so many other bands

thank you for holding my hand through my troubled adolescence, along with many other bands. your music helped me form so many memories with my cousins, my brother, and my friends later in life. i’ll never be able to repay what you did for me in my formative years; all i can do now is say thank you and that we already miss you so much.

>list of suicide prevention lines by country <

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Okay so my sister (who's been a fan of kpop for years) is saying I'm not a real fan of kpop cause I only listen to bts(lie, it's just that I'm obsessed with that group) and says that I'm also faking my fanatism for its, and I'm just like why can't you be happy that your sister started noticing kpop like every other sister would???!?!!

lol honestly i’m so sick of people who go “ure a fake fan!!!!!!!”? like it only deters them from exploring the genre of kpop further?? there’re lots of great kpop groups and songs but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to just bts either, so don’t take her words to heart and enjoy what you love my chinggu

I’m sitting here, and I’m thinking to myself- one day the bands we love will be considered old. One day, our kids will look at Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low and so many others like we see MCR, as a band they hope get back together. One day, PTV will play their last show, SWS will grace the stage no more, ATL will be like Nirvana, an old vintage band. 

It’s a saddening thought, that one day the music we listened to as kids- and probably still do will be what helped us through high school, maybe even college, will seem so different. Although, there won’t be a complete sadness with them leaving, new bands will take their place and it’ll be amazing- for the retired band members and ourselves to see, new bands perform at Coachella and Warped and tour with fans loving them just as we loved the bands from our youth.

It’s such a sad thought, but in a way, it’s kind of relieving. 


W25 Weeks OOR Challenge
Week 02: How did you become a fan?

I kinda said how I got into oor in the week 1 post (oops) but I guess I could do a more thorough explanation here. I discovered Hiro through his collab with Nano on Savior of Song when the MV for it was released. Found out that he was in My First Story and then a little later, found out about Taka’s existance lol. I think my first impression of him was like, who is this scruffy looking guy with his poodle hair HAHA but yeah, still love them both ❤️ 

(Gifset is FCR bc WAYWAW tour happened around when I joined!)

i feel like ppl just want to condemn niall for literally anything. like they have to try and find fault in something to….idk fill some weird void they have. i honestly do not get it. hes just out here doing his thing, not hurting a damn soul, and everyone gotta come at him bc he put his socks on the wrong feet like…..cmon man…..

"Things that I have heard people say" starters (part 2)

•"This is an interesting conversation to walk in on.“
•"I didn’t have any breakfast.”
•"My lunch was half a chicken strip and a peanut.“
•"Which thing should we do first?”
•"Huh? What’s going on?“
•"I just got like a million notifications.”
•"You look really nice today!“
•"Why is this month so busy?”
•"Where are you going?“
•"Where are they going?”
•*bell rings* “Shut up.”
•*sings imperial march*
•"Is my face less red now?“
•"You wanna go? Let’s fight. You and me, right now. C'mon.“
•"I am so hungry.“
•*“You’re in trouble~” ooing*
•*amazed ooing*
•"Ooh, you’re gonna need some ice for that burn!“
•"I’m gonna drop this thing and it’s gonna make a loud noise.”
•"How to kill a conductor: by low brass.“
•"Are you a singer? You’d be a great singer.”
•"Stop being such a nazi, I can do what I want!“
•"I once convinced my entire 6th grade class that I was related to Hitler.”
•"Just shove it in their torso!“
•"This is completely wrong.”
•"Someone come sit on me I’m cold!“
•”[First name]! [Full name, including middle name(s)], where are you?!“
•"I’m from Nova Scotia where the weather is evil.”
•"What did I do today? I accidentally set my dad’s hair on fire.“
•"Yes, I’ve already eaten three children.”
•"Everything would eat a baby.“
•"And that is how you set your ass on fire.”
•"I go inside for one minute and the dog sets himself on fire!“
•"This person doesn’t have a head.”
•"You can just steal someone’s head.“
•"I’m collecting body parts.”
•"It’s weird; they have noses!“
•"Would you like a shoe?”
•"I love human feet!“
•"Nonononono! Lick my feet instead!”
•"It’s just a big pile of no.“
”Hah as if I need sleep you petty mortal!
•"It’s so beautiful! F*cking dangerous, but beautiful.“
•”Just let them die. It’s a time-honoured tradition.“
•”Now there’s a trail of slime on my leg. Great.“
•"What a cute snail. Look at it. It’s so cute!”
•"Ice cream trucks are of the devil!“
•"If they will bring me shiny stolen things I will give them food. I feel like that’s a fair trade.”
•"I will live under your porch because I love you.“
•"Curse you, mocking ducks!”
•"Ducks are evil. But delicious!“
•"Um… there is a fungus on top of your trash can.”
•"Hypothetical book-spoiling assholes. They’re out there.“
•"Please do not burn the father.“
•"That is not a good.”
•"That solves the problem of killing people for shoes.“
•"Ah! I’m fine. Just tripped. While standing still. Nothing’s wrong.”
•"Flashlights aren’t exactly a skill.“
•"This is why I shouldn’t have a lightsaber.”
•"Those stars look like a giant stomping people to death.“
“Star! I mean, I know it’s a meteor, but star!”
•"What are you doing!? …You’re charging my pelvis.“
•"Shh don’t wake the sleeping truckers.”
•"Just think of the army of kittens coming out of the mist!“


Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 3 Part 3

Tab, can you breathe?

You hit a home run, huh!

Check it out! Shermans!

i don’t think some people get why seeing a band live is so important to others. 

ex. ive been a fan of many different bands for more years than i’ve been alive (combined years i mean, or else the counting would be pointless)

i can’t see fall out boy on the mania tour for a fuck load of different reasons:

- i’m poor to the point where my family can’t afford food most weeks

- i live in an extremely controlling environment (my mom controls both my brother and i’s funds, and when we are and not allowed to go to events, or even just hang out with people- she will also forbid me from going out if any of my grades slip below a b+ and i’m a c average stuent)

- i’m a student in school, and missing a day can put me back an entire weeks worth of homework

i’m sorry if some of us come off as dramatic? but these bands mean a lot to us, and not being able to see them is really hard. I almost saw fob in 2015, but i was living in shitty conditions where i was not allowed to leave the house the entire summer for anything other than the grocery store, and church. think about the reasons why we can’t go and why we are upset that we can’t go before freaking out :/

The reason I love All Time Low so much is because they don’t romanticise things like self harm and relapsing like in ‘Missing You’ they say ‘the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done’ like they’re genuinely worried about their fans and are letting them know that if they carry on things will only get worse. And the lines ‘don’t lose your fight kid’ and ‘it only takes a little push to pull on through’ are so supportive they just feel like a big hug. All Time Low are genuinely the band that has gotten me and so many others through so many tough times and they will always be my favourite band for this reason. 

All night tonight, my thoughs have been with our brother Chris Cornell. He is one of the three people who made me want to be a singer. He taught me how to be heavy and look for beauty at the same time. Strangely unique individual. He was a huge influence on me. He was a huge influence on our band and so many other bands here tonight. So I just wanted to say I love you, Chris. Wherever you are. We will never forget you.
—  Brandon Boyd, KROQ 2017

I literally just said this but like I need to like make it public or something because like it just makes me so happy anyway Radiohead have been together for 30+ years and they still play with that same enjoyment that they did like in the 90s or something and like they still love each other so much like so many bands lose that spark for playing or they like absolutely despise one another and end up losing members right and left but like not Radiohead they’re like so close and honestly I just feel that love that they have for the music and each other rub off onto me every time I listen to them and I’m crying

can we just take a minute to thank all the bands whose concert tickets are cheap because they understand that most of us are broke teenagers that can’t even afford a pack of gum

"Gay rumors ruin a friendship"

Are antis that keeping saying gay rumors ruined their friendship aware that Harry and Louis are not the only band members to be shipped together? Do they know Fall Out Boy? Do they know that Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz have been heavily shipped together by a lot of their fans. And yet, as the years have gone by, they are still each other’s best friends. And there’s so many other bands this happens with.

Gave Saporta and William Beckett? Still friends.
Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta? Still friends. PETE GOT A TATTOO OF GABE’S FACE. HIS ACTUAL FACE.

Gerard Way and Frank Iero? You guessed it, still friends.

And there’s sooooo many more that I haven’t mentioned. Harry and Louis are not special snowflakes. They are not the only best friends that have gay rumors surrounding them. You genuinely believing that these rumors destroyed their friendship is fucking stupidity. I wouldn’t be friends with my best friend anymore if gay rumors were that threatening to a friendship. The friendship has to be really fucking weak for it to be broken because fans think they’re romantically involved.

And I’m going to mention ryden(Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie) only because I saw some dumb ass comment under the article about “Louis” saying fans ruined his friendship with Harry. This person says that it’s what happened with Panic! At the Disco and that’s why “Ryan and Brendon don’t talk anymore”

No, sweetheart. Fans shipping them didn’t split up the band. Regardless on your opinion on whether or not those two were romantically involved is irrelevant. Those two guys alone are responsible for ruining their friendship. They themselves destroyed whatever relationship they had. Don’t put that on the fans.

Don’t you dare put that on One Direction fans either. I don’t care if you believe in larry or not. I don’t care if you believe that Louis is a dad or not. But don’t fucking come and say that larries are responsible for Harry and Louis “not being friends anymore.” Because that is utter bull crap.

How about, instead of putting blame on us, you take the time to think about why it is that Louis never says these things himself on camera. Because you know what his response to this was on video? That fans are allowed to think what they want. HE HAS NEVER SAID VOCALLY THAT FANS RUINED HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HARRY. NEVER HAVE I ACTUALLY HEARD LOUIS TOMLINSON VOICE THAT IN SEVEN YEARS.

I guess alot of people don’t know what happened on twitter with Alex yesterday.
So as far as i know people attacked Alex because they are not on tour with any females, they don’t have any females in their crew etc.
So all these “social media feminists” got together and attacked him.
I have no clue why people always attack alex. Just because he is the singer doesn’t mean he handles everything.
And if you are so mad, go ahead and change something i am sure that yelling at ONE person on the internet won’t change a whole lot.
I have no clue what caused this argument and why All Time Low is under attack, or if only ATL is under attack or maybe other bands too.
But yeah so many things about the situation that i don’t understand.

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quick what's your favourite alpha couple song

Cute Date Idea: Dress up nice then test drive an expensive car at a dealership and drive behind a high school and fuck for hours in said expensive car. Optional: Literally set it on fire. 10/10 would do again. 

But can I talk about this song seriously for a second? 

Tw for lots of sex, alcohol, and a suicide mention

It perfectly portrays how this couple both works perfectly and is so destructive. My favorite vision of the two is as a couple who don’t actually hurt each-other personally. Mostly what they do is enable each-other’s most destructive behaviors because their too high on love and probably twenty different drugs to realize, then blame each other for mistakes they would have probably made even if they didn’t have each other to encourage them to do all these ridiculously illegal and unadvisable stunts that they need to survive. They honestly love one another so much and would do anything for eachother. They NEED eachother which is why in basically all of their “Final” songs, they are portrayed as doing some sort of double suicide. This portrays one of their happier moments, and perfectly describes why the couple as a unit is doomed. 

And when it comes to sexuality in a Mountain Goats song, this is my favorite of the bunch. (Though Going to Scotland, which is totally an Alpha Song, comes pretty close.) It’s one of the most sexually graphic songs in his catalogue and, while I love the fact that he just doesn’t use sexual shockers to seem cool like so many other bands do, he is really good at the more intimate imagery, especially with how he keeps in line with the automobile imagery. Not much music “turns me on” but the imagery and instrumentation of this one is one of those songs that totally turns me on. (Other examples are a few Ida Maria songs and the Arctic Monkeys’ entire discography). The song is massively underrated and the fact that it has never been played live is a tragedy. (I usually whine about horns in my scrappy tMG songs but imagine this banger with a sax solo. It’s time to bring this thing out of retirement.