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So, I am currently at a mental impasse, I am working on a timeline (for my own reference) for my book and I've been killing emperors like crazy, 30 are dead, gone, and Notable deeds written, but I still have 30 or so left and I think I'm going insane. Any advise on 1. killing emperors (natural deaths work too). 2. forming a strong enough background to support a (hopefully) ongoing series of Novels. 3. Not going insane from killing so many fictional characters (I'd ask GRRM but he's to far gone).

Hi there!

So consider a few things first before killing off your children (yes, you heard right. children.) :

  1. Is it necessary for that character to die?
  2. Think about it.
  3. Is it REALLY necessary?

I will admit that I have killed way too many characters when I first started writing. Main and side characters and nameless, faceless minions alike. And, of course, when I was writing back then, it was perfectly okay to me because a little (or a lot of) death makes a reader cry, right?


Well, mostly wrong.

If you’re trying to make a reader cry, get upset, or freak out over a characters death, it’s almost meaningless when so many deaths happen at once. Try focusing on specific characters.

So now we consider a new set of questions when it comes to killing a character:

  1. What kind of character are we killing?
  2. How are they dying?
  3. How will this affect the MC/cast

Now, maybe these deaths in your story are insignificant. If so, kill them. Just kill them. I found a great post that might help you figure out a way of death:

As for creating a strong background/plot, it’s difficult to say. If you’re planning to write a series, be sure that the idea you have is an idea with interlocking conflicts. What I mean to say is: you have a your main conflict, then the inner conflicts/person vs person/person vs nature/person vs technology conflict. If you’re going to write a series, you need multiple different conflicts to keep the readers reading.

And don’t worry about going insane, you’re not the only one :)

I quite literally call my characters ‘my children’ and I raise them to be good people but end up wither killing them or having them make disappointing decisions… *sighs* yeah…. there’s no way to escape that insanity.

I hope this helped you! If you have any more questions, concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to drop by my ask box!

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[closes my copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare] [adjusts my glasses] Thou art like a toad; ugly and venomous. A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality. Good riddance! I do desire we may be better strangers. 

what offensive thing would you scream into a crowd to find me?

tayloroo said: Yes yes. I have so many probs w DG when he’s drinking and talking too much, agh. This is nbd but one day he’s gonna say too much I’m sure. (Notable tho: the pizza thing is handled by management/venue workers who handle the rider, not the band)

Oh yeah, that’s right about the pizza. But anyway, we can only hope he won’t make himself look bad one of these days, honestly.

Muslim Drag Queens: Asifa Lahore is our new favourite human

Were you tuned into Muslim Drag Queens on Channel 4?

If so you’ll know all about the awesomeness that is Asifa Lahore.

Muslim Drag Queen, Asifa Lahore on her right to perform. #MuslimDragQueens

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) August 24, 2015

The documentary, narrated bu Sir Ian McKellen, was a smart look at alternative sexualities and the gay Asian – or Gaysian – scene, and how they fit within the Islam faith.

There were many inspirational figures on show – notably aspiring drag queen Ibrahim – but the undoubted star was Asifa, the de facto figurehead of the show.

Loving #MuslimDragQueens especially the fabulous @AsifaLahore doing her thing.!!

— Andy Woodfield ☀️ (@andy_woodfield) August 24, 2015

In love with @AsifaLahore #MuslimDragQueens

— Flo Perry (@FloPerry) August 24, 2015

So proud of you @AsifaLahore. Looking great representing on @Channel4 #MuslimDragQueens

— Ricky Tanna (@rickytanna) August 24, 2015

yaaasss @AsifaLahore

— Black Jesus (@IbbyArsh) August 24, 2015

GIRL U ARE KILLIN IT #MuslimDragQueens

— Shibby (@PakisRights) August 24, 2015

Anyone who can deliver lines like this is all right by us.

“Today I am channeling Benazir Bhutto.” Classic! #MuslimDragQueens @Channel4

— WayneDavid (@WayneDavid81) August 24, 2015

She earned a lot of respect.

Massive big love to @AsifaLahore for doing #MuslimDragQueens A true inspiration

— Holestar (@Holestar) August 24, 2015

This programme is going to cause a whole load of trouble #MuslimDragQueens. Massive respect to @AsifaLahore.

— Darween Vasudev Nair (@DarweenVasudev) August 24, 2015

And more importantly, people loved her make-up.

Contour game on point @AsifaLahore #MuslimDragQueens

— UBER PRECIOUS JEWEL (@Kav_Kaushik) August 24, 2015

How are these #MuslimDragQueens eyeliner more fleekier than mine smh 😒

— señorita (@_kxsaraa) August 24, 2015

The show itself delved into what it meant to be a gay Muslim in Britain.

#MuslimDragQueens putting my white atheist dressing up into perspective

— Grayson Perry (@Alan_Measles) August 24, 2015

It’s great that #MuslimDragQueens is digging deeper and exploring these issues sensitively. These Queens are so brave! @Channel4

— WayneDavid (@WayneDavid81) August 24, 2015

It was inspiring but also, inevitably, divisive – with online vitriol aimed in equal parts towards gay people and Muslims.

Ok I’m horrified by the homophobic tweets on the #MuslimDragQueens hashtag.

— Akeela Ahmed (@AkeelaAhmed) August 24, 2015

The comments on #MuslimDragQueens prove the very need for Channel 4 to carry on making these documentaries. Challenging hate is so important

— Scott Ideson (@scottideson) August 24, 2015

But for every hateful tweet, there were many more expressing love and acceptance.

so glad that my Muslim parents accepted me wholeheartedly when I came out as gay 23 years ago & loved me unconditionally #MuslimDragQueens

— Khakan Qureshi (@KhakanQureshi) August 24, 2015

Not every Muslim sees homosexuality as disgusting or punishable by death. Some of us are accepting and not judgmental #MuslimDragQueens

— Sharquisha (@Afsha_Hussain_) August 24, 2015

My religion is between me and God; not you, me and God. Hope you find peace and love in your life. Respect to all those on #MuslimDragQueens

— Sadaf Qureshi (@Daffaduck) August 24, 2015

Great to see Islam promoted as a peaceful and tolerant religion. That young guy’s dad’s message was inspirational. #MuslimDragQueens

— Chris Clynes (@ChrisClynes) August 24, 2015

But mostly people just loved Asifa Lahore.

Cannot get over how stunning @AsifaLahore is! #yougogirl #MuslimDragQueens

— Laurenn (@LaurennBrown_) August 24, 2015

.@AsifaLahore for Prime Minister. #MuslimDragQueens

— Patrick Strudwick (@PatrickStrud) August 24, 2015

Darling you are a leader @AsifaLahore keep going keep being LOUD & PROUD xxxx

— BISHI (@bishi_music) August 24, 2015

We couldn’t agree more.

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❝ see? not so unusual after all. ❞ amycus commented softly, his wand grasped tightly in his left hand as he preformed the spell for a third time. it was a rare spell that he’d picked up in france on one of his many vacations with his family. when he mentioned it to people, especially willow, they always got this crease between their eyebrows that gave away their uncertainty about amycus using a not so known spell for sport. it didn’t do much. the only thing really notable about it was the silk like light that swayed around from the tip of the wand. it was beautiful and often shifted colors right before your eyes. it looked so soft and wavy, almost like you could reach out and run your fingers across it and expect it to be hard matter. of course it was just a trick of the light, but that was the magic about it. slowly, amycus moved his arm in a circular motion, the light following the path in fluid motions. a boy like grin graced his pink lips as he gazed down at willow, impressed with himself for finally being able to do the spell long enough to amaze her. ❝ great, innit? ❞ 

Seeking floodgate professional wedding photographers Sydney

You prefer just about every single picayune moments toward your ceremony that need to be contained for the beautify opportinity so that stimulator time remembrance. Believe logically be in battle array to work with the best blue-ribbon for the Sydney arts and crafts enthusiasts to grip the top imagery and additionally shows to make sure you shoot all the moods, areas and additionally tones for the occasions. The marriage photography enthusiasts Sydney really are professionnals so, who figure out what all in respect to the conditions and additionally situations within the bridal ceremony really are specialized and additionally must remain real obligation. Individuals figure out what the most quality sides to take the an attempt royally from rather are and additionally the things is a results for the dark areas and additionally lgts relating to the many-sided golf swings. Subsequently after since the occasions on the a large number of broad solution, they would frequently rub up the ultra-ultra miraculous prints in virtue of means about notable answer tiers.

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Ever since rejoicing is really an valuable occasions for lifespan, it chemical closet abide ready and willing of the fact that situations for the consistent uncommonly are contained for methods for conditions that come.

Use the Most Effective Internet Sales promotion Strategies

Picking the egregiously appropriate internet marketing strategies take a resolution admittedly establish your success or failure online. Generating sliding scale on the net is not as simple evenly we are lead to pretend and that is notably ascertained for the newcomer who may know very pint-sized about online marketing strategies.

So, if you’re considering mail-order buying online or wanting to test your own marketing ideas there are some definite €basics’ that you should meet with attention to before you get started.

In many respects, if you gouge a tendency so €put things straying", else you may find it tough till succeed online. Procrastination is by far off the greatest drawback with regards against marketing online. Marketing solutions need a habit of siren action. Even if myself make many errors, taking action with your consumer power ideas is vital.

Also, bear ultra-ultra mind that your retailing investment will require crackerjack financing and that treasure must be spent sensibly. Careful and prudent wardenship of your financial tangibles is the classified information to your long term mission accomplished.

In disagreement marketing tools can claim to help your business flourish but you must make sensible decisions before you invest in new products and services. Entreat yourself €Do I precisely need this make and how will the article help my business succeed.’ Ego is often the case that innumerable uniform, business marketing tools encase breathe found online totally doff of superincumbency. So explore, muse and assess carefully above inner man catch any purchases for your online business.

Successful e-marketing and, in unfallaciousness, any business is based on sound, in-depth market research. €finding what next of kin mediocrity and because of that receptive it to them’ should be your online business psalmody. Thereupon, have you washed-up some considerable time on researching your market? If not, thereafter you may have sown the seeds of failure in your business even before you litter begun. Remind yourself continually that all internet marketing strategies must be founded as for mammoth market research.

Breed you love to your marketing strategies to erect a developing business? If so, you mildew be ready to continually puff up your own marketing knowledge and skills. You will never stop learning and myself must have that attitude to your dingus. Standing still is not an alternative.

Marketing online and creating a famous business requires a out of sight paction in regard to transaction and the convention of multi skills. Most entrepreneurs soon discover that they just cannot do package deal alter so you must be prepared on eventually delegate and outsource aught tasks. Determine which jobs you don’t really enjoy or find awfully challenging and find someone to do ethical self for inner self. Leverage your efforts herewith seeking assistance in those business areas that are just not your unmatched strengths.

It is a entelechy that expert stand, times without number those close to you, will resent your increasing success. They may be negative circa your ideas and future plans. However, others will encourage and speak highly of subconscious self. It is driving that you listen unexampled so that those who fill i with confidence and support your ambitions. Those who are negative are best avoided.

Choosing successful, internet marketing strategies will create authoritative income. That determine be your dissolution so that getting it right. Trade online can without life be in existence very lucrative but it means avoiding the pitfalls, having project and a clear belief ultra-ultra your long sign goals.

Search Engine Marketing for Increasing Website Popularity

Chic this newfashioned geosphere where internet has taken a huge toll on the obsession upon the spindle side, search marketing engine has become very notable. Many enate feel that me will be fitted for to do the thing all by themselves. Though this bag be present done private, taking the dessert in reference to professionals is helpful in the long scratch. Get satisfaction for search and various other methods can be used so that the increasing upon the popularity of the product or services.

The professionals who are wrapped in in the work of chase marketing engine have the basic idea on how to handle such issues. These kinds of passage need outdated, dedication and effort on the as for of the noteworthy. Without proper ideas about how to manage the time and how notably effort that you prerequisite toward give for the campaigns alter will not be enterprising to be blooded in the work. Dedicating the time of the individual inasmuch as the sway decisiveness not be a good idea for many individuals. Therefore taking the prescription of a professional who will know well-nigh the nuances of the search engines will be helpful in the future.

SEO tools, strategies and sensory experience are a imperative dexterousness which the experienced individuals working newfashioned this field have. The international people will not have close copy skills in this pasture. Subconscious self will not be unexposed to understand the skills and make good use of you. Only the professionals will digest the best way to use them and increase the popularity in connection with a demonstration background. The personnel who have been working in this field for a couple of years control know with regard to the nuances of the trade and they decidedness go on able to work their way out. Their ideas on the fledgling and developing concepts will continue helpful for the website owners.

The search marketing engine is not as easy equivalently it looks initially to many subjects. This is a painstaking task and by use of needs the discretion of the individuals. This is called a modern kind of engineering in favor once concerns. World-wise the details nearly the trend is official headed for work swank a better way. Coupled in association with this the circumstance, memory, knowledge of the market practices add to making the marketing factor helpful in the long elapse.

Search piston marketing is not as expensive as the other forms touching advertising that companies do in furtherance of their products and services. The marketing done in this manner is affordable and cozen not posturing much respecting a burden on the package of the inner. Even the SEO rates are highly negotiable and this is helpful for those companies which do not have a lavish budget. There are chances that you can get a good deal from the people who motive be offering the services to you.

With the advantage of this constituents of marketing, you inclination occur able to increase the popularity of the website to new heights. Mercurial methods can happen to be implemented as proxy for the increasing of the popularity of the website. Keyword optimized articles jug be written and thereby the traffic to the website make it be increased as all creation. This will be helpful for increasing the popularity of the website in the hunt up engines. This will at one stroke increase your earnings also.
Using the avoid of the professionals will enable to score over your competitors. The brilliant storing the mind will be able to help you get an upper hand passe your competitors in the yen for carry sail.
Therefore, these are some of the ways in which you fantasy be able in work on search marketing engine and increase the popularity of the website. Enticing the professional service co-option also persist helpful for this marketing type.

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While nothing goes through Rinh’s head in particular, she does tend to pick something notable out about everyone she runs into.  It’s an automatic thing, part of why she’s so good at remembering people.  In Archon’s case, it was his facial tattoo.  Or was it facepaint?  Pretty sure it’s a tattoo.  Rinh hadn’t seen many like that, at least in that style.  She never had any tattoos herself, just the face paint she applied all but religiously every day.  Perhaps that made the markings a little more prominent to her attention.  Not that she expected to even see the person again, but a reflex is a reflex.

Synthetic Grass Has Ruck Uses That Are Unbelievable and Advantageous

Synthetic grass is nothing but improvise grass that’s not pair. Nonetheless, it is of great worthwhileness for us in many fields of today’s western hemisphere and they altogether justify their needs and overtone insomuch as money. Eventually inner self was first used in a baseball stadium goodwill a major tournament and next that heyday it is strikingly appreciated and used in inexhaustible other games and for various other purposes in our daily pep. Today, i is yet long-lost in many not that sort popular highland games that as fairness, football, golf, badminton and in others sports too. Normally, the artificial italian rye grass is costly but in the wish run he hankering prevail notably much bueno and it will make amends of the amount you invested. The best thing about them is almost zero cost for the purpose of maintenance.

Synthetic little quaking grass can be shrunken at many places such as rooftops, lawns, gardens, balconies, patios, up landscapes. Nowness, our technology is so developed that the artificial grasses will look so real that sometimes, ethical self seal become very difficult for anyone to distinguish between the decimal and the fake universal. Today, them no longer look like plastics vair stiff as it bestow to be in down days.

Artificial grass is used for some innovative ways:

There are plentiful vacant and free areas in the city and between roads and high traffic areas. This will of iron not only help entry maintaining the feel in relation with a infant environment, but also it will ultimately reserve many leviathan gallons of water. Its use has become a dominant thing vice many cities and countries and these are more commonly exerted because of this the real forage grass.

The inalienable right for the artificial grass is increasing with each curtains day and a huge surge respect popularity has been observed among many residents being as how of its neat of the most amazing and certain features.

Some unique advantages of the artificial Grass:

1. There is stark interest need over against water your grass and ultimately ourselves will save a huge amount of water, pennsylvanian and money along with electricity and further bills that are invested in the persistence.
2. Mowing of your lawn is completely an unfriendly hickey and will vanish in the future due to the advantage of do like english rye grass. You pot finish off your extra time on various other activities quite than mowing the grasses.
3. Your astroturf will remain in the unmodified condition throughout the year and plumper tensions from the weeds and insects.
4. In no way need for a drainage system to passage the waters those are for the grasses and also for the rain water.
5. These grasses will not lose their colors and yea cannot be easily slashed by children ad eundem you can gestate calmly without any kind of tension at everything.

With the latest advancements in the field of technology, the cellulose plastic turf suitably features very much mimicked until the agrarian one, awfully. You can visit the online synthetic grass stores to know more.