so many mistakes tho

all the characters on the west wing are great but let’s be real the women blow all the men out of the water. cj cregg, press secretary of my soul, chief of my heart, badass feminist extraordinaire. donna moss my sun and moon, who grows into herself in the most heartbreaking way and turns into someone so strong and so sure of herself while still being caring sweet and kind. ainsley hayes had my heart the minute she slammed sam pretty-boy seaborn. abbey bartlet who holds her own all the mf time and refuses to be overshadowed by her husband. annabeth schott who is 4 feet 11 inches of star power and sass. u can have your Leo mcgarry and Sam seaborn and I’ll keep my ladies thank u and goodnight


Sketches of my friends! Some of us were talking about possibly changing to Au Ra near expansion!

 I sacrificed my back to draw these, but I’m glad I did.

w/ @denden-days@maipie @currys-paeon

(Flowers are a free tone available in medibang btw! If anyone’s interested!)

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iron scenario where he thinks youre cheating on him with his friend because he sees you always on the phone with him and sending texts to but youre reallyplanning a surprise party for him with the help of his friend

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Warning: Explicit content….well sort of lol

Just don’t answer his calls, or tell him that you’re busy or something like that.‘

You texted Iron’s best friend and a wide smiley crept onto your lips in excitement. It was a brilliant idea, you thought. You boyfriend always told you that he didn’t really care much about his birthday and stuff like that, but you knew he was only trying to deceive himself, because he didn’t have good memories of his birthday. He always had it hard, ever since he was little. His parents didn’t have a lot of money and they were constantly busy with work to earn a living, so there were no such things as gifts, a party or even balloons. It was just a ordinary day, like every other. But this year, you wanted to prepare something special for him, to show him that there are so many people who care about him and love him. With the help of his best friend you planned his surprise party and you also wanted to give him a special birthday gift after the party. 

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I tried to use a drawing app but my stylus shitted out on me halfway through and honestly for something I used my finger for half of I’m almost proud of this.

P.S i didnt draw the other half of my face bc im a lazy bastard

# still cute tho

sigh theres so many mistakes

Hoo boy, I’m in deep . . .

and I can relate anything/make anything about mcgenji because I love them so much.

So I was going through the genji tag, as a thirsty boy does, and I found that post with the audio of carrot boy getting shot by Ana’s bionic rifle. So, immediately, my brain was like, “hey, man, fuck your shit up. Just fuck your own shit up.” So I did, and thought about McCree hearing something like that from over the comm.

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instead of doing my summer assignment i’ve decided to do a follow forever! i really appreciate everyone i follow and their amazing ability to pick out v quality posts. all of you are cool af, congrats.

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I was drawing photos from stock images and then I realized I’d be a lot better literally looking through #phandommeetup and drawing peeps from there so these are inspired be (left to right) @danisnotonfiretm @lestrs-phil and @sugasons ‘s beautiful selfies. Hope you guys don’t mind btw

I want your selfies as inspiration from drawings, for a chance to be drawn follow me and tag a photo on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with #drawmekee  ♥ I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces


So today is the first day of school for me :/
I’ll try to post something at least once every two/three days, because now my access to the computer is limited to like an hour now, but if I’m gone at weeks at a time I’m either dead or school. I might post something when I’m back -Mod Hatabou

if you hate any of the boys because of their mistakes and overlook their kind hearts then don’t expect people to remember the good you did and don’t complain about them pointing out your wrongs.