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FF WEEK: day two - favourite game(s)
       ↳ final fantasy tactics advance + final fantasy tactics a2: grimoire of the rift

What’s The Deal? (MiniCat Superhero AU)

Craig and Tyler are currently dating and every so often, Tyler ends up having to cancel their dates. A few times turns into way too many times and Craig can’t help but wonder what Tyler is doing that involves him having to cancel so many dates. What is Tyler doing? Why is he lying? Can Craig even trust him anymore?

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Simsrena update: We have a new house!

So as you’ve probably guessed from the spoiler I put up, our wonderful women decided to move in together…

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Which is why I haven’t had an update out in a while because I had to build the bloody thing! But now it’s done! Yey!!!

Berena fandom… let us give you a tour of the new Campbell/Wolfe household… 

Be warned - it’s a long post!

So this is the front door. Aren’t the flowers lovely? The windows are double glazed and the door is… 

Hahaha! Who am I kidding? Look at how happy Bernie and Serena are!

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Anyway, back to the house tour!

Our first stop is the living room which is filled with Serena’s pictures from places she’s visited, Bernie’s favourite books and the rugs Serena inherited from her mother.

Next stop is the study which was built initially for Bernie and Serena to study/work to further their careers but so far, Bernie has produced two scenery portraits and Serena has spent way too many hours playing a game….

I mean come on Serena, who spends that much time playing some kind of simulation game?!

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Next up is Serena’s favourite room. The dining room which hosts a giant bar where Serena can practice making weird drinks for Bernie. 

I hope you guys have noticed the obvious nod to Shiraz on the wall!

It may surprise you to know that our dear Bernie has a big sweet tooth! So while she prepared some homemade chocolate ice cream, Serena made cookies in their brand new kitchen/breakfast room.

Bernie ate so much ice cream that she felt the need to run it off in the basement gym. Serena would have preferred to have a hot tub in this room for those nights when she wanted hot tub sex with Bernie a chilled evening after a long shift but Bernie promised that when they could afford it, she would buy Serena a new hot tub for the garden!

We’re all holding you to that hot tub promise, Bernie! We’ll be over here, waiting impatiently…

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Did you know Serena likes to play piano? There’s also a guitar, a violin and an electric guitar in the music room.

And welcome to the place where the magic happens! Bernie and Serena’s bedroom. Decorated to Serena’s taste but in Bernie’s colours. Bernie was happy to do as Serena wanted as long as she was allowed to hang the painting she brought from her apartment.

They also have a walk in wardrobe which leads in their own bathroom. Fancy!

And these are spare rooms for… well… lets say two boy and two girls… maybe? At some point…? What do you think?

And after a super long day moving everything into the house and unpacking, they collapsed into their bed in their brand new house. 

My reaction to this…

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So my wonderful followers, welcome to the new chapter of Simsrena! Things will be different but there’s so much to look forward to! I hope you like the house even though Sims 4 decor leaves a lot to be desired! and are looking forward to Berena domesticated bliss. 

As we’re clearly not going to see any of this in Holby, this house is now declared the official Berena Cruise we can all hide in on the river DeNial…

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The Glory Days of Halo part 2

I miss the Bungie-era of Halo so much. I have so many epic memories of thousands of hours spent with close friends and siblings playing these games. I was 14 years old when Halo: Combat Evolve game out and ever since I played the first mission on the campaign, I was hooked. Thank you Bungie for making one of the most beloved video game franchises of gaming history.

Check Please Plays D&D

It’s one in the morning, I just finished a horrible project that I never want to deal with again, and I just need to write something. So:

I saw some Tweets by Her Excellency Lady Ngozi Ukazu earlier tonight (this post) where Jack’s internal monologue sounded disturbingly similar to the instant messaging method of my Dungeon Master. Naturally, I told @a-canker-in-a-hedge, who screamed, and then I screamed, and then we spent half an hour talking about how SMH would play D&D. All of this is, of course, her fault.

So, without further ado, SMH plays D&D.

  • Starting off with Jack, my history nerd son, who is the Dungeon Master of a 5e game. He learned how to DM from the older siblings of his peewee players, who would talk about their campaign while they waited for the smol babbies. He was Intrigued™
  • Naturally Jack “110%” Zimmermann, when he got involved with D&D, immediately went full nerd on it. He read so many 3.5 books, guys. He was so confused by Pathfinder, and still sometimes falls back on 3.5 rules rather than 5e ones
  • He didn’t… mean to DM. He moved away from his old campaign when he came to Samwell, and the Fantasy Club at Samwell has a D&D group, but their sessions coincided with practices, and Shitty found out that he played, and then things sort of snowballed
  • And if he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it his way. So… in his first year, Jack wrote up his own setting. It’s got all the standard D&D stuff in it, it’s just not exactly the setting from the books. Gives more verisimilitude to the players, right?
  • Also lets Jack put in all the history nerd stuff
  • Every battle in both of the world wars is referenced somewhere in his setting
  • So, yeah, in that first year, Johnson and Shitty were his main players, with a sort of steady cycle of any other guys they could convince to play a session with them
  • Jack considered inviting Camilla Collins to play, but decided against it because she wasn’t super interested and also you never DM for a romantic/sexual partner unless it’s a really solid relationship. That Way Lies Disaster
  • There were standard characters that they got handed to fill out the party
  • Shitty was the leader of the group (which he calls “Shits and Giggles”) an elven bard with so much hair. Guys. Just. So much beautiful flow
  • The description of the character changes depending on a) how much clothing Shitty is wearing and b) how high he is, but there is so much hair. Just. Godiva up in here
  • And so much Cha. Shitty knows what he’s doing, and what he’s doing is making it so no one will ever hit him because they’re too busy being in awe of him
  • Why yes, he does use and abuse Charm Person
  • Johnson plays a human fighter. When Shitty asked him why he was playing such a standard character, he said, “Well, the writers didn’t actually think about me when they were screaming about this little offshoot of canon, and anyway it’s pretty meta that I’m a fictional person playing a game as a fictional version of me, so, well, *shrug*”
  • Shitty will never know how he created asterisks in speech

Okay, this is going under a cut:

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Jeremy Soule

every single time i hear skyrim ost i wanna replay the game so badly :O but then i remember how many hours i spent there and how this game devours time and you’re forgetting about everything in the world and you go to sleep and see beautiful landscapes and mountains and night sky in your dreams and i always reconsider this desire :D

but not today

Re: Videogamer Atem from this post:

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: XDD whatever game he plays, Kaiba manages to find and challenge him

Atem spent 3 days trying to master DOOM, going straight for Ultra Nightmare (he had to restart four times), before delving into the multiplayer. Around half an hour in, a person called BEWDown2Me starts hunting him in every match. Atem hasn’t worked out yet how Kaiba has so many different accounts. Or when he learnt to play DOOM. Or how he’s doing this if he’s in an investor meeting til 6.  

Pokemon they have to arrange to play. Seto counter-teams him and still loses. 

Skyrim isn’t multiplayer, so that required some thought. They end up achievement racing. Atem wins by not getting distracted with cheese wheels.

He has to explain in chat that this is a Build Server, not a PVP Server when a blocky character in a Kaibaland hoodie shows up while he’s playing Minecraft. Atem gets bored after making a simple house. Kaiba makes a replica Blue Eyes. Silently, Atem concedes that round.

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: (((I still want to see a picture/fic about them playing an MMORPG and Kaiba is forced to play the damn Healer/Priest *snort*)))

“Don’t see it as being a Priest- “
“-say ‘again’ and the console goes out the window.”
“See it as playing the only character who gets to wear robes with a dragon on.”

I spent the entire day (~10 hours) playing Zelda today. Some more thoughts on the game:

The controls and inventory management remain bad, but I’ve gotten used to it enough that it doesn’t bother me or get in the way like it used to. There are so many little ways it could be improved that seem so obvious. The most probable theory I’ve heard for all this is that it’s a consequence of the late switch from Wii U to Switch as the lead platform.

I still can’t believe how big the world is, and how full of stuff it is. It’s the secret to why time just seems to disappear when you play the game. It takes a lot longer to get places or get things done than one would think. It just never feels like it because even if you’re only walking somewhere there’s always something to do and something to see. The map is so dense, and very well designed when it comes to lines of sight.

Having now heard Zelda herself speak, it’s a painful reminder of why I’ve always been against the idea of VA in a Zelda game. The chances of it being as good as it deserves are so minimal it’s not worth attempting. Some characters are okay, but in general anytime there’s voiced dialogue it’s always distracting and takes away from the moment. It’s a real shame.

There’s a surprising lack of music in the new Zelda. While I understand the rationale behind this, I still miss it. Music has always been a central element to the series, and this is the first time it’s felt like the music has taken a backseat. It’s a very quiet game in a way that Zelda hasn’t ever really been.

The sound mixing in general can be strange sometimes. It’s usually great about ambient sounds like birds, insects, wind, and so on, but sometimes it sounds off, such as when it rains. The rain is always so quiet, when it should be one of the loudest things in the mix.

Vulcan translation of a love song

Ri nam-tor etek rifainusular na’ashaya
Fai-tor du to-golar heh nash-veh isha
Nam-tor bosh-kugaya t’ra nah-tor nash-veh
Ri’prah tu nash s’fan vath sasu
Aitlu var-tor nash-veh du uf olau nash-veh
Wa’bolau tor nash-veh ken-tor du
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav vravshau nash-veh du
Ri dungi-nav sasahrat heh ek’trasha nash-veh du
Ri dungi-nav tor nash-veh maf-tor du
Ri dungi-nav tar-tor nash-veh rom-halan
Ri dungi-nav riyeht-var-tor heh dash-tor nash-veh du
Ki’pufai-tor etek tik vath na’dom wu
Ki’suh khaf-spol t’du hi
Nam-tor du nuh’fusik tar-tor
Svi’fai-tor etek on ki’fihal-tor ra
Fai-tor etek zhagra heh dungi-mavau
Heh kuv deshkau tu uf olau nash-veh
Ri var-tor du nash-veh nuh’glan-famau tu gla-tor
Dah raravamet
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ki’pufai-tor etek tik vath na’dom wu
Ki’suh khaf-spol t’du hi
Nam-tor du nuh’fusik tar-tor
Svi’fai-tor etek on ki’fihal-tor ra
Fai-tor etek zhagra heh dungi-mavau
Aitlu var-tor nash-veh du uf olau nash-veh
Wa’bolau tor nash-veh ken-tor du
Reh raravamet

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the fallout games defined by when i played them

fallout new vegas: only bought it because i was infatuated with a guy who mentioned it to me. had no idea what it was about. was going through a very prolonged depressive episode in my life where i wasn’t working or  going to school, just sitting in my room all day and night. i stayed up until 6 in the morning playing new vegas and would wake up at 4 to continue playing it. to this day it’s my favorite game of all time because it was the only good thing about my life for several months and going back to it feels like… Home.

fallout 3: started playing it shortly before going off to college, spent many hours in my dorm room walking around listening to galaxy news radio, the instrumental music still fills me with like… a very specific combination of melancholy and optimism. i was still super attached to some guy who didn’t like me back so i was. very sad but it gave me hope.

fallout 4: i was in college but couldn’t play it unless i was at home bc it wouldn’t work on my laptop. i was very depressed (surprise surprise) and used it for escapism hardcore. fell in love with hancock obviously. spent most of the game talking 2 him . i can’t talk more about it because it’s super lame to admit my feelings for a fucking fake video game character at the age of 22. but anyway. played it a lot during winter break in the computer room, actually made me feel better bc i could be in the wasteland instead of my Real World

fallout 2: summer break, not going back to college, actually felt pretty decent. not much 2 discuss with this one but still a great game.  

More Banter

(Word of Mod Note: This mod was NOT made by the Word of Mod, but since banter is one of the most requested mods since the previous version broke, we thought we would highlight this mod from the Nexus)


Description (from the modder Jerrybullet @ Nexus)

The mod is now official. If you downloaded the “experimental” version, delete it and replace it with the new file. Enjoy the bantz.


The goal of this mod is to guarantee that you hear party banter more often. By default, the game has some sort of counter running in the background that activates somewhere between 10 - 20 minutes. When this happens, the game will either play banter (if available), or do nothing. This mod tells the game to ignore the random ‘yes or no’ chance of the counter, and play banter no matter what (unless you’re in a loading screen, in which case the banter should play afterward).


Q: Can you make the banter activate even sooner?

A: Not that I’m aware of. I’ve spent many long hours searching for this option, but have found nothing. The best I could do (assuming the mod works) is make it so banter is guaranteed to activate. 15-minute banter intervals should be pretty good, though, since companions will eventually run out of things to say. Having them say something every minute will leave you with repeated banter or nothing but silence.

Word of Mod Note: Be sure to check out their other mods on the Nexus, too! They’re a relatively new modder, but they’ve come out with some very cool mods!

anonymous asked:

How can I get over my fear of talking to native speakers in my target language? I have horrible anxiety, and whenever I want to practice it seems like I forget everything i've learned, so I end up just switching to English and making no progress. What should I do? Sorry to bother you but you've given me good advice before aaaah

I toootally get that mate!!! In the past it’s always depended a lot on my mood as to whether or not I can talk to natives. I’ve officially gotten over it in German now, because when I went to Germany I literally had to speak German, so I just did it and stopped worrying about all my mistakes, and now I’m comfortable doing it wherever and whenever. I feel like I could probably do the same in Norwegian too if it weren’t for my anxiety regarding my accent.

Anyway, I think the thing that always helps me the most is when English isn’t really a possibility. On my exchange in Germany, one of my teachers was proficient in English, and the other was not so good. I remember occasionally switching to English for the former and literally never doing it for the latter.

So right now you might be thinking well chriss wtf that doesn’t help me at all because the native friends i have speak english perfectly! But here’s the thing when I was in America and I spoke to a native Norwegian (who was a beautiful, clear Oslo-dialect-speaking angel). She was obviously completely fluent in English, but no matter how slowly I talked or how much I struggled, she refused to speak English, so I didn’t speak English either because I felt like she really wanted me to speak Norwegian.

The more willing the native is to speak English, the more willing I am too, and the less willing the person is to speak English, the less willing I am.

I’ll give you another example. My cousin introduced me to her German friend and she came over to my house. I started speaking to her in German straight away, so we just continued speaking German the whole time. Then she took me to a meet up for Germans at her church. As soon as they found out I was not a native, they just spoke to me in English, and I literally found it impossible to try to speak to them in German.

So all I can advise you is to make it clear to the natives before you speak to them that you want to speak in your target language no matter what. If you don’t understand them, ask them to speak slower or rephrase, instead of asking for the English translation.

The thing that has helped me probably more than anything, is, ironically, a game we would always play at the end of class when I was on exchange. It’s called Taboo and if you don’t know it, you basically get a word on a card and have to describe it without using a certain list of related words. For example if the word is “colosseum” the banned words are “italy, old, rome, europe, etc” so you’d have to say something like “it’s a popular tourist attraction in a country between france and greece, not the leaning tower of pisa but…?” (i’m writing it in english here but obviously we played in german). We literally spent hours upon hours playing this game, and so it meant that when I went outside and spoke to the Germans, and I didn’t know a word, I was used to having to utilise other aspects of my vocabulary to describe what I meant, instead of just saying the direct translation of the word in English. I remember doing this constantly, like when I was at Maccas I didn’t realise that Germans didn’t use the word “medium” (because there are so many english words at their McDonalds) so i asked for a medium cola and she was like????? uh… small?? and i was like “no not small and not big but in the middle,” (again, i’ve written it in english but this was all in german) and she obviously understood straight away. So that’s… I guess, something that you’ve got to remember you can do. If you can’t remember the exact word, then just describe it using other words you know, instead of the English word. Another example, I was skyping a Norwegian person and I wanted to say (in norwegian) “I have to go and get my laptop charger” but i didn’t know the word for “charger” so i was like “i have to go and get the thing you use when your laptop is almost dead”.

I feel like also when you’re forced to do this, it builds more of an association in your mind and you’re more likely to remember the word this way (assuming that the native then tells you the word you meant). And honestly…. this is one of the most fun parts of learning a language for me; like I said, it’s literally a game and imo it’s fun for both parties, like I personally find it fun to try to be the person describing it and the person guessing, regardless of whether it’s in my target language or my native language.

The main thing is not to feel guilty, like you’re wasting the native’s time, because they’re helping you for a reason. If they’ve learnt a second language, then they’ll understand when you ask them not to switch to English and just to be patient with you. It’s something they surely would’ve appreciated of native English speakers when they were learning English.

Sorry for the longness and absolute lack of structure in this post; I kind of just rambled here but anyway I hope I helped sort of~

I’ve been going to college for three weeks now and I’ve honestly had no idea how I was going to make friends being the awkward person that I am. I walked up to class today and was playing Pokemon Go and someone saw me and she so excited to see it was up. After class we spent 21/2 hours walking our campus visiting pokespots and catching pokemon (a good half hour trying to hunt down a nearby Charmander). We’ve seen so many other people playing at our school today and we’ve laughed and chatted and shared tips with each other and cheered on the Running Guy™ who was trying to run to as many spots as possible before his next class. When her phone finally died, we chilled and she showed me how to play a card game while we waiting for her mom. Before she left we exchanged numbers and she gave me a hug and said she’d text me this weekend and we could chat about how our games were looking at home.

Pokemon Go is the most pure and good thing I have ever seen and it will be such a wonderful thing for so many people

talesofmine  asked:

Hi! ☺ Do any of you have any recommendations for apps to use in long distance relationships? They can be games or other types of apps, I just can't find any good ones. Thank you!

Hey, there are a TON of apps out there for those of us in LDRs! So all the apps I’m going to talk about below are free, but they also have either premium versions or in-app purchases.

There’s a lot of cute applications that act as a private communication platform for you and your partner!

Couple - This app lets you send private text, video, audio and photo messages. They are all posted to a timeline that you share with your partner. There are calendar reminders and shared lists. There is also live real time drawing which is super fun. And then there’s ThumbKiss, which will turn the screen red and make your phone vibrate when you’re touching the same part of the screen.
There’s also other little things like location sharing, music status and showing your time zone to your partner and a ton of other little things. There’s also a feature that if you ‘unpair’ from your partner, everything is still saved if you decide to “couple up” again! Another cool little thing is that while it’s an app your shared timeline is accessible on a web browser too!

Avacado - This app is another super cute private messaging app. It lets you send private messages, video, audio and photo as well. There’s shared listed and a shared calendar which you can sync up with your google calendar as well! There’s cute little features like, sending moods with personal preset pictures, kisses, and hugs! You can also share your location, sketches, and photos. The photos are also shown on your messaging home page as well as in a photo folder. The cool thing about them is that you can both draw on any of the photos!

Without - This app is kind of like a private Snapchat, only there’s no filters! You really just send selfies or photos of whatever with little notes on the photos! And you can like each other’s photos too!

LokLok - While only available for android, this app lets you leave a note on your partner’s lock screen! Your lock screen will act as a whiteboard for your loved one to leave you messages and little drawings on! How cute!

There are a few others that offer the standard photo, video, audio and regular messaging system with other little features. However I personally haven’t used them much, but they are totally worth checking out! I will list them below:

Simply Us
Love Byte

As far as games go there are a ton of interactive games you can play online!

Words With Friends (or any of those ‘With Friends’ games can always be fun)

The Blockheads - This is an 8-bit game where you explore, mine, build and navigate your blockhead through a huge simulated world! You guys can play and work together to survive and explore it together!  

QuizUp - This app lets you challenge friends to quizzes! So you pick a bunch of topics, and click on it to invite your partner to challenge you! There are sooo many topics and questions, it’s really fun!

94% -  So in this app, you will be asked a question and need to figure out 94% of the most commonly given answers are! In this one you can’t actually verse each other but the bf and I spent hours playing at the same time as each other, and helping each other guess the words.

Happy Couple – This app is a quiz-style game to help you and your partner get to know each other a little more! Each day, you both answer 5 different questions, once from your partner’s point of view, and then from your own. There’s over 1200 questions, and it’s actually really fun. You’d be surprised how different your partner may answer than you think they will! I know that when my bf and I play it, we do so while on the phone and if you’re going to play this, I really suggest doing that! Sometimes the answers that I give, and that my partner gives don’t match up and that’s ok! But it opens up a conversation and honestly, we learn a little more about each other. After over 5 years together, I didn’t really think that was possible haha! But it is, and I think getting those different conversations going and getting to know each other through questions you may not have thought to ask, is what this app is about!

So I hope this helped you, and from this you find some apps that you and your partner can enjoy together! :)

- J (@aneonaway)

headbangme  asked:

Hi! Your account is awesome. I just thought... Could we have the RFA + V taking MC on a date? Like, what they think is romantic?


  • His favorite thing to do is go on aquarium dates
  • Like not only does he get to be a pretentious asshole a super romantic boyfriend, he gets to watch you awe at all the fish
  • As much fun as looking at all the fish in tanks, he also likes going to the shows
  • He always gets front row tickets so prepare to be splashed


  • For dates he likes to try to convince you to stay home and play video games but that’s only fun so many times
  • He gets too competitive
  • So when you decide not to play video games he likes to do other stuff at home (and preferably on the computer)
  • Like one time you two spent over three hours doing random buzzfeed quizzes
  • It was one of your deepest bonding moments


  • She doesn’t have much time off work so her preffered date is to just stay at home and relax together
  • A lot of the times you just cuddle together on the couch and watch movies
  • And not all of them are Zen’s musicals.. just a lot
  • But sometimes you make coffee together and she shows you how to do fancy designs with the foam


  • Honestly, he’s the type to like fancy dinner dates
  • Normally he’ll want to just eat at his house and have his staff make your dinner, but sometimes he’ll take you out to eat at super fancy restaurants
  • And when he does he makes the reservation months in advance to make sure you can eat at your favorite


  • Okay so like he’s a mix between super cliché romantic dates and the most rediculous out there dates there are no in betweens
  • But his absolute favorite and yours too, but you’d never admit to it
  • Don’t feed his ego
  • Anyway his favorite date you two ever went on was a date at Ikea
  • You played hide and seek for over two hours then had dinner at the cafeteria trying all the food they have and have unlimated refils on your soda
  • They have unlimited refils one time I sat in the cafeteria for over three hours while my mom shopped lol oops


  • He doesn’t have any one type of date that he likes, so he’s down with whatever you want to do
  • There’s a lot of random dates
  • One time you went to a petting zoo and it was definitely his favorite date he took you on
  • Not only were there a bunch of adorable animals you two could pet, he was able to watch your reactions to all the animals
A comprehensive ranking and review of all 33 Nancy Drew games

In light of unsuccessfully trying to finish RAN and feeling the need to express my anger about its quality, I wrote this unprompted, totally biased and subjective ranking of all the games. (spoilers, of course):

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