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Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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Also, here is a fun story about why I’m drawing on yellow paper. The girl at the office I work at was supposed to order one ream of yellow paper…….she ordered 10 cases. So now I have a bunch of yellow paper to draw on.

austennotliketexas asked:

Hey, Suzie! I was thinking of getting a tattoo in honor of Strange Magic (to go along with my Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast one...) and I wanted something simple but obviously in reference to the movie. I was thinking a primrose, but was wondering if you (or anyone else in the fandom!!!) had any ideas? Thanks so much, and all my love to you and your wonderful writing!


You could definitely go with a Primrose, or maybe even the Love Potion bottle, but if you really want to make it reference the movie and Bog and Marianne, how about this -

Bog’s staff and Marianne’s sword crossed, with a vine twining them together, and in the center of it blooms a Primrose? 

And then underneath you could have the quote “Everyone Deserves To Be Loved…”

I may have to draw this! 

Best of luck with your tattoo, whatever you decide to get done! I’d love to see pictures of it when you have it! 

im going to bed but i would luv luv luv to wake up to some asks in the morning so here are some ideas for ya:

- fmk ( you can give me 2 signs or your sun, moon, rising combo )

- gms ( ik i said no more pictures but i’ll do a couple more but descriptions would be better )

- wydm

- would you rather

- this combo or this combo ( sun, moon, rising )

- compatibility questions ( if they include all the info i require: sun, moon, venus, mars )

- post ideas


- talk about ur life / crush / boy/girlfriend / friends


- ask me for advice

- literally just ask me any invasive question you want

- would you fight me ( lilith )

- tell me abt ur chart

- tell me assumptions you have abt me or what you think of me

- ooh, also, i actually luv making masterposts of astro blogs, im working on one currently, but if you have ideas for new specific masterposts let me know

- i can do gifsets / photosets / aesthetics now ( i finally figured it out 🎉 ) so if you wanna send me in ur sun, moon, rising combo or two signs in a relationship i can do that

- literally anything, just send anything in

MUCH LUV!!!! 💕✨

IF I HAVEN’T REPLIED TO YOUR THREAD IN 3+ DAYS, PLEASE LIKE THIS POST FOR ME. it’s probably not drafted b/c my drafts fucked up a couple of days ago and i’ll have no idea that it even exists and i haven’t purposely dropped any thread at all ok even if you think i did see it like this be good to me (you can even like it if you’re not sure if it’s been one day or three or a couple of hours you know what you make life easier on me)