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i love jack so much for so many different reasons, but i could go on forever. all he ever wanted to do was make people happy, he didnt care about the number of subscribers that he has or the money that he gets, all he wanted to do was make people smile and to meet all of his fans. i know for a damn fact, that jack is one the most sweetest people i know. he made this community, that im so happy to be a part of bc i got to meet so many nice people, like brooke, leeah, julie, katya, faith, and many more. all the internet friends ive made through this community are so nice to me, they are always there for me and they always support me when i need them. they would always try to cheer me up and they tell me that everything will be okay.

no one in the whole world could replace jack. he is one of a kind, a hero, amazing, sweet, compassionate, and many more. you could see that he is so sweet bc he always tells us how much we mean to him & he always asks us how we are doing, if we’re okay or not. he would write messages on his white board to tell us advice that would help us or even save a person’s life. he makes us feel like we are never alone, that if we ever meet him to come up to him as if we are his friend. he was and always will be by our side, he will always be there for us when we are feeling down.

do you see how much jack cares about his fans? that hes willing to spend hours & hours a day just sitting down and interacting with us, whether its from his live streams, tumblr, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc. he is always there for us. he even reads mostly all of his tags and reblogs, reply, and like people’s posts. he would even stay up all night long if it meant he could chat with fans and just talk to us about practically anything. i love how he posts two videos a day and he puts so much effort into all of them.

i also love how creative he is as well. how he always tries to do something new for videos every single day and have a variety of different games to play and different types of challenges. also the way he does different voices for different characters in a game based from the characters personality and what they look like and how they act is beyond amazing and very creative.

i just love him… everything about him


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

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i'm weeping at ur tags "matt: i dare u to eat this shiro: hell yeah i missed breakfast this morning" like???? these boys r iconic thank you

LISTEN the idea of these two being Stereotypical Bros is so goddamn funny to me………….. ‘Two Best Bros Go On The Nerd Field Trip Of A Lifetime, What Happens Next Will Break Your Heart </3′

  • Where’s that one post where op was like ‘Matt and Shiro spent the entire trip to Kerberos coming up with a wicked long handshake’ because that is just…… so real lmfao
  • As part of their astronaut training they went to the gym a lot together but they never actually… got anything done.
    • Matt tries to photobomb all of Shiro’s pre/post workout selfies
    • That, or he’ll take a selfie of Shiro taking a selfie
  • They have Keith’s gym workout schedule memorized and sometimes they’ll show up before he does in matching neon pink/green vaguely-80s style workout clothes. I’m talking the leg warmers, the shorts and black leggings, the headbands. Keith legitimately thinks they always work out wearing these clothes.
    • They always offer him a third matching headband. He declines every time, but they know they’re wearing him down.
  • Matt & Shiro are constantly trying to set up playdates for Pidge and Keith because they want their antisocial little siblings to actually like. Talk to someone who isn’t part of their family. Of course, all these plans immediately fall through because Pidge and Keith are Antisocial Little Siblings.
  • One time during the first three months of their friendship they were trying to escape out a window and Shiro got fucking stuck. They got caught, but not because of Shiro’s bigass shoulders. It’s because Matt went to take a selfie and he accidentally had the flash on.
  • On that note, Matt’s automatic response is to take a selfie every time something happens to Shiro.
  • One time Shiro went to pour cheese on his pasta, only to accidentally dump the entire container on his lunch because some asshole loosened all the lids. Matt has photos of it all; dramatic close-up shots of the mountain of mozzarella, Shiro’s shocked and bewildered face, and a ten-second video clip of Shiro trying to dump some of his cheese onto Keith’s plate. 
  • Matt & Shiro are the classmates who always seem to be returning from off-campus, only it’s doubly bewildering because the Garrison is in the desert?? There’s literally nothing around for miles??? Where are they even going
  • Shiro could not cook to save his fucking life, and Matt’s cooking is… dubious at best. Like, it’s not bad. As Matt will tell anyone, cooking is technically just science, and he is a science whiz. And it tastes okay. He followed all the directions perfectly. But there’s just something.. slightly off. Like you’ll eat it, but you won’t ask for seconds.
    • Shiro insists it’s because Matt doesn’t cook with enough heart, Matt replies that Shiro must be the devil himself since his food always comes out black and disgusting.

abort mission!!