so many ideas

death note au where Mello survives and after bringing Kira to justice along with Near, because he was still a member of the mafia, he’s arrested and put in prison and Near offers to prevent that by offering that Mello work with him as L but Mello still has his pride so he won’t take Near’s help and so he agrees to do his time in prison instead. Near still does interfere and reduces Mello’s prison time by half the tenure but doesn’t let Mello find out about it. Mello still finds out once he’s let out earlier than expected.

AU where during his prison time, Mello writes a book on the kira case.

New villager ideas!

•Red Pandas
•Guinea Pigs
•Differnt dog breeds
•Different cat breeds
•Miniature horses
•Fennec foxs

So, you know those AUs...

… where you live your whole life in black and white until the first time you’re touched by your soulmate? 

All I can picture is the first time Charlie and Eggsy spar in training, and (sexual) tension and rivalry are running so high that everyone in the room can fuckin’ FEEL IT, but the first time they lay a hand on each other the room floods with bright, disorienting color. They stop instantly, gasping and recoiling from each other as they stare, wide eyed around the room until they look back at each other with a mix of horror and hopeless disbelief (and maybe some joy, despite themselves and their stupid pride) and they ask each other “Can you see them, too?”

And suddenly, everyone watching understands what the Hell just happened, and they take it upon themselves to not only get through the Kingsman trials, but nudge their friends together to face their feelings for each other. 

OH YES. Now I want to write it…..