so many other bands

The reason I love All Time Low so much is because they don’t romanticise things like self harm and relapsing like in ‘Missing You’ they say ‘the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done’ like they’re genuinely worried about their fans and are letting them know that if they carry on things will only get worse. And the lines ‘don’t lose your fight kid’ and ‘it only takes a little push to pull on through’ are so supportive they just feel like a big hug. All Time Low are genuinely the band that has gotten me and so many others through so many tough times and they will always be my favourite band for this reason. 


Yes members as Eevee’s evolutions:

  • Jon Anderson - Eevee
  • Chris Squire - Vaporeon
  • Bill Bruford - Jolteon
  • Tony Kaye - Umbreon
  • Steve Howe - Flareon
  • Rick Wakeman - Leafon
  • Alan White - Glaceon
  • Geoff Downes - Espeon

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What abt Ashley Costello from New Years Day? Maria Brink from In This Moment? Ariel Bloomer from Icon For Hire.

What about Lacey Strum from Flyleaf and Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless? Girlschool? Kittie? Otep? Doro? Lita Ford?

Most of these are symphonic what abt Nu Metal,Alt Metal,Thrash,Heavy Metal,Death Metal,Black Metal? Butcher Babies!!!!!

(asks bunched so I can reply to just one thing)

I’m aware they exist. What about them?

I know my blog title is ‘Women in Metal’, but that’s because that’s exclusively what I post about, not because I claim to post about all women in metal. The bands listed in my description are the main bands I blog about, not the only bands I blog about (hence the “etc” at the end). It’s just to give people an idea of what I post.

When this blog started taking off a bit, I made two cardinal rules for myself with regards to running it: 1) only post things relating to women in metal music, and 2) while still respecting rule 1, I post whatever I like. That’s why you don’t get Myrath or Wintersun on this blog, despite the fact that I like them, but also the reason why there’s a lot of symphonic metal. I like symphonic metal, so I post it. I like Alissa, so I post Arch Enemy.

There’s also the matter of how I find what I post about. I happen to follow a lot of people who like/post things about symphonic metal, so I reblog a lot from them. This sort of biases my posts as well; I really do like the Butcher Babies, but I don’t follow people who post about them a whole lot.

I also spend a lot of time going through the /tagged/ section of tumblr to look for new posts from people who may not otherwise get reblogged. I have a list I go off of for this of seven bands (the first seven bands listed in my blog description), plus their lead singer(s), and I try to do it every week. If I do this all in one sitting, it can take anywhere from 3-7 hours, and will sometimes only yield 3 days of material. I can’t imagine trying to go through more tags than that.

If you look at the general trends in my posting history (which I don’t actually recommend, you can just take my word for it), you’ll also see that I actually used to be waaaaay more narrow than I am even now. This started off as an idea for a Nightwish fan blog, and I started off posting only Nightwish and Within Temptation. You can actually almost pinpoint the exact date I became a Delain fan, because before that I didn’t post hardly anything of theirs. And I’d say you’ll probably be getting more In This Moment soon, because I just started listening to them more and really enjoy it.

That’s all to say that I have absolutely nothing against posting more black or heavy or nu metal. But this isn’t “fuckyeahwomeninmetal” or “everyfemaleinmetalever”, it’s 222daysoflight. It’s my blog. I love nothing more than getting recommendations to discover new bands/songs/albums and loving them and starting to post things about them. And yes, I should probably try to branch out more on my own. But this is a hobby, not my job. I want it to be enjoyable for me.

Want me to post more about something? Give me your favourite song. Tell me about the lead singer. Recommend some blogs for me to follow. Seriously. I’ll probably love it. 

Ultimately, I’m going to post what I want to post. A lot of people seem to enjoy it. And if you don’t like it? Idk man, you don’t have to follow me.

We’re so excited to finally announce that we have signed with Nuclear Blast and our new album, ‘Condolences’ is set for release on 2nd June! It’s an honour for us to be on the roster among so many other great bands & friends. Thanks to Nuclear Blast for giving us the opportunity and our fans for your undying support. We’re looking forward to many more years of this with all of you!

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At first i thought you were a constellation. I made a map of your stars, then i had a revelation. You're as beautiful as endless. You're the universe I'm helpless in.

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Name or Nicknames: Rebekah, Beck, Dorothy

Preferred Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5'8.5"

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Grape and emerald

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-10

Cat or Dog Person: Cats

Favorite Fictional Characters: Lily Evans, Poison Ivy, Killian Jones, John Mitchell, Luna Lovegood, Felicity Smoak, and so many others

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: One

Favorite Singer/Band: Set It Off, Arctic Monkeys, Lenka, MS MR, Florence and the Machine, The Beatles

Dream Trip: Outer Space or Antarctica

Dream Job: That’s classified

When Was This Blog Created: April 2014 I believe

Current Number of Followers: 42,201

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: “Peak” implies that my blog is on a downward spiral which it is not. It grows every day.

What Made You Create This Blog: I was bored and lonely

I tag: Anyone who feels like sharing!

  • Other fandoms: *have so much drama* *are never calm* *so much tension between fans* *complain about everything*
  • Me: *peacefully up The Vamps's asses* This is where I belong.
Rajigaze Oct 14

Reita (reading question): “I know you guys have announced your 15th anniversary live, and since it’s ‘Dainippon Itangeisha,’ I’m sure your old fans are happy, but as someone who isn’t familiar with that era, I feel kinda left behind or left out. But even if I don’t know your old stuff, I’ll still be able to enjoy it, right? Also, since the GazettE has been around for 15 years, there are often arguments online as to which era separates the old fans from the new fans, so please break it down for us!” …What is this [old fans vs new fans] thing? This is a thing with so many other artists too…do you really need to separate it? 

Ruki: I think it’s not really that they wanna separate, but I think some of the older fans wanna emphasize like, “I’ve known them for a long time~.” And then on the other hand, the new fans are like, what, “Will I be able to enjoy it?” like, it’s still the GazettE…huhu

Reita: I mean, I get how they feel, but shouldn’t they just be like, “Oh, you like the GazettE too! Nice, I made a new friend!”

Ruki: Well, we have lots of different songs from a long time ago, so…(*he explains how he could see some ppl being considered “new fans” but I don’t really get it) 

Reita: Yeah, and it’s not like we’re trying to revive that era, we just want to enjoy our old songs. 

Ruki: Yeah, it’s a movie called “Gudon no Sakura.” …Like “Spooky Box.”

Reita: (laughs) Yes. Well, it’s a sort of “concept live.” So don’t worry [about not knowing the songs], we just want you to hear them. 

Ruki: We want our old fans to get to know the current stuff, and our new fans to get to know the old stuff. 

Reita: Right.

Ruki: Our feeling is as pure as that…we’re so pure.

Reita: (chuckles loudly) Yes.

Ruki: I really hope that feeling reaches [the fans.] 

Reita: Yes, we’d love for you to come! You can even get the tickets now if you’re in the fan club, we’re taking priority reservations. So please apply for tickets!

Ruki: Yes – 

Reita: Ruki-san, that clicking noise you’re making is annoying. 

Ruki: Omg sorry! Sorry sorry. 

(Reita laughs)

Ruki: I’ve picked up a habit recently of writing like this.

Reita: Oh, you’re writing (laughs)

(*It sounded like he was clicking a pen or something but either way he’s not fuckin paying attention to ur questions) 

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Name: Catherine

Gender: Female


Originally posted by aussiecatdoll

(Get it? Bi, bi, bi?) (I’m sorry that was awful.)

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′11

Hogwarts house: Slytherin/Ravenclaw (I’ve taken all the quizzes. I get both results).

Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: Squirrels

Current time: 21:10

Cats or dogs: Both

Favorite fictional characters: Oh god. Gabriel, Lucifer, Emily Gilmore, Schmidt, any Timothy Omundson role, so many others. 

Number of blankets I sleep under: Just one 

Favorite singers/bands: OneRepublic, Queen, Louden Swain, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, David Bowie, Panic! At The Disco, Halsey, I could go on forever

Dream trip: Nice, long trip around Europe

Dream job: Actress. More realistically? Forensic Anthropologist. 

When has your blog reached it’s peak: My blog has always been and always will be a solid line of disappointment  

Why did you join tumblr: I’ve always loved reading tumblr posts, and had a few that I thought were funny enough to be on here, and yeah. I was apart of the Supernatural fandom so it just felt right

When was the blog created: June 2016

Why did you chose your username: I just needed something to start off with, and then got yelled at when I tried to change it 😂

I don’t have 20 people to tag since I don’t think I even talk to 20 people??? I don’t know but @tardisdementor tags me in everything (which I absolutely love) so here you go

Okay but like,

out of ATL, 5Sec, 1975, Panic!, FOB, AND Twenty One Pilots you choose


WHat the SHIT 
like alright who actually likes 5 seconds of summer AND is on tumblr. Im just dissapointed to see out of all of these huge fandoms on here you pick the fuckboy band. So many other more deserving fandoms have been so devoted and you pick 5 sec…

You know, I’m all about trying to find the silver lining. And if any can be found in the black cloud that is hovering over America, I’m going to do my best to find it. So I evaluated my self, and this is what I’ve found:

I am actually interested in knowing what is going on in my government. I’ll read the news from different accredited websites, put serious thought into what I’m reading, and work hard to form my own opinions on current matters. I am donating money towards organizations that I believe in. I am reteaching myself how the government operates, and doing what I can to figure out what can be done to help reform parts of it. I am contacting my senators to tell them about issues I’m concerned about. I am not silent. And overall, seeing so many other people band together, fighting for what they believe in, has given me a sense of patriotism that I’ve never had.

Keep up the great work everyone, I am doing my best, and I know you all are feeling compelled to do the same.

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mimmy, mim, mimoo

Star sign:

 177 cm idk feet sUE ME

Time right now:
 10:54 pm

Last thing you googled:
 quidditch.. dont ask

Fave music artist:
bts !!! definitely bts.. but i like so many otHER BANDS SNH i love tnbh, sleeping at last, the kooks, nothing more..

Song stuck in my head:
pretty girl by maggie lindemann

Last movie I watched:
uhHH… i literally can’t remember.. oH WAIT!! GOOD WILL HAUNTING!

Last TV show I watched:
Voltron !

What I’m wearing right now:
gray sweats and a baggy striped sweater ! aka my training clothes

When I created this blog:
like..a year ago..? it was dead but i started using it a few months ago again!

The kind of stuff I post:
voltron, yuri on ice, bts, kpop !

Do I do asks regularly:
 do i ask asks.. or do i answer asks..

Why did i choose my URL:
bc i wanted to be cool and keep up w the trend..


Hogwarts house: hUH…gryffindor..?  

Pokemon team:
i dont like pokemon im .. sorry? ):

Favorite color:
 blue, purple and lime green!

Lucky number:
7 and 5 !

Favorite characters:
literaLLY EVERYONE IN VOLTRON, aang, sokka, zuko (do tv show characters count?? bc if do then:) alec, magnus, evan, isaac, uHM, evelen… a lot..

Dream job:
an architect ! or a writer hah

Number of blankets I sleep with:
 one sobs


I TAGGGG… i dont have many friends… but….: @captainkaltar , @lost-in-waves-of-music@incarniunknown.. ..thats it im sorrry.. im lonely

ok ive seen some people shitting on the top fandom and saying theyre “fake deep” or whatever but honestly every fandom is “fake deep” and im soo glad that we put these theories into their music and videos instead of making theories about them as people i mean look at the panic fandom people have so many theories about ryden and other ships and they bother the band members w them and it makes them so uncomfortable or with the fob fandom patrick has to block people for mentioning peterick bc there are so many theories about that too so yeah you can say all the crap you want about how top fans take everything into too much consideration but at least were not judging actual members and bothering them with theories about their lives and ill take music and video theories over theories about people and their lives anyday

How y'all mad at Beyoncé, because people like her? Like she has spent 20+ years building this career she deserves every bit of praise.
this woman works her ass off on every album, she gets on stage and gives you a show EVERY. FUCKING. TIME, she has her own charity where she donates millions a year to different organizations.

she embraces her beauty and strength as a black women, she teaches her daughter to do the same, she teaches so many other young girls to do the same. She has opened doors for so many other people, like just look at her band!

so it’s not called being “overrated” it’s called being respected for the time and effort you put in to perfecting your craft, it’s called being recognized for your talent and hard work. You wanna talk about overrated bitch ask yourself why Maria Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete when she hasn’t won a major title in years.

Ask yourself why Lena Dunham is even allowed to speak with half the shit that she has said. Ask yourself why the Kardashians are even famous. Bitch don’t you ever question Beyoncé’s status again, because that shit is solidified. KNOW THAT.

You and Roomate!Michael being best friends since you had matching elmo diapers so you’ve obviously seen each other naked many of times but his band? Not so much.They’d be over as always but this time none of them called in advance neither did Michael tell you that the three were coming over so you come out of your room to the kitchen clad in only your underwear,Michael’s Metalica shirt(that came down to mid-thigh) and your Nightmare Before Christmas slippers with a messy bun,not noticing the four boys who were staring at you,three with jaws dropped. “Uh..Y/N?” Michael coughed.You turned around to meet the eyes of Michael as he motioned to his band and then to your body.You stopped what you were doing,and groaned as you made your way out of the kitchen. “God dammit Michael,you do this all the time!”

For @txhohood ’s roommate!5sos/roadtrip5sos night