so many niall people i feel so blessed

seeing the one love concert in manchester makes my heart swell and actually cry happy tears – even in a time like this. because it is so, so very beautiful to see how music really unites people. all because of the same goal – spreading love. together. to care, and keep faith, and honour. and never, ever, ever be beaten down by hate. i am SO proud of ariana grande. for deciding to use her platform to spread an important message; for not sitting in silence mourning over what happened; for returning so shortly after the awful attack that without a doubt traumatized her; to stand strong and go on and actually do something. even when it was in no way her fault what happened. she took responsibility, visited her fans in the hospital, met up with families who lost a dear one and actually listened to them. she offered them a hand to help, a shoulder to cry on. a girl her age doing all that, putting together a benefit concert that beautiful, taking such responsibility – i bow down for her. she is such a role model. she is such a strong woman. she is a true idol. she is so genuine, so kind, so smart, so beautiful, so strong… absolutely incredible. i have no words for the amount of respect i have for her. everyone who performed at the concert, everyone who spoke up and stood by the city of manchester and supported the victims and family and friends of the victims – i have so much love and respect for. even though i don’t always agree with what they do. they’re good people. i am so, so proud to witness all the genuine goodness that thank the lord still exists… in music, we are one. in music, we connect. and i am so blessed to have witnessed all that tonight. even if it was just on a tv screen. hope is not lost – and as long as those people who actually have the power to make a change do it, hope will never be lost.