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In which Sorey and Mikleo host a radio show and Mikleo reads a letter from… well, see it yourself.

MIKLEO: “On this journey, the first time I left Elysia… I realized that the world is more vast than I imagined and that there were lots of things that I didn’t know.

SOREY: “Eh…! This is….”

MIKLEO: “At first, becoming the Shepherd and saving the world didn’t sink in to me, at any rate, I was only desperate about what’s right before my eyes.

MIKLEO: “But I made so many friends who helped me a lot… so I realized.

MIKLEO: “I love this world where everyone lives. I want to protect it.

MIKLEO: “As the Shepherd, I won’t ever give up to do anything it takes to bring peace to this world.

MIKLEO: “And then when all of this ends, I want to go on a journey through the ruins all around the world anew. With my best friend….

MIKLEO: “….”

SOREY: “…With you, Mikleo.”

MIKLEO: “Sorey….”

SOREY: “I didn’t expect you would read my letter. Hearing it like this makes me a bit embarrassed.”

MIKLEO: “W-well, I wonder if it doesn’t tell the content of the first story to the listeners?”

SOREY: “I want to make our dream a reality soon, Mikleo.”

MIKLEO: “Yeah, I want to explore ruins soon too. Leave it to me to support the Shepherd who dashes through from behind.”

SOREY: “Okay, okay. I’m counting on you, Mikleo-kun.”

With a basic income, no one on this planet should have to work long hours, theres so many of us that we could replace most shit with robots, and the shit that actually needs people we could stagger more easily because they don’t need the hours to survive, we could just give everyone a basic income and education as far as they want to go.

People aren’t going to just sit around doing nothing, as a disabled person I’m miserable not being able to work and contribute to things because the actual jobs can’t hire me, don’t need me, and frankly don’t even need their current employees. 

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I can still do to help society, what it does mean is that if I have a good day where I can help my community, I could be removed from my benefits, for having a single good day, regardless of how much pain and suffering I will be in the next day. Which inhibits me from contributing to society in any positive way for fear of survival.

I want to share this badass new app with you guys. It’s called Mush and it’s totally free for Android and iPhone. So, it’s basically like Tinder for moms who want to find other mom friends to hang out with. It’s got some really cool features and your information like your name, email address, and location are totally customizable if you want more privacy. You create your profile that tells people what kind of activities you and your kids like to do, a little about yourself, how old and how many kids you have, and your city and it lets you search for matches based on any of those criteria. My tags are lgbt mom, outdoors, gardening, arts and crafts, animal lover, yoga machine, blogger, and bookworm. They have tags for adoptive parents, special needs children, preemie parents, single parents, step parents, and multiples. It also has a setting that tells others whether you’re available to hang out or not. I think it’s a really neat app since I’m a young mom and most of my friends don’t have kids and I have no idea how else to meet new people. You can arrange meet ups or play dates for your kids based on your area and what kind for activity you want to do. The Mush “Hub” is like a giant message board where people make posts about basically anything and anyone on the app can read it and respond. There are three parts of it, All (includes updates from the app and posts from all over), Local Chat (which are local posts), and My Activity (which keeps track of all your posts and responses). It’s a pretty new app and from their app description it seems like it’s only gotten traffic in the UK so I, for example, am out here in Idaho and don’t have anyone near me for 200+ miles, but I figured with how many followers that I can share this with and how active the mumblr community is we could populate this app with a ton of awesome people from Tumblr. @momcode want to spread this to your followers and other mumblr blogs? Everyone please reblog and help me spread this!!

My Current Mood- A Ramble...

My biggest question right now is -What is next? I have been the ship for 2.5 years. Man, has it been a roller coaster. So many times, I have delighted in the party that ensued when something shippery happened for us. So many times, I have wanted to just close my blog and quietly walk away.  Right now would be a great time to do just that, but I have made some dear friends and I have learned so much about you ladies from across the world. It has taught me a lot about myself.  I can’t quit y’all and I still have a lot to learn.

For me, this community is much bigger than the books, the series, or the ship. This community is so much about the sisterhood. Sure we disagree and we fight. But more often we share our joy, achievements, laughter, and we support each other.  It is a beautiful thing. I never had a sister growing up and always desperately wanted one. Now I have hundreds. I talk to you guys probably more than I do most of my “real life” friends and I feel more connected. I think it is because when you can really be yourself and say what you think or feel, then you attract those people who appreciate you for yourself.

All of this to say, I am burned out.  I am trying really hard to not say anything negative or to let myself go down any more rabbit holes. I cleared my dash and am in the process of reconstructing it. 

 Not much is clear for me at this point except that I don’t really care about what happens to these people’s relationship who I will never know. I have reached a point where I am curious as to what happens next but I am not invested.  If they are together-great. If not-ok. Their choice and no big deal to me. 

For now, I am just going to hang out on shore and enjoy you fabulous ladies. Hopefully, there is room and I can occasionally say something to make you laugh. I will continue to cheer my former ship mates on with popcorn in hand and party with you when I can. 

Much love

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Aghh, I’m so bad at decisions. I have so many favorite characters. (Three not on there are Sherlock and Tony Stark and Gabriel [Spn] )

But my top 10
Elizabeth Swann- Pirates of the Caribbean (I love badass pirates)
Castiel Novak- Supernatural
Jack Sparrow- Pirates of the Caribbean
Kaz and Inej- Six of Crows
Lucifer Morningstar- Fox’s Lucifer
Feyre and Rhys- A Court of Mist and Fury
Loki- Avengers/Thor
Rowan Whitethorn- Throne of Glass
Dean Winchester- Supernatural
Ferris Bueller- Ferris Buellers Day Off (I wish I could be more like him)

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


We can’t see Ohno laughing many times lastly (or not like before) (I missed how he laughed in DnoArashi and GnoArashi ;-;)
Then, I see him smile or laugh many times when he’s with Nino or he’s disturbed by Nino xd
Ohno is a temple of patient with Nino, I don’t know how he can do it XD
(I would have chosen more gifs but Tumblr decided not allow me to upload many gifs in one post :/)

1. Nino really loves hit Ohno ;—-; Nino, don’t hit his precious face ;—; But Ohno just laughs like if he had said something funny XD (Sho laughs too xd). Everyone knows that Nino didn’t hurt Ohno but the slap sounded a lot and you think “God, it hurts ;-;”. Thanks of the luck of Nino, not, it didn’t XD (Or I hope so because I would want to punch Nino xd)

2. Well, their conexion appears clearly like many other times xd The thing that I want emphasize is both are controlling their laugh but it’s see each other to break in laughter. And that is not the first time, I don’t know why but there are a lot of moments of both laughing together because their eyes meet XD (LOOOL)

3. This is one of the few times of Ohno making laugh Nino. Normal is Nino to Ohno, well, Oh-chan sometimes shows his love to Nino and when he does it, he’s so cute being happy because Nino smiles. Lastly on ANiShi and VsArashi if there are Ohmiya they don’t show it. Only you can see it in magazine’s photos or putting special attention in both, sometimes they appear talking or laughing together in their world less than 2 seconds. How many Ohmiya moments are we losing because they cut them? Sincerely, I hate that idea.

Well, I wrote it listening Walking In The Rain and I figured myself out loving Nino and Aiba’s voice in this song specially c:
I hope that they continue making each other happy for many more years.
Well, my last phrase with Be With You… It’s a bad combination if you don’t want to cry.
Then, mata ne~

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How do I get my daddy to read your blog more often? I showed him your post on aftercare and he really enjoyed it and it's improved our relationship immensely! I'd like for him to look for more of your tips on his own but he doesn't want to follow you.

This absolutely blows my mind.… I dont really understand why he wouldnt, and it would probably be interesting to know how many daddies actually do follow me as a way of mentorship…

I mean… it would certainly make our community a better place. I cant tell you how many messages I get from littles like “Oh my gosh I wish you were here when I first started…” “Im so thankful for you, I left an abuser because of your blog…” “Your blog taught me so much about myself…” and on and on… 

I really dont know how to get him to engage other than just sitting him down and laying it out with him. Letting him know that the things I write and such are what you want out of your relationship.

I would think he would be breaking the mouse button clicking on the follow option in pursuit of wanting to make you absolutely pleased and satisfied. 

Other than that…. I just…. dont… know……. 

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Why on a low of crime dramas are there lots of terrorist plots about terrorists who are not white, when right wing white terrorists and white male mass shooter terrorists are more likely? Are crime dramas at fault partly for islamophobia?

I would definitely say so, yeah - especially shows like 24, the NCIS spinoffs, Homeland, Quantico, I mean, I could go on and on talking about how many crime shows feature Islam only in the context of terrorism.

I’m tired of Muslims being only allowed to be in those shows. I want Muslims in comedies and wacky sitcoms doing silly stuff. A consistent Muslim character who is obviously Muslim and their religion is just a part of life as opposed to being flaunted every once in a blue moon for some after-school special type thing to show that being obviously Islamophobic is Bad ™.

I dunno, maybe do a sitcom episode where the B plot is that it’s Ramadan and a Muslim person has a lot of business meetings or is dating and they keep having to go to restaurants and events where turning down food is looked down upon and they have to explain their way out of it, or explain themselves. Or how it’s super tempting but they still do well.

Or show them on a trip in, I dunno, the American South where pork is in every single damn thing and no one really labels it (I had that issue a fair amount when ordering things like vegetables bc they were almost always cooked w lard or had bacon bits) 

This was long and rambly, I apologize. But I’m basically agreeing with you, and it’s also why I refuse to see even a show that people claim is “sensitive” to Muslims because it’s more about the fact that we can’t be featured in anything EXCEPT terrorism dramas. 

- Mod K

An Army of Jewish Children

I’m not going to lie that sometimes the focus on frum women + motherhood is daunting to me. I don’t talk about it openly on my blog much, but it’s something that has seriously come between me and my vision of the future.

But when I read about Jews contributing to ‘white genocide’ and how much people from the left hate us because we ‘rule the world’ and poison all Good Left Things…

I have the urge to just have like, an army of Jewish children. All of them. Twelve if I can. More if they let you adopt when you already have that many. A giant army of happy, and loved Jewish children. Being told they are precious, and worthy, and deserving of good things.

I want to add my own life to the chain of Jewish history, so another generation of Jews can thrive. 

It’s like doing something out of spite, but I get to have the best gift in the whole world: to pass on Judaism to my children. 

Geez balmung.

Can you quit it please? All I see on my dash is negativity. The balmung community used to be so positive and caring, and now it seems like everyone hates everyone and wants to tell the world about it.

So many people have it so much worse than your bullshit excuses to call each other out and be mean to each other, regardless of who is right or wrong. Get some perspective.

Listen closely, cause I’m gonna tell you the secret to not being horrible to people. If you feel like you’re about to be horrible, just don’t???? It really is that simple. You’re all full grown adults, or at least teens with some level of maturity, impulse control should not be beyond your reach.

Why can’t positive callouts be more of a thing? Let’s just make that a thing, and create more positive stuff on people’s dashes.

Be the change you want to see in the world, right?

@rokachan I’m calling you out for being easily one of the bravest, most beautiful human beings I know. You are so caring, relentlessly positive, always there for me. You are the kind of person that puts everyone before yourself, and I want you to know how much people appreciate you. I love you casper <3

Goddamnit it balmung, be nice to each other again. Geez.

[no offense guys but please don’t send me messages about what happened/is happening in the fandom

i thought i made it pretty clear i want nothing to do with it and every time someone brings it up, that’s just one more day i don’t feel like trying to work on fdmai

as far as i’m concerned, i’ve cut myself off from the vast majority of this toxic shithole of a fandom and i’m keeping myself to myself

if you want to know what happened/what’s happening, there’s plenty of people and sources you can go to, but please don’t ask me about it

thank you -fundead]

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hey, i'm looking for 'feel good' fics with a good plot.. i've gone through so many of your tags and lists, started so many but i'm not that into them. do you guys know any of a list of them i haven't seen yet? thank you heaps xx

Feel good with good plot is kind of vague, so I’m not sure what you’re looking for, and I’m not sure how to help you if you’ve looked through the tags but aren’t having much luck. Can you be more specific as to what you want in a story?

Dramione Seeker has a list of fanfiction with thoughts about each story. You could scroll through that and see if anything catches your eye:

dashiealicorn100  asked:

I was wondering how do you create a story? What methods did you use to create Trust?

Well, first off you start off with an idea!

Then you sit down and make an outline. Just a rough timeline of things you want to happen for each chapter. Make sure you have the ending in mind when you do this. I find it easier to write out the whole fic first this way. No worries, it can be tweaked at any time to add in more chapters or content.

This also gives you time to research things you need to accurately write things in the fic. Like for Trust I studied the behavior of animals from several more darker science experiments, like ‘The pit of despair’ and also the behavior of mistreated zoo animals kept in poor conditions. So many child psychology articles….so any :x

Then just write! I like listening to chiptune music while I work. Nothing with words in it to interfere with writing. I keep drinks and snacks with me too while writing. I usually turn on airplane mode on my computer so I’m not tempted to browse the net while i write.

Also take breaks. Write half a page, and then take a ten minute break to look at something other than words.

I also spend time reading other fanfics and books for inspiration.

I also use Hemingway Editor to help me out. I use it to point out if a sentence is difficult to read or if I keep repeating words. It’s pretty handy!

I also set my writing docs to have a grey background with darker grey text, there is less eyestrain that way and you can write comfortably longer.

Also remember you write the fics when you want, don’t allow it to cause you undue stress. Take you time and enjoy the writing process.

So that’s pretty much how I do it! If anything needs clarified just ask :)

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why do so many stim blogs not want col/ddlg attention? i mean not that i do, i think that stuff is disgusting. but why is that a common trait for stim blogs/

bc cgl/ddlg blogs think that stimming is ‘uwu childish’ (bc a trait associated with disabled ppl is childish right……) and use it as part of their aesthetic so its more of an issue for us

Even more thoughts on the Framework: with this being a reality where Hydra won, do you know who else we could see come back besides Ward?

- Garrett (I legit want this negl)
- Raina (look I know Ruth is Oscar-nominated now but let me have this)
- Ian Quinn (what with Jed’s comments on gravitonium, highly likely)
- Professor Hall (see above)
- Donnie Gill (very slim possibility but I’d welcome it)

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I remember one of the very first pieces of media I saw with you was on a Transmission Awesome podcast many years ago, where you talked about how Starfire is a loving character. My only experience with her is from the Teen Titans animated series (NOT the Heresy that is TTG, of course), so I'd like to ask; what examples do you think are the best depictions of Starfire that show her loving nature? This may include sexuality, but of course not focused around it like that OTHER comic.

If you want one that is a slightly more mature version of her from the animated series, try the recent 12-issue Starfire series, otherwise the classic I always go to is pretty much the entirety of the New Teen Titans, which shows a lot of her character. =)

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I know it's just my head being a prick to me, but the more I spend on these writing blogs... The less I want to write. I've written for over a decade and I absolutely love it. But I know that no one would miss my work if I just... Stopped. There are so many amazing writers, so many fantastic story tellers. I guess I'm just not one of them. Sorry, I know this is a downer, just one of those nights.

If reading about writing drainns your creativity, don’t do it! Just write.

Also, I don’t know if this will help you, but it helped me so:

An Ocean Away PSA

So, guys! This is your 24 hour alert…the final part of An Ocean Away is coming tomorrow!

If anyone wants to be tagged in it (so many people have asked and I am losing track) let me know now and I’ll add you in!

I also just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who had read it/liked it/reblogged it/messaged me about it and generally just been the nicest people I could ever imagine! This was my first ever fanfic and I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing (I’m still not 100% now really) but you have all been so amazingly open and honest and I can’t wait to get to know more of you!

So yeah, let me know if you want to be tagged and I’ll see you on the other side!