so many new faces so little time


This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.


Last year on his birthday I wrote a rant about what Peter means to me, and what a joy and relief it is that we still have him with us after so many years of being both our harbinger of boundless inspiration and abject doom. This year I feel no differently. Every day and every year is to be treasured, but moreover it’s a testament to the battle he faces and conquers over and over. Every new dawn is proof of his strength and tenacity. To see Peter grow older is truly an honour. Doubly so to see him mend fences with those he loves most. Time is a beautiful thing, it’s the biggest thing. What could be a greater gift than the time Peter has given us. Happy birthday Peter Doherty, you little rapscallion. 

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I watched an NBA game last night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So I thought how cute would it be if Harry took his 2 year old girl to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle.

She would be sooo giggly! Have you seen the video of David Beckham doing that with his little girl? SO cute!

Harry would be making sure she’s paying attention to the screen and pointing every time it pans to a new person. Then he’d see that the screen was on them and get very excited.

“Baby, look! That’s you; up on the screen, look!”

She would suddenly get very shy and hide her face in Harry’s neck, but Harry would coax her back out and pucker his lips.

“Does daddy get a kiss?”

She’d put both hands on his cheeks and pull his face toward her own, giving him a very sweet smack on the lips, before Harry continues to pepper his cheeks with kisses causing her to giggle and the kiss cam to linger on them for a little longer than it normally would, just because the crowd is loving it so much.

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that's why i'm glad they're doing open auditions for aladdin instead of just going for the obvious choices (i'm pretty sure they're looking only for middle eastern actors)

Well, considering everyone’s “obvious choices” aren’t actually Middle Eastern, I’d hope so. 

And I’m really glad they’re going for open auditions. There is SO little recognized Arab talent in Hollywood and we need some new people because I’m tired of seeing the same two, maybe three faces, representing all the “Arab actors in Hollywood” in conjunction with the fact that we’re erased all the time…..there are some, but like, how many people even know Salma Hayek is half Lebanese? And if she doesn’t wanna claim that, then I can’t make demands that actors acknowledge certain parts of their heritage that they don’t connect to - that’s unfair. 

So it’ll be real nice to get new, unquestionably Arab talent in Hollywood to play characters from OUR stories, for once. 

- Mod K


So much diversity, so little time…

This is a new genus of Pseudachorutinae springtail (a subfamily of Collembola) known from several sites in southeastern Australia. It’s quite large for a springtail at about 3-4 mm long yet, like so many springtail species and genera, remains undescribed because it belongs to one of the (supposedly) less charismatic groups of organisms. For me, this little beast is oozing and dripping charisma. Just look at the little Dumbo-the-elephant-like face!

Once you discover invertebrate diversity it’s hard to go back to the vertocentric side!


last night was INCREDIBLE!!!
stevie, thank you so much for spending nearly 3 hours(to the point where waddy had to keep telling her to hurry up) telling so many stories that, in as many times as I’d thought I’d heard them, where so different and new in some cases. every time I looked up last night and saw her little sweet face standing up there shaking that tambourine(which she told us the story behind her even having the tambourine in the first place, I’ll post the video later). she is the cutest thing and my favorite part of all of this is just watching how much fun she’s having. she laughs at her own jokes so adorably that sometimes her reaction to something she said is funnier than the joke and I love that so much. she thanked us time and time again for just being there and having been on this crazy journey with her for 40+ years. there was something different last night, she went for the higher notes in songs that she’s been taking down lower for years and seriously I was not prepared!! (also in GDW she ADDED IN ALL THE WAILS AND IT SOUNDED SO MUCH LIKE THE ORIGINAL😭😭❤) my jaw must have been hanging open half the night!! it was SO beautiful!! she never ceases to amaze me. so to keep it short, last night was perfect! she is so precious. she ended the night with this…“I love you guys so much, please never forget that."😭❤
I can’t wait to do this all again on wednesday night in new orleans from the 6th row(I don’t even know how I’m going to keep myself from not crying the entire time). but anyway, I’ll post videos periodically throughout the day but I just wanted to write this for now! love you all!!

pain is a constant. death is in inevitable. scars heal. bones break. teammates lie and cheat. team doctors turn a blind eye. alcohol numbs. closing your eyes causes more pain than keeping them open. lungs choke.

how much do your hands shake when you get out of bed in the morning? do you remember the mornings when they didn’t hurt? or do you just remember the mornings where pain wasn’t present

how many times do you flinch away from a touch? does the idea of somebody saying something scare you? is the fear so far ingrained into one person that it no longer exists anywhere else

when the walls start to close in on you is it his face that you see? or maybe it’s a new face, one that isn’t filled with horrible memories? maybe you’ll tell him one day, but maybe that can be your own little secret (you have so little of them anyway)

the thwack, thwack, thwack of the ball hitting the Plexiglas brings more satisfaction than checking somebody. the bite of alcohol no longer feels like a threat. teammates can be trusted. team doctors don’t patch up unexplained injuries. the night terrors start to just be nightmares. the world slows down and you can finally take a breath.

how much do your hands shake when you get out of bed in the morning? healing takes time, you’re doing good keep going

how many times do you flinch away from a touch? not as many as you used to with your team having your back

when the walls start to close in on you is it his face that you see? yes for a while, but then you have somebody new, somebody that doesn’t bring pain, love him

heal yourself before you try to heal others

- jean moreau (kbl)


As is custom! I must post all the pictures of the amazing people I met at the Animefest 2015!

This con was a little different in that, since I did badges for the con I was given the opportunity to host my own table. So, for the first time ever… there are pictures of me on the internet… and I apologize haha.

But honestly, it was such a thrill getting to shake the hands and spend a moment with my fellow Ghost fans. So many new faces! You are all so sweet and the artists so skilled! GAH!

A few had planned to wear Ghost costumes to the con but had been unable to complete them on time. My Vivi actually wore her costume the second day despite some of its elements being incomplete! She was adorable.

And yet another glorious fan paid for her prints AND gave me food. Hands down best weekend you guys haha Thanks so much to all of you!

A letter for myself one year from now,

First of all, congratulations and a job well done! I am so proud of you! You survived getting through every challenges that you faced this year. I know that you cried so much, you doubted yourself and there are many times you forgot how great you are. You met new friends, new school, new environment and you never changed, just a little bit I guess - because what I see today is a stronger, smarter, and better version of yourself. :)

I know you are far now from what you started but I want you to remember - never get tired of working hard for your dreams. Eat healthy, take a break, drink a lot of water, make new friends, focus on your studies, pray every night, be a helping hand, be happy, enjoy what you do and do not forget to thank every people who helps you. Never change, only for the best.


Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space - Localization Blog #1

Greetings, puny Earthlings!

We’re catching up from E3 this week. Part of that is just taking care of all our equipment and catching up on emails, but the fun part is checking out the new press coverage and following up with all the great fans we got to meet face to face. We all had a wonderful time this year – busy of course, with so many titles, but it was also our first chance to show a lot of what we’ve been working on. (Not everything we’ve been working on, of course, but we’ll talk about that a little later.) We had a total of nine titles on display this year, and while we loved introducing so many fans to our bigger ones like Trails of Cold Steel and Estival Versus, it was also great to see players warm up to the charms of Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space.

We picked up EDF2 together with its PS4 cousin, Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. Both games have the same basic premise, about human military forces fighting against invading aliens and monsters, but while 4.1 has the sleek, modern feel of big-budget Hollywood, 2 hearkens back to the old B-movie days, when movies like Gamera, War of the Colossal Beast, and Them! ruled the Saturday matinee.

As a twenty-year fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and particularly of its old sci-fi movies like The Creeping Terror and Prince of Space, I jumped at the chance to edit a game that captured that same tone; earnest to the point of cheesiness, but still giddy and fun if you let yourself get into it. To bring that vibe across, we wanted to come up with an appropriate title, something that gave the audience just the right kind of wink.

The original official title of the game was Earth Defense Force 2 Portable V2, so to give it a little more kick, we held an office brainstorming session. This quickly descended into all-out chaos, but eventually we cleared away enough of the debris that we can now bring you this, our list of rejected titles for Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space. In no particular order…


Earth Defense Force 2: Too Big to Fail

Earth Defense Force 2: The Harder They Fall

Earth Defense Force 2: Planet in Peril

Earth Defense Force 2: War of the Humungasaurus

Earth Defense Force 2: They Came From Beyond

Earth Defense Force 2: The Forcening

Earth Defense Force 2: Force Multiplied

Earth Defense Force 2: Unlimited Force Options

Earth Defense Force 2: Shadow of the Colossal Invaders from Outer Space

Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet X

Earth Defense Force 2: Kaiju Chaos

Earth Defense Force 2: In Soviet Russia, Bugs Squash You

Earth Defense Force 2: Revenge of the Space Giants

Earth Defense Force 2: Are You &*#$ing Kidding Me

Earth Defense Force 2: Giants in the Playground

Earth Defense Force 2: Size Matters Not

Earth Defense Force 2: Blast the Aliens

Earth Defense Force 2: Big Ben Boom

Earth Defense Force 2: The Ant Bride

Earth Defense Force 2: Revenge of the Gi-Ants

Earth Defense Force 2: Badass Rumble

Earth Defense Force 2: Defense on Titan

Earth Defense Force 2: London Bridge is Falling Down

Earth Defense Force 2: Thames for the Memories (Note from Nick: “‘cause it’s in LONDON, right?”)

Earth Defense Force 2: Attack of Killer Bugs from Outer Space

Earth Defense Force 2: The Giant Ant Invasion

Earth Defense Force 2: Fire in the Skies

Earth Defense Force 2: Reign of the Insectoids

Earth Defense Force 2: The Last, Best Hope

Earth Defense Force 2: Let Freedom Ring

Earth Defense Force 2: This Time It’s Global

Earth Defense Force 2: Big Aliens…Bigger Guns

Earth Defense Force 2: Mobile Command

Earth Defense Force 2: Nothing Personal

Earth Defense Force 2: Concealed Carry

Earth Defense Force 2: In the 21st Century

Earth Defense Force 2: This Time, It’s Earth-sonal

Earth Defense Force 2: Extinction Event

Earth Defense Force 2: Bug Repellant

Earth Defense Force 2: Doomsday Revenge

Earth Defense Force 2: Alien Scum Eradication

Earth Defense Force 2: They Came Back

Earth Defense Force 2: Alien Raid Revisited

Earth Defense Force 2: It’s Raining Bugs

Earth Defense Force 2: You Eff OH!

Earth Defense Force 2: Bug Report

Earth Defense Force 2: Planet of the Earth

Earth Defense Force 2: Kaiju Rumble

Earth Defense Force 2: Things Explode

Earth Defense Force 2: Kill Everything

Earth Defense Force 2: Bugs Bugs Everywhere

Earth Defense Force 2: London Extermination

Earth Defense Force 2: Attack of the Killer Kaiju

Earth Defense Force 2: Bomb-ass Bugs

Earth Defense Force 2: Radical Extraterrestrial Eradication

Earth Defense Force 2: Sick Space Skirmishes (The note from Kelly on this one says, “This name is my jam, it’s so fly”)

Earth Defense Force 2: Defending the Earth…by Force


Our thanks to Brittany for coming up with “Invaders from Planet Space” and bringing the madness to an end.

We’re looking to bring both EDF games out in the fall, and we’ll have plenty more to say about them along the way. Until then, then, remember: Your ray guns will have no effect on me!

- Ryan