so many kisses to choose from so this was hard

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1, 12, 15!

1. have you ever been in love?

I love my datefriend @masterkfox!! ;w; <3 <3 <3 so yes

12. what is your favourite song of all time?

GOD IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE BUT….I would have to say my favorite song from my favorite band, which would be Ghost Love Score by Nightwish.  But really, I have so many -lays down-

15. what does the perfect kiss feel like?


My top 3 Olicity Kisses...

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God, why must you make me choose only 3? I have so many favorite kisses from these two. I can’t just narrow it down to 3. I might end up doing more than 3 i’m sorry. I’m gonna try and do some that don’t get enough credit that I think deserve more credit lol. I LOVE ALL THEIR KISSES. THE YING YANG ONE ESPECIALLY. 

1) Loft Kiss 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS KISS FOR SO MANY REASONS. First of all they both just came home from a long and hard day. They talk about what happened during their day and the shitstorm they’ve both went through and it’s BEAUTIFUL. At the end of the day they have eachother and eachothers support and that’s all that matters. THIS KISS. Oliver was so overwhelmed with his love for her in this scene that he just couldn’t help himself, he had to propose to her again. This kiss is so full of love and happiness. They just decided they want to get married quicker because they can’t wait anymore. They want to be husband and wife right now and her wheelchair, the way he holds onto it as he kisses her just GETS ME SO ASHFGKShfGaLFGHaHFL. THEN THERES HOW SHE GRABS HIS FACE WHICH REMINDS ME OF THEIR FIRST KISS. 

2) I don’t know what to call this kiss but I love it. we’ll call it one of the many the fuckening kisses. 

THIS ONE. WHERE HE FUCKING SWOOPS DOWN WITH THAT INTENSITY IN HIS EYES. FUCK. He takes off her shirt then he pulls her in closer so theres no space in between them. UNF. It’s just beautiful and you can really see the height difference here. LOOK HOW FAR HE HAS TO LEAN DOWN. I love how he swoops down to her lips like he’s so fucking thristy for her touch and her lips on his. I honestly don’t think he wanted to stop kissing her for 2 seconds. That time it took to undress was way too long for Oliver. 

3) Limo kiss 

Jesus fucking christ my breath literally hitches, I forget to breathe whenever I see this kiss. They just got engaged and are in their own little world right now where it’s just the two of them blissfully happy. It’s their first time alone together since everything that had happened. They finally get some much needed time for themselves to celebrate their engagement and the kiss…OH THAT KISS. It starts out as a simple “I love you” kiss then turns intense REAL QUICK. When we last saw them, the kiss ended and THEY FUCKING LINGERED UNTIL WE SAW THEM AGAIN and in the next shot Olivers head is the opposite way than it was before. 

his head and nose are behind hers. he’s leaning back.


Felicity pulls away and Oliver chases her lips and they brush noses. THEY BRUSH FUCKIN NOSES. The grip of their hands become tighter than when we last saw them, their eyes remained closed the entire time. This kiss is filled with so much passion, love and intensity it destroys my soul AND ITS SO GENTLE I MAY DIE. 


That is a hot kiss. Damn. No one talks about it enough. Oliver deepens the kiss. THAT IS A STRAIGHT UP OPENED MOUTH PASSIONATE KISS BUT IT IS BLOCKED BY HER HAIR LOOK AT HOW FAR OLIVER OPENS HIS MOUTH. BYE. There’s also the way his fingers are dancing on her back and he actually does have his other hand on her back pushing her to his lap. 


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