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Fun, Love & Friends - Joe Sugg Oneshot.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee baby, come on” you said, pulling your boyfriend by the arm off his bed.

“No, I don’t want to get covered in cream, I hate it.” He said, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down next to him.

You were trying to get your boyfriend, to film the ‘how well do we know each other’ tag for your channel. You were due to upload in the evening and had no video. So you were asking him to wake up at a reasonable time of 10am and film it with you.

“Please, you know you want to really. I’ll give you all the cuddles and kisses ever” you said, pouting.

“Don’t pull that face. I know what your doing.” He said, laughing and closing his eyes.

“I’ll get Caspar to film it with me then” you said, getting up and walking to Caspar’s room. Where he will most likely, be sleeping.

“Caspar” you shout, walking into his very messy room. “Oh, my favourite South African” you say giggling.

“Fuck Off Y/N” he grumbled, rolling over in his bed.

“Joe is being mean and wont film a video with me.” You say, sitting on his bed.

“The little fuckers, hormonal.” He said, opening his eyes and grabbing his Iphone.

You laughed at his response. “Will you film it with me” you say.

“What is it first.” He says, raising a eyebrow.

“how well do we know each other Tag. You know with the cream to the face” you say.

“No, joe has to do that. He knows you more then me.” He says rolling onto his side and going back to sleep. You get up and walk back into Joe’s room. Seeing him curled up in bed, on his phone. “JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE, Caspar said you have to film it with me” you laugh.

“Fine, only if you film a video with me for Sugg Sunday” he smirks.

“if I must” you giggle, jumping on the bed. “Now, get your cute little butt up.” You say, making Joe laugh.

“Hello Everyone, Today I have another new video for you. And I’m here with Hoeseph Sugg, aka ThatcherJoe” you say into your camera. Pointing to Joe, your boyfriend who was sat next to you on the end of your bed. “Did you just call me, Hoeseph” he laughed.

“Yeah, your my little hoe” you giggle, ruffling his hair.

“GET OFF!!” he shouts, pushing your hand away then laughing at your silly face.

“Tell them, what we are doing today Joe” you say.

“We are doing the how well do we know each other Tag. Where we ask each other, questions about our self’s and the other has to answer it and if they get it wrong, they get cream in there face” Joe says, holding up the cans of cream and paper plates.

“I’m feeling pretty confident, are you” you ask him, getting the questions up on your phone.

“No, I always forget what you tell me. So I think I’ll lose” he says, trying to squirt cream on your head.

“Stop it, no” you laugh, pushing his hand away.

He just laughs, putting the cream down.

“Ok, are you ready, you ask me a question first” you say, looking into the camera.

“ok, how many videos do I have on my main channel” he smiles, putting the cream on the paper plate.

“Not too much, please” you say, thinking.

“Come on” he laughs. Pushing the plate full of cream towards your face.

“Don’t” you shout, grabbing his arm.

“I think, 120” you say, covering your face with your hands.

“Babe look” he says, grabbing your hands, off your face.

“Did I get it right” you say excitedly.

“I’ll give you that one, I have 117” he says, pulling an annoyed to the camera.

“Yes! Ok, what’s my favourite, film ever” you say, smirking to the camera.

“Are you kidding me? You have loads!” he says, sinking down in his chair.

“yeah, but what’s the one that I love the most. And it’s only on the U.S. Netflix” you say.

“How am I supposed to know this” he says, laughing.

“I’m going to have to pie you in the face, with cream then” you say, shaking your head.

“Please don’t gorgeous, please.” He says, holding onto your shoulders.

“Don’t sweet talk me, Joseph” you laugh.

“Fine” he says, and you pie him in the face with Cream, laughing.

“It’s horrible” he says, pulling a weird face.

“You’re not a good boyfriend, so I had to.” You laugh, leaning away from him.

“Do you want a kiss, baby” he laughs, leaning towards you and grabbing you before you can move.

“Don’t Joe, please don’t” you cackle, making Joe laugh.

“What do you not want a kiss, from me.” He laughs, holding you by the waist, you trying to wiggle out of his strong hold.

Before you know it, he is holding you tightly by your waist from behind and has rubbed his cream covered face into your neck, making you howl with laughter.

“Oh, Joe. It’s horrible.” You frown, moving out of his grip. You walk out of the shot, grabbing a towel.

“You’re such a loser” you laugh, walking back towards the camera set up.

“Love you, he laughs, looking at the camera.

It was 6pm, and Joe had just made dinner, after you had cleaned up from filming the video. You were about to set your video live and was currently sat on Joe’s bed whilst he was, editing a video.

“I wonder if they will like this video.” You say to Joe.

“Of course they will. What makes you think they won’t.” He asks, turning around in his chair to look at you.

“I don’t know, I’m scared they don’t ship us.” You say, frowning.

“Well, we are kind of cute. So, they should.” He laughs.

This was your first, video as a couple together. You were in each other’s vlogs and other Youtuber’s too, but it was totally different, showing a main channel video of you two together.

“It’s live” you say and Joe, come’s and joins you on the bed. Reading through the comments.

You had thousands of tweets, from fans saying how cute you two were together. It put you in an amazing mood, so you decided to reply to the comments.

(Fans Youtube Name) OMG!! You two are the cutest! Especially when Joe was like, ‘babe look’ and grabbed Y/N hands. SHIP IT!!

(Your Youtube Channel Name) Awww thank you! He is a cutie, isn’t he! <3 x

(Fans Youtube Name) Omfg cuties! So many cute moments in here! It’s lovely to see you both so happy! Love you! <3 x

Smiling you reply with

(Your Youtube Channel Name)

Thanks love! I know I am, love you! X

Smiling you put your laptop away and walk upstairs to where Caspar and Joe were chatting. “Hey Gorgeous” Joe says, putting his arms out for you from the kitchen stool.

Walking over to him, you stand between his legs and cuddle him.

“Hello.” You laugh, leaning up to kiss him.

“How did the video go down guys.” Caspar says, cooking pasta.

“Everyone seemed to like it, and ship us” you say, smiling.

“of course they do, they love you guys. You’re a very cute couple” he laughs.

“Thanks Caspar” you say, high fiving him.

You let go of Joe and sit on the sofa on your phone, to check twitter.

@TylerOakley : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N you fricking cuties. I love y’all <3

You smile, replying to Tyler with a heart emoji.

Next is Zoe who tweeted you.

@ZozeeBo : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N Adorbs! Suggs win tho haha! I love you guys <3 x

@Y/T/N : @ZozeeBo @Joe_Sugg it was unnecessary haha! Love you! X

@Pointlessblog : @Y/T/N unfair isn’t it! We need Revenge on those Sugg’s haha! @Y/T/N : @Pointlessblog Deffo! It was uncalled for ! hahaha!

You smile, putting your phone down. You were surrounded by the most supportive friends, family and Fans!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it and if you did. like and message me, I want some feedback aha! if you don’t know what the ‘How well do we know each other’ tag then, Zoe made this video with Alfie. You could watch that first!


new ladybug
    • i was on the edge of my seat the whole time!!
  • alya as lady wifi was pretty cool and also her powers are pretty terrifying
  • i love how hawk moth just doesn’t give up he’s like as confident as the 50 million other times he’s failed at his task lol
    • i just am waiting for that episode where he like walks out of his lair and his MASK JUST COMES OFF AND WE’RE ALL LIKE O___O
  • catmembert moments!!!!! subtle but strong
  • nino/alya?? anyone??????
  • when nino told adrien chloe was ladybug he was just like lolno 
    • i thought it was sort of cute?? when she was pretending to be ladybug???
  • when
    • adrien’s
      • ring
        • fell off  iscreamed
  • the cat noir NOT peeking on ladybug scene too was great like the character dev is just great it’s just great okay

anonymous asked:

I think I'm the only person who ships Baekris rather than Baekyeol, I really can't ship baekyeol, in my eyes they just don't make sense together.

i don’t think so anon…

but since you mentioned baekris…

i’m having some baekris feelings

ugghhhh!! they are beautiful!

maybe baek really faves kris’ hugs

i’m sure he fell on purpose




when baek feeds him


^ the way he is looking at kris omfg ;A;

and to close this because i’m just randomly putting gifs LOL

baekhyun said during their debut showcase that he wanted to be closer with kris because he is handsome

well… he got better ;)