so many parallels in these movies man

I can not translate it word by word because neither of them are my mother language but I understand it more or less, so I can explain you what they say ^^

The fan (woooww a Spideypool fanboy!!) says that Spider-man is really womanizer, you know, in each issue he has a different love interest (Tom here is like: damn right! and nodding a lot). Then the fan says that there are parallel universes where many fans ship Spider-man with Deadpool (here Tom is shyly laughing) and he asks Tom if he would like to do a movie with Deadpool, being partners, like a couple (the fan asks it in a romantic way).

Then Tom says that f*ck yes, if there’s an opportunity to do a movie wih Deadpool it would have to happen because it would be really fun. He don’t know if they can be in a couple but definitely friends.


Jon and Sansa’s wave goodbye is literally the same as Jaime and Brienne’s. 

And the anger on Jon’s face isn’t that of a brothers- LF just said he loves Sansa, that truly should not bother a brother- I’d know, I have four of them. And the last dude that claimed he “loved and cared” for me was met with glares and annoyed groans, a bit of warning like “Please go, no one wants to hear this”, not choke holds and death threats. Plus Sansa can deal with him, she has Brienne, Pod, and her wit. She’s smart and deal with him herself. Jon wouldn’t have left her alone if he didn’t think that. Choking him like that is overboard, and you know Jon tried to talk himself out of it:

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But that was not brotherly. That was a warning used by another lover. And it’s shown in so many other series. The Vampire Diaries, Outlander, Comic’s such as Batman, Clark even chokes a man who suggests he loves Lois (I can link it if y’all want) and other shows and movies have put it to good use. That’s all I’m saying, it’s a tactic used for a potential Love Interest confronting another that is damaging to said potential relationship. 

Also, it’s a fucking  parallel to Ned choking LF because he suggested Cat was doing something she shouldn’t in a whore house. But a whorehouse is a lot more terrible than being compared to love. Which by default is innocent. I repeat- CLAIMING THAT YOU LOVE SOMEONE SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED WITH A CHOKE HOLD AND A DEATH THREAT. 

Okay, now I’m leaving, goodbye. 

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Why do you ship sansan?

oh boy, i could write an entire essay on this (and i probably will someday bc i haven’t written any sansan meta yet) but i’ll just give you the gist of it for now.

in my opinion, sansa and sandor are perfect for each other–soulmates. this is much, much, much more obvious and detailed in the asoiaf books than in the got tv series, and i’ve noticed that most sansan shippers are book readers, especially considering the show seems to be going a different direction (sadly, i cry).

george r.r. martin has repeatedly said that there is “something there” between them, and that their relationship is extremely important. he has based if off of “la belle et la bete” or “beauty and the beast” which is also, in my opinion, very obvious. so. many. parallels. even if you’ve only seen the disney movie, there’s no denying their relationship is extremely similar to belle and the beast’s. i love that. like i am such a sucker for it. the idea of this brutish, hateful man being weakened by this soft girl. this girl who believes in knights and fairytales–everything sandor ever wanted as a child but was stolen from him by his circumstances. 

still, sandor has a beautiful heart. though he is harsh and sometimes scary, everything he says and does for sansa is to protect her. to help her. to teach her how to survive in the real world, and to shatter this fairytale she has built in her mind, because in king’s landing, being naive is dangerous. sandor hates that about sansa because it’s everything he never got to have. hopes. dreams. everything that was snatched away from him. and no matter how hard he tries to push her away, sansa makes him so weak. i could dive into book quotes and give you pages of meta, but i’ll save that for another time or i’ll be typing for days haha.

i love their dynamic. at first glance, it seems like your typical damsel in distress needing to be saved by the strong protector, but in reality, it’s sansa who is saving sandor. she reminds him of what it feels like to be loved, of innocence, of happiness. it terrifies him, so he pushes her away, but in the end, he is completely devoted to her. for sansa, sandor is the true knight she always wanted in a completely unexpected package. he’s older, crude, scary. but that’s just on the outside. after time, sansa sees him for the good man he is. after their separation in the books, sansa frequently thinks of sandor. wishing he was there with her, mistaking other people for him, even imagining a kiss between them that never happened and dreaming of him in her marriage bed. 

what they have is just so damn beautiful. it’s so poetic and deep and true. they compliment each other so well and fit together perfectly. they bring out the best in each other. they need each other, even if they don’t realize it yet. i truly think that they will reunite in the books when sansa is older (because of course, sansan shippers only advocate a romantic relationship between them happening when sansa is of age). it’s such a misunderstood ship, especially by fans who only watch the show, because probably 90% of their relationship is only shown in the books. many asoiaf book readers who don’t ship sansan will at least acknowledge that there is something there, whether they want it to happen or not, because it’s so damn obvious, but i digress. 

all this to say, i just love it. i have a million more reasons than i’ve said here, and i’m not the best at writing things out like this, so i hope you can forgive me. i understand that most people in the fandom don’t understand or like the ship, but honestly the only thing that matters to me is that i do. it makes me happy. it makes my heart sing. and that’s why i ship it :)

MTVS Epic Rewatch #108

VM 2x11 Donut Run

Stray thoughts

1) VM did the elevators thing way better than Grey’s Anatomy okay? let me have this please

2) There’s not a single thing that I don’t love about this whole exchange. (Okay, I stand corrected, I don’t love one thing: Logan’s first line.)

LOGAN:  Hi ho.
VERONICA: What did you say?
LOGAN: Oh, your uniform. Hi-ho, it’s off to work you go.
VERONICA: I guess that makes me Snow White.
LOGAN: You must be on your way up to see Mopey.
VERONICA: How’s he doing, Sleazy?
LOGAN: Wouldn’t know, he doesn’t come out of his room. Old Italian ladies don’t grieve like this. Boy, he must’ve really loved Meg.
VERONICA: Well, then there’s that other thing. You know, he can’t see his baby.
LOGAN: A baby? How’d that happen?

Here’s why I love it. Veronica keeps trying to one-up Logan in this snark battle while trying to defend Duncan, but in the end, Duncan is way beyond defending at this point. And Veronica just knows it (even if they’re trying to pull off a charade.) But the thing I love the most is that Veronica thinks this snark-off is about Logan trying to put her down, but actually he’s just trying to list all the shady things Duncan has done and how much of a crappy boyfriend he’s been to Veronica. And in the end, Veronica has no arguments to defend him because deep down she knows Logan’s right. 

That being said, in a show that is basically about mysteries, the fact that she keeps trying to defend Duncan and make excuses for him when he has time and again shit all over her might be the biggest mystery of them all.

3) “Time to fake the Donut.” The truest line ever spoken in this show.

4) So why exactly did they put up a show for Logan? I know that the next day we learn Logan has told Dick all about this but it’s not like he didn’t already suspect something happened between Kendall and Duncan (he hinted at it right in front of Veronica in 2x07) becAUSE IT FUCKING DID. I don’t care that the writers decided to drop that plot and turn it into a decoy: KENDALL HERSELF MENTIONED SHE HAD BEEN IN DUNCAN’S BED WHEN NO ONE WAS AROUND BUT DUNCAN AND HE DIDN’T FUCKING DENY IT. So it happened. It’s there, it’s canon. 

Moreoever, what was the point of this scene and having Logan see it and then spilling the beans to Dick if they were going to do the whole public break-up thing in front of the whole school? (Logan could’ve confirmed everything Veronica was talking about without having Kendall showering at Duncan’s)

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Thanks for not giving up on Rey Skywalker in spite of the J.J. “announcement”. So happy I am not alone in my belief. Until it says so in Episode 8 itself I will continue to believe in Rey Skywalker. I will do so for a couple of reasons.

As it has been said so well by those who can express it far better than I, it really would compromise the Force Awakens as a film to not have Rey be a Skywalker. There would be no balancing hope for the Skywalker family. No real reason for Rey to truly care about the Skywalkers or fixing the problems they cause. No reason for her to care about the legacy of the Skywalker family. No reason to find belonging with Luke. No hope for Rey to find at least part of the family she waited so long for. No, no reason at all. And for another matter how unoriginal would it be for your new “random” hero to parallel your past protagonists? That’s just cheep, crapy, lazy writing. And why the hell would you give so many clues to Rey being Luke’s daughter only to have her not be? For a plot misdirection? Stringing along your audience? Any of these reasons are a ridiculous cop out.

As for J.J.’s “announcement” I for one not buying it. Why? Because this is the man who told us Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan. This is the man who loves misdirection. This is the man loves to mislead the audience when they get things right before the movie has come out. Oh and in a previous interview he already stated he wasn’t going to give anything about Rey’s parents away because it was basically no longer his story to tell. I would also like to point out that he said “parents” not “parent”. No Rey’s parents are not in TFA but her parent, her father could be. If anything this was another hit against Rey Solo. If she was a Solo then both her parents are in TFA. So no I don’t take what he says at face value. Sorry no J.J. I don’t buy it.

Then there is all the evidence against his trolling. Everything from all the clues and parallels J.J. gave us in the Force Awakens itself, to Colin Trevorrow’s statement that Rey’s father is someone we have already met, to Kathleen Kennedy stating that the new Trilogy is a continuation of the story of the Skywalkers. When you weigh all the evidence big and small Rey is a Skywalker. She is Luke’s daughter.

I cannot help but wonder if JJ’s “announcement” and Dasiy’s nonchalant dismissal of Rey’s parents are damage control for Mark who has basically been telling everyone that Rey is Luke’s daughter. Oh I know he is a troller. But he is someone who genuinely cares about fans and seems to be want people to believe Rey is Luke’s daughter. Because she is, she is Luke’s daughter. She is a Skywalker.

Hold on Team Rey Skywalker there is still hope. And as Leia once said “ It’s not over yet.”

Film Review - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The glass is shattered. The Dark Knight himself, Batman (Ben Affleck) rises from the ground surrounded by shards of glass. He stumbles over to his enemy, the man with “the red cape,” Superman (Henry Cavill). Batman decked out in a grey, and black protective body armour, more high-tech than his ordinary costume, beats the living daylights out of the Man of Steel. The lighting, a continuously flashing white and blue, reminiscent of purity, and water. Batman, a mere mortal, is delivering a colossal smackdown to a God. Like man desires to destroy God, we also aspire to walk side by side him. With that interesting thought in mind, Zack Snyder’s superhero epic, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice delivers a massive punch in the superhero game. However, is it as successful as we hoped?

In case the trailers have not mapped out an idea of the film for you (or you have not read the title of the picture), here is a brief synopsis: Batman believes Superman is responsible for the destruction of Metropolis and has to be “destroyed.” There you go, pretty simple right? Right?? Well, like most films in this genre, Batman V Superman does not stop at being Batman V Superman, it goes up and beyond what is necessarily required, and this is not a problem. The film, a colossal two hours and thirty-one minutes, packs a lot in, almost like an overflowing lunch box. However, with the caring hands of a Mother (in this instance, Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio) the film is perfectly balanced, providing sufficient screen time for every important character (as well as a few not-so-surprise cameos).

Snyder is no stranger to controversy, and its quite funny that the film opens with you guessed it, controversy. A reimagining of the climax of Man Of Steel, however, this time, told from the perspective of Bruce Wayne, played by a brilliant Ben Affleck. The scene is powerful, the lighting, sound and costume add to the sense of horror being displayed on the screen. The scene has a very 9/11 feel to it, and may come as a bit of a shock to audience members, but this was what this film needed. The second I witnessed the scene, especially when Bruce asks a little girl “where is your Mum?” only to be directed to a burning and destroyed building, I knew the film would be something more than your typical superhero films. From the get go, Snyder and his comrades attempt to right the wrongs of Man Of Steel, and they succeed wholeheartedly. This film does not suffer from wasteful dialogue, or crappy, made-for-TV scenarios. The film is rough. When critics say the film is dark, believe me, it is indeed bleak. But that does not mean there is no fun to be had. I saw the film with my twelve-year-old brother, a kid who is obsessed with DC Comics, and I have never seen him more emotional in my entire life. Happy, sad, confusion, shock and utter excitement, all adjectives that describe my brother and my own experiences watching this film.

The film’s casting is seriously perfect, akin to Man Of Steel. The Bruce Wayne/Alfred dynamic is as vibrant as ever, with Jeremy Irons owning the role of the latter. The performance will remind Batman fans of the animated Batman series in the 90s; as their relationship is extremely similar to that. The funny thing is, despite having an amazing trilogy with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan, I cannot help but feel like Ben Affleck is the Batman. He is dark, brooding, humorous and just brutal. If you are a fan of Frank Miller’s work in The Dark Knight Returns and All-Star Batman & Robin, you will thoroughly enjoy this interpretation of Batman. In fact, everyone in this film is expertly cast, especially Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. A casting that had everyone scratching their heads honestly made a huge impact on me. Eisenberg adds a real sense of bizarreness and comic book pop to this film and delves into the deranged mindset someone like Luthor would have. A scene in the movie which stuck with me happens towards the end, in which Superman and Luthor come face to face, and Lex reveals that his Father used to beat him, and he states how there was no Superman to save him. The relationship, the idea that Lex wanted God to be with him, saying that “God cannot be good and fair,” actually develops why he has such an intense hatred for Superman and everything the character believes in. Henry Cavill portrays Superman once more, and despite criticism being delved in his corner for being “stale” and “boring,” I quite adored his performance. Cavill plays Superman in ways I do not think anyone else would have; he is broken. He does not understand who or what humanity wants him to be, and this is reflected in his performance. Gal Gadot provides a (get ready for a wicked pun here) wonderful performances as Wonder Woman. She is smart, funny, strong and sexy. In fact, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL have developed the coolest sounding score for her character, an incredible guitar riff, leading into a bombastic orchestra.

The film portrays Superman as this Messiah figure, akin to Jesus Christ, and in doing this, the movie allows itself many incredible sequences. Without revealing too much, the film’s final hour is some of the best Biblical-allusions I have ever seen, mainly dealing with the Trinity. While many found this a huge problem with Man Of Steel, I found it one of a the most unique parts of that film. The parallels are continued in this movie. The Biblical allusions are carried over into the film’s soundtrack, as Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL deliver the definitive DC Comics soundtrack with their score. Perhaps this is the coolest part of the picture, as it genuinely adds a lot to the characters existing in this world, and dealing with the consequences of these actions. I will discuss a spoiler here, so be warned. Towards the end of the film, Superman is killed by Doomsday. This entire sequence is ripped straight from the pages of the classic Superman story arc, The Death Of Superman. The scene, accompanied by ‘This Is My World’ from the soundtrack, is soul-crushing. Beautiful, but absolutely crushing. The Biblical comparisons are exemplified here, as we see Superman being carried on Batman’s shoulders like Jesus was carried down from the cross. The final shot of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) crying over Superman’s body was ripped straight from the comics, and featured two crosses in the background, reassuring the idea that Superman is a Messiah, as Jesus died surrounded by two other crucifixions. If you are into film techniques, there is visual foreshadowing of Superman’s fate at the start of the film, as he flies to Mexico to save a girl from a burning building during The Day Of The Dead. Women, children and men are all decked out in skull costumes, and they all desire to touch Superman, looking like they want to drag him down to death. In case you have not noticed, the film is quite smart.

All in all, Batman V Superman is a huge success. If you love these characters, you will love this movie. If you go to this picture wanting it to suck and be awful, you will probably find the movie to suck and be completely awful. However, who the hell wants to live like that? If this movie has taught me anything, it is that life is precious. The people we love will help us define who we are, and who we are meant to be. In doing so, Zack Snyder has brought a God, down to mortal level, and into the stratosphere of Superman’s personal conflict. The film not only makes humanity understand a God, but it also develops the understanding that everyone feels pain, even Gods.

Home for the Holidays

Happy Christmas, Lis!

by Wish

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It was November before Dean made the call and said “Come home.”

It was three more weeks of Dean pacing– actually wearing a groove in one of the carpets, already threadbare from another with similar predilection– before Cas showed up, his hair a little shaggier, face a little more gaunt, but carrying himself a little taller than the last time they’d met.

Gone was the blue vest, but the khakis remained. Dean might actually hate the khakis, but far be it for him to say anything. He’d already asked for too much. Cas was home.

Before he’d settled on a room, Cas claimed a coffee mug and a robe, both of which he used obsessively. Each night he’d make a bed in one room, each morning strip the linens off and fold them. After a week he settled on the room at the midpoint of the hallway between the brothers, and diagonal from Kevin. By that time he’d acquired a few sets of pajamas from the drawers in the various rooms, mostly in shades of blue piped with white or navy. They reminded Dean enough of hospital scrubs that he was glad of the ratty robe Cas strode around in. Sam had tried, at Dean’s bidding, to get Cas to trade the worn robe for a different one, but Cas just hummed and stuck his thumb through the small hole in the front pocket and said, “I like this one.” And that was that.

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