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I was at a board meeting tonight and we open each meeting with an invocation. A man on our board, an immigrant from Central America, led that invocation by praying for immigrants and refugees in this time of university and for God to protect us all.

When I left that board meeting I had a CNN update on my phone that Trump had rescinded protections of transgender students in public schools.

On my way home I listened to MSNBC in the car. They were playing one of the many town halls happening right now. I heard the desperate pleas of a mother whose son will lose his ability to be insured under the new healthcare plan being proposed. I heard her congressman talking, dispassionately, over her desperation.

I got to my garage, parked, and just cried at the everyday reminders of how our government is so poised, willing, and able to sacrifice our humanity.

They sacrifice our humanity for money.
They sacrifice our humanity for power.

We need to sacrifice them at the ballot box in two years.
Do not stop fighting.
Do not lose your passion for what’s right.

gUESS WHAT i jzust spent all my savings on an iPad Pro so I can use it as a drawing tablet. With the Apple Pencil thing.  SO I am gonna be doing lots of terrible sketches all the time from now on and will be able to answer u questions with drawings really easily now. Which has been a huge barrier with me using this tumblr cos it’s just too much to draw,photograph/scan, edit and try to fix the shitty low light of the picture bcos it’s always nighttime wen I feel like drawing and not being able to upload a picture as a response to asks using my phone so it was just. UGH . And u guys always send me so many nice messages and I read them thank u ❤️ I will be trying to answer them all soon.0 thnx for patience sorry this blog ws but ghost town for a bit.  AnYway I’m not going to bother proof reading this . I have to go to work now:((( I want to play on my new toy. Iv had it for one hour ! I did u this drawing! Yay! coffee! Ok bye

—  a summary of things to yell at the moon, on a starless night, when nothing feels like home (requested by @simply-pure-garbage, probably written for my father) ○ courtney ann scarborough, 2/22/17

So today I got a package from @empathalitis​ my wonderful girlfriend and oh my god i don’t even know what to say there are so many things I still can’t believe it *dies*

She sent me rings, necklaces and earrings, loom bracelets that she made for me, candy, cards and letters with beautiful drawings, a Thorki phone charm *dies even more*, AND SO MUCH MORE and there is so much Hannibal related things I can’t even !!!!!!!!!!!


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omg im watching the vlog of someone who moved from scotland to chicago for university and im so baffled by literally everything like how fucking rich are you

america is so expensive. people don’t talk about this enough tbh everyone talks about expensive education/health are but there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS stupidly expensive in america

even phone plans and shit like my family plan which includes fast internet, cable, 4 phones with unlimited texting/calling/3GB of data each costs my fam 85€ a month and in america it would probably cost well over 400 dollars and dont even get me talking about restaurant prices, the amount i see ppl pay, i mean yeah it depends on the city/restaurant but i live in the capital of my country and compared to that y’all are paying triple

its true though american salaries are much higher, im not gonna tell y'all how much my parents make because its none of your business but i can tell you whats high middle class here would fall in regular middle class there, which is v baffling because i know minimum wage is quite similar like

how do u live?? how do most americans manage a living?? how do u pay over 300k for uni?? do u not realize what a Massive, Massive rip-off that is

and so the concept of europeans moving to america for university of all things is beyond baffling. we’re talking a difference of +100k in expenses fam. where are you getting that money from. just. what the fuck.

mmm just gauging interest here, how many people would like to see actual decent pictures of the birds i work with that have been taken with a camera rather than my phone? they’d be the same quality as my eagle photos + that one gyrsaker that got 20 something notes

just wondering

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hey, your local jew here! You mentioned in your post that you're rereading the old testament to explore it, which is fine, but the old testament has been translated so many times from the original torah theres a lot of inconsistencies. If I were you I would find an english translation of the Midrash (ancient rabbi commentary on the torah) and/or haftarah to flip through (also I believe the etz hayim has translations of torah passages and commentary) no pressure, just in case you're interested :)

No this is great. Thank you for educating me on this! Do you know of any phone apps for these texts? Having it on my phone is the most accessible for me.


I didn’t complete many illustrations last year, but these two lovely Tobias and Jube ones are now available as art prints, at my society6 store.

Society6 has (apparently) recently made it a lot easier to format images for their huge range of other products — notebooks, mugs, pillows, phone cases, wall clocks, all that kind of stuff — so if there are any particular illustrations of mine that are favourites of yours, please let me know, and I’ll try to put the popular ones onto some ITEMS. More like EXCITEMS!!!


Hello, my cupcakes! I am selling the remainder of my stock of plush monsters so that I can make sO MANY NEW ONES. All of ‘em are 15$ each, but if you’d like the pair of moogles together, it’d be 25$. Shipping is included in the US!

As always, I am taking commissions on generally anything cosplay/sewing/art related, so feel free to hmu via IM, ask, or skype!

i want so many pictures taken of me. i want pictures of me writing in journals. i want pictures of me reading. i want pics of me watching the sky and i want pictures of me being excited. i want pictures of me jumping up and down after hearing the best news ever and i want pictures of me having to fix my glasses. i want pictures of me with my hair being blown everywhere because of the wind and i want pictures of me so blurry that im not even sure what im doing in them. i want photos of me sitting on my bed with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst laughing the hardest i’ve ever laughed. i want pictures of me looking out windows and pictures of me sitting on the floor with paint all over my hands in nothing but a long flannel. i want pictures of me running in all types of directions in fields. i want pictures of my facial expression the second someone calls my name. i want pictures of me dancing and jamming to music and i want photos of me when im in deep thought. i want pictures of me when im a mess and sobbing on the floor. i jus want so many pics of me doing things bc i wanna know what kind of person everyone else sees. i want to capture every raw moment.


Some good Josuke faces

Batfam as things my coworkers have said
  • Bruce, overheard on the phone as he's leaving WE: Wait, your brother is at work? (...) Oh thank god, that means I can sleep when I get home.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, giving Duke a tour of the Batcave: I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. Everyone's really nice here. Except for Jason.
  • Jason, from across the cave: That's messed up!
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie: *sees Cass's hand is bandaged up* Oh my god, are you okay?
  • Cass: Yeah, I just stabbed myself. It's fine.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: What, you think that because you're bootylicious, you can do whatever you want?
  • Jason, nodding: Yeah, pretty much.
  • ---------------
  • Damian: Alfred knows everything, he just pretends that he doesn't.
  • Alfred: Well, somebody needs to know something around here.
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie, inspecting Tim's under-eye circles: You need some makeup, fam. That shit is unsettling.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, to Roy: I hereby name you an official member of the family!
  • Jason: It's a trap, dude. You don't wanna be part of this family.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: Has anyone seen my coffee?
  • All: No.
  • Tim: Looks like it sucks to be Steph today. *picks up Stephanie's coffee and walks away*
  • ---------------
  • Duke: You've gotta be crazy to work here.
  • Jason: You don't HAVE to be crazy. We can always train you.
  • ---------------
  • WE Employee: *walks into Bruce's office to hear a loud alarm coming from his computer while Bruce fills out paperwork, seemingly unperturbed*
  • WE Employee: How can you just sit there and listen to that?
  • Bruce: Do you have any idea how many kids I have?

lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

Outertale Deep Space Varient
I always liked the idea of Outertale, but I felt like the outfits weren’t space-y enough. Like missed opportunity ya know? Not that they’re bad, they’re very cute and there are things I like about every rendition I’ve seen. ((I’;d tell you what I don’t like, but I don’t want anyone to think my opinion matters and think those things are bad cause I don’t like em.))

But yea! missed opportunity for that sweet sweet sci-fi space suit feel. (I’m really into that sci-fi stuff). Also ridiculous weapons CAUSE Y NOT.

So here’s one of the many versions I’m doing. I guess I miss labeled it, should be outerswap or whatever the kids are calling it.
I really like Blues, overall look, but I ran out of free time with Stretch so it’s a little phoned in. It’s going in the right direction though, if you have a better color scheme in mind, let me know, I’ll send you the line art to color