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here are a bunch of fucking fantastic fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of october. I recommend that you read these great fics in november, if you haven’t already!! also check out the Reverse Big Bang and 31 Days of Smut!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Damn the Dark, Damn the Light 20k

“Why is this face of beauty ringing so true?” The genuine confusion in Harry’s voice causes Louis’ chest to painfully twinge. “You’re a complete stranger in my eyes, William Shakespeare, but not in my heart. How is that possible?”

Louis wants to live out every romance plot he has ever written in his own life. He wants to be the protagonist of his own narrative, the hero who finds true love and gets his happy ending. Instead, Louis is stuck with only dreaming of such wild fantasies and writing them down. He can create entire romances in his dreams, yet he can never live one.

2. Threadbare 20k**

Harry Styles was eight years old when Louis Tomlinson kept him from falling into a machine in a Manchester textile mill. He was 18 years old when nothing, not even the threat of death, could keep Harry from falling in love with Louis.

3. Don’t Come Down 6k

Louis takes Harry home to meet the family.

4. I’ll Take Your Pain 2k*

Or, soulmates have the ability to feel each other’s pain, and Harry finds his after getting his arse waxed.

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Matt: Fantastic question my friend! The answer pretty simple!

Matt: Clearly, I would obviously choose my

Matt: No… I. Uhm.

Matt: … Uhh


Tom: Dude chill, he’ll snap out of sweater town in a while.


Tom: Relax. A lot changed after the memory eraser gun. Give him space and he’ll be a-okay.

Star Filled Memories - A Carmilla Story by RunWithWolves

Look at this awesome art by @kxrnsteins Just LOOK AT IT!

A Hollstein Space Soulmate AU with dragons and star map tattoos

All her life, Laura’s wanted to see the stars and fill in every corner of the soulmate map growing across her skin. So she finds a rickety ship and a misfit crew to do just that; what she hadn’t counted on was Carmilla swaggering on board and blackmailing herself into the co-pilot seat.

After 300 years, Carmilla only wants to run away from the Mother chasing her across the universe. Her soulmate tattoo, long gone dark, hardly matters as she blackmails her way onto some rundown ship that’s perfect for slipping to the edges of space unnoticed. She just hadn’t counted on Laura discovering the dragon that she’d hidden in the ship’s cargo bay and kidnapping her.

When black holes start appearing from nowhere to swallow worlds, Laura’s determined to investigate. Carmilla’s determined to be anywhere else.

Fandom: Carmilla. Pairing: Hollstein. Words: 31,004

Star Filled Memories - Read here

My thanks to betas @laniemoriarty and @writerproblem193, and to artist @kxrnsteins for doing such an amazing job this piece. Like look at that art again. Read the story. Then look another time because they nailed it.

Band is over

It’s been a great 4 years of being in the Saint Edward Marching Eagles. It’s had its ups and downs it's’ loud cheers and it’s tender crying. It’s been my family for 4 years and it’s been my biggest rivalry. It’s given me new opportunities and and lost me some. But I’ve watched myself grow and change. I’ve watched jokes die out and new ones be created. I know I’m gonna miss it and I’m gonna miss seeing them. But I’ll remember all the good (and bad) memories that came with it. I learned a new instrument for it and I’ve made so many wonderful friends. Some I hope to cherish forever and never forget because they made my life great. There are those I’m going to wish I could forget and those whose names are already gone from my head. I’m absolutely going to marching band in college because I love the family. I love the bus rides that help us bond and the silly songs, lame jokes, and enthralling stories that are told to those who will listen. I plan to return and to see my wonderful friends from the past. But until then I’m gonna miss them and the memories I’ve had with them. It’s been a great run and I enjoyed every minute of it.