so many names omg

this movie honestly f***ed me up
—  my sister after watching Kimi no Na wa

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Daishou's gf Mika is officially a Yama (Yamaka)!! they finally have a girl among their rows (*´∀`*) how many Yamas are we even at rn tho


Anonymous said: OMG did you know? Mika (daishou’s gf) full name is yamaka Mika! Does this make her part of the yama group?

yama overload!!!!

Mariana Trench

Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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Reaction no. 254: When your friend says that you can’t marry a fictional character, because he is not real 

please don’t talk to me until you watched the masterpiece that is Lion (2016 Film) by Garth Davis 


“It’s strange, I can talk to you, but not to my ‘pa… Even though we’re family.”

“I think it’s because you’re family.”

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When and why did Matt change his name professionally from Matthew to Matt? Love your blog!

That’s a good question! It’s interesting to look at his filmography to figure this out, too. The first project he did where he was credited as “Matt Bomer” was Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in 2006. But then he went on to do Traveler (2007) and Chuck (2007-2009) credited as Matthew Bomer. Hmm. And it wasn’t just a TV show/movie thing, because he was credited as “Matthew Bomer” in Flightplan (2005), which was a movie. But since White Collar (2009), he’s gone by Matt Bomer. So aside from the 2006 TCM:B aberration, it seems he went from Matthew to Matt in 2009 when he started White Collar. As to why? Other than Matt sounding less “dorky” than Matthew, I don’t know! Personally, I think it was a good call. :)

And because I’m incapable of answering a simple question in a simple way, here are all the Matt credits from his movies/shows, in chronological order:

[missing credits from All My Children (2000) and Guiding Light (2002-2003) because…I don’t have access to those full eps. And there are no credits included in the War Birds (2003) DVD so nothing for that either (he did voicework). And he wasn’t in Relic Hunter and it really bothers me that that’s still on his imdb page.]

Tru Calling (2003-2004)

North Shore (2004). I can’t believe he got “Guest Starring” for a 20 second bit. lol

Flightplan (2005)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

[Don’t have Amy Coyne (2006), sadly]

Traveler (2007). They didn’t have a true title sequence for this show. So his name just appeared during the course of the episode. But his name showed up first! :D lol (Also <3 he worked with Viola Davis on this show)

Chuck (2007-2009)

White Collar (2009-2014). OMG I never realized until now that his name (or anyone’s) isn’t actually in the title sequence! Like Traveler, it just shows his name as the ep plays. I mean, I’m sure I noticed, but I guess I never really thought about it. Weird.

In Time (2011)

Glee (2012)

Magic Mike (2012)

The New Normal (2013)

Superman: Unbound (2013)

Winter’s Tale (2014)

Space Station 76 (2014)

The Normal Heart (2014)

American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)

Magic Mike XXL (2015)

American Horror Story: Hotel (2015-2016)

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Last Tycoon (2016)

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

And that’s all we’ve got! :D

Another MM self-insert doodle. I’m actually the type to bully the person they like. But when they’re 2D, for whatever reason, my shy side just dominates ugh Anyway… WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS???


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what pisses me off is the writers are probably going to use maia to make more clace drama 🙄 but the jaia scene was amazing & i really hope they stay together for a while

ok so i’m not really in the fandom anymore i think i stopped during the first few episodes of season 2 but i completely agree with you. theres no way the writers are going to drop clace for jacemaia because it would start ww3. but i did a little research just to answer this ask to the best of my abilities. 

so it turns out that the writers room actually likes jacemaia? jaia? idk what you guys are calling it. but dom and alisha apparently had so much chemistry (i checked out a few scenes and my god they’re so good together) that the writers wanted to see where it went. i doubt its going to go any farther bc the fandom loves clace way too much.

but personally i don’t care for clace. its pretty boring to me, especially after seeing that jacemaia scene. (dom and kat just… don’t have a lot of chemistry). shadowhunters would be a lot more interesting if jacemaia was endgame because i can see a lot of development for them especially since its literally enemies to friends to lovers and thats the best trope out there. 

jacemaia, sizzy, and malec are the best ships on shadowhunters right now and i don’t even have to watch it to know those are the facts. dom and alisha have so much chemistry its a shame the writers are so focused on trying to be like the books they don’t even care about acting or plot (which is one of the reasons i stopped watching).

i probably wont catch up for jacemaia i just watched 213 and it was the best episode like wow, props to whoever wrote it. but i wont catch up for it because i know clace is going to be endgame there’s just no way the writers would give up on it. 

but the way alisha talked about it in her interview she actually seemed to like it and i guess?? dom likes it too i mean their acting is just too good for both of them not to like the concept of jacemaia/jaia and that made the writers like it so i mean there’s always a possibility, but we all know they would never make a healthy interracial abusive surviving couple the main ship of a show when they have a nice white cishet ship waiting for them at the end of the finish line.

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but coffeeshop au where piper has a slot every tuesday and spends each second of it on the tiny stage, singing like a siren and bringing in the crowds. jason works for an air-travel company and always finds time to squeeze in a song or two on his lunchbreak, paying rapt attention, front row, centre. and more often than not, piper forgets the lyrics or jason orders too many cups of coffee because there's a cute, elfish barista, tinkering with the coffee machines and cursing in fluent spanish uwu