so many notable things about this

Honestly, a lot of my favourite elements of popular media have come about directly from writers being passive-aggressive.

Let me give you a classic example: Happy Days. For a lot of folks reading this post, it’s probably before your time, but you’re likely to at least be familiar with Fonzie, a supporting character played by Henry Winkler who ended up being so popular that he’s literally the only thing anybody remembers about the show.

Now, if you recognize the name, you might also know that one of Fonzie’s more notable quirks is that he tends to take his motorcycle with him everywhere - even indoors, including many places where there’s no obvious way for him to have gotten it there. What you might not know, however, is why the writers came up with this running gag in the first place.

Y’see, Fonzie was originally conceived as the “bad influence” character - the cool, dangerous bad boy. As part of that characterisation, the writers wanted to have him wear a leather jacket. (Because it was the 1970s, and that counted as edgy back then.) The network censors, however, objected, claiming that allowing him to wear the jacket would encourage juvenile delinquency and gang violence. (Again, it was the 70s.)

Eventually, the writers worked out a deal whereby they’d be allowed to have Fonzie wear the jacket - but only if he was riding or otherwise physically near his motorcycle, since a leather jacket is a common article of safety equipment when operating a non-enclosed vehicle, and we can’t let impressionable kids see somebody riding a motorcycle without proper safety equipment, can we?

Then they just wrote the motorcycle into every scene, regardless of whether it made sense or not, thereby allowing Fonzie to wear the jacket all the time.

another thing occurs to me about dave is that, despite great comet’s appallingly short run and despite everything that occurred within it, he’s notable. he’s the composer who took one of the most notoriously long books of all time and made a musical in a way that no one has ever seen before, and in doing so he gained so many fans and followers that will support him as he continues on. he’s overwhelmed with fan-mail and he’s gained so many supporters in the span of the past few months and i feel like even the encouragement of all of these people is going to only help him charge forward. 

perhaps in the business world, great comet was snubbed, but the fact that dave malloy’s bizarre war and peace musical made it onto broadway is astounding in itself. i don’t know, i’ve been feeling sad about this closing lately but i’m realizing that the sheer fact that we got here and that dave got here is amazing, he is the creator of a show with twelve tony nominations, he is the person who took on an impossible project and made it beautiful. he isn’t going to be forgotten after this. this isn’t over for him. he has the fans and fame he couldn’t have imagined when he was starting this show and he’s only going to go up from here.

notes on patterns of character introduction:

  • the first thing we hear from Doug Eiffel is that his voice, as we hear it, is a recorded, transmitted log, and that his job is to communicate.
  • Minkowski is introduced speaking over the Hephaestus’s intercom.
  • so is Hilbert.
  • Hera is, arguably, always speaking as though over an intercom.
  • the first time we hear Cutter’s voice, he speaks over his own intercom, and then is on a call with Minkowski and Eiffel.
  • Lovelace comes in on her recording left for future crews, then her own logs and message for Goddard. when she appears in person, she also is first heard as a transmission, hailing the Hephaestus.
  • Rachel is first heard making a phone call.
  • Kepler’s first appearance is his “Horrible Unending Nightmare” call to Eiffel.
  • Jacobi is introduced attempting to hail the Hephaestus.
  • Maxwell, as she does with so many of this show’s character signifiers, breaks the pattern – her intro is a mid-episode surprise, but she’s talking right there.
  • and of course, there are the Dear Listeners.

in short: with the notable exception of Maxwell, every character on the show is first heard through, or while making, a call, recording, or transmission of some kind. (Even the Blessed Eternal is first heard over the intercom.) Because Wolf 359 is a show about two things – personhood and communication. People are shaped by their attempts to reach out to one another.

Star Wars, Kylo Ren and the Ancient Egyptian Soul

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken? 

– Terry Pratchett, Going Postal.

Kylo Ren has no soul. I don’t say this because I hate his character, or because I think he’s a monster, I say this because he’s so clearly tried to destroy one key part of his soul - his name.

According to the Ancient Egyptians, the human soul came in five parts. The Ib, the Sheut, the Ba, the Ka and the Ren.

Your Ib was your heart and, like the other parts of your soul, was essential to you surviving in the afterlife. To enter the afterlife your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth - if you failed your heart was devoured by Ammit and you were damned and destroyed for all eternity. This was why the heart was not placed into Canopic Jars but left in the body: so Anubis could weigh it against the feather and judge if you were worthy or not. Your heart, according to the Ancient Egyptians, was the very seat of your emotions, thought, will and intentions. If you sinned, it weighed on you here.

The Sheut was your shadow, the thing which proved you real and tangible in the world. Always present so long as there was light, always following the person, to the Ancient Egyptians it was obvious that it carried some part of the person it was attached to - indeed, following this same logic statues were sometimes referred to as shadows. The shadow was also not exempt from the afterlife - some people were given “shadow boxes” in which part of the Sheut was stored.

The Ba was the personality of a person, what made them them. Probably the part of the Ancient Egyptian soul easiest to equate to the modern Western perception of the soul, it was your defining character, your very self - where the Ib was intention and emotion, the Ba was the personality behind that. Indeed, the Ba was said to re-join the Ka in the afterlife -

The Ka being your vital spark, that which makes you alive. It is this which distinguishes the living from the dead - when the body, the Ha lost it’s Ka, it was dead. The Ka is your living energy and so, to live, it requires, like any living thing, food and drink. It is because of the Ka that food and drink were left by graves or buried with a Mummy - so that, even in the afterlife, the Ka could eat and drink it’s fill and not die.

All these things about the first four parts of the soul. But what about the fifth?

The Ren is the name given to you at birth. Egyptians could and would change their names - Pharaohs most notably, with Akhenaten, called Amenhotep before his name-change and Tutankhamun, born Tutankhnaten - but the name was still a sacred thing. It was even, when written or carved, protected by a Cartouche, and many Ancient Egyptians made numerous attempts to protect and preserve their names. Conversely, should someone be considered to have committed so great a crime there was no other punishment suitable, their name would be hacked off monuments and inscriptions, in a form of what the Romans would later perform, and called damnatio memoriae.

As Pratchett says - “a man is not dead while his name is still spoken”. So too did the Ancient Egyptians believe - if your name still existed somewhere, if it could still be read and understood and spoken… you would live. Provided the other efforts to preserve your soul, your Ba and Ka, your Ib and Sheut and, in the realm of the living, your Ren you could survive in the afterlife for ages upon ages.

Kylo Ren has shed his name. His name is not even entirely a name - he is a Knight of Ren, a Knight of the Name, and what passes for his name now reflects that. He may have his Ba and Ka, he is certainly a creature of his own Sheut, but his Ib… has been shaped and moulded into something else and is weighed down by sins.

And his Ren, his name… is gone. He is just another name bound into Snoke’s service, made to shed a part of himself, a part of his soul.

Kylo Ren has no soul. Not because he’s a monster, but because he has sacrificed his name in Snoke’s service. He is a Knight of Ren, a Knight of Name.

Perhaps, a Knight in name only. Will he take on his old name? Will he take on a new name entirely? I don’t know.

But Kylo has no Ren.

There’s something to be said about the fact that in TFA, Kylo Ren went through a (very) abridged version of Anakin’s fall.

Both men had good people in their lives who loved them, and who reached out to them to help, even after they’d committed atrocious acts (Padme and Obi Wan for Anakin, Han and Leia for Kylo.)

Padme shows up *after* Anakin has killed the younglings and begs him to come back to her. She says there’s still good in him. Leia repeats that same sentiment, about her son, in TFA.

Additionally, both men are given one final chance to make things right (ostensibly by facing the consequences for their actions) only to kill/try to kill the person reaching out (Han for Kylo, Obi Wan for Anakin.)

Both Vader and Kylo are shown destroying whole planets (well, 5, actually, in Kylo’s case, including the densely populated center of galactic government, but you know) and both are shown slaughtering defenseless people with no compassion or mercy (Lor San Tekka and the villagers for Kylo, and a whole lotta people for Vader.)

So we have literally all of Vader’s major action/timeline played out already in Kylo’s arch, just within TFA, with the notable exception that where Vader went against Palpatine’s orders to spare his son’s life, Kylo followd Snoke’s, and killed Han.

Rian’s right about one thing: Kylo isn’t Vader. Because Vader valued family so deeply that it was enough to make him change course, even after many years. Kylo, instead, willingly throws his family’s love away, completing (and surpassing) in one film what Vader did in 6.

Kylo Ren isn’t Vader; he’s already on track to become so, so much worse.

There’s something I don’t understand about the whole 1990s trend of designed-by-committee video game mascots.

Some are remembered fondly. (e.g., Crash Bandicoot)

Some are remembered as, yeah, that was a thing. (e.g., Earthworm Jim)

Most are forgotten entirely. (Too many to name.)

And then there’s Bubsy the Bobcat.

Most terrible mascot franchises fall into the forgotten bin, but Bubsy and Bubsy alone is remembered specifically for being terrible.


I mean, I’ve played every game he’s appeared in - when they were new, even. (Yes, I’m Tumble Ancient.) They’re not notably worse than any other mediocre 1990s mascot franchise.

What is it about Bubsy in particular that makes his mediocrity so memorable?


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Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N:  Gif not mine. This is loooong overdue. Requested by a lovely anon. Prompt: “Heyy I’m mute and I would love a snape X student reader where the readers also mute and her and snape are kinda like friends cause he’s always nice to her and one day he helps her with something and she says thanks to him in his head like legilimency ?? Xxx” I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know exactly how legilimency works and sorry if Sev is ooc. I hope I did this justice. Sorry if any of my understandings are incorrect. Enjoy!

Severus had dealt with many challenging things in his life. When hearing of one of his students who may, at times need extra assistance, he took it upon himself to offer her the same level of education just like any of his other students.

However, this was not the difficult part. You see, Severus and (y/n) had developed a special bond over the years. (Y/n) was extraordinary when it came to the fine skills of potion making. 

Straight away this had put her in favour with the known stoic professor. The difficult part, was what he had decided to do without the knowledge of anyone else. 

He had to fine tune it before he would reveal it to anyone. It took years to hone in on it, but he was finally ready to reveal it. What better way than to tell (y/n) that he had decided something very special just for her than the plan he was preparing to set in motion. 

This relationship was not one-way, (y/n) had also taken it upon herself to do something for her admired Professor. 

This is how she ended up wringing her hands nervously before approaching the emerald-clad witch. 

With a polite tug at her robes, Professor McGonagall looked down to (y/n) and greeted her, “Hello, Miss (l/n), I hope you are doing well. Is there something I can do for you?” Holding her arm outstretched (y/n) offered her something. 

A small parchment folded neatly. Scrawled on the piece of paper were the words: “How do you learn legilimency?” Heart beating fast, (y/n) knew that this could get her in serious trouble. 

After all, legilimency was a skill associated with the dark arts for its invasive nature. The stern professor read the words and immediately looked into (y/n)’s fearful eyes. 

This was it, you couldn’t take it back now. Professor McGonagall let out a deep sigh, “Legilimency is not something we teach here at Hogwarts,” (y/n)’s heart sank, “You can only find such books detailing the skill in the forbidden section of the library. It’s highly unlikely that you will find a teacher willing to sign the necessary permission slip. I can assure you I will not do such a thing." 

As the professor turned slightly, preparing to walk away (y/n) only just made out her next words, "I am not saying that your desired book will be found two bookcases down on the third shelf.” (Y/n) snapped her head up as Professor McGonagall continued, “Nor am I saying that on Thursday nights I will be assigning Filch night duty by the kitchens, far from the library.” With that she left.

That was it, that was perfect! (Y/n) could now spend her Thursday nights learning Legilimency. 

Every Thursday night she had found herself slumped over a thick book at one of the library desks. 

The first night she made the mistake of not wearing proper clothing; it was freezing! Luckily one of her muggle-born Hufflepuff friends, those friendly puffs, gave her this muggle contraption called a thermos. Whatever weird way it worked, you were grateful. 

Since the start of this experience you were always remembering to do things slightly different; wearing warmer clothes, having a thermos, packing snacks, a blanket and more. 

You were now completely comfortable in the forbidden section. Maybe a little too comfortable… you had accidentally fallen asleep maybe once… or a few times now. 

Luckily you still hadn’t been caught yet. There were a few close calls, oddly enough it was the exact reason why you were there; Professor Snape. 

He had come into the library on the third night, it seems he was returning a book. 

That was odd why is he returning it in the middle of the night when no one can check it back in? Unless he never checked out the book in the first place?

Things didn’t add up; to add more confusion to the matter when he had left you walked to where he’d left the book and realised it was in the muggle section. 

Try as you did you couldn’t work out exactly which book he’d returned. 

(Y/n) sipped at the beverage that warmed her soul. “You have nothing to worry about. You are my top student and should have no problem with this assessment.” The masculine voice was laced with a reserved familiar softness that calmed her. 

At any hint of evaluation, (y/n) couldn’t help but be nervous, that’s why she was currently sitting in front of the intimidating Professor Snape. 

However, he wasn’t as cruel as he seemed, especially for those who were willing to work hard. “Now the calming draught should ease your worries, I suggest you head back to the dormitory and write out the steps multiple times to commit it to memory." 

On this occasion Snape showed one of his rare smiles, as he stood from behind his desk before he walked (y/n) out. "Now, if you have any other worries, don’t hesitate to find me." 

He showed her the door, turned to look at her before she left, analysing her thoughts; they were still not full of certainty. "I have complete faith in you.” He told her, his voice filled with truth. 

With a watchful eye, Professor Snape shadowed his students while they attempted to make a rather advanced potion. 

His eyes scanned over to (y/n), who he realised looked quite concerned. He searched for the answer, “Sir, the instructions are saying to add the frog legs before the willow sap has had time to heat up. But, that will cause the potion to not mix properly. You’ll end up with a potion that will, at its full capacity, only just work, with limited effects. Is the textbook wrong?" 

Not wanting to take away from the experience of trial and error from the rest of the class and deciphering through which students belong at a N.E.W.Ts level, Severus Snape simply nodded, confirming her thoughts. 

At the end of the lesson, the potions were assessed and graded. 

It was no surprise to the Potions Master when (y/n) had made another perfect potion. "You could all learn a lot from Miss (l/n), who has once again made another excellent potion." 

Wand in hand and a flick of his wrist, the other dismal potions vanished.

Excitement filled the Great Hall; Final Examinations were over. 

No one cared too much about their results at this time, they were free! The future had not crossed their minds in this very moment, they were celebrating together in the present. 

It was a tradition as of late to let the graduating students set off Dr Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks, as most graduating students were of age or nearing. 

Purple, pink, orange, red and blue streaked the hall’s open space. The charmed ceiling even joined in with its own firework display. 

Smiling faces and laughter filled the Great Hall as the final feast of the day was served. (Y/n) sat enjoying her time with her friends as they talked charismatically - (y/n) enthusiastically signing to her friends, fumbling occasionally due to excitement. 

She didn’t realise the professor walked passed her, not wanting to interrupt the conversation he had dropped her a note. "Professor Dumbledore and myself would like to discuss your N.E.W.Ts results. Following the feast, make your way to the Headmaster’s office. - S. Snape" 

Professor Snape waited for you at the concealed door. Upon your arrival you noticed the slight quiver of his lips raise in a slight curl, "With me Miss (l/n),” he swooped over to the light bricks and spoke, “Sherbet Lemon." 

The wall rattled and moved back to reveal a staircase that spiralled upwards. Snape stood on it, quickly you followed suit standing two steps below him. 

You came to a gryffin door where Snape raised his has hand and knocked twice.

The Headmaster’s office was filled with so many exotic and interesting things; most notably there was a large bird with glorious red, orange and yellow feathers. 

"Ah Miss (l/n), I’m so glad that you can join us.” You we’re still confused as to why you were there and not quite sure if this was about to be a bad encounter or not. But judging by the smile on the Headmaster’s face, you felt almost at ease.

However, anxiety still bubbled within you. 

Albus sensed this and spoke, “Fear not, we are merely here to discuss your rather pleasing results." 

You looked between the two men but your eyes settled on your Potions Professor as Dumbledore’s words floated over, "Severus, would you do the honours." 

A curt nod to the Headmaster, Severus spoke, ”(Y/n), you have received excellent results, beyond the average capabilities of your classmates. This is something to be very proud of.“ Your mind was racing trying to fathom what was taking place before you. 

Dumbledore agreed, "Both Professor Snape and myself would like to offer our highest of praises.” You were awestruck. It wasn’t until Snape had passed something to Dumbledore that you had realised he’d even moved. 

Still smiling just as brightly as he had when you entered his office he handed over a lovely bouquet of assorted coloured flowers. 

A twinkle in his eye, Dumbledore looked towards his colleague. You had a feeling that he knew something you didn’t. 

Your eyes followed his gaze to the stern professor. Hands clasped behind his back and a posture of intimidation. “Well done, (y/n),” Snape spoke so softly it seemed out of place for the stoic man. “You graduated with outstanding results, and in other areas of your study have done well.” the last word was drawn out, you knew yourself that Potions was by far your best subject. 

He paused before drawling, “Save for the couple of Acceptable and one Outstanding." 

"Very well indeed,” chimed Dumbledore who seemed to be almost bouncing on the spot from pure joy. 

You cocked an eyebrow in confusion, you felt there was something more. 

There was a knock at the door. “Enter,” Dumbledore’s gravelly voice commanded the unseen figure. 

A jovial witch appeared with a light-hearted smile. “Professor Dumbledore, may I ask your assistance?” To which Dumbledore nodded with a polite manner of excuse. 

Professor Snape cleared his throat.

Taking a deep breath the man before you seemed oddly and uncharacteristically unreserved. “Miss (l/n), please excuse my poor attempts, there is something I wish to tell you… er, show you. However, keep in mind that this is for mere congratulatory purposes." 

You were utterly confused but watched tentatively as Professor Snape raised his hands and slowly began moving them in precise movements. You understood perfectly; he spelt out your name, congratulated you and presented that he wanted to ask you something. 

He spoke again, "Now, you must forgive my forgoing the art of ‘sign language’, my ability has not yet reached the desired level." 

Without so much as a smile, he continued in a professional-job-interview-like manner, "I would like to put forth my recommendation that you consider taking up a position here at Hogwarts as a Potions Teacher’s Assistant.” For a moment you just stared. 

Surely this wasn’t true. 

Time passed and a smile appeared finally on your once void face. You nodded enthusiastically, agreeing to the offer. Snape merely nodded curtly. 

The hysteria bubbled inside you, without thinking you had used your newly developing skill to say “Thank you, Professor Snape. For everything.”

Obsidian eyes locked to your (e/c) ones, a look of shock that quizzically searched for truth that he had imagined what had taken place. “You learnt Legilimency?" 

You nodded simply. Explaining through the same means, "I thought it was best to learn to communicate easier." 

Years had passed and you were standing in front of a group of first years. Overlooking their Potions. 

You looked to the man who stood menacingly at the front of the classroom, brooding over the students’ efforts. "Check Mr Thomas’, with a few minor changes he should be on the right track to achieve decent results on his upcoming O.W.L.’s." 

"Right you are, Professor (l/n). Mr Thomas please see to it that you remember to let your potion simmer longer before adding the eye of newt." 

The class had reached its succession and in a billowing fashion Snape bid you good evening and made his way to his office. 

Laying on you four poster in your private quarters a smile graced your lips. 

No matter the circumstance, with or without aid your achievements could never be masked. 

A lifetime ahead only proves to be an opportunity to keep going.

The thing about Berkeley Heathers that’s such a big deal to me personally is they’ve actually been thoughtful about changing the gender & sexuality of the characters. Sooooooo many adaptations have changes that are made without thinking through how they could potentially improve on the original story. Usually, you get either:

a)  “We’re just….gonna make them all the same gender, so it’s kinda neutral, with a few notable quirks” (tbh I see this a lot with local theater companies)


b) “Oh, people think these characters should be gay? Whoops, can’t do that, better make some characters they’re less attached to gay” (See: Once Upon a Time, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries ) 

Berkeley Heathers, on the other hand, makes its choice very deliberately– I’d go into it more but it turns out the thoughts I had are literally??? the arguments @gushergurl made via essay??? to get J.D. to be a girl in the first place??? It’s such a breath of fresh air to see people can both see how queerness improves a story and actually get those changes performed! 

Why Reylo Should DEFINITELY NOT Happen

Is this an unpopular opinion now?

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Kylo. I love Kylo Ren for the potential his character does have (view profile picture!). I do not excuse any of his actions, but I do understand that had he not been mentally fucked by Snoke as an impressionable adolescent and had he not pushed away everyone who cared about him and tried to help, he would not be in this mess. Very much Snoke’s fault, very much his own. I love Rey for the beautiful being and character she is. How strong she is, her emotionality, and her fierce and beautiful desires. I am a fan of both Rey and Kylo Ren, so please do not take this as me saying one is too good for the other. 

Well, everyone knows how very, very sure I am of myself when I say Rey is Rey Skywalker. This would make her Kylo’s first cousin, their parents being twins, so that is very, very fucked up to begin with. This is the MAJOR, and first, reason I was ever anti-Reylo. 

But let’s PRETEND she isn’t Rey Skywalker. Maybe she’s Rey Kenobi or Rey whatever. It doesn’t matter. Let’s PRETEND she’s not a Skywalker, even though that is so wildly unlikely. View the attached videos to the last few words to see why I say it is that.

Have you viewed the videos? No? Well, I suggest you do. But whatever…I don’t know your schedule nor your interest level in this. Anyway, moving on…

So I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why, if you love both of the characters and they weren’t related, would you not ship them together?”

Simple: Because it is insulting to their characters, detrimental to the character development they could potentially have, and ends Star Wars for good.

I can hear the jeering now, “Those are some WILD assertions. How can you prove this, OP?”


We have only been just introduced to them as characters, so how would I truly understand their motivations and who they really are? Well, to tell you the truth, I am one of those people who knows who people are based on how they act and respond to situations. It’s easy for me to predict what you will want and how you will act later. If I am so confident after TFA that I am willing to put myself on the line for jeering and my opinion up to all criticism on this website littered with differing opinions, I must be pretty confident that I know what I’m talking about. Especially true because I avoid conflict at pretty much all cost. So here goes…

Kylo Ren is a child trapped in a man of 30′s body. He pushed everyone who loved him away and was brainwashed by someone who cared only about what he could do for them. Kylo Ren’s main desire is that he wants to be wanted, he wants someone to be proud of him. He is unstable, unpolished, and very, very frightened…of Snoke, of himself, and of what he feels inside him. He is not emotionally mature enough, at least at this point, to handle a romantic relationship…at least a healthy one, one that which Rey would hypothetically deserve. And even though Kylo is allegedly more “polished” in TLJ, deep-seated fears like those just don’t go away. 

Rey is a grown adult. She grew up alone by nothing more than circumstances brought on by her parents, of whom we don’t (but probably do) know. Rey is 19…probably 21 by this movie…and has dealt with way too much in her life. She is emotional, but strong. She is fiercely loyal and desires nothing greater than to belong somewhere and feel that she belongs. She has every capability to have a healthy romantic relationship, but she doesn’t seem to really push for that. She desires friends and companionship and belonging, but not…a romantic relationship. At some point may she? Probably, but she doesn’t seem like the type of person, in my opinion, to prioritize a romantic entanglement. She is just getting her footing in the new world outside of Jakku. 

Now, keep all that in mind while I explain why it’s insulting to their characters and the franchise itself!

I am writer myself. I am, admittedly, predominantly a songwriter. I have written screenplays and short stories and whatnot…you may have seen one of my screenplay ideas for Kylo Ren’s redemption because I did, at one point, post a few of them on Tumblr. However, not the point. 

I took a screenwriting class about 2 years ago in college. Stay with me here! There was one time, I remember, we had an assignment for a short screenplay. I was writing a story…I don’t remember about what exactly, but I remember how much trouble I was having in keeping it within the time limit and due date I had. Finally, I had 3 days left to hand it in and still was trying to think of a decent way to end it. I had ideas and ideas that I loved, but the only thing that fit within the page limit and that would allow me to hand it in on time was the ending I hated…but it was the only choice I had at this point. I did it. I had the main antagonist fall in love with the main protagonist. I hated myself for it and it dissected their characters and destroyed the story, but I did it. I handed that paper in on time and in the page limit I had. 

You see what I’m getting at, don’t you?

I used…a cop-out. 

And that’s what endgame Reylo is. 

A cop-out. 

A cop-out is, as I’m sure you all know, something you do when you have no other choice or can’t think of a way to bring about your next goal. You do it because you gotta do it to make what you want happen happen. In this case, making Reylo canon would bring about a natural close to the saga. 

But at what cost?!

Star Wars, as I’m sure we’re all aware, is littered with themes that extend back to the beginning time of storytelling. Good versus evil being the most notable theme, familial love, love in general. A lot of basic AF themes, but all good stories tend to have similar themes. We all know that because there are truly only 6-8 real stories in life and cinema. You can only have so many good things. 

Now, TROPES are a different monster all together. Redemption is a trope that Star Wars utilizes a lot and that’s okay because it makes sense and grounds their good versus evil theme. Also, the Star Wars universe is so expansive and well-designed that it’s even kind of difficult to identify the trope until you really step back and say…”…huh.” It’s fine to utilize some tropes in wonderful movies. Don’t get me wrong…

But not when it sacrifices your characters. 

The trope I will be talking about now is the one in which “the bad guy falls in love with the good girl and shirks his bad ways to make her happy and be with her”. We all know what I’m talking about. And we all know how played out it is. We’re all tired of it.

How many movies have we seen this year with the very same endgame trope? 12? more? I don’t know, I barely go to the movies anymore. 

Do you want Kylo Ren and Rey’s character identity as it stands and their potential character development to devolve, which that’s what it is, into a romantic endgame? 

That is my question for you. 

Kylo Ren has the potential to pull a Vader and decide for himself, with the help of the people whom he pushed away earlier and those new friends, that what he’s doing is wrong. Darth Vader decided that when his son’s life, whom believed steadfastly in his goodness, was threatened that what he was doing was wrong and changed because he wanted to. Luke did not coerce, did not guilt, did not even truly fully persuade Darth Vader to turn back. But having Rey profess her love or even Kylo admit he is in love as a method of change is such a disservice to both of their characters. You are eliminating the fact that Kylo Ren must take responsibility for what he’s done and make amends as necessary. 

To degrade Rey’s very presence in the series to a method to bring about change in her male counterpart is disgusting to me. Her potential to grow as a Force-user, her potential to be stronger than Luke, her potential to be her own person is GONE. We all know this to be true. Once she becomes the object of the male villain’s affections, she becomes a sex symbol, she becomes nothing more than an object, and she is now forever thought of as “Kylo Ren’s Girlfriend” and not “Rey”. She becomes his property in the thoughts and minds of fans and those not fans because she loses her own name when that happens because now all that matters is the relationship. 

To use a female of Rey’s caliber to FORCE CHANGE in a male such as Kylo is reprehensible because it negates his need for true redemption, for taking responsibility, for fighting back from the Darkness. We all know Kylo needs to show effort because of who he is. He is denying and fighting the light, so therefore, he needs to fight the Darkness even harder. But…

If they fall in love…we all know, that’s all that will be remembered. 

Not who Rey really is. Not what she could have been. Not Kylo’s struggle to turn back. Not his betrayal of Supreme Leader Snoke. 

It’s all just them falling in love now…

Do you want that for Star Wars?

Because you know that’s what would happen. “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.” 

I, personally, would not want that for this amazing franchise that has literally brought people joy for 40 years. 

Aside from that, if they did fall in love and potentially go on to have children, that would be the end of Star Wars. 

I know Return of the Jedi was kind of that way too. ROTJ was really a nicely tied bow on top of a Christmas present, sealing the whole Saga of 6 (yeah, I know ROTJ came out before the Prequels!)

TFA is really a second Christmas present for someone. 

Since X, XI, and XII are all confirmed, if Kylo and Rey get together in IX, I do not see where they could go from there, especially considering they’re probably intending to follow the formula from before where the first saga was Anakin and Luke’s story, this saga really couldn’t be Kylo and Rey’s. IX would feel too final for people to want to rehash and reopen the gift. They’d lose viewers. They’d lose revenue. They’d lose our trust. If something feels too final, people won’t want to come back to it. That’s the problem with older people not liking TFA and the new trilogies. ROTJ was too final. But now that we have this and I’m open-minded to the new story, I’m all in…but 


And Reylo is not the right way. 

It would bring everything to a natural close before its time. I don’t know if I’d want to come back to SW after that because I don’t see the potential for a future in the series with that as a trilogy-closer. 

Now, I’m done. I’m just trying to let you all see what I’m seeing here. The quote that Rian Johnson made in the NYT that “Rey and Kylo are really two sides of the same protagonist” is the truth, but it, in no way, alludes to Reylo becoming canon. If anything, it alludes to: 1) Kylo’s Redemption or 2) Rey’s Turn to the Dark Side. 

Now please understand…I’m not trying to make y’all feel anything if you ship Reylo. This is just how I feel and how a lot of others feel. I’m very Pro-Kylo and very Anti-Reylo and I admit that. But I have legitimate reasons and legitimate concerns for the future of the franchise if Reylo sets sail. 

“Do you even understand medicine?”  The words landed like a punch in the stomach.  It was 3:30 AM and I had taken my 4th admit while also managing a patient with SVT and one who was rapidly decompensating.  My senior was visibly stressed and I was the target that happened to be standing in front of her.

We had disagreed on the plan of care for one patient.  And then I had wanted to increase a patient’s pain meds, but apparently my proposal would have been too much.  It was clear that with all that was going on she needed the help of a fully functional resident, not just me, the lowly intern.

Welcome to night float.

They say that night float is where you “earn your stripes.”  In essence, few good things happen at night and the bad things happen quickly.  It is your job to answer pages, triaging what is important and what can wait until the day, and take admits from outside hospitals and the ER.  It is a time where you learn a lot about medicine and yourself as a physician.

I felt tired and worthless.  With each mistake I made my self-esteem spiraled and I became more distracted, making more mistakes.  I started to put orders in on the wrong patient.  I added admit orders that were already done.  I lost a note that I didn’t save.  The night was cascading into an internal chaos, where self-doubt and fatigue brought me to a point of being unable to make decisions.  But I pushed through, despite being reamed by my senior resident.  And somehow I survived.

I went home as the sun rose.  I felt defeated, on the verge of tears.  Was I cut out to be a doctor?  Did I make a bad choice in doing medicine?  Is everyone going to know me as the weak intern?  I slept that day and returned as the sun was setting, the questions still percolating internally.

But that night was better.  As was the night after.  My senior resident apologized.  Life went on and my reviews on the next rotations were extremely positive.  

Being a doctor is not anything like what I expected.  There are so many things they cannot teach you in medical school, the least of which is that you are fallible.  You are going to make mistakes and people are going to be upset about that.  To my knowledge I have never made a mistake that made it to the patient, but one day I know that will happen.  But if you let those small mistakes affect you it will quickly spiral out of control, which is what happened to me.  

Sir William Osler, possibly the most notable figure in American Medicine, spoke about the idea of living in “day-tight compartments.”  He advised to avoid reflecting too greatly on the past and to keep your mind from wandering to the future.  Always keep your focus on the task at hand.  His words echoed in my mind as I attempted to put that night out my thoughts.  We all have bad days, and we must move forward without allowing those days to weigh heavy on our thoughts. 

A fellow that I knew as a medical student ran into me the other day and asked how I was doing as an intern.  I explained that some days were tough and that I sometimes doubted if I was cut out for this.  “The long white coat is a lot heavier than it looks,” he responded.  In so many ways that is true.  But by living in my day-tight compartments I am not going to make it heavier than it needs to be. 

anonymous asked:

I don't get why people say "If there was a twin why hasn't anyone brought him up?" Like, what are they suppose to say? "Hey, where's your brother?"?? Regardless of which one came back, wouldn't they just assume he's dead? Why would they ask a traumatized little boy that

Yes exactly! Those kind of questions are completely redundant, the 2CT was a /theory/ of course it couldn’t be proven in canon because that’s precisely what a theory is. But of course, as of CH130 now we know for certain it was true! Woo hoo!

As for the assuming he was dead thing, yeah I’d agree as well! Plus, I believe the few people we’ve seen mention OC’s dead parents were simply associates of Vincent and Rachel (EG: Victoria and UT) so it’s not really their business to talk about OC’s dead sibling. Of course the real reason they didn’t mention it is for plot convenience, but it still makes sense lol. :’D

It’s also possible they did mention it and we just weren’t shown, after all we only see what Yana wants us to see and that is a very small percentage of the three years OC was “back” for.

Madam Red is the only person I can think of who has mentioned OC’s parents but did not mention the twin whilst having justification to do so. However, OC basically told Madam Red not to ask him about that, which explains it I’d say.

“No matter how many times I would ask my nephew about what happened when he was missing, he would not tell me a thing.” [Madam Red - CH11]

So really, it makes sense! Most people don’t talk about OC’s past anyway and the people remaining who knew OC had a twin are few and far between to start with. The Midfords are a notable candidate, but they’re probably in the same boat as Madam Red. Also… I presume Frances already knows about the cover-up, Edward is pretty dense about things that aren’t Lizzy, Alexius is a major side-character who we never see and Lizzy already suspected OC was lying.

ACOWAR Re-Read: Final Thoughts

In a nice numbered list!

  1. I’m glad that I re-read the book. I was able to find more that I enjoyed about it the second time through, and it gave me a good chance to think about my criticisms and why they upset me in the first place.
  2. That said, it still felt like … a drag to get through. Pacing was a huge problem in this book, and I seriously think if that major problem had been fixed, some of the other issues might have gone with it.
  3. I’m still very frustrated that Lucien was written out of the book halfway through. I wasn’t satisfied that he got a full arc out of the parts he was in, and his trauma was hardly addressed at all. So, generally, I’m not happy with the way Lucien was treated.
  4. I liked the Feysand moments better the second time through, but I still maintain what I said about wanting more conflict between them. 
  5. I feel ripped off that we didn’t see Feyre’s experience in the Ouroboros. It was a lot of build-up with not enough payoff, especially given that the Bone Carver makes very little difference in the final battle. 
  6. Cassian was the best part of the book, hands-down, to the point where I almost wonder if he’s a little too perfect? I just really don’t feel like complaining about it though because so much else went wrong.
  7. I maintain my feelings about this book needing two or three more rounds of edits, minimum. When you’re dealing with a project this big, it needs the TLC to really shine. I’m sad thinking about what this could have been if it had been given the extra time to mature. I would have happily waited. 
  8. In previous books, I didn’t mind that the magic system wasn’t fully developed or explained, but in this one, that weakness really started to show. There was a deus ex machina every time you blinked, and there were always exceptions to the rules, and that made everything frustration because you never had to worry if characters would be able to make it work. They just always did. 
  9. I’m disappointed in the King of Hybern as a villain. There wasn’t much to him at all. Amarantha was far more interesting and compelling, so it’s hard to consider this guy a step up. 
  10. There were some notable, if clunky, improvements in diversity, and I have to give some credit for that if even she arguably botched some of it. 
  11. While tonally I’m happy with the denouement and the closing of the book, there were too many frustrating things about those last chapters in particular. It kept me from being totally satisfied with the ending, and I resent that a bit. I really want to enjoy this, especially the ending, but there was just too much poor craft and awkwardness in the way. This makes me sad more than anything.

Total Count of “Oh Shit” Moments (moments where I stopped reading because I was impressed/surprised/eager to find out what was happening): 4, and this is low for an SJM book for me. 

Total Rhys Lean Count: 8 (I’m being generous–could be 9 but I didn’t count the bridge or table lean as full points)

Total Count of Rhysurrection Foreshadowing Injuries: 7 (this is a lot when you’re foreshadowing the same event)

Overall, I maintain my 2/5 star rating. While I did enjoy it more the second time through, the weaknesses were still too prominent to earn a higher rating from me. I’m sad to have to say that to the follow-up of ACOMAF, but in this case it seems SJM couldn’t top herself. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s also only my opinion. I’m happy for those who did enjoy this book and I’m sorry I can’t be among you. 

That’s a wrap on ACOWAR for me, but we’ll see what fic possibilities lie in my future … 

The Definitive List of Steve Trevor Chests...Post

If you’re familiar with Steve Trevor at all you know that a primary function of his job seems to be losing his shirt: to villains, to Wonder Woman, to weekdays.  It was hard to narrow down these moments to just six because there are SO MANY to choose from, but I’ve curated some notable ones for your viewing pleasure.

6. Wonder Woman ‘77, Studio 54

This chest was so chest that I chest the chest to chest chest. Chest! But seriously, although this was more “chest hair with a man attached to it,” Steve’s readiness to go undercover and have a good time while doing it is pretty adorable. Artists: Matt Haley/Drew Johnson 

5. Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.

One of the most hilarious things about this wonderful mini-series was that Steve’s shirt became progressively tighter with each issue until it just fell off (at the hands of Wonder Woman’s enemies, thus staying true to his roots). Steve handsomed around quite a bit in this mini, and his unwavering devotion to finding Diana just enhanced the handsomeness. Phew! Artist: Neil Edwards

4. Smallville: Olympus

This comic is responsible for introducing some of my favorite people to Steve Trevor. And it introduced us to A LOT of him, heh heh heh! Look, a broad chest alone does not a handsome man make, but when it’s combined with a brave, sweet disposition like Steve’s, it’s imPECcable. This (re-)meet-cute was racy and sweet and funny. It also made me want to high-five Diana like, you go, girl! Artist: Jorge Jimenez

3. That one time in the Silver Age

The Silver Age comics are trying even for Steve Trevor fans, especially near their tail end. But despite all of the era’s flaws, Steve saving Diana’s life like this RARELY happened–it was usually the other way around, as it should be. This scene sticks out in my mind because the act is so rare, but also because of the visual: slicked chest, look of concern, dog tags glinting in the sun. Yeah, it’s nice to look at! Artist: Ross Andru

2. Convergence: Wonder Woman

So much of the discussion around Convergence: Wonder Woman has focused on how well-characterized Steve Trevor is. Also, how well-characterized his chest is. And why shouldn’t it? His chest kind of hard to miss. Seriously, it’s there. (Looks like another high five for Diana is in order!) Artist: Joshua Middleton

1. Golden Age Steve Trevor

It’s hard to beat the original! I could do a whole post on just Golden Age Steve Trevor Chests, but I would run out of space on the internet. Back then, whatever the occasion called for, Steve’s shirt came off. Usually it was at the hands of dastardly villains, but in this case, Steve takes it off himself right before he gets captured by Diana’s enemies, thus doing their jobs for them. Still, what a classic babe! Artist: HG Peter

The types’ appearances/genders/sexualities/other traits

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be taken seriously. It is based off of stereotypes and the author’s subjective associations between various aspects of people. If this post offends you, the proper procedure to follow is to remind yourself of how it is quite unimportant in the grand scheme of things, then to go outside or do something else that is beneficial to your mental health.

  • ENTJ: Businessman in a business suit. Everywhere he goes, he wears that suit. Occasionally, he wears a slightly different business suit. It is unknown exactly how many copies of those suits he owns.
  • ENFJ: Somewhat attractive gay guy who has almost 1000 followers on Twitter, his closest claim to fame being a failed and abandoned Vine account. He gets into Twitter drama at least once a week and often uses the words “petty” and “salty” to describe himself and other people.
  • ESFJ: Mother who cares so much about everyone around her. In her friend group, which consists entirely of moms, she is the Ultimate Mom Friend, always ready to provide caring words or remind everyone to drink water and practice self-care.
  • ESTJ: ENTJ’s business partner. He has the same fashion sense, but has a douchey hairstyle and is really mean to people for no reason.
  • ESTP: Athletic dudebro who’s jacked and wears a letterman jacket. Everyone thinks he’s straight but he’s actually pansexual and wants to bang every hot person he sees.
  • ESFP: Attractive party girl with a lot of attractive party girl friends whose only hobby is getting drunk/high and hooking up with guys at parties, then then talking about how she “got so wasted last night omg” the next morning
  • ENFP: Straight guy who’s always single due to every girl he meets thinking he’s gay cause he dresses nicely and talks about his feelings. He aspires to be a barista in a big city while chasing his dreams.
  • ENTP: Tall scrawny straight white guy with a beard who talks about politics and bands you don’t give a fuck about on social media and has Pastafarianism or some shit listed as his religion on Facebook
  • INTP: Weird nerdy kid in high school who is quiet in class but hangs out with other weird nerdy kids at lunch and gets loud when talking about anime with them
  • INFP: Bisexual girl with dyed hair and an aesthetic blog on Tumblr where she reblogs a lot of those pictures where there’s bold white song lyrics from Arctic Monkeys or 21 Pilots or some other hipster band over an unrelated aesthetically pleasing background
  • ISFP: Emotionally tortured girl who drowns her sorrows in whiskey and expresses her emotions through her art cause no one truly understands her or has a passion for art on the same level as her
  • ISTP: Guy who dresses like he’s a greaser and has a job as an auto mechanic. He also owns a motorcycle and has more leather jackets than friends.
  • ISTJ: Their appearance is approved by the rules. Their gender is rules. Their sexuality is rules. Their favourite hobby is following the rules. Their life’s work is upholding the rules.
  • ISFJ: You know those extras you see in the backgrounds of scenes movies or tv shows that take place in public places that have no notable features or anything that can grab your attention? You know how every time you go out, there’s always so many people you just don’t truly notice cause of how basic and unremarkable they are? They’re ISFJs following ISFJ tradition. Nothing scares them more than deviating from the norm. If you ever see an ISFJ who dares to be unique or creative or remarkable, fear them. If they can conquer that fear, they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • INFJ: Woman in her early 20s studying psychology or some shit. The only thing anyone knows about her is that she’s an INFJ. She greets people by saying “Hi, I’m an INFJ, did you know that we’re the rarest MBTI type, making up under 1% of the population?” No one has ever made it past 4 sentences in a conversation with her because of how blinded they were by how special and unique she is.
  • INTJ: No one’s ever seen them or interacted with them. All they do is sit in their room and work on their 10-year plan for world domination. Their parents have seen them leave their room to get food on a few occasions, but didn’t get a good enough look at them to be able to provide an accurate description of their appearance or anything else.


Kyungsoo hits the floor for the sixth time in a row and Chanyeol groans loudly at the ceiling. “You’re really this bad at fighting?”

The ship’s basement is unkind to Kyungsoo’s fragile body, and he winces, practically feeling bruises form on his arms and legs.  “Gee, yeah, maybe it’s because I am a LINGUIST who sits at a DESK all day?”

Baekhyun, suddenly appearing behind Chanyeol, waggles his finger and clicks his tongue. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are both much taller than Kyungsoo, and much more intimidating in full armor. “Excuses, excuses.”

“Oh come on, you know that I—“

With a WHAM!, Kyungsoo is shot across the basement into the opposite padded wall. Baekhyun cringes. “You could go a little softer on him, Chanyeol.”

“Well, how is he supposed to learn if it doesn’t hurt a little?”

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Just a reminder that Mary being a thoroughly hate-able character is canon. It’s all there in the script and on their faces, even if Ms Abbington wasn’t put fully in the picture before HLV. Consider: 

-there’s an actual list of people who hate her. And they’re not just fans. Actual characters. An entire list, put together by the world’s most observant man. Distant relatives of John’s who have met her probably all of once, at a shower or something. On the hate list. I’d wager some of the notable absences from the wedding, too. Mike Stamford is debatable. He did send a telegram, after all. But what about John’s own sister?? Hate list. I’d put money on it. Who are the rest of them? Is the hate list only comprised of wedding guests? (If so, that’s a LOT of people who hate the bride, proportionally speaking!) Or is it any human being that Sherlock has ever witnessed Mary interacting with up to this point? Either way: there’s a hate list. That’s canon. 

-the many petty, mean things that Mary does. See the above photo, where she, at her own wedding, the day upon which John’s having chosen her above all other humans in the world, seemingly feels it necessary to find a sensitive spot of Sherlock’s and lean on it hard. At this point, she already knows that he’s jealous of John’s interaction with his former commanding officer, but she can’t leave it alone. Look at the expression on her face, leaning in maliciously and rubbing it in, like a mean fourteen-year-old. (Grow the fuck up, Mary!) Making a point of calling Sherlock on having youtubed serviette folding, as if that’s such a crime. Her doing so (“I’m not John”) ridicules both Sherlock and John all at once. It’s nasty. It’s unnecessary. 

-the day that Sherlock returns from the seeming dead, Mary was truly awful. Obviously finding out that his best friend’s suicide, done right before his eyes, was fake all along and that Sherlock had been alive for the past two years without having told him, having let him grieve painfully, was a huge, terribly emotional moment for John. And it’s John, so everyone present would have known to expect an emotional reaction (although perhaps Mary had never seen John as emotional before that point). Still: anyone would react emotionally to that! John being John reacts without hearing all of Sherlock’s reasons, and Sherlock, for some reason (thanks, Gatiss!!) doesn’t tell him that John’s life was at risk and continued to be as Sherlock was hunting down Moriarty’s network in those two years. I still argue regularly that Sherlock should have chosen a moment where he and John were on their own, in private, so that John’s naturally emotional reaction could have happened in private, and that they could discuss everything on their own, but that was Sherlock’s poor judgement. Regardless, Mary should have at least offered to absent herself and let these two have a moment. Even if Sherlock hadn’t been perceptive enough to plan it better, Mary certainly could have clued in to the notion that they needed to talk it out on their own. Perhaps she wanted to stay to offer John her emotional support, you suggest. But no: not only did she stay, she sided with Sherlock! She reacts with slight outrage/disbelief right at the start, but she’s very quick to switch to Sherlock’s side, agreeing that John is overreacting (!!), admitting that she hates his moustache - seriously, if there was ever a time for a tactful white lie, that was it! - and then, instead of hearing John’s side of it, letting him vent and remembering that her own opinion is completely irrelevant at this point, she has to assert to John how much she likes this man who’s just hurt John ENORMOUSLY, whose death ripped him apart and whose return is no easier. All she needed to do was be there for him, listen to him, let him talk it out. The time for her own opinions would have come later on. Instead, Mary puts herself in the centre of the drama, assuring Sherlock that she would bring off their reconciliation by talking John around. Why on earth was she still back there with Sherlock instead of with John, waiting for the cab? She ditched John as though Sherlock was the cool new kid in class. Awful. 

I could go on and on and on (evidently), but this is all just pointing out the basics of Mary’s character. The writers/show-runners are always saying how “likeable” Mary is, and yet they wrote in a hate list. They wrote in all of this stuff - every time Mary corrects John’s perceptions or subtly makes fun of his abilities or undercuts him in some other way - that’s not likeable. 

And that’s leaving out the fact that she’s a person who willingly chose a career in killing people for money, shot the title character of the show with clear intent to kill (Sherlock’s deleted line about “nobody (being) perfect” is proof of that; he indicates that she intended to shoot him in the centre of the chest and missed), and then threatened him and went to meet him with a loaded gun & silencer again after that. That’s almost icing on the cake when you consider everything else! Then you can add the fact that she never once thanks Sherlock for having saved her from Magnussen’s blackmail, or even wishes him well on his suicide mission - ugh. Just all of it. Ugh. 

Bottom line: not a likeable character. Sorry. 

pulling my tag-rant off from this AMAZING post by @queernuck that gives football-context to 17776 and is INCREDIBLE, and which you should all read – where I got into a tangentially-related rant about the ‘17776 Is Totally Homestuck’ stuff:

#(ASIDE (that definitely detracts from the rant itself and I apologize for that):

#this is why I’m kinda really eeehhhhcchhhht about ‘17776 Is Basically Homestuck’ stuff

#It biases the fandom and the experience of the work towards JUST the characters and the wacky   #and taking the football part of it as just this quirky aside.   #Which. like. It’s fun to look at the characters and the wacky.   #But this is a FOOTBALL ARTICLE. and Jon Bois is an has always been a comedy SPORTSWRITER.   #And so by pushing away the 'football’ part of the work we are inevitably going to miss a MAJOR PART of it –   #– all of the commentary on the contemporary game of football.   #Like. did YOU know how much football is actively changing like OP describes above??   #I sure didn’t!   #And that majorly changes how you view the work!   #Like. to bring in a Homestuck analogy:   #It’s entirely possibly to read Homestuck and ignore the contributions of the fanbase.   #Like – in Hussie’s OWN WORDS. by the time the Homestuck was going pretty strong he had enough commands entered in the suggestion box   #that ONE OF THEM was going to be exactly the one he wanted – and so he was just picking his commands anyways   #and not 'doing what the readers input’ in any real sense at all.   #'and sure – there were shout-outs to the fanbase – like the fantrolls appearing for a scene. or joke of characters making trollsonas. or..   #… but like those were ~OBVIOUSLY~ just him pandering to his fanbase and aren’t that central to the work’   #And like you can get A Reading of Homestuck that way!   #You can even get a lot of the stuff people talk about with their extremely in-depth analyses of classpects with that limitation!   #But I think most of you would agree – as did (to pick one notably example that I’m very fond of) @act8official – that doing that would   #COMPLETELY MISS SOME OF THE EXTREMELY CENTRAL ASPECTS TO HOMESTUCK AND HUSSIE’S WORK IN GENERAL.   #And. like. making SO MANY '17776 Is Basically Exactly Just Homestuck 2!’ or even more so 'Jon Bois Is Secretly Hussie!’ things   #is similarly COMPLETELY MISSING that football IS extremely central to '17776 – What Football Will Look Like In The Future’   #and I really hope we can push back against that as a fandom.

As a PS: of COURSE I’m not saying “You shouldn’t compare 17776 to Homestuck at all” – and, like, it’s TOTALLY fine to be all “JUICE is totally Dave” (although I think they do have certain key different personality traits) (also though Nine is VERY Rose* **), and like “I would be very surprised if Jon Bois wasn’t highly influenced by Homestuck/a Homestuck himself” (although I think that’s overstating the influence of Homestuck a little, and also almost definitely ignoring/discrediting many other pieces of media that Homestuck is similar too) and how the structure of of the interactions and the jumping-back-and-forth to maintain pace may be informed my Homestuck, as well as the discovering the dynamics of the world along with (one of) the characters (.. I’m just tossing out ideas here. Some of them are probably Definitely Wrong.), and etc.

BUT. First of all, we HAVE to acknowledge that taking that perspective – especially taking that as a PRIMARY perspective, is Very Limiting. And also that that’s coming from our perspective as Homestucks, and that ‘17776 Is Really Similar To Homestuck’ is not a universal truth. And, like, lets be honest – “Jon Bois Is Secretly Just Hussie” – which I have seen once or twice, but thankfully not commonly – is kinda rather disrespectful.

(* credit where credit is due, I didn’t realize that until @nightpool pointed it out.)

(** Heh. Say that to a Whovian and watch their head explode.)

And so anyways, I’m going to go off and look for a handful of Football Takes, so that I can better appreciate 17776 for the Surrealistic Football Take that it, at one of its hearts, is.(If I find any good/very applicable ones, I’ll share them.)

The Moonlight Witch’s Top 10 anime of 2016: Part Three

3. Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri on Ice was one of the anime I was most strongly anticipating prior to the fall season. This show is the pet project of Sayo Yamamoto, one of the most talented directors working in anime at the moment and whose previous work I have greatly enjoyed. Typically Yamamoto’s work is more adult-orientated and artistic in nature than most anime so while I was expecting to enjoy Yuri on ice I wasn’t really expecting it to be a success outside of niche communities. Surprisingly the anime community proved me wrong with Yuri on Ice becoming one of the top sellers of the year and arguably the year’s most loved show. And I’m glad for that because it’s hard to think of a show that deserved it more.

The strongest theme Yuri on Ice has is love. And it’s easy to see that that theme of love came directly from its creators. Love permeates every aspect of this production and if I was awarding prizes based purely on how much passion creators poured into their work Yuri on ice would undeniably take the top spot. Everything about this show is so lovingly crafted, the characters, the artwork and the thought poured into their storylines. There was so much love given to this work and so much effort as well. Even as the show’s production began to crumble the animators kept stubbornly animating ice skating scenes which are extremely difficult for animators to create, speaking to the level of caring and effort put into this production.

Nowhere is that love clearer than with Yuri on Ice’s characters. If I was to write a list featuring my favourite casts of the year this show would most definitely feature prominently. The shows protagonist Yuuri Katsuki particularly impressed me: insecure everyman protagonists are quite common but I don’t think I’ve ever met one as well written or relatable as this. Yuuri’s anxiety issues, in particular, are handled with surprising realism and grace, but they also aren’t the sole total of his character. Viktor Nikiforov also surprised me, initially coming across as a little one-dimensional until episode 10 expanded my understanding of him remarkably. And then, of course, there’s the angry kitten Yuri Plisetsky who undoubtedly won character of the year in my heart. But it’s not just the main trio that made this cast so notable: the show does an excellent job of endearing us to all the characters that appear and giving them their own personalities and motivations, to the point where I and many viewers were deeply conflicted over who to root for during the final competition!

And then, of course, there’s one of the most remarkable things about this show, the thing that undoubtedly attracted the most speculation and attention and one of the things that makes this show truly special: a canonically gay couple as one of the primary focuses in a mainstream genre show. Teasing same-sex couples in anime is nothing new of course but for a show to go and make such a couple undeniably canon is incredibly rare. And Yuri on Ice isn’t a niche show at all: it’s one of the most popular anime of the year and a show that gained attention even outside of the anime community. A show where two men are unambiguously in a relationship, in a world where homophobia canonically does not exist was one of the most popular and well-made shows of the year. It’s easy to see why this is so remarkable and how much it means to so many people.

There’s a lot I could write about Yuri on Ice, and honestly, some of that would be negative. A lot of this show could have been improved on, from animation to plot progression but really to me, it didn’t matter. There are very few things that have made me as emotional watching them as Yuri on Ice, to the point that I honestly don’t want to tear it apart or even mildly critique it. I loved this show. So many people loved this show. And it’s so easy to see why.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou Go

Natsume Yuujinchou Go was another show whose airing I was highly anticipating. In fact, it speaks greatly of the quality of the number one show on this list that this show did not take the top spot. Natsume Yuujinchou is a franchise that kind of swept me off my feet. While I’m not picky about shows I watch, gentle slice-of-life things don’t generally feature heavily in my favourite shows lists. Fortunately however Natsume is so much more than that.

Natsume Yuujinchou is first and foremost an intimate character drama. It may not look it at first and it may not be as obvious or dramatic a character-driven show as most others but the slow gentle character development Natsume Takashi goes through over the course of the show is at the heart of the series. Natsume Yuujinchou doesn’t have melodramatic speeches or moments to make this obvious but when you look at our main character over the course of the show it’s remarkable how much he has grown, changing from someone perpetually lonely to being surrounded by people he cares for.

Natsume starts the show incredibly isolated and alienated from both the worlds he finds himself in. As a human who can see Yokai, he finds himself constantly alone seeing things that no one else can see and often being called a liar or strange because of it. But as a human, he can never truly fit in the world of Yokai either. Slowly over the course of the series Natsume finds people he can confide in, people who don’t understand him but love him anyway and even develops close relationships with many Yokai. As this goes on Natsume evolves from someone lonely and closed off to someone who can share his life with others.

By the current, fifth season Natsume’s world has evolved drastically. By this stage, Natsume has been thoroughly drawn into the unusual world of exorcists, but despite the fact that in many ways these are people who see the world as he does Natsume finds he does not truly fit here either. Many of the exorcists Natsume encounters are incredibly bitter about how their experiences with yokai have isolated them from human society, but despite his troubles Natsume lacks that same bitterness. He has a strong sense of empathy for both humans and yokai and is uncomfortable with the hardline and sometimes cruel approach that exorcists often take with them. More than that Natsume is beginning to discover that the world of exorcism has some very strict rules and they don’t always gel with his own encounters with the world of Yokai.

But even as the tension filled situation between Natsume and the exorcists develops Natsume Yuujinchou never loses sight of its roots. This is a show fuelled by small moments and intimate interactions between people - not plot. One of the best episodes in Natsume Go takes us right back to the beginning, telling us the story of how Natsume came to live in his foster parents household through the perspective of his foster mother Fujiwara Touko. It’s a heartwrenching episode contrasting the person Natsume has become against the lonely neglected child he once was and reminding us how remarkable it is that Natsume has developed to become the kind, empathic person he is today. And it’s incredibly touching to see Natsume from the perspective of someone who is blind to the world of Yokai, seeing only the occasional oddness in his behaviour - but who loves him unconditionally even if they don’t fully understand him. It is in small moments like this that Natsume Yuujinchou truly shines.

Natsume Yuujinchou is an excellent series and one I would recommend everyone try at some point. I’m delighted to see this manga return to animation after a gap of more than four years and ecstatic to hear that it has been renewed for a sixth season. Try Natsume Yuujinchou out. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea it might end up surprising you.

1. Mob Psycho 100

And here it is, the final, and top show on the list, and I honestly could not think of a show more deserving than this one to award the top spot. Mob Psycho 100 was one of the most highly anticipated anime of the year, both by me and by the anime community at large. It drew attention largely for being animated by studio BONES who are well known for their incredible productions and for being written by ONE the mangaka behind the incredibly popular One Punch Man. I enjoyed One Punch Man quite a bit. It was a fun and well-made series and it ended the year as No. 6 on my 2015 top shows list. Therefore is says quite a lot about Mob Psycho 100 that for me it blew One Punch Man out of the water.

Mob Psycho 100 is a triumph of a show. Everything in it is top tier, animation, art direction, storytelling, it’s hard to think of a single thing this show could have done better. The animation for Mob Psycho is not simply just “good” - it’s done with top tier skill and artistry. Mob Psycho 100 is blessed with not one, but two of the most talented visual artists in the medium: Yuzuru Tachikawa who in addition to Mob Psycho directed my last years No. 3 show Death Parade and Yoshimichi Kameda one of the best current animators who among other things has worked on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Evangelion 3.0. The talent shows. Mob Psycho 100 is not simply just well animated - it’s beautifully stylish faithfully depicting the original manga’s aesthetic, while updating it with beautiful artwork, to deliver a visual smorgasbord of talent.

However, all the beautiful animation in the world can’t save a show that is otherwise mediocre - fortunately, Mob Psycho 100 has so much more to offer than just animation. Its characters are some of the best written and most fully realised in anime. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is an incredibly sympathetic and appealing protagonist, but more than that he’s also a wonderfully deep character - a complex mix of many different traits from painful obliviousness to startling awareness and teenage awkwardness to repressed stoicism. It was wonderful to watch him struggle and grow as a person.

And the characters surrounding him are appealing as well. His “mentor” and endearing disaster of a human being Reigen Arataka has grown to be an immensely popular character for obvious reasons, none of the least of which is his surprisingly touching relationship with Mob. In addition, the relationship Mob has with his younger brother Ritsu proves to be surprisingly complex and kicks off most of the drama in the second half of the show. The side characters are appealing as well - the show ends by revisiting most of the minor characters that appeared throughout its run and I was surprised by how delighted I was to see most of them again. I’d particularly like to note Tome for making quite an impression on me despite not getting much screen time.

Mob Psycho’s themes are no less compelling. The story grapples with so many different thoughts and ideas, dealing with the mental health issues of a protagonist who has repressed his emotions with surprising realism, the complex mix of love and bitterness that can arise in relationships between siblings and the true nature of power and whether power actually matters. Probably the strongest theme in Mob Psycho 100 is the idea that having supernatural powers doesn’t make you special - or at least no more special than someone who has some other talent like intelligence or charisma. And it comes down strongly on the idea that perhaps the best trait a person can have is simply being kind to others

The true nature of power is analysed strongly through the character Reigen who is utterly powerless, and yet is one of the most significant characters in the show. Reigen commands attention from others through sheer (often feigned) confidence - and in this world, the illusion of power is a kind of power itself. Mob himself also exemplifies this by being someone who feels he has nothing but psychic powers, which despite being phenomenal have brought him little but trouble and have only fuelled his desire to fit into regular society. Another recurring trend in this show is villains who feel that their psychic abilities set them apart and make them special - only to crumble when confronted with someone more powerful than them, and reveal how pathetic they are underneath their abilities. Mob Psycho’s themes stand in sharp contrast to many other shows that prop up their protagonists for being “special” or “different” - this show is far more interested in praising mundane things, like simply being kind to other people.

Mob Psycho 100 is a show I came into with high expectations and which fully blew all of them away. It’s an incredibly stunning piece of work with awe-inspiring animation, fascinating and endearing characters and a plethora of thematic material. It was easily my favourite show of the year despite facing incredibly good competition and I am more than happy to award it my top spot for 2016.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Err.. I've never used Tumblr once in my life (not a social media person) and so I'm not sure how to post a question on your AF Q+A page, but I found this. I apologize in advance for whatever trouble this causes, but my question is: Why don't pixie eyes have pupils?? Seriously, if you look in the graphic novels not one pixie has a pupil. Unless their whole eye is a pupil. I dunno, Opal is probably the most qualified to answer, though. Thank you so, so much.

The Artemis Fowl asks are closed at the moment because of the amount I was getting, so there’s a valid reason you couldn’t figure it out! :D I’ll just answer the question here, since it’s a question about character design, not a question to any one character.

I assume the eye thing was a design choice in the graphic novels, to make the species more distinct from each other. This is an admirable goal, but this choice will mess with the canon later on, when Opal has to masquerade as a human. Many, many of the design choices in the comics have this problem (notably, Artemis and Holly’s eye colors as well. Seriously, what’s with this artist (or colorist) and eyes?).

Thanks for the ask!