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shipping your own OCs

shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon

So I can’t just complain but not do anything.
Therefore I tried to make a master list of still active people in the fandom who create and post and who I feel are pretty much underappreciated.
This fandom is alive and creating. This is a small list of active but lesser known fandom creators for you to check out!
Of course this list can only have people I know and especially when it comes to writers I don’t know too many. So please reblog and add to this list!

in no particular order:

- @yamcat
- @marxandria
- @audreykare
- @muffinhoe-thedragon
- @rarepare
- @toorumlk
- @sh4dowdraws
- @soupfulness
- @toondoon1010
- @realcheesyshenanigans
- @tenowls
- @orangiah
- @punkyachi
- @sgwrk
- @pepitathecat
- @askvolleyballers
- @nathengyn
- @chiptrillino
- @mellowdoodles
- @dmochii
- @keypyon
- @vivovexo
- @jeannetteleven
- @peoshi
- @riseelectric
- @areamia
- @fan-of-the-night
- @tae-the-gae
- @petrichorxxy
- @madgets
- @shaerahaek
- @inky-thoughts

- @josai
- @frenchibi
- @crollalanzaa
- @wildkittewrites
- @airblends
- @arturosavinni
- @slothesaurus
- @aunnoo-iwaoi-headcanon
- @push-it-hajime
- @trashytacosan
- @qi-tana
- @quirkyghostbeta
- @kayejwrotes
- @pinkteabagarhut
- @paintbrushyy
- @astersandstuffs
- @maltedmilkchocolate
- @tivruskis
- @fromthefarshore
- @anywayimnikki

The fandom isn’t dead but alive and still creating and posting!!
Look around and enjoy!

please feel free to reblog and add more artists and writers you think deserve to be on here! Also if you yourself are a creator feel free to add yourself or hit me up!


was playing around with design and accidentally ended up making fanart for @samcybercat’s soumako fic ‘Trail Mix,’ which i highly suggest :’>


Captain Treville & Cardinal Richelieu (The Musketeers BBC):

“I’m familiar with the roles we play Captain. I am the grand deceiver and you are the bluff honest man of action…”

Baby Percy (With a bit of mama Sally) Headcanons

cause we all need these (or maybe we don’t, but I’m still giving them to you)

  • Baby Percy would have been the cutest baby ever.
  • When Sally pushed Percy on a stroller, everyone would stop Sally on the street.
  • People would obsess over percy and pinch his cheeks.
  • Percy wouldn’t cry because he would be too busy sucking on the blue lollipop his mom gave him.
  • When Sally’s friends came over, she would bring out all the photo albums that had the baby pictures of Percy and all her friends would coo and aww over all the pictures.
  • When Sally delivered Percy, the nurse that helped her deliver him, said “That’s the cutest kid I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of babies”.
  • Sally feels like she’s the luckiest mama ever.
  • She proudly says to her friends that Percy has his dad’s eyes (But her eyelashes lol).

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What Writers Can Learn from National Novel Writing Month.

It’s October 1st, and that means that it’s Pregame Season for National Novel Writing Month. What better way to kick off that season than with another entry in my What Writers Can Learn Series? This time around, I thought I would do something different. I’ve written about Sense8 and Batman, but why not write about the lessons writers can learn from National Novel Writing Month itself?

So here are five important lesson I’ve learned from National Novel Writing Month. Hopefully you can do a better job of implementing them than I do.

Write Every Day

When you have to write an average of 1,667 words every day for a month, it can make a huge difference if you don’t write even just one day during the month. With that in mind, you either develop this mentality or spend part of your month writing a pile of extra words.

This is an important skill even when you don’t have a 50,000 word goal to meet in just 30 days. Every writer needs to work on writing every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

Be Creative

During National Novel Writing Month, your story is going to go through some changes from what you first expected. This can be a problem for the planners, but that doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Let your creative juices flow. Come up with something unexpected to keep your story alive. Don’t worry about the plan that you had. Sometimes that plan has to change.

Let Your Story Flow

Your story will have a rhythm and flow of its own. Listen for that rhythm. Follow the flow. Let the stream of your story guide your way. Don’t follow it blindly, but be aware of your story as you write.

You will also want to keep your eyes open for themes and symbols as you proceed.

Dream Big!

You are already making a grand dream. 50,000 words in only 30 days is an epic undertaking, and you need to be a dreamer. However, as a writer, you need to understand that there is not much to writing just 50,000 words. As a writer you will write so many more words in your lifetime. Dream about those words. Let them fill you with passion as you work through the many stories that will fill your mind in the coming years.

Be greedy for those stories.

Keep Writing

The most important lesson you can learn from National Novel Writing Month is to never stop writing. No matter how many words you have to write, you can always reach that goal. Whether it is a paragraph for school or the next great American novel. You can reach that goal. Never stop writing.


[About future behind the scenes work] It’s addictive. I love it. I think I’ve got to the point in my career where I’ve been involved and worked with so many incredible creative people, whether they’re writers, directors, producers, I’m even more obsessed with storytelling than I was when I started this job. I have infinitely more respect for the collaborative element of film-making, of TV drama making, of game making. I like playing as a team, and I really liked producing, writing, having a say. Let’s see how In Darkness is received, and then I’ll re-assess the situation!

There’s no way of knowing if a mango is rotten on the inside until you cut it open.
But it’s not like you start cutting a mango thinking it is going to be rotten.
You expect it to be sweet and delicious - everything it promises from its image and outer appearance.
When you do cut it open and find it to be rotten, it’s upsetting but only for a few seconds.
You throw it in the trash and get another one from the kitchen.
If that one’s rotten too, you reach out for a 3rd one.
You don’t stop.
You don’t stop because you know not all mangoes are rotten. They can’t possibly be.

The very same applies for human beings.

just some bts prompts


  • Taehyung goes to a club meeting for the food. Then he meets Jimin, and has another excuse to start attending.
  • Who knew two strangers could bond so easily at 3am from across each other’s balconies? Or: in which Taehyung and Jimin find themselves talking to each other when they can’t sleep at night.
  • It’s not that Jimin still isn’t in love. It’s not like Jimin is cheating. But distance is always a hard thing to conquer, and Jimin could not say he wasn’t falling all over again and have somebody prove it as the truth. Or: in which Namjoon is too far away and Jimin might be losing love, losing sleep, but gaining fondness for another man named Tae.
  • Taehyung complains about having to fill in for Seokjin’s tutoring lesson because Seokjin’s sick (and wants those funds). But then Taehyung finds out that he’s going to be tutoring Jimin, and sees how nice of a guy he is… Taehyung may or may not end up begging Seokjin to get sick more often.


  • It was all a joke. The flirting, the lovey dovey eye contact, the touching. So why did Hoseok’s heart start to flutter in the midst of it all? Or: in which Yoongi and Hoseok bet against jikook that they could totally be a cuter couple than them, and accidently fall for each other anyways.
  • Hoseok befriends a fairy named Suga during his childhood. Then, one day he disappears, and Hoseok forgets all about him. Once high school starts, however, he suddenly gets deja vu meeting this upperclassman named Yoongi. Will he be able to connect the pieces together? (Honestly, I imagine this as a shoujo manga.)
  • Tangled AU. Hoseok as Rapunzel, Yoongi as Eugene.
  • Hoseok’s getting married. Yoongi, his best friend, gets dragged into playing the piano/organ for the wedding. It’s supposed to be a happy day, the happiest day of Hoseok’s life, but Yoongi has been too in love with him to really enjoy the ceremony.
  • Yoongi works as a CEO at a pretty non-environmental company. Hoseok is a journalist that doesn’t like seeing nature get destroyed. When things collide… 
  • Yoongi doesn’t really know how he fell in love with a stranger so quickly. No, he wasn’t in love, he supposed. He was just fascinated with his delicate movements, the look in the dancer’s eyes when he was front and center in the formation, and the smile that illuminated his face as he skipped to the side with ease. No, Yoongi wasn’t in love. Yoongi was enlightened. Or: in which Yoongi stumbles upon Hoseok’s street dancing, and finds himself coming back to the same place every night.
  • Time was always a difficult thing to handle in the business of love. You were either too early, or too late to the chase. But sometimes, if you were lucky, the universe would align and that one moment would happen perfectly, in the right place, at the right time. Sometimes. Or: in which Yoongi’s had trouble dealing with love and Hoseok might be the one that ends the struggle after all.


  • Taehyung and Namjoon had been friends since they were young, even if they were an age apart. But lately, they’ve been drifting apart. Maybe they just belonged in the past. Maybe the past should just stay where it was, and stay there in his memories. Or: in which two best friends fall apart, but eventually find their way back to each other.
  • In which Namjoon’s fallen in too deep for Seokjin, and Seokjin is a dense bastard. Taehyung laughs in the background. 
  • Yoongi and Seokjin argue about a wedding’s decorations prices at said wedding. 
  • Seokjin gets caught looking at his reflection in a van’s windows. The van belongs to Yoongi.

Drawings for The language of the flowers and Of gods and men that I made a while ago for @noxioussanctity ’s birthday! Please go read them because their awesome and I love those fics so much!

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i feel like ppl just want to condemn niall for literally anything. like they have to try and find fault in something to….idk fill some weird void they have. i honestly do not get it. hes just out here doing his thing, not hurting a damn soul, and everyone gotta come at him bc he put his socks on the wrong feet like…..cmon man…..

anonymous asked:

I've been reading and rereading your YW books off and on for something like 15 years now, and you more than any writer have inspired not only my fascination with science but my interest in writing fiction. I am merely a fan fiction writer so far but I wanted to thank you for your talent and kindness, you're wonderful.

I’m glad to have been an inspiration. So many writers inspired me as I was getting started: it’s more than a pleasure to pass the favor along.

But as regards being a fan fiction writer: never say “merely”! There is nothing “mere” about writing something you love. Additionally: though this is hardly the main purpose of fanfic, it’s a great place to cut your teeth as a writer. I did easily a quarter million words’ worth of fanfic before something materialized in my head that wasn’t written in someone else’s universe… and when it did, because of all that practice, I was ready for it and able to hit the ground running. (David Gerrold says that “The first million words are for practice”, and this strikes me as about right.) If I got nominated two years in a row for the Campbell Award for best new writer in the SF/fantasy field because of this book, it’s the fanfic that helped me become certain enough of my writing “voice” that I could write it with sufficient assurance to make something (then) so edgy so convincing.

…And as for “so far”, that’s the spirit – because you never know where the love of working in someone else’s world will take you. Nearly forty years ago now, if you’d told me that the Trek fanfic I’d written in my teens would eventually put me in a place where I was writing Trek noncanonically, for money… and then into a place where I was writing it canonically for money… I’d have disparaged your sanity. :) Yet see what happened. Fortune, as they say, favors the prepared.

So get out there and do your thing. No writing is ever wasted. And that goes double for writing something you love. As for where it’ll take you? Keep your eyes open and seize the possibilities as they come. That’s all I can tell you. It’s worked for me. :)

Nino Lahiffe

I just have to say that Nino is such an amazing character that has the potential to be developed so much. He could have so much sides to him and I honestly love that in many fan fics he gets much more development. I’ve seen him portrayed as a panicky and worrisome boy who’s terrible with pressure and girls, as a really good emotional support and very grounded boy, as a pretty chill and fun loving guy who really cares for his friends, as a broken and helpless bystander to all the conflict around him, as a ‘badboy’ and teasing friend who is very observant yet somewhat oblivious, as a dense and somewhat self-loathing guy and many more.
It’s just so amazing.
Thank you to all the writers, artists, and really the whole fandom and especially Thomas Astruc and his team for making and developing Nino.
I especially love the portrayals of @thelastpilot and @marshmallohno

pretty sure by now that fics ruined published novels for me. not because they’re bad, but rather because the quality of some of them is so damn astounding that actual published authors just wind up letting me down

anonymous asked:

Have any favorite voltron fic recs? You're once of my favorite artists so I wanted to ask!

Hey anon! Thank you, oh my god. I’m so flattered to hear that!
I haven’t read many fanfics yet and lately I asked ppl if they could recommend me some, because I need to change this!!!! 
The fanfiction i’ve read and totally recommend is watercast by @fishwrites. I fell so much in love with this fic and @fishwrites is such a sweet and nice person ;;
Also I recommend you to read these two fics of the elevator scene. 
Alone together and this fic by @vldlancelove ;;;;;;;; (I’m still so excited about these two fics omg)

Here are some fics that got recommended to me and that I will read next 

secret ingredients
smile for the stars

I also read a fanfic where Lance had nightmares and couldn’t sleep alone, so he slept together with Keith. I can’t remember the name anymore ;; but it was super fluffy and cute