he’s still remain positive.

After Ashi relentlessly tried to kill him, he still saved her, took care of her and tried to lighten things up a bit.

Jack’s spirit is what so good about the series. The new season has grown darker, yet that only compliments the character of Jack. I absolutely love this thing.