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The reason I love All Time Low so much is because they don’t romanticise things like self harm and relapsing like in ‘Missing You’ they say ‘the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done’ like they’re genuinely worried about their fans and are letting them know that if they carry on things will only get worse. And the lines ‘don’t lose your fight kid’ and ‘it only takes a little push to pull on through’ are so supportive they just feel like a big hug. All Time Low are genuinely the band that has gotten me and so many others through so many tough times and they will always be my favourite band for this reason. 


Yes members as Eevee’s evolutions:

  • Jon Anderson - Eevee
  • Chris Squire - Vaporeon
  • Bill Bruford - Jolteon
  • Tony Kaye - Umbreon
  • Steve Howe - Flareon
  • Rick Wakeman - Leafon
  • Alan White - Glaceon
  • Geoff Downes - Espeon

hey it’s The Day and i just wanted to say that even though i’ve actually only been listening to My Chemical Romance for about a year and a half, it has had SUCH an impact on me….. like this band, these people? deadass changed my life, changed me as a person. it’s a direct result of MCR that i’ve taken up guitar, that i’ve gotten interested in playing music (and maybe one day making some??? who knows)! it’s affected my art! i started a fucking– a fucking askblog because of it! that’s crazy! it’s affected the way i choose to present myself! because of MCR i’m going to see my first-ever concert next month. i’ve become introduced to SO many other bands that i love through MCR. pretty much every single new friend i’ve made, i’ve met because of MCR. it’s like ever since that first song i REALLY loved (Na Na Na if ur wondering), everything has just branched out and kept growing and i’ve gone on this fucking??? journey?? MCR has really like… served as a gateway to so many new things, from music to art to people to comics, and i’m incredibly grateful for that. my life is so much different from before i listened to MCR, i swear– i am a different person because of My Chem. and i think a better one.



The many faces of Hannes Braun from Kissin’ Dynamite

  • Other fandoms: *have so much drama* *are never calm* *so much tension between fans* *complain about everything*
  • Me: *peacefully up The Vamps's asses* This is where I belong.

20 Questions Tag

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Nickname: Ange/Angie // tbh only really close friends use these, mostly just Angela normally
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 185cm (6′1 or smth) // tall people struggles™
Time right now: 6:07pm 
Last thing I googled: course code for my unit
Favorite Bands: gotbang♥, + literally so many other  
Favorite Solo Artists: Dean, Porteon, Basenji, Shawn Wasabi, Jay Park +more
Song stuck in your head: Come Over - Dean // all week oml
Last movie I watched: rewatched Fantastic Beasts
Last TV Show I watched: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon // new fotm drama, love it so much
When did you create your blog: Sometime during 2011, turned kpop Sept/Oct 2015
What kind of stuff do you post: 98% gotbang, 1% other groups, 1% shitpost
When did your blog reach its peak: not sure yet, hopefully it doesn’t come for a while
Do you have any other blogs: @got7-aus (basically a mirror for our twt) and coerced by irena to make a hp blog @h-edwig
Do you get asks regularly: unless it’s someone telling me off, nope
Why you chose your URL: because I stan a meme and I love him
Following: 280 // wew more than I thought, a lot of inactives I think
Posts: 19.6k rn
Hogwarts House: Slytherin or Ravenclaw probably
Pokémon Team: I was team Instinct for all the memes, also it was easier to claim gyms if you were Instinct when it started
Favorite colours: navy, maroon, black, white
Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 3-9
Lucky Numbers: 2, 17, 43
Favorite manga Characters: Mumen Rider, always
How many blankets do you sleep with:  only need one atm
Dream job: something creative preferably
Dream trip: going to Korea soon, and I want to go back to Japan again :c otherwise the US probably

yikes do I even have 20 friends to tag
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Name: sabina

Nickname(s): sab, bean, kitty, baby bun, my love

Gender: demon aka girl

Starsign: aries

Height: 5′0

Sexual Orientation: bi !! or pan. idk tbh.

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Favorite color: darker reds

Favorite color to paint the walls: reddd i hav 1% of my room painted red but i’m too lazy gna hire some1

Favorite color of lipstick: colors that are a lil brighter than my natural lips or match up w/ my natural !

Favorite animal: i luv otters and cats aaaa

Time right now: 1:21pm

Cat or Dog person: cat but i like bigger dogs !

Favorite fictional characters: patrick bateman, norman bates, reid from criminal minds. there’s more but idk omg

Number of blankets i sleep with: 2 usually but 3 sometimes

Favorite singer/band: brand new but i hav so many other favs

Dream trip: germany or india

Dream job: idk. an autopsy assistant maybe

When was this blog created: idk like 2-3 months ago

What made you decide to get a tumblr: i made my first tumblr bc i wanted 2 have a social media like no one had at the time lol

Why did you pick your url: 666 bc hail satan, and gurl bc, i am in fact, a girl

Last movie that you watched: no idea. i’ll say tv show instead. salem.

Last song you listened to: marceline by willow

Last book you read: fight club

What time would you travel to: 80′s or 90′s

What fictional character would you hang out with for a day: cassie or effy from skins

i tag: @worm4327 @milktearz @empty-eyed-doll @dismemberedchildren @uratii @nostalgiabby @lilbug667 @angelicscum @khajiitkiss @oceanangel (-:

Rajigaze Oct 14

Reita (reading question): “I know you guys have announced your 15th anniversary live, and since it’s ‘Dainippon Itangeisha,’ I’m sure your old fans are happy, but as someone who isn’t familiar with that era, I feel kinda left behind or left out. But even if I don’t know your old stuff, I’ll still be able to enjoy it, right? Also, since the GazettE has been around for 15 years, there are often arguments online as to which era separates the old fans from the new fans, so please break it down for us!” …What is this [old fans vs new fans] thing? This is a thing with so many other artists too…do you really need to separate it? 

Ruki: I think it’s not really that they wanna separate, but I think some of the older fans wanna emphasize like, “I’ve known them for a long time~.” And then on the other hand, the new fans are like, what, “Will I be able to enjoy it?” like, it’s still the GazettE…huhu

Reita: I mean, I get how they feel, but shouldn’t they just be like, “Oh, you like the GazettE too! Nice, I made a new friend!”

Ruki: Well, we have lots of different songs from a long time ago, so…(*he explains how he could see some ppl being considered “new fans” but I don’t really get it) 

Reita: Yeah, and it’s not like we’re trying to revive that era, we just want to enjoy our old songs. 

Ruki: Yeah, it’s a movie called “Gudon no Sakura.” …Like “Spooky Box.”

Reita: (laughs) Yes. Well, it’s a sort of “concept live.” So don’t worry [about not knowing the songs], we just want you to hear them. 

Ruki: We want our old fans to get to know the current stuff, and our new fans to get to know the old stuff. 

Reita: Right.

Ruki: Our feeling is as pure as that…we’re so pure.

Reita: (chuckles loudly) Yes.

Ruki: I really hope that feeling reaches [the fans.] 

Reita: Yes, we’d love for you to come! You can even get the tickets now if you’re in the fan club, we’re taking priority reservations. So please apply for tickets!

Ruki: Yes – 

Reita: Ruki-san, that clicking noise you’re making is annoying. 

Ruki: Omg sorry! Sorry sorry. 

(Reita laughs)

Ruki: I’ve picked up a habit recently of writing like this.

Reita: Oh, you’re writing (laughs)

(*It sounded like he was clicking a pen or something but either way he’s not fuckin paying attention to ur questions) 

Okay but like,

out of ATL, 5Sec, 1975, Panic!, FOB, AND Twenty One Pilots you choose


WHat the SHIT 
like alright who actually likes 5 seconds of summer AND is on tumblr. Im just dissapointed to see out of all of these huge fandoms on here you pick the fuckboy band. So many other more deserving fandoms have been so devoted and you pick 5 sec…

ok ive seen some people shitting on the top fandom and saying theyre “fake deep” or whatever but honestly every fandom is “fake deep” and im soo glad that we put these theories into their music and videos instead of making theories about them as people i mean look at the panic fandom people have so many theories about ryden and other ships and they bother the band members w them and it makes them so uncomfortable or with the fob fandom patrick has to block people for mentioning peterick bc there are so many theories about that too so yeah you can say all the crap you want about how top fans take everything into too much consideration but at least were not judging actual members and bothering them with theories about their lives and ill take music and video theories over theories about people and their lives anyday

it amazes me still that after 30 years of kicking ass and taking names radiohead still have doubts and insecurities about what they do and the quality of their music. that humility i think is what sets them apart from so many other bands near their calibre – it keeps them interesting, it pushes them to be better than themselves, it keeps them authentic. maintaining that ingenuity is hard to do and hard to find in a band – i think it’s why fans keep coming back. it’s almost like thom’s assumption that fans would have abandoned them by now is exactly why they haven’t. their sound and their attitude is impossible to find anywhere else in music, so why would we try?

You and Roomate!Michael being best friends since you had matching elmo diapers so you’ve obviously seen each other naked many of times but his band? Not so much.They’d be over as always but this time none of them called in advance neither did Michael tell you that the three were coming over so you come out of your room to the kitchen clad in only your underwear,Michael’s Metalica shirt(that came down to mid-thigh) and your Nightmare Before Christmas slippers with a messy bun,not noticing the four boys who were staring at you,three with jaws dropped. “Uh..Y/N?” Michael coughed.You turned around to meet the eyes of Michael as he motioned to his band and then to your body.You stopped what you were doing,and groaned as you made your way out of the kitchen. “God dammit Michael,you do this all the time!”

For @txhohood ’s roommate!5sos/roadtrip5sos night

Not Here. Not Now.

Characters: Dean x Reacer, Cas, OC

Words: 1899

Requested by Anonymous

You didn’t want to believe it. Things were just too crazy. This could not happen right now. But what the hell were you supposed to do about it?

           Dean walked into the bare wooden cabin you two had called home ever since the virus has pretty much destroyed the whole world. The few of you left that you knew were healthy made sure to take care of yourselves and not get infected.

           “There she is,” Dean sighed, settling down next to you on the couch, “The only bright spot in my world.”

           You smiled as he kissed your temple, “Hey.”

           “What’s wrong?” Even though Dean was the leader of your band and had so many other things to focus on and deal with, he always knew when something was bothering you. He could hone in on your feelings like no one you had ever met.

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I follows too many EXO blogs so I need some other kpop bands as well. I’d really appreaciate if you reblog this, so I can check your blog out and help me out a little. Bands that specifically I look for:

  • BTS
  • Seventeen
  • B.A.P
  • Block B
  • SHINee
  • Hello Venus
  • f(x)
  • BigBang
  • Got7
  • More EXO would be appreciated as well.

Please, reblog this to help me! I will follow your blog after cheking it out but it would be kind if you follow back! Thank you :)


“People do not expect to see a Muslim woman who uses a Burqa, practices the religion properly and is a professional guitarist who plays in a Heavy Metal band, so many people are shocked by it. But other people are curious and find it interesting, and others think that it is cool, but definitely, many people are shocked.”

Frontwoman Gisele Marie’s Sao Paulo-based band, Spectrus, promotes tolerance and positivity, and members represent many faiths including Afro-Brazilian Umbanda, Catholicism and Islam.