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cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in Season 4B

Wait. If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. What is it?
Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.

Yellow Days - Go Home

made a teeny tiny riku. ;o;;

i think one of my favorite bits of kh2 was right near the end, that realization that while sora, donald, and goofy have been adventuring around, riku & mickey have been doing the same thing? it just touched my heart. T__T ♥ it humanizes riku so much, even though their scene is so short.

#THROWBACK: A mix full of throwback songs from an easier time. (A gift for kingsman-alpha and me.)

01. Breaking Free - High School Musical // 02. Cinderella - The Cheetah Girls // 03. Just That Girl - Drew Seeley // 04. Push It To The Limit - Corbin Bleu // 05. Dance With Me - Drew Seeley (ft. Belinda) // 06. Bet On It - High School Musical // 07. Naturally - Selena Gomez // 08. What Dreams Are Made Of - Hilary Duff // 09. Start of Something New - High School Music // 10. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney // 11. One In A Million - Hannah Montana // 12. You Are The Music In Me - High School Musical // 13. This Is Me - Camp Rock // 14. La La Land - Demi Lovato // 15. Burnin’ Up - Jonas Brothers // 16. Nobody’s Perfect - Hannah Montana // 17. New Classsic - Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez // 18.Cheetah Sisters - The Cheetah Girls // 19. We’re All In This Together - High School Musical

I remember the only reason I got into homestuck was because I saw these cute valentimes day cards with the trolls (which was reposted) so I spent hours trying to find the original artist so I could learn where they came from. 

When I finally started reading homestuck I was so confused and wondering if I was reading the right thing.

Five years later here I am losing my shit over trollls agian and draging my gf @meranico into all of my madness.

toomuchdamage  asked:

I think you're the greatest writer ever and I'm just wondering which published authors inspire you? I know you do fic recs, so maybe you wouldn't mind doing a book rec?

okay first of all wow thank you for saying that, it means a lot! Secondly, this is a fun question and I would love to throw a few authors/their books at you! This is by no means an extensive list of books I love, but these are a few of the ones that I’ve re-read/read recently and therefore I can say with confidence that I recommend now. (I linked to their Goodreads summaries)

1. The Airborn series by Kenneth Oppel: THIS is number 1 because it’s severely underrated. Out of all the books I re-read/read this summer, this series was the one that was able to hook me so intensely that I really literally could not put it down. i highly recommend this unique series if you’d be open to light sci-fi and swashbuckly adventure with pirates, hilarious banter, and really well done fun romance between the two main characters: a cabin boy and a high society girl (STILL ONE OF MY BIGGEST BOOK OTPs). This series is easy to read and it’s for everyone, although it starts out a little more middle grade because the series follows the MCs on adventures through their early to late teens together.

2. The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead: VA was the first YA book I ever read and everything else has been held up to a pretty high standard because of that. I really like Mead’s writing style– she doesn’t spend a lot of time on detail but she knows how to write incredible dialogue and fast-moving plots that keep me absolutely hooked. If you like urban fantasy, vampires, hilarity, amazing characters, and romance you can root for, give it a shot.

3. The A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas: I have some small issues with SJM’s un-diverse world-building but there’s no question that she’s a talented writer (plus, she’s trying! her latter books get slowly more diverse). This is an incredible fantasy series that put me close to tears ( in good ways!) more than once. Before ACOTAR, I’d never read a book about fae that I liked. Amazing and HELLA steamy romance/sexy scenes for YA, so if you’re a sexy-romance kind of person, and you love angst and fantasy, you’ll probably like this.

4. Perfect Chemistry but Simone Elkeles: THIS YA contemporary book has a lot of cliches but it was written like ten years ago so. And it still holds up. it’s seriously laugh out loud hilarious, the romance is hot as hell, and it’s another one that I can’t put down once I start reading.

5. The A Great and Terrible Beauty Series by Libba Bray -  Plus Going Bovine and Beauty Queens and– Just read anything Libba Bray. Her writing style is the one I read when I was 13 and was like, ‘wow, I want to write like her.’ Every time I closed one of her books I felt that delicious empty feeling and like that book had CHANGED ME and altered my perspective and I love that.

6. Graceling by Kristin Cashore: UNIQUE FANTASY WORLD BUILDING. AMAZING AND SOMETIMES ANGSTY ROMANCE. GRIPPING PLOT. I have to confess that I haven’t read this one in a long time but my heart just Knows. it Knows I would still love it (and I’m gonna hopefully do a re-read of it soon enough)

7. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han: Contemporary YA, which I initially didn’t think I’d like /that much/ because contemporary isn’t really my favourite genres usually. But this is just such a cute and funny romance, and there were so many passages that really touched me and made me feel nostalgic. The way Han writes is just so… genuine? I don’t know how to describe it, but I finished this book feeling really warm inside. If you like contemporary YA romance, well, you’ve probably already read this, but if you haven’t, try it out!


8. The Winner’s Curse series by Marie Rutkoski: Fantasy trilogy with heavy romance elements. one of THE best book romances I’ve read in fact; the main couple will fuck you up HARD from beginning to end. I’ll admit the first book in the series was heavy-handed with it; however, the other two books WERE FUCKING PHENOMENAL WITH HANDLING IT AND BLEW ME AWAY. Beautiful angst, incredible sexual tension, gorgeous, almost fanfic-like prose, smart plot, and a female protagonist who’s a fucking MASTER STRATEGIST !! hoo sign me the FUCK up

9. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge: Beauty and the Beast retelling. The plot can be confusing at times. However. the main couple is just. So bloody entertaining? That’s the main reason I’m rec’ing this. Guilty pleasure read just because I love their banter.

Other books I love which I think people mostly already know about but that really shaped me: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Harry Potter by JK Rowling, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.


Today it’s been exactly a year since I went to see Hedwig in Los Angeles and it’s making me feel a tiny bit nostalgic tonight for so many reasons. Granted, I saw it more than once while I was in LA, but that first night was very special. Even after all this time, I still miss it terribly… Maybe there will be another time that I’ll get to see it again. We’ll see. And no, I won’t post any selfies from that night. Sorry. ;)

OKAy i want to share this specific playlist with you all:

shut up im dreaming

OKAY so some of the songs in this playlist really give me nostalgic feels as so many of them remind me of growing up because i heard them all teh time?? some of them aren’t and i’ve just added them because its a sleepy playlist for me but

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

Cuddlogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Afterword

This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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