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My very sad but also hopeful idea of Obi-Wan-centric canon divergence AU where Anakin and Padme died at the end of RotS

or: I decided to add to this fandom angst train. Paging @peskylilcritter who is enabler, and @ozzy698 who wanted to cry)

(Disclaimer: my pet name for this meta is „Frankenstein’s monster”, because it was influenced by other people’s post, art, and fanfics. This is also why I have so many links in it – giving credit where credit is due, and all that.)

Sometime ago, I saw a beautiful piece of fan art To rehash what’s going on in this scene: „Ok, so the AU is that Anakin didn’t turn to the Dark side, but fought Sidious and won. But he was seriously wounded and soon died (after all, the whole point of his life was to fulfill the Prophecy). Padme gave birth to the twins, but she also did not live long afterwards. Jedi council, being the jerks they are, decided that since Anakin broke the Code, he shouldn’t be given the proper jedi funeral. So Anakin was buried with Padme.” (quote after @taisiya8yuyu)

It was very sad, but also very inspiring, because it got me thinking: what would Obi-Wan do?

Many people thinks Obi-Wan is perfect Jedi. He tries to be, because he believes in a system he works for. But, to quote a part of @luckyjak excellent meta: „Obi-Wan Kenobi loved Anakin Skywalker??? Canonically. He loved him so much he would have left the Jedi Order for him (CANONICALLY).” Let’s add to that a fact that in canon he systematically losing a faith in the Order (as you can see in this meta)…

I think this moment, when he is attending a funeral of two people he loved the most in the word, left completely alone to deal with Republic’s political upheaval, with two kids to raise in memory of their parents, and ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ENRAGED WITH ORDER, is a moment when Obi-Wan finally snaps.

This is the first facet of this AU.

The second facet is a situation inside the Order… which at this moment is practically FUBAR.

During the war, Jedi were dying like flies. Some of them were Masters and experienced Knights, but most of them were Padawans and young Knights, who died because they were sent on front-lines, without having skill-set needed to survive. Jedi Council knew it, and sent them anyway. Their surviving friends know it too.

… Which is why Order face a movement of very pissed off Jedi, who brings valid point: Yoda, while very wise in terms of philosophy, is not really in touch with political and social issues of this century. So maybe it’s not a very good idea for him to be a Head of the Order.

But they need someone to replace him. And Jedi, being rather rational bunch, elects someone who sat in the Council (so knows inner workings of Jedi Order) but is known to be concerned about extensive causalities, have a good social network of politicians and important people (so good for PR), and fed up with Order policies.

They know Obi-Wan Kenobi isn’t the most liberal of Jedi, or the most radical. But he is also a Jedi who clocked incredible amounts of hours on front-lines during a war instead of sitting on Coruscant, who raised a Padawan who maybe didn’t follow letter of the Jedi Code, but lived and died in its spirit, and who has Grandpadawan who left the Order, but still rise to Jedi ideals much better than most of Jedi in the Temple.

From every perspective, Obi-Wan Kenobi is excellent choice for a leader who will ease up Order’s way to much needed reforms. So they elect him.

And Obi-Wan, who is hurting and grieving, and wishing to never, ever again be a witness to situation like Ahsoka’s, where Order let her down in every meaningful way, or Anakin’s, where sacrifice made in a spirit of Jedi teachings was spit on, agrees.

He ends up leading the most radical reformation since Ruusan Reformation.

He doesn’t necessarily loves his job, but he finds fulfillment in it. He and couple of chosen Masters (Plo Koon and Kit Fisto being most prominent of them) work to replenish Jedi ranks, and to raise new generation of Jedi who actually works not only towards peace, but also towards justice.

He and Ahsoka have a project on side: they’re working to protect Clones’ legal standing in the Republic. Because if there is a better way of honoring Anakin’s memory than dismantling half of Jedi Code, then it’s only honoring Anakin and Padme’s memory by fighting with Senate-approved slavery.

He never marries, even when he makes it possible for a Jedi. He loved Anakin, and he loved Padme, and deep down he knows that, if they lived long enough, they could be together. He contents himself with raising Luke and Leia, and watching them becoming the best of their parents, but most of all good people in their own right.

When he retires, Luke is elected as his successor.

He becomes crechemaster, because he doesn’t know how to stop working, and he is missing raising kids.

Sometimes he talks with Anakin and Padme. They are very proud of him.

And when they come for him, he is ready.