so many hoops to jump through just to watch this thing

i can’t fucking stand seeing people say they think harry looks ungrateful or comes across like a diva by not posting on social media or attending events or breathing the way they’d like him to. because harry, aside from dunkirk and another man, really did take a break from the public eye for the past year, and somehow, even though he’s barely been seen, people still want to scrutinize him for NOT being seen and say that that shows he’s snobby or above everyone for not tweeting or some other bullshit excuse or say that him working on an album is completely implausible because he hasn’t talked about it and the rumors about an album merely existing make him look bad. and i just don’t understand this incessant need to tear him down when he literally, LITERALLY has not done anything.

because here’s the thing - he’s had his life on display since he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and when he was younger, you could tell he was much less guarded. and you can see as he got older and saw the way the media twisted his words specifically, the way the media made him into the person they wanted instead of who he is, and the way the media ignored everything he actually did and said in favor of making him their punching bag, he pulled back and became more private, and can you blame him? if you had to try to justify WHO YOU ARE to the entire fucking world and no one would listen and would continue to print shitty articles about you when you’re only nineteen years old, i guarantee you’d pull the fuck back and want some genuine time away from everything, too. he’s never been one to post about every little thing he’s doing, and why so many of you are against him doing anything at all in the public eye is truly fucking baffling and proves you hate him even when you say you don’t, especially when people on here try to jump through hoops to make up stories about how awful he is.

to watch people consistently put him under a microscope because he doesn’t follow the plans they have crafted for him themselves that aren’t based on reality is ridiculous and infuriating. he doesn’t have to live up to whatever random career path people of tumblr dot com have come up with for him, and to get mad at him over some weird plan random people on this website have made up is beyond fucking stupid and i’m tired of seeing it.

Pregnant | Zach Dempsey

⚠️SMUT warning ⚠️ Your POV.

“…go deeper” you moaned, printing Zach to lift your leg over his shoulder and push himself further into your body. Your mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as Zach slowly pounded into your special spot. You used one hand to grab Zach’s shoulder and he other to grab the sheets besides you.

“Fuck!” Zach moaned as he neared his orgasm. He kissed you roughly as he thrusts began to speed up. The room was filled with your moans, heavy breathing and he sound of the headboard constantly banning into the wall.

Zach felt amazing inside you, he made every inch of your body tingle “Ah-oh my god” you called as you reached the peak of your orgasm then biting down on your bottom lip to shit yourself up. Zach wasn’t finished yet and continued to ride out your orgasm so that he could reach his own. “Shit- I think- I’m cuming” Zach stuttered before closing his eyes and letting out a long deep groan. He then carefully slipped his penis out of you, causing you to man again and causing Zach to chuckle. He then lay on top of you, propping himself up on his arms so that all his weight wasn’t on you and continued to kiss you. Gently gliding his tongue over yours and holding your chin between his thumb and forefinger.

“that. was. amazing” you said in between kisses. Zach just smiled back before placing kissed on your chin, neck and chest- gaining a few giggles from you.

“Zach?” A voice called.

Yourself and Zach immediately jumped up, covering yourselves up with the duvet. It all happened so fast but you manage to catch a glimpse of Zach’s mum stood at the door before she quickly shut it, once she had realised what was going on.

"Sorry…urm- dinners ready” she muddled through the other side of the door.

“Mum. Go” Zach demanded in frustration. You picked up your bra and panties off the floor and began to dress yourself.

"I’m so sorry about that” Zach sighed as he clipped the hooks at the back of your bra on.

You didn’t say anything, just continued to get dressed”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. My mum, she’s kinda cool with that stuff, she always walks in on me”

“Yeah Zach. I really wanna hear about you hooking up with other women” you say sarcastically as you pulled your shirt over your head.

"Sorry babe. I wasn’t thinking”

—— 5 weeks later ——–

You hadn’t talked to Zach much since the day his mum walked in on you two at it. I guess you we’re avoiding him because you we’re embarrassed. The convocations you did have would only be through texts or quick catch ups in the hallway, on the way to lessons. And that wasn’t right.

You walked into the sports hall on your lunch break and saw Zach practicing his shooting.

You just sat on the bench and waited for Zach to turn around and notice you.

“Holy shit Y/N, you cared me” Zach grasped as he held his chest. You chuckled and walked over to him with our hands in our jacket pockets. To your own surprise, you hugged him, tightly clenching onto his sweaty body.

"What was that for?” Zach asked you as it stepped away from him “I thought you wasn’t talking to me?”

“I was- I mean- I am” you say “I was just embarrassed about the whole thing.

"Right” he answered. He jogged over to the ball and picked it up. You watched as he began to shoot hops again, completely ignoring your presence.

“Are you mad at me?” You question

"Can you blame me?” He responds “You’ve been treating me like shit”

You scoff and shake your head in disbelief “..well I need to talk to you so..

"I’m listening” Zach interrupts then jumps up to shoot another hoop. And of course, he doesn’t miss.

“At least look at me, damn”

Zach ignores you and you raise your eyebrow, the only sound in the hall being his shoes sliding across the floor and the ball hitting he net. You begin to crack your knuckles (nervous habit) then looked around the hall to assure yourself no body was listening, so that you could blurt out

“Zach. Im pregnant”

Zach watched he ball shoot through the hoop with his arms still in the air. He then turns around and faces you

“What did you just say?” He asks

"I’m pregnant” you repeat- this time slightly quieter

“No” Zach says, running his hand through his hair “Your not pregnant. We used a condom”

"Are you saying I’m lying?”

“That’s not what I’m sayi-

You fling your backpack off your shoulder and rummaged through it for the positive pregnancy test you had taken exactly two days ago. You throw it to Zach and he inspects it.

"Are you sure? Did you do it right?”

"There’s not many ways to pee on a fucking stick Zach”

He turns it over

"Fuck!” Zach yells sending an echo through the room.

“Yeah, I know” you agree “What are we going to do?”

"I don’t know. I don’t want this. I wanted to go to school and become a fucking marine biologist, not end up on teen mom” he stresses, all in one breath.

“I know it’s not what you want but I’m carrying your baby Zach. It’s already happening, so what the fuck are we going to do?”

"I don’t know Y/N. I just…I don’t know, ok?”

Zach hands you the pregnancy test. You take it from him and just watch as he lowers into the ground, burying his head in his hands. You felt bad for him, really bad.

"Zach?” You called but he doesn’t look up at you. You crouch down I front of him and gently grab his arm “Baby, everything’s gonna be fine. You can still go to school”

“And what about you?” He sniffles “What about your future?”

He want crying but was damn sure on the verge of it.

“..Don’t worry about me. I guess, this baby is my future now” you tell him

"Don’t say that Y/N” Zach says, finally meeting his eyes with yours. You linger in each other eye for a moment before the sound of scuffling feet grabs your attention. You snap your head and see the coach jogging in, making you and Zach stand to your feet.

“Y/L/N your not supposed to be in there. Dempsey doesn’t need any distractions right now” he calls

"Yeah I was just leaving” you tell him

The coach holds the door open for you, letting you know you’ve outstayed your welcome.

You look up at Zach “just call me or I’ll call you or whatever” Zach nods in response and you smile before making an exit out the building.

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sweetmisschesire  asked:

so in your spy au how exactly did the others react to the whole, spine deal?

Lance definitely jumps through a lot of hoops to make sure the others don’t find out about his spine. He doesn’t want to be asked questions or to be pitied. He only showers at night when he knows everyone is asleep, he constantly wears his hood up to make sure they don’t see his neck where the spine ends, if anyone even touches a little to close to it, he’ll put some room between them and hope they didn’t feel the metal through his clothes.

But he can’t keep the secret forever. During one of his showers Hunk had tried to go looking for him, and caught Lance with his shirt off. Hunk was devastated to find out that the Fall had been so much worse than any of them could have imagined. He doesn’t know how to help his friend through something like this. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try. He comes up to Lance and tells him that he knows about his spine, and tells him that no matter what he will support him. He hugs him more, and makes sure that Lance isn’t alone as much anymore. Hell talk to him about what he missed while on his mission, and Lance slowly trusts Hunk enough to look at his spine, to touch it. Hunk is the first person since Lance got back to touch his back without him skittering off.

After Lance’s talk with Shiro, he shows him his spine. And Shiro is super supportive. He knows what it’s like to lose something because of the Galra, even if though it’s the thing that saved Lance’s life. Lance confesses that he has nightmares about it and will sometimes get phantom pains in his spine and arm. Shiro’s helps Lance through all of it, he helps Lance as best as he can when he get phantom pains. And he even sleeps with Lance for awhile to help him with his nightmares(and it actually helps both of them with their nightmares.) after that Lance slowly trust the others with the truth of his spine, person by person.

When he shows Pidge, she is so upset that he had to go through something like that alone. She decides that she wants to help as much as she can. She may not be an engineer, she may not be the most personal person when it comes to emotions. But she will make an effort to understand it, so that way Lance will have someone to go to when he wants. She asks a lot of questions about it when they’re alone. He doesn’t always answer them, but she does get some information about it slowly. She tries to show him that it doesn’t matter to her if his spine was replaced, he’s still Lance.(and he greatly appreciates it. Even if the questions drag up unpleasant memories.)

Allura is so heartbroken when he finally tells her. She had suspicions about how Lance survived the Fall, but she never imagined something like this. She blames herself for a long while that this happened, that she put Lance in such a position, that she didn’t tell the others when she should have. She doesn’t really know how to help Lance, doesn’t know what humans view as comforting or supportive, but she tries her best. It takes awhile, fighting Galra and freeing planets from their reins taking up a lot of their time, but Allura does her best to try and find something that she and Lance can do together, to show that she does care about him and wish to help him find some normalcy in his life again.

When Lance shows Coran, he can honestly say that he was scared that Coran would treat him differently because of it. Lance knows that Coran sees him like a son, and to see someone that close to you get hurt and changed in ways neither of them fully understand, it can change their perception of you. But Coran gives him a tearful smile and hugs Lance, telling him that he’s just glad that he made it back, mostly. Whenever Lance gets pulled into a flashback of his time with the Galra and Shiro isn’t there, he’ll search out Coran who will gladly sit with him and help him through it, and afterwards he will tell him stories of his many adventures in the galaxy to help Lance keep his mind off of his own problems.

Keith was the last to find out. And it wasn’t in the best way. He also had suspicions about how Lance survived the Fall, but was to scared and filled with guilt to try and ask. It was when the team had locked them in a room together to try and work past their problem. Lance was still super pissed at what Keith did, and Keith couldn’t blame him, he was pissed at himself too. But after a few hours of just silence, Keith knows that he needs to make some effort to try and fix their relationship. But he isn’t very good when it comes to feelings, so his apology is abit lacking (doesn’t mean that he doesn’t mean it, he just doesn’t know what to say) and it sets Lance off, saying that he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, he doesn’t know if he can. He rants about what happened after he left him, about his spine and the ‘therapy’ that Haggar put him through. And Keith can’t believe that he put his teammate, his friend through all of that. He cant forgive himself as he watches Lance just scream at him and cry over all the pain that he went through because of Keith’s decision. He knows he isn’t good with words when it comes to stuff like this, but he’s always relied on his instincts. So before either of them can figure out what’s happening, Keith is hugging Lance, silent tears running down his face as he mumbles apology after apology. And after awhile he feels Lance hug him back. He knows that it isn’t enough to fix what he’s done; nothing will ever be enough, but it’s a start.

Error Pt 2

pairing: yoonkook x reader

 genre: soulmate!au, college!au, basketball player!yoongi, angst, smut, some fluff, poly!yoonkook x reader

 rated: 16+

 word count: 3,679 words

 warnings: smut, daddy kink, dom & sub tones, dirty talk, light spanking, name calling, public sex, office sex, begging, praise

 preface: au where when you look in the mirror you can only see your soulmate in the reflection

 Part 1

After the encounter with Jungkook you feel like you have hope. The first time he’d seemed adamant, but this time he seemed vulnerable. You feel like you have part of the puzzle that tells you why Jungkook is the way he is but fuck if you aren’t desperate to know the rest. You haven’t given up on him and you feel like he hasn’t given up on you either and on your elder soulmate.

 ‘Y/n?’ Hyunmi calls from the bathroom whilst you’re cooking an omelette in the kitchen.

 ‘Yeah?’ you shout back, using a spoon to push the egg away from the sides of the pan.

‘Wanna go to a basketball game tonight?’ she says poking her towel-wrapped head out from the door.

 ‘Is that supposed to take my mind off things?’ you ask, arching an eyebrow.

 ‘Shut up, it’ll be fun. I love basketball.’ She continues, huffing.

 ‘Yeah, I guess, might as well.’ You shrug.


 Your omelette turns out sub-par, your attempt at flipping the other half over didn’t quite go to plan but fuck it –it tastes good. You don’t have any classes today but you need to make a start on your theory coursework. You start with cadences and begin at least two hours worth of melody and harmony techniques. It’s half five by the time you’re finished and you scramble to get dressed. You opt for some trendy shit, you’re pretty bold with your fashion choices (a passion of yours for creative outlet) and head of the door with Hyunmi in tow.

 When you get to the stadium it’s packed. I mean unsurprisingly considering that it’s a professional KBL game. As you and Hyunmi take your seats you notice the wood of the gym floor and your brow furrows at the familiarity of it. You’ve definitely never been here but the déjà vu is unmistakable. You shake it off. You’re clutching a large slushie and Hyunmi too as you wait for the players to come out.

 ‘It’s the Seoul Knights vs. the Incheon Electroland Elephants.’ Hyunmi states, nonchalantly. You’re pissing yourself and choke a little bit on your drink. 

‘Electroland Elephants. Are you having a fucking laugh?’ you burst out.

‘I know, like what the fuck? Moving on, I’m definitely here for the knights. Kim Namjoon is a god and I’m ready to see him live, in action.’ She’s practically swooning and you laugh at her adoration. Not many people get to see fan-girl Hyunmi and you’re glad you’re one of the few.

A few minutes later the mascots come out, pumping up their sides of the crowd with more skill than you expected. The backflips they managed to do surprised you, was basketball really this serious that they needed an Olympic gymnast for a mascot? Looked like they got a bad deal considering the costumes they had to wear.

Once the mascots have finished it’s finally time for the teams to start coming out and as they file out into the court the crowd is going fucking wild. The Knights roll of the right entrance in fire engine red and the Electroland Elephants (seriously wtf?) out of the left in sky blue.

‘There he is! Number 94. Fuck… he looks so good.’ Hyunmi points to a tall man, smiling out at the crowd, showcasing his deep dimples.

‘Wow, yeah he’s gorgeous.’ You remark, admiring his lean physique and pure beauty.  You watch the rest of the Knights as they keep coming out and notice number 7 running around the court madly, hyping up the crowd. He’s probably on of the happiest people you’ve ever seen.

Hyunmi’s watching him too. ‘That’s Jung Hoseok, he looks cute now but he’s a fucking machine in the game.’ You nod and look over the other players. It’s weird something about the uniform seems so familiar but you can’t place what it is. The last player for the Knights comes through the entrance and you grip the edge of your seat as you realise why everything seemed so fucking recognizable. There was your soulmate; he looked even more gorgeous than ever. His determined expression looked fierce and you wondered how you couldn’t have noticed sooner.

‘Hyunmi…’ you whisper, shell-shocked.

‘Yeah…?’ she answers, giving you a nervous look.

‘Th- that’s him.’ You respond.

‘What? Which one? Holy shit.’ She exclaims.

‘Number 29.’

‘Min Yoongi is your soulmate? You lucky shit.’ She gasps.

‘I- I gotta go.’ You say repeating the same words Jungkook had said to you. You scramble to gather your bag and get out of that stadium as soon as you possibly can. You can’t take your eyes off of him as you run up the steps until he’s out of sight as you reach the merch area. You lean against we wall, you can hardly breathe and your crying uncontrollably as your panic attack clutches you.

‘Y/N! Y/n, fuck come here.’ Hyunmi wraps her arms around you as you try and calm yourself down. Hyunmi rocks you gently, trying to sooth you in any way that she can. It takes at least 10 minutes for you to properly calm down.

‘You need to go see him, babe.’ Hyunmi says to you gently.

‘I’m scared. I don’t need my heart to break twice.’ You say curling even more into her as if to hide yourself.

‘But you deserve to try and fix it. Come on.’ She assures, standing away from your grasp and holding her hand out for you. You stand reluctantly and wipe the tears from your face as the two of you make your way back to your seats.

As you sit down Yoongi’s jumping up onto the hoop to score a basket and the crowd cheers madly. He looks so into the game that you can’t imagine he would see you if you did a trapeze act over the audience. The look in his eyes is sexy, he looks thirsty for a win and the fire and passion that he’s wearing on his sleeve almost turns you on. He plays point guard that much is obvious and he does a fucking good job of it. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok are the clear star players half of the crowd has signs with their names up. Yoongi is popular, you’ve never really been that much into sports but Hyunmi tells you the media follow those three closely. How had you never seen him on TV or something? You guess it’s just not where you were expecting to find your soulmate.

There’s thirty seconds left in the game and the Knights need a three pointer to secure their win. 29, 94 and 7 are monsters, switching the ball between three of them so that as soon as the opponents see it with one of them it’s switched to the next. Yoongi has the ball, he has to act fast cause there are at least three elephants on him. Ten seconds on the clock. He dodges his opponent and shoots the ball over their heads. Namjoon catches it as Hoseok runs forward to the line, Namjoon aims the ball towards Hoseok and you think fuck they’ve lost it –that shot is way too obvious. Four seconds left. Namjoon abruptly passes the ball backwards to Yoongi who you hadn’t even noticed was there, all the focus being on Namjoon and Hoseok. Yoongi dribbles the ball forward. Shoots. Two seconds. Wins.

You and Hyunmi jump up cheering with the rest of the crowd and even though you haven’t quite met him yet you are so proud –your man did that! The Knights are roaring and cheering, huddling together in happiness. Hyunmi stands and begins pulling you down the steps towards the barrier where the cameras are focused on the Knights. You’d ask what she was doing but you had a pretty good idea, the anxiety twisted your stomach and felt a lump in your throat, as Yoongi’s gummy smile became clearer and clearer.

When you reached the barrier there were plenty of people calling Yoongi’s name. How the hell is he gonna notice you? He’s just scored the winning basket for one of the most important games of the season. Everyone wants to talk to him –fans, reporters, and spokesmen.

‘Right. Fuck it.’ Hyunmi states and begins to push your ass over the barrier.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ you demand. Trying to push yourself back towards her.

‘Desperate times, desperate measures. Go over and get him!’ she urges using more force to push you over. You stumble over the side and security guards haven’t quite noticed you yet but you know it won’t be long. Yoongi’s in the center of the court, in the throng of people shaking hands with his opponents. You sprint towards him, looking like a desperate fan and a complete idiot. Security’s noticed you and you call out for Yoongi as you can feel them coming after you. His head raises and he looks around for where the voice came from. His eyes find yours just as you’re about four feet from him.

‘Oh my god…’ he says staring at you in shock.

‘I’m Y/n. I’m your soulmate.’ You say just as two security guards grip your arms ready to drag you off the court.

‘Stop! Get the fuck off her.’ Yoongi says eyes narrowed at the security guards.

They drop their hands, looking embarrassed that they hadn’t understood you were with Yoongi, not that they had any reason to. Suddenly strong arms are enveloping you around your waist as Yoongi hugs you fiercely. You breathe a sigh of relief and pull your arms out of his clutch to pull him closer. His face is burrowed in the crook of your neck and you rest his hands on top of his soft blond hair that’s pushed back by a sweatband. You stroke it gently. Quickly you notice everyone’s focus is on you, the cameras, the fans and the reporters announcing that Min Yoongi, professional basketball player has found his soulmate.

Yoongi lifts his head up and whispers into your ear: ‘I’ll get you out of here, follow me.’ He detangles himself from you and grasps your hand as he guides you towards the entrance you’d seen him come from before the game. The questions of the crowd being screamed at you fade away as you enter what appears to be an office.

‘Fuck, I like really want to talk to you but I’m all gross so let me shower and then… we’ll talk?’ he asks tentatively and you wouldn’t in a million years imagine him to be nervous.

‘Yeah, sure.’ You beam at him, he’s not a dick and you’re so happy. He turns quickly and his eagerness to get back to you is overwhelming with how much Jungkook wanted the opposite. You sit on the edge of the desk and text Hyunmi that you don’t think you’ll be back anytime soon and she wishes you luck.

Fifteen minutes later you’re still waiting for Yoongi when number 7 and 94 walk in.

‘Hey! Y/n right?’ Hoseok asks with a bright smile.

‘Yeah, hi. You guys played really well today. Congratulations.’ You respond, nervous to make a good first impression on Yoongi’s friends.

‘Ah thank you,’ Namjoon says ‘ we’re just so hyped to meet you. Yoongi’s never really been open about his love life. I think he’s always been waiting for you. I’m Namjoon by the way.’ He greets, flashing his dimples that up close, kind of have you melting a little bit.

‘And I’m Hoseok.’ He says with an equally beautiful smile. At that moment Yoongi pokes his head around the corner and makes a face as he sees the two men with you.

‘Ah, this is just unfair. You guys have probably spoken to her more than me now.’ He says, playfully bitter. 

‘Yeah, yeah, we’re going.’ Namjoon says laughing at Yoongi. Hoseok ruffles Yoongi’s hair as they exit and you’re left alone. You hop up on the desk to sit and Yoongi stands in front of you smiling with his gums bared and this looks especially cute in person.

‘Fuck, this is surreal.’ He lets out.

‘Yeah, I mean I’ve been waiting for you for a long fucking time.’ You reply and he’s looking away like he’s trying to pretend he isn’t shy, suppressing a smile. It’s funny seeing him so vulnerable; in the mirror he’s always had the air of a cool, calm guy but the other side of him is nice to see.

‘I feel like I’ve known you a really long time.’ He says gently.

‘You have.’ You smile and reach up to push your fingers through his hair like you’ve always wanted to. Yoongi leans into your touch and it feels so right between the two of you.

‘Tell me everything.’ He says suddenly. You laugh at him, not knowing where to start. You talk for hours leaning gently on each other as you talk about your childhood, all the memories of each other but you aren’t surprised when he asks.

‘Have you met him yet?’ he asks. Shit. Should you tell him? Thinking of Jungkook your heart wrenches. You can’t do that to Yoongi –let Jungkook break him worse than he has you.

‘Not yet.’

‘He’s so pretty isn’t he? I want to ruin him… and you.’ He says suggestively and you can’t help but think how fucking hot he is. He moves to stand between your legs; you’re still sat up on the desk.

‘Mm, I’d like that.’ You say, looking up at him through your lashes. You tug his shirt to pull him even closer. You’ve been waiting for this forever; you don’t feel the need to take it slow.

‘Yeah, baby? Want me to take you right here?’ he says and you hold eye contact for a moment before he bends down to capture your lips. The kiss embodies fire and passion and doesn’t stop to take it slow. Yoongi’s tongue explores your mouth and he’s fucking hungry. You bite his lip as he pulls away and groans as you do so.

‘Fuck, you’re kinda dirty aren’t you, princess?’ he says, slightly breathless as he leans down further to suck hickeys onto your collarbone. You gasp as he does so –you have a weakness for hickeys and the flick of his tongue against you makes your pussy throb.

‘Can I call you daddy?’ you say slightly nervous but desperate to do so, you’ve thought of Yoongi like that for years. He stops his actions and you worry he’s disgusted.

‘Fuck yeah you can.’ He says seeming more turned on as his grip on your waist tightens. You grin and tug his shirt up until he lifts his arms up for you to pull it over his head. He’s lean and covered in a thin layer of muscle from basketball practice you assume. His arms are thick for his size and his torso alone is an absolute turn on.

He then kneels down between your legs and pulls off your trainers before following with your skirt. There’s a wet patch on the front of your underwear and he presses his thumb against it, rubbing circles there. Your thighs try to close due to your sensitivity but Yoongi grips your thigh.

‘Keep them open for me, baby.’ He says as he begins sliding your panties off.

‘Okay, daddy.’ You say feeling the cool air hit your core, causing you to shiver.

He flings the clothing into a corner before licking a stripe through your folds and you moan at the sensation. He starts off slow: nibbling and sucking gently before he goes in. He flicks at your clit and you take a sharp intake of breath as he does so. 

‘Look how fucking wet you are, such a pretty pussy, baby. You taste so good’ he praises.

‘Ah, fuck, daddy…’ you moan as he then sucks on your clit. He’s so into it he looks like he could be enjoying it more than you are. Your hand reaches down to run your hands through his blonde hair before you grip the locks firmly. He groans as you do and moves his tongue down to your opening, thrusting inside harshly and you let out a high-pitched noise of surprise. He brings his thumb up to play with your clit and you’re overwhelmed with the two sensations. You grab at the hair at the back of his neck and thrust against his face gently. You’re practically shaking when he rubs faster at the bundle of nerves and your thighs close around his head with oversensitivity. He pulls away from your pussy and leaves sloppy hickies on your thighs before you pull him up for another kiss.

This time it’s messier and harder and you moan into his mouth. He pulls your shirt over your head as you simultaneously undo his belt and jeans before shoving them down his thighs. He pulls away to shake them from his ankles but then dives straight back in, gripping your hips with a newfound strength that you hope leaves marks in the morning. You feel his length against your thigh wishing he would just get his fucking boxers off already and use your ankles to ease them down his legs and he reaches around your back to unclasp your bra and then pull it from you.

He tugs a nipple into his mouth before biting on it. ’Mm perfect babygirl, you’re so perfect.’ You look down at his dick and can’t help but reach to his head and smooth the precum around his tip.

‘Ah, fuck princess turn over, chest flat on the desk, ass up.’ He demands and reaches to tug his boxers completely off as you follow his command. You hear him kneel down behind you and before you know it he bites your ass hard and god if you don’t want to see those bite marks afterwards. He stands and slaps your ass as if he’s watching it jiggle and you moan at the feeling. He does it again.

‘You fucking like that, huh? Daddy’s little slut.’ He says repeating the action once more before lining his erection up with your wet pussy. ‘Here we go, baby.’ He pushes in gently and you let out a shuddering breath of pleasure as he slowly eases himself in and out to stretch you. He grips your hip with one hand as he quickly slams into you. He sets a fast rhythm after that and the slap of his pelvis against your ass could be mistaken as thunder and you’re moaning like a porn star.

‘Does my dick feel good, princess? You like daddy’s thick cock pounding into you, yeah? Listen to how you’re moaning for me, like a fucking whore.’ His words are driving you crazy and you cry out at the immense pleasure. ‘Answer daddy when he asks you a question.’

‘Yes, daddy. It feels so good, I love it.’ You reply.

‘For me too baby, your pussy feels so good, so wet for me, squeezing me so good princess.’ He bends over you and presses his chest against your back, his hot breath in your ear as he continues his relentless pace. You can’t believe his stamina. He kisses your neck leaving even more hickies behind your ear and at the nape of your neck. He reaches his hand round to your chin and pushes it towards him so he can kiss you. It’s fervent and desperate.

He pulls out and you whine at the loss thinking he’s going to stop. ‘I’m coming back, turn over I wanna see your face when I make you cum.’ you roll over onto your back and he’s entering you again, somehow thrusting faster and harder. He’s staring at you so intensely and you for the hundredth time admire his features. He’s biting his lip as both of your orgasms begin to build.

You’re climbing fast when suddenly he pulls out and stays there, you whine and grasp his perky ass and attempt to pull him forward.

‘Beg for it.’ He says.

‘Fuck, please daddy I want it so bad. I need it.’ You cry.

‘What do you need, baby?’

‘Your dick, daddy. I need it in me, please, feels so good.’ He smirks, pushing in again and you feel so close it’s insane. He’s holding your thick thighs and using them to press in harder and harder and it’s then that you’re cumming. Crying out so loud Yoongi swears the pictures on the wall are shaking and he finds it so sexy. He pushes on through your orgasm, chasing his own and as his thrusts become more sloppy he spills inside of you but he keeps gently thrusting through his orgasm.

You sit up and pull his head into the crook of your neck as he breathes heavily, shook from how hard he came. Once his breathing evens he presses a kiss to your jaw and then another to your lips, this time sweet, loving, gentle. His forehead rests against yours and you watch each other as he pulls out. Your pussy clenches at the loss and Yoongi quickly reaches for your panties and pulls them onto you so none of his cum spills too much.

‘I got real lucky with you’ he says, helping you to ease off of the desk.

‘Mm, me too.’ You respond, basking in the afterglow of some good ass sex. He dresses you lovingly, taking his careful time and presses a kiss to your forehead once he’s finished. He dresses himself then before taking your hand.

‘I’m really not meant to be this soft.’ He says laughing shyly. 

‘Why not?’

‘I just mean no one would expect it from me.’ He says smiling.

‘I’m glad you are.’ You say and he turns his head away, embarrassed. 

‘Ah stop, I can’t handle it.’ He states, a soft blush to his cheeks. ‘Let me take you home?’

‘Please.’ You say and he walks you out of the office, a smile of content on both of your faces.

A/N: Hi everyone, I’m so glad so many people liked the first part?? Highkey expected no one to read it, I hope you enjoy this part just as much. Just want to let everyone know Incheon Electroland Elephants is an actual KBL team and that if you don’t like dom yoongi I’m definitely planning to explore different power dynamics throughout this series so stay tuned!  

Create Excitement in Your Life

It’s easy to become bored and tired of the cycles and repetitiveness in our own lives. Often, when in school especially, you can be found doing almost the exact same things every day and become irritable, unexcited, meanwhile leaving you feeling trapped and ‘stuck.’ This can often become a constant feeling - one that we become accustomed to. How would it feel to be free? Happy? Excited? To be open to life and feel motivated and inspired? Here’s where to start.

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cuts and smoke | one

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Angst, fluff…ish?, High School au

Word Count: 1,915

Warnings: Cutting, smoking, drinking, stuff like that.

A/N: I don’t have much to say, except for that you guys should tell me if you want me to keep this series going. Hope you like it though!

      The screams coming from your younger brother were nothing new. He was twelve, but his stupid yelling sessions raged on. You used to be happy, like the only things that mattered were you, and your parents. Your mother didn’t have those purple rings dragging under her eyes, and your father didn’t have to work at suspiciously late times. And you weren’t always holed up in your room, gripping onto the little box with your razors in it. But the second your mother told you she was pregnant, you faded into the background and kept quiet for the rest of your years. It was kind of pathetic to say, but school and your job were your safe places. You worked at an old car mechanic place, JR’s, ran by a guy named Kim Namjoon. He was pretty cool, always helping you with everything. He was in his mid-twenties, and his shop was pretty successful since he was the only place to go in a 100-mile radius. He’s also letting you keep the old, dinged up, ‘76 Chevy Nova if you fixed it up well enough. 

      It was dinner, and your family was still trying to do the whole, “sit down and talk with your sibling without using your phone,” thing, because they apparently thought that you two might actually converse with each other that way. You still didn’t. But they did make you both share two things you learned at school that day. Two. Things. Did either of them go to high school?

      The usual family fight started again, and you stood up and slid your excess spaghetti into a container and quietly muttered the words, I’m going to the library to study. You hadn’t been to the library since you were in seventh grade. You found that you should keep lies tucked away, so that no one could rat you out. No one heard you, but you slid out from the house anyways. You made your way over to the local skate park, the place you went when you had failed in avoiding your family. You sat yourself down, the autumn breeze nipping at your bones. Your gaze flittered over all the people there, your ears picking up on the trash talk and calm conversations. A shadow appeared in front of you, the patch of darkness indicating someone was standing behind you. Their body plopped down next to yours, a boy, with messy black hair, a built frame, and piercings that gleamed in the harsh overhead lights. You tried to ignore how his knee brushed against yours by pulling out a pack of Marlboro’s and quietly lighting one.

      “Skater girl, huh?” His voice was unexpectedly smooth, drifting away like the curling smoke falling from your lips. His hand was held up for a moment, and you passed him your pack and lighter. 

      “Nah, I’m here for the entertainment. I like watching boys falling on their asses.” You slipped the items back into the pocket of your black, torn jeans, noticing the spark that was elicited when your hands touched, despite how cold his hands were.

      “Oh, you’re one of those girls.”

      “What girls?”

      “The angry ones.” His hand swept your died hair out of your face, his fingers curling themselves around the many piercing in your ears. You swatted it away, your body getting ready to jump and run. His sudden grip on your wrist held you down, his veiny hands smooth and strong. “No, stay, please. Sorry if I pissed you off. It’s just… You look decent. You actually responded when I talked to you, and it wasn’t to get me to sleep with you.”

      “Yeah, well, I’m sorry for not being like every other girl, I’m sorry for being invisible.” You snapped, the words coming from your mouth before you could stop them. Shit. Fuck He doesn’t need to know about my life.

      There was a bit of silence, but you knew that he wasn’t gonna let you off that easily. “(Y/N) (L/N), right? I go to your school. I’ve seen you around, you looked interesting. I’m Jeon Jungkook.” You quietly nodded, looking at the pile of grass you had managed to pick in the amount of time you were there. “So-” He pulls a loose string from your jeans and wraps it around his fingers.”-wanna hang out sometime?”

      “I think you’re a bit too handsy for my taste.” He laughed, bumping knees with you again.

      “I’m not usually. Must be something about you.” That had to be a line. It had to be. Right? “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

      “No you won’t. I’m not telling you where I live.” He laughed harder this time, his nose crinkling cutely.

      “Well I’ll walk you somewhere.”

      “Who even said I was leaving?”

      He nodded his head towards the groups leaving, and the flickering lights. “Your entertainment’s leaving. And the park’s about to close. You got any other plans? Because I don’t know anywhere else you can watch guys fall on their asses.”

      You pulled your phone out, glancing at the glowing time on the screen. It was too early to go home. Everyone would still be awake. “I think I’ll stay here for a little while longer.”

      His frame fell back onto the damp grass, his arms coming up behind his head as a pillow. ”Then I guess I will too.” You lit another cigarette, the smoke filling up the void of silence that was falling between the two of you.

      You made it home by twelve that night, not bothering to shut the door lightly behind you. You went to the mirror, your makeup already smudging down your face. Not caring to wash it off, you slipped into a vintage Guns ‘N Roses tee shirt and made your way to the tiny jewelry box sitting on your shelf. You didn’t have many thing in your room, save for a dresser, desk, bed, a few books, and a bunch of Polaroids of you and your best friend, Jimin. He works at JR’s with you, and you have to say, he looks damn good with sweat and grease smeared on his forehead.

      Pulling out the small drawer, you snatched up the small gauze covered case of razor blades. You slid one out, the adrenaline rushing through you. You loved the feeling of metal gliding against your skin, the sound of your skin splitting open, and the sight of the blood dripping all the way down your leg. It’s fucking terrible, and you knew it, but you couldn’t help it. It gave you a high, it slipped you into nirvana, and you felt like everything might have a chance of being fixed. But you knew that was never possible.

      Your parents didn’t exactly keep up with the times, so you were pretty sure they didn’t really know what cutting was. Hell, they would probably believe the whole cat scratch lie. They thought that you were perfectly fine, and that you were dealing with your life like an adult. You were, but the weight on your shoulders was too much to bear, so you just kept to yourself. You slid a blade out from it’s casing, watching how it gleamed in the light of the moon. You lifted your shirt up to your thigh, staring at all the other scabbed over lines. You took the blade and ran it over any patch of bare skin you could find in your little marked out area. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine marks, all beautiful in their own way. Nine marks to show the number of times hateful eyes stared at you that day, and the number of comments about how worthless or slutty or stupid you were. You weren’t a slut, you knew it. You had never touched a man or woman. You weren’t stupid, you had a 4.0 GPA. Worthless… They were spot on with that one.

      You slid the razor back into its case, wrapped it back up in gauze, and put it back in its place. You watched the blood stream down from your thigh to your ankle, the droplets having their own little race against each other. You stopped it short though, cleaning yourself off with a tissue. You knew that your thigh was a safe place because you hated shorts, you stay as far away from skirts and dresses as possible, and you hate going swimming. You taped some gauze onto your little patch of art, brushed your teeth, and went to the window. Only then did you notice the figure sitting on your roof, their eyes following your every move. A smile broke out onto their face, a strangely familiar bunny smile. Jungkook. How much had he seen? He slid the window open effortlessly, silently jumping back down.

      “How much did you see…”

      He walked over to you, his hands gripping onto the edge of your shirt. You didn’t know why you weren’t reacting, why you hadn’t punched him yet, why you were letting him break down your carefully built walls.

      “How much did you see.” You voice was cracked, broken, even quieter than the first time. You really didn’t know why you cared, since everyone thought you cut to begin with.

      “I want to see them.” You were left defenseless in his arms, the arms of a boy you just met who had really nice hands and pretty eyes and an ice cold silver eyebrow ring. His fingers were running over the wounds, lifting up the sides of the bandage to peer at them through his raven bangs. He pulled you onto your bed and sat you on his lap, his fingers running back over the hoops in your ears. “We’ll work it out. We’ll be good together.” He had this goofy boy grin plastered onto his face, and his thumb brushed over the skin of your cheek. “Don’t you worry.”

      “Are you gonna fix me?”

      He laughed, his arms opening up wide, his dark chocolate orbs staring into yours. “Look at me. Do you think I’m someone who’s qualified enough to fix someone? I can’t fucking fix myself.” Your eyes skimmed over his figure, how the sleeves on his white Hanes shirt clung too tight to his biceps, how his jeans had holes in them that weren’t there when he bought them, how his hair was messily styled and obviously not taken care of, and how perfect his face was. His arms snaked their way back around you, his hands coming up to stroke your hair down. “But it’ll be okay. You need to stop that shit though. That’s not how we’re gonna roll.”

      “There is no ‘we.’” He chuckled and kissed your forehead, pulling the collar of your shirt down to expose more of your neck. His lips latched onto the sensitive skin, biting and sucking a bruise to mark you as his. He carried you to the mirror attached to your dresser, tilting your head so you could get a clear shot of his brand. 

      “That’s what you say now.”

      He was out the window before you could say anything more, before you could bring yourself to slap him across his beautiful face. So you stood there and stared at your neck, at the way he told you that he’ll make it better.

How to Play With Your Betta Fish

Did you know that you can actually play with your pet fish?

Many fish owners do not realize that their betta fish can be played with just like with any other pet. Although your fish may not fetch like a dog, it can still provide entertainment as long as you take the time to entertain it as well. Fortunately, providing entertainment for your pet fish is also much cheaper than providing for cats and dogs.

So, if you want to help your fish exercise and escape boredom, here are 7 ways to play with your betta fish:

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ishipallthings  asked:

do you know if you're ever going to write the ca:cw fix-it you mentioned? IT WOULD BE AMAZING.

Well, I started it! Who knows when I’ll have a free moment to freakin’ finish anything, though. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


“But if someone had slowed him down, just slightly interrupted his course, maybe he could have gotten through that one nightmarish moment; maybe he would never get that close to it again.”

Frederick Barthelme, Elroy Nights

“Hey, wanna see something cool?” Tony flashes him a little boy’s grin, the lines at the corners of his eyes somehow more and less pronounced than when Ross had given them an ultimatum with all the subtlety of a heart attack in the middle of a backswing. It lifts something from Tony’s shoulders, makes the hard line of them ease, makes him lean forward a little as if he’s going to press right into Steve’s space and seduce every secret Steve’s ever had right out of his mouth. This is the fast-talking, public-made monstrosity that sneers about pilates and grins around “Capsicle” and “old timer.” The practiced carelessness and picture show glitz would be unbearable on anyone else, but it’s what he expects with Tony. Steve hasn’t met the man that Nat and Colonel Rhodes are privileged to know.

Tony carries over a nondescript box that would be pristine if not for the dust lingering in the seam where it opens, and inside lie two pens that look older than either of them. “Pulled ‘em from Dad’s archives. Timely. FDR signed the Lend-Lease Bill with these in 1941, provided support to the Allies when they needed it the most.”

Yes, huge quantities of America’s war output have already gone overseas, and more is on the way! He remembers the newsreel. When they showed the Mosquito in all its shining, chrome glory, three guys in the second row began throwing their popcorn at the screen, whooping and hollering, “Kill those Krauts!” like there weren’t as many innocent Germans as there were Allied soldiers. Like the Germans weren’t even human.

He hadn’t heard the rest of the reel. He’d been too busy getting his ass kicked behind the cinema. But after Project Rebirth, he saw firsthand what American assistance looked like.

“Some would say it brought our country closer to war,” Steve says as he takes one of the pens out. It’s hard to believe that something so fragile could finalize America’s official entrance into the great game.

“Steve, if not for these, you wouldn’t be here.” Tony’s not wrong. A pen like this probably signed off on the Super Soldier program, held between the fingers of someone who hadn’t seen a day of combat. “I’m trying to—whaddyacallit—a… an olive branch. Is that what you call it?”  

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Sing Sweet Nightingale - Part 2 (Cinderella AU with Dick Grayson)

Part 1

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A/N: I hope this somewhat makes up for my small hiatus lol I still have some major school projects coming up so I don’t know when I will have time to write again.

“Remind me again why you are throwing a ball.” Dick grunted as he dodged Wally’s punch. They were sparring in the palace training room. Many of the advisers had originally been shocked when Bruce took up martial arts as part of his daily exercise. They thought it brutal and common, but the young lord had not given in and his main adviser Alfred had not forced him to.

He had continued to fight and to learn many techniques. When he had adopted Dick, he had made sure the boy learned as well. It helped to invite the young Earl of West to visit and train with him. The boys got along really well and they were helping each other gain skills.

“We,” Bruce said in amusement. “Are throwing a ball so that you can find a bride.”

The words caught Dick off guard and Wally managed to land a punch on his torso, knocking the wind out of him. He wheezed and doubled over.

“You alright?” Wally asked, worried that he had injured his friend. Dick nodded as he sat on a nearby bench.

“Why do I have to find a bride?” He asked once he could breathe comfortably. “You never married.”

Bruce sighed as he sat on the bench next to the boy he had raised. “I want what’s best for you, Dick. My advisors want me to force you to marry some duchess or lady that you have said maybe three words to. There is no way they will let you grow up and take my place unless you are married first and I would prefer that you love your wife.”

“So you are throwing this ball in the hopes that I meet a girl I like well enough to spend the rest of my life with.” Dick asked thoughtfully.

Bruce nodded.

“So what happens if I don’t meet her that night?” Dick asked.

Bruce sighed and combed his fingers through his son’s sweaty locks in the hopes of taming them. “Then we’ll throw another. And another. Right up until the day I die.” Bruce teased. Dick smiled and wrapped his arms around Bruce. He smelled awful and his sweat was seeping through both of their clothes, but Bruce couldn’t be bothered to care.

“Thanks, Bruce.” Dick said as he jumped up and strode across the mat to the training hoops hanging from the ceiling.

“Do me a favor, Richard.” Bruce called out. Dick stopped and looked at him in question.

“Take a bath before the ball.” Bruce said with a slight frown. “You smell like a dead animal.”

Dick lifted the fabric of his shirt to his nose and winced. “Will do.”

He watched as Bruce left the room before walking up to the rings. He grasped the rings and lifted himself into the air.

“So how are feeling about this whole thing?” Wally asked as he watched his best friend move through a series of complicated moves. Dick thought about it as he finished his short routine.

“I’m not sure.” Dick panted as he dropped back to the mat. “I understand why I have to do this and part of me wants it to work out, but another part of me is…” He trailed off, unable to find the word he was looking for.

“Scared? Intimidated?” Wally supplied.

“Nervous, I think.” Dick said uncertainly. “When I think of marriage, I think of my parents. My birth parents, that is.” Wally nodded as he waited for Dick to continue.

“They were so in love. I can remember the way they used to talk to each other, the way their eyes would light up when they looked at each other, the way my dad treated my mom so tenderly.” Dick’s eyes were soft as he closed his eyes and thought of his parents. They had been poor, but they were happy. His parents had been desperately in love and that made their small home seem like a castle. Sure, there had been hardships, but everyone has troubles in life. Dick’s had been the day his parents both died. He guess he was lucky that Bruce, Lord Wayne to him at that point, had been passing through that day and seen him crying. He could have taken him to an orphanage or thrown some coins his way, but instead the man had taken him in, made Dick his son and for that he would be eternally grateful. Dick sighed. “I don’t want to marry unless I am as in love as my dad was with my mom.”

“Well,” Wally said quietly. “Looks like I better learn to get good at dancing because we are going to have a shit ton of balls before you finally make up your mind.”

Dick huffed and threw a towel at him. “Don’t complain. You might meet someone you like.”

“And with my luck, she will be someone who likes you better.” Wally muttered as he used the towel to wipe the sweat off his neck.

Dick smiled as he walked out of the training room and into the bathroom. He could feel a spark of hope light in his heart. Maybe the ball was going to be fun after all.

Chris Evans Fic: Unexpectant (1/2)

Found this in my phone notes from ages ago. Watch out, it’s not my usual fluff. Warning that it does deal with the topics of infertility and adoption.


‘Babe, come on, I know it’s frustrating but we’ll get there eventually,’ Chris was doing his utmost to calm you down.

You’d just walked through the front door of the home you shared. The home you purchased three years ago in preparation for your expanding family, an expansion that had yet to materialise and still wouldn’t, as the meeting you had just come from had proved. You walked with purpose through the house, heading for the stairs and beyond them your bedroom, tension rolling off you with every thundering step. The rational side of you knew that Chris was only trying to help, and that you were hurting him by pushing him away, but you just needed time.

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Lost Series // Part Nine

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Requests are closed. xx

Sorry if it’s kind of confusing.. I wanted it to be a little more interesting with Y/N getting her memories back and regular flashbacks just didn’t seem right. Lol. Oh and still not rewatching the episode so it’s not word for word. xx

Originally posted by punkbandsharry

Originally posted by intellectual-psychopath

Italics are memories ..

My breath was heavy and I couldn’t move my eyes away from the chair in front of me. It felt as if I just woke up from a coma. Different memories came back in flashes. At first it all came back, different pictures moving around my mind so fast I couldn’t make sense of it. It didn’t feel like memories. It felt like a movie that I’ve seen one too many times.

For the first time after being revived, I turned to look at Jerome. A gasp leaving me as I saw his face. I quickly pulled my hand up to cover my gaping mouth. Jerome noticed this and frowned slightly before allowing a haunting grin to overtake his features.

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I hesitated over making this recs list for awhile now because I’m not sure I actually consider myself a shipper of this pairing or if I just like the friendship. I mean, I like all the friendships from the Fellowship! But rewatching the LotR movies last year kind of kicked my Aragorn/Legolas semi-shipper back into gear, then… with the end of BOTFA… well. At the same time, I have a difficult time shipping Legolas with mortal characters because it just seems like it’d end in heartbreak with the whole “elves mate for life” thing! And yet… the heart wants what it wants.  Sometimes.  This is my “I’m not sure I’m in this fandom, but here are some of the good fics I’ve found” list and I refuse to be given shit about it. ;)

The Question by eyebrowofdoom, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 3.2k
    Elves, you know? They’re hundreds or even thousands of years old. They sleep with their eyes open, *if* they sleep – frequently they just stand around all night, still and straight, waiting for the sodding humans to wake up and get on with it. They’re just bloody weird, really. Aragorn, travelling with Legolas, is reminded all over again.
The Sun In His Hands by JastaElf, light aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/arwen, 4.8k
    Near the end of Aragorn’s life he spends a rainy afternoon with Legolas, discussing the past, sealonging, & love…
Night and Day by ELG, aragorn/legolas + eomer + mentions of canon pairings, NSFW, 11.9k
    A meeting with Éomer and the apparent death of Aragorn make both Aragorn and Legolas re-examine their feelings for one another.
This Mortal Joy by lightgetsin, aragorn/legolas + fellowship, 2.6k
    The ring calls to Aragorn, but not for the reasons he had expected.
How to Save Your Marriage by eleveninches, aragorn/legolas + aragorn/arwen breakup, humor, 4.4k
    Aragorn needs an heir. Arwen wants to go home. Legolas is just there for the free food.
The Birth by elceri, aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/legolas/arwen + gimli, pregnant!legolas, 4.1k
    Aragorn greets the birth of his first child with trepidation and doubt, but Gimli helps restore his faith in Legolas, himself, and their future.
Aphrodisiac by Erandir, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.8k
    What exactly did they put in Legolas’ wine? Aragorn is about to find, and out in the most unlikely way.
Until We Meet Again by iiiionly (Tanis), aragorn/legolas pre-slash, 4.3k
    The elf knew, long before the trees of Ithilien began gossiping among themselves, of the king’s coming.
In Between by edibleflowers, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.2k
    After the battle, before the war: a moment’s rest
Curiosity Caught the Elf by TheBraveButShrinkingViolet, aragorn/legolas, 4.5k
    A young Legolas Thrandulion encounters Aragorn in the forests of Mirkwood and can’t contain his wonder at the dark scruff which covers the ranger’s jaw…

full details + recs under the cut!

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loose ends

summary: “fate will tie up loose ends, always, forever” you and jimin were once high school sweethearts. that was, until he signed on to big hit and you cut off ties. it’s a few years down the line now and you meet once more, and you realize those feelings never quite left in the first place (for this request)

relationship: jimin x reader

words: 5,334

warnings: none!

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

“Jiminie, it’s your first day off in forever and you’re going to spend it reading manga on the couch?”

Jimin doesn’t look up; he knows the look Namjoon is giving him from across the living room, arms folded, head tilted, eyebrow raised, mouth turned down into a disappointed frown. All of the boys had the day off today, and it was a brilliantly sunny Friday afternoon. Jungkook and Taehyung had went parasailing, Yoongi had packed up and left early to visit his family, Jin had gone shopping, Hoseok was out with friends, and Namjoon was leaving shortly to go book hunting. It was just Jimin in the dorm, and probably would be until late into the night. And he was fine with that, up until Namjoon walked into the room.

Jimin lets out a tired sigh, drops his book onto his bare chest, and replies, “Yep.” Popping the “P” for emphasis. 

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All My Idols Ch 15: The Video

Sorry if this is too cheesy…I already know it is…..

The lights are bright, so bright I can’t even see the crowd at first. A large hand in mine draws my attention away from the lights to see Seungri with his classic handsome smile, that is always contagious, a smile spreads across my face.

“Everyone say Hello!” Seungri yells into the mic as he holds my hand up, turning back to fully face the crowd. I’m surprised when they all shout back a very loud hello.

I automatically bow deeply to the crowd, I almost considered getting on my knees if I wasn’t in a dress. Though I yell hello as loud as I can, not many people can hear me. Seungri hands me his mic and gestures for me to try again.

With a deep breath I say, “Hello I am Charlotte.” Again, I bow.

“Aigoo, our princess is so nervous,” Seungri teases but his grip on my hand tightens comfortably.

“Should she be nervous everybody?” Youngbae’s voice seems full of playfulness but not a single person misses the threat in it too.

The crowd yells, “No!”

“Good!” Youngbae smiles wide, “Now we know a lot of you guys will be upset with this news. But let me clarify that Charlie is not dating any us, she is just a friend. Say it with me,” He holds out the mic expectantly, the crowd echoes his words.

“Can I say something?” I ask the boys quietly. They smile and nod, staying silent for me to speak. “Hi, I’m sorry if this upsets any of you but I just want to say thank you for not rioting or something, I was really worried about that.” My erratic heart beat calms down a bit when the crowd responds with a laugh. “As a fan myself, I understand if anyone is mad, I would be too if I found out some strange girl was spending time with my oppas. But please don’t be too mad, I would be really thankful it if you all you could see that I’m not some girl who weaseled my way into their life. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to run into Top oppa who introduced me to everyone else and things just got kind of crazy from there. I have no intentions of dating anyone, though if some asked me to marry them, could you blame me for accepting?”

I grin when the crowd cheers, all the faces I’m able to see are filled with smiles or at least not frowning.

“I will try to stay out of the way as much as possible but for the few moments you might see me, please take care of me.” To say the least, I’m surprised when the crowd boos.

Seungri grins at me, “I think they like you.” He says loud enough to be picked up by the mic. The crowd cheers.

“This is going much better than I thought it would,” I say honestly.

“Lets see how much they really like you,” GD beams at me and to the crowd, “for all those who would like to see the princess crowned please cheer as loud as possible, and for those who do not,” He pauses as the bright smile fades from his face, “leave.” The iciness in his voice makes me cringe. “You have a minute to decide.” We wait as the crowd chatters amongst themselves. I watch as some leave the crowd, while others move closer. When their minute is up, the crowd didn’t seem much smaller, and I can’t help but feel a little proud of myself. Grinning wide GD yells, “Who wants to be a knight to the princess?”

The crowd cheers loudly, and the boys all turn to me with child like grins at their success. Suddenly Fantastic begins to play and the groups from earlier flood on to stage to join in on the performance. BTS, Ikon, Seventeen, Got7, and Twice get to me first, while the other groups try to get to me as well. Still holding my hand Seungri begins jumping and thrashing around to the music. Too excited to not join along I follow his crazily stupid dance moves. I’m passed around stage as the song goes on, both the crowd on the floor and the crowd on stage dance like maniacs. When the song is over Daesung pulls me center stage. The other groups stand around us with grins. GD appears with a gorgeous golden tiara. He easily places it my hair, adjusting it just right before stepping back to stare at his work.

I stare at him with a small smile, “How do I look?”

Looking to the crowd GD repeats me question, “Well everyone? How does she look?” The crowd screams.

“As a little gift for you we asked all of your knights to make a little video for you,” Top says a the people on stage part to let Bobby and B.I, who are carrying a large throne like chair, through. They set the chair down with the back to the crowd, facing the massive screens on stage. Bobby sits me down in the chair before leaning on the back. I sit there and stare up at the screen nervously.

The dark screen suddenly flashes and all of Ikon is staring down at us, all except Bobby, who I’m guessing is holding the camera. When his voice comes over the speakers, my assumption is confirmed, “As the princess’s first official knights we are in charge of getting a message from all the other knights before the corination. Are you ready to accept your mission?”

“Yes!” The six other members yell out.

“We will go first,” B.I smiles awkwardly into the camera. “Noona we just want to say how much we appreciate you and all the hoops you have jumped threw to spend time with us.”

The focus goes to Jinhwan, “Hello my little dongseang and to the amazing crowd who stayed in support.” The crowd cheers and I find myself cheering along with them. “I just want to say thank you for being so accepting of our princess and I hope you decide to join our brotherhood of knights.” After the others go Bobby begins wandering down the halls of back stage, stopping when he finds BTS.

“Say hello to the princess!” He yells to the confused group of boys. “This is the video that is going to be played at the show so stay classy.”

The whole stadium laughs.

Jin steps forward first, “To whoever is watching this-“ Poor Jin isn’t able to say much before J-hope cuts him off.

“Hyung, you’re making this seem like your last words. Be fun!” J-hope hops into view, being his normal derpy self. “Princess! Since I am your bias I should be the one to leave the message. We love you very much!” He makes a heart with his arms as he continues his dance.

“You guys suck at this,” Bobby groans as he leaves the room, ignoring the very loud complaints from the group of boys behind him. Down the hall he spots more groups; Girls Generation, Twice, Red Velvet, and Mamamoo all give their adorable greeting with perfect smiles. As Bobby travels farther he runs into Seventeen, Monsta X, Topp Dogg, and a few others. Though their messages aren’t long I feel warmth growing in my chest as I resist the urge to cry at such happiness.

When the video is over I can’t help it when a single tear rolls down my cheek. Looking over my shoulder I see lots of fans already bawling or on the verge because of their idols heart filled messages to all of us. The video doesn’t end there, the camera turns around to show a very unflattering view of Bobby with a silly smile making me laugh.

“There a lots of people who wanted to be here but couldn’t so they recorded a video earlier,” He explains. “I hope you enjoyed this, I love you all!”

The screen switches to the whole AOMG crew making me grin like a maniac when Jay starts talking, “Hello there Princess! Sorry we can’t be there as much as we wanted to. But we still want to hope that you had an amazing coronation. We can party it up when we get back from America!” In the back round the group of guys, Loco, Gray, Simon Dominic and a few more are screaming like maniacs and running around. I can’t hold in my laughs at such a crazy sights. When they are done I want to scream when EXO pops up, all nine of them standing there in their outfits for playboy looking absolutely breath taking.

“Congratulations Princess!” They all yell together, making me grin bigger then ever before.

“Sorry we could not be there due to scheduling but I hope you know we wish you well! We will see you at the next award show, hopefully we can become closer!”

senpainoticedmebeforeitwascool  asked:

Love you Sebby <3 For the requests, I dunno why, but "Why are you like this?" Came to mind! Have fun~ I hope this helps!

THANK YOU, I LOVE YOUUU! (this was actually fun, by the end of it I feel like I found Killua, again!)

I’m shaking. I’m shaking so fucking hard and I can’t stop.

Jesus fucking christ! Keep your shit together, Killua!

I use the sleeve of my hoodie to wipe blood away from the corner of Gon’s lips. Being careful as possible, using my other hand to palm his chin, gently as possible. He flinches when I get too close to an injury I can’t see. My teeth grind at the influx of adrenaline coursing through me.

“Killua, are you–”

“You know,” my voice comes out shakier than I want it to. But I fucking hate violence and I’m still reeling from the fist fight I pulled Gon from. “there’s this thing in combat called defense. It’s all about not letting people hit you.” Idiot. Idiot! How could you be so stupid as to get into a goddamn fight?!

“I can take it.”

My hand pauses in its movements and I seek out golden, brown eyes.

“Why are you like this?” I speak through clenched teeth, pulling Gon closer by his chin. I rest my forehead against his, my blue melting into his swirling hazel. “You can’t use your fucking fists to solve everything, Gon!”

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Birthday Suprise! w/Rob Gronkowski For Anon.

Rob Gronkowski:

Outfit (The fight/The party planning/actual party):

Scenes (As it goes on):

Children(Different Races):


“Kiss my ass, (Y/N)! I hope you’re happy with the dick you’ve been sleeping with!” Rob yelled while throwing things in the trunk of his truck. You are behind him trying to explain to your husband of 5 years, he was making a HUGE misunderstanding.

“NO! If you would just listen to me for 10 seconds!” You say pulling his huge arm, attempting to stop him from walking out of your life.

“What?! So you can make MORE excuses as to why you have been coming home late?! HMM?! Or the secretive talks on the phone for an hour, everyday for the past month?! You really are a slut!” He screams in your face and you stand there stunned and hurt. You were a virgin when you were with him and you loved him so much. You were planning his surprise birthday party with his mom and brothers. It was gonna be the best party Gronk will have and it’s all out of your pocket, but you love him that much that he deserves an awesome and crazy birthday. The smell of burning rubber enter your nostril pulling you out of your thoughts. Rob is already gone and tears go down your cheeks as you stand in the abandoned driveway but you are not alone. You put a hand over your stomach and whisper a silent prayer that things will be okay for you and your future baby.

*Time Skip to 3 weeks later: May 16 (2 days after his birthday) 10:36 am*

Today is the day! It’s Rob’s birthday celebration and you have everything planned out even though Rob hasn’t tried contacting you, meaning he was still upset. After the almost month of morning sickness and planning this birthday bash with his family, everything will turn out okay. As you are thinking Rob’s mom, Diane, walks in squealing with waiters and waitresses behind her carrying many of Rob’s favorite food.

“Hi honey!” She gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, you smile and hug her back until you smell the most awful smell: hot wings. You run to the bathroom and make it just in time to reach the toilet before you empty your stomach. Diane helps you get cleaned up and gives you some water.

“Honey, I wanna ask you something and I think I know the answer…” She softly smiles and gives your hand a squeeze. You nod for her to continue.

“Are you pregnant? Am I gonna be a grandma?” You smile and nod your head. She squeals and starts jumping up and down, you laugh at her reaction. As this is happening, Rob’s brothers walk in on the situation happening, laughing at there dancing mother.

“What’s going on, Ma?” Chris and Dan asked while carrying some furniture inside the venue. Before you can tell them she interrupts.

“I’M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!” You laugh and see them run up to you yelling there congratulations, you are happy that they are happy but you are sad that Rob wasn’t the first to know.

“How did Rob react?!” Gordie asks while giving you a gentle hug. That’s when your eyes start to tear up and you look down to the floor, to embarrassed to look at there faces.

“Rob thought I was cheating on him a couple weeks ago, he called me a slut and left.” You whispered the last sentence, hating that it came from the love of your life’s mouth. You look up to see Diane look at you with pity and the rest of the guys looked pissed, they are the one’s to keep Rob happy and having fun until tonight and now you feel like you ruined the day.

“Son of a bitch…” Glenn mutters, causing Diane to smack the back of his head really hard, the family chuckles lowly.

“Please don’t tell him. I want him to enjoy the day and please don’t mention me, just do what the schedules says and come back here at 11:30, okay? I just wanna this to be a special day for him. Be nice for me and blueberry, okay?” The brother’s nod and the whole family looks very confused as to what, ‘blueberry’ means.

“Blueberry is the baby’s nickname, I don’t know the sex yet but I do know when I found out it was the size of a blueberry.” They all nod in understanding and they go out to fulfill on making this day special for Rob. As the brothers leave, Diane gives you a huge hug and whispers.

“I am so proud of you and I’m glad you are my daughter-in-law.” You start to tear up and smile at her, you link arms and continue on getting everything setup.

*Rob’s POV*

Today was fucking awesome! We went to a Red Sox game and I got to throw the first pitch. Then, we went to the TD Garden to shoot some hoops with some of the Celtics players. Finally, we went to the best bar in town, North 26. By 11:00, I was ready to party but everywhere we went reminded me of (Y/N), she was still the apple of my eye. No matter how many girls flirted with me, all I remember was the tears on her guilty but beautiful face. If she never cheated on me, I would’ve been okay with just us hanging out on my birthday but I love my brothers.

“Rob! What are you thinking about?” Gordie asks driving us through the town. Chris and Dan have been snappy sometimes today but have been having fun when I’m not talking. I look at Gordie and sigh.

“Just thinking about (Y/N)… she cheated on me and…” Dan laughs humorlessly, causing me to turn around and glare. What’s so funny?

“What the FUCK is so funny? I love her and she cheated on me?! W-” Before I can rant Dan interrupts me.

“With who?” I don’t know. I stay silent.

“What evidence did you have?” Again, I stay silent.

“Did you even ask her or give her a chance to explain?” Silence. He scoffs and we stop in front of this nice building but it looks like there is no one there. Where are we?

“Guys, what the f-”

“Just go inside…” Chris chuckles and pushes me a little too rough but I fake chuckle and walk up the flight of steps. Gordie goes in front of two huge doors and shoves them open with force. The doors open and many people jump out screaming surprise while a giant cake comes out with sparklers on top as they start singing, ‘Happy Birthday.’ I blow out the sparklers and briefly thank everyone for coming, yelling, “LET’S PARTY!” I start eating and dancing when I see the most beautiful women walk inside with a clipboard in her beautiful soft hands and mic in her ear. (Y/N). She looks more radiant than ever but she broke my heart. I’m taken out of thought when I see my mom walking up to me with a disappointed look on her face but a smile to cover it for the guests. She escorts me to the hallway that is some what silent.

“You fucked up…” She said softly, I sigh and was about to explain.

“No! You messed up and worst of all she is suffering as well.” I’m angry now.

“I’m your son! How could you just go against your own son like that! She cheated! She’s the slu-”

“You finish that sentence, I will tell everyone here to leave and you may be 6’6 and all but I can still whoop your ass. Now! You wanna know WHY she has been out all night a couple weeks back? To look for party venues on the other side of the city! For YOU! You wanna know why she has been whispering on the phone?! Talking to caterers and contacting important people about today, for YOU! You wanna know how YOU didn’t even have to pay for anything today from the game you watch and the food and beer you had today?! She paid for it! She did ALL of this for YOU! Get your head out of your ass and get back the most amazing girl before it is too late. She loves you SOO much that she has been depressed but she is destined to make YOU happy. What are YOU gonna do to make her happy?” She said walking off.

What have I done? I just accused the love of my life of being a slut and of cheating on me. I just convinced the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me she was nothing in my life. I just wanna  hold her and kiss her and apologize for being the biggest dick of all time. Thank god for the loud music and some of the drunk teammates and people around that no one realized what just happened. I start looking around for (Y/N) but she know where in sight, I turn and I see Gordie standing right there.

“She just left, she felt unwanted here. You did mess up but I know you’re gonna make it right.” He pats my shoulder and I go to find my babygirl.

*Your POV*

It was a success; Rob is happy so I’m happy, even though he hates me, I still love him. I am on my way to my car to go home because I just didn’t want to be there: the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies was everywhere and I just can’t handle the awful smell. I gave Diane the power when I left and she completely understood. I am unlocking my door I hear my name being screamed, I turn around to see Rob running after towards me and I panic. Even though he won’t physically hurt me, what if he’s drunk and wants to yell at me more? I get into my car and turn on the ignition but before I can pull off, the passenger side door swings open and Rob hops in. You avoid eye contact with him.

“Get out!” You spit in anger, avoiding eye contact. He looks so guilty and you know that he knows what he did.

“Baby, I am so sorry I treated you that way. I’m sorry for calling you a slut. I’m sorry I left home. I’m sorry for not giving you a chance to explain yourself. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you for the amazing day today. I love you.” He tries to caress your cheek but you flinch away and get out the car with a huff. You can’t take three steps before you are gently grabbed and pulled back into a warm chest that you love to cuddle up to. You fight the sparks and hit his chest repeatedly and squirm in his hold, he grips you tighter.

“I hate you for making me feel this way…” You cry and bury your face in his chest as you cry. You remember stress isn’t good for the baby.

“I love you too. I am so sorry. I don’t care if it takes my whole life to make it up to you, I will make it up to you forever.” He whispers in your ear and you smile softly, you push him lightly away and wipe your tears.

“Crying isn’t good for the-” You stop your self and pause, forgetting he doesn’t know about the baby yet.

“Isn’t good for what, (Y/N)? Only time I’ve heard that is if your…” He pauses and lifts you off the ground and spinning you around.

“Are you?”

“Yeah…” You grin widely and he smiles with tears running down his and your face. He looks in pain and guilty and you know why.

“I left for almost a month alone when I should’ve been there helping you with my son. All because of my dumbass assumption!! He slams his fist down on the top of the car in anger and you see a tear roll down his cheek.

“Hey, but I’m here now. And besides it’s gonna be a girl so…” You smirk and place your hands on his sides. He turns around smiling and wraps his arms around you protectively. He bends down and gives you a quick but passionate kiss.

“I love you…” He breathes while your foreheads are together. You smile at his question.

“Good! Because I love you…” You give him a kiss and you both start walking to the party again, hand and hand. That night you knew that Rob Gronkowski will love you forever.

Phan Hogwarts AU - Christmas Special

This one was fun to write.

I really hope you like this one.

Merry Christmas.

     Dan stood in front of the doors to Hogwarts, watching Phil collect his trunk and Susan.

    Phil turned to him. “Won’t you go home for Christmas, Dan?”

    He shook his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his family, it was just that his parents were overseas for the holidays and his family was scattered. So he’d told his mum that he’d just stay at Hogwarts for Christmas.

    Winter break had started that morning, and Phil was leaving for the holidays. Dan would be lying if he said he wouldn’t miss him. He hadn’t been at Hogwarts without Phil yet.

    The castle was already mostly empty. Students had left early that morning. Phil had decided to leave later in the day to properly say goodbye.

    “Well…” Phil trailed off. “Send me plenty of owls, won’t you? It’s only for a couple weeks. Plus, I’m sure Amber would appreciate the exercise.”

    Dan could only nod. He was trying to keep stoic. Truth be told, he didn’t want Phil to leave. He wanted to spend his first Christmas at Hogwarts with him, but Phil had to go visit his family.

    Phil reached forward to give Dan a hug. Dan squeezed him back tightly. “Don’t get undressed on the train, Phil.”

    Phil laughed, not letting go. “I won’t. I’ll be careful.”

    The pair stood there for a moment, before Dan finally pulled back regretfully. “You’re gonna miss your train at this pace, dummy.”

    “Yeah. I’ll see you later, Dan. Happy Christmas.”

    “Happy Christmas, Phil.”

    With that, Phil turned to the street and left Dan standing at Hogwarts’s entrance alone.

    Three days until Christmas.

    Dan hadn’t left his bed since Phil had gone home. He just slept and occasionally wandered down to the Great Hall, which still provided delicious food for the students that remained during the holidays.

    Every so often, he’d see another student that decided to stay at Hogwarts and he’d put his head down. He didn’t really feel like talking to anyone.

    The only other thing he did was go up to the owlery and say hello to Amber. She’d hoot at him and ruffle her feathers, waiting for a letter to send. For some reason, Dan never gave her one. He just couldn’t bring himself to send a letter. But three days before Christmas, he received his first letter from Phil:

     Dear Dan,

         How’re thing at Hogwarts? I bet it’s beautiful around Christmas. I only got to see a few of the decorations, but I bet you’re enjoying the lights. Or you’re holed up in your room and won’t come out. Try to go outside, won’t you?

        Things are well at home. I don’t enjoy getting my face squished between my relatives’ fingers, but it’s nice to see my parents. I told them about you. They wish you well, and mum says to tell you she’ll make you a pie.

        On the train back home, I met a rather tired girl. She fell asleep on the ride and kept muttering stuff under her breath. Susan jumped on her head and she screamed. I had to explain to the conductor why a ferret was tangled in a girl’s hair. Oops. At least all my clothes were on.

    Please reply soon. I miss you and Hogwarts already. Try to get out and do something fun for Christmas. I’ll see you soon.


Dan set down the letter.    

He didn’t know how many times he’d read it. Every time he tried to pick up a quill and write back, he couldn’t find the words. What could he say? Phil was so honest and his letter made Dan miss him more.

I miss you, Dan wanted to write, but he couldn’t. So instead he just didn’t send a letter.

He did take Phil’s advice. Phil was right–Hogwarts was beautiful this time of year. He hadn’t even noticed before Phil had written. Lights were strung, gigantic trees decorated the Great Hall, and even the ghosts were singing old Christmas carols. Snow fell outside, and frost clung to the windowpanes. All of the fireplaces were lit with roaring fires, and tinsel and holly were hung around the halls.

Dan went outside. Despite the cold, it was pretty. The snow was glistening and soft rays from the sun filtered through the trees and made everything glitter. Laughter rung from where a couple second-years were having a snowball fight.

Dan then trudged toward the Quidditch field. It, too, was sprinkled in snow. He enjoyed the soft crunching sound his feet made on the ground. Stopping in front of the hoops, he kicked the ground a little, shuffling up the snow. He sighed.

“Something wrong?” A voice spoke from the sky.

Dan jumped and looked up. To his astonishment, the headmaster sat there, perched on a broom. He had a bright green jumper on, and a scarf wrapped around his neck. His blue eyes twinkled from his seat.

“Professor! Um…”

He lowered and hopped off of his broom. “Beautiful morning, isn’t it? I love this time of year.”

Dan nodded, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Yeah.”

Professor Kjellberg paused. “You seem lonely this morning, Dan.”

He froze. Is it that obvious?

“Um, well, it’s pretty quiet around here.”

The headmaster seemed to take this in, then looked up at the sky. “How about a few rounds?”


“Quidditch. You play, don’t you?”

Dan could only stare in astonishment. “Uh. Yeah. But, Professor…you…you play?”

“Are you kidding? I was quite the Keeper when I went to Hogwarts. That was only a few years ago.”

“Well…” it was better than lying around being sad. Plus, how many students could say they played against the headmaster? “Okay.”

Professor Kjellberg wasn’t kidding. He was good at Quidditch. Dan fancied himself a pretty good Chaser, despite his inexperience, but the headmaster was excellent. He scored point after point. Dan couldn’t believe it.

Afterwards, they landed on the ground of the field. “Professor, I didn’t know you were that good,” Dan stammered.

“Thank you. But, Dan, you’re pretty good yourself. You’re only a first-year?”

“Yes. Should I even be using a broom?”

Professor Kjellberg laughed and waved it off. “It’s Christmas.”

Dan found himself smiling. He hadn’t smiled since Phil left.

“There’s the smile.” The headmaster turned towards Dan. “Would you like to walk with me back to the castle?”


So the pair made their way back to Hogwarts. Dan looked around on their way. Dusk was settling. As the last rays of the sun made their way across the snow-sprinkled lawn, the Christmas lights began to twinkle to life. Dan gazed at the castle and caught his breath. Phil was right. It was spectacular.

“Mr. Lester went home for Christmas, then?”

Dan turned toward the other man. He was gazing at the castle, too, but his eyes were still sparkling. “What?”

“Your friend, Phil Lester. I didn’t see him around.”

“No…Phil went home.”

As they entered Hogwarts, the professor suddenly stopped in front of the Great Hall. “What would you like for Christmas, Dan?”

He looked at the professor, surprised. “Uh. I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought of it.”

“I see.”

Silence stretched across the corridor. Dan finally turned to look at the professor. A smile was settled on his features. “I’ll see you on Christmas, Dan.”

He nodded. “See you, Professor.”

    Dan left Professor Kjellberg standing in the corridor, looking thoughtfully at the decorations in the hall.

It was Christmas Eve.

    Dan was sitting on his bed, another letter in his hand. It was from Phil.

Dear Dan,

        Have you sent a letter yet? I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing. Is Hogwarts lit up? I wish I could see it.

        All my family’s come down. It’s been so busy around here. To be honest, I’m kind of bored. I keep seeing things you’d make a snarky comment about or laugh at, and I turn to tell you, but you’re not there. I keep forgetting.

        I suppose you’re laughing at me right now, but that’s okay. It’s my job. And it’s Christmas, after all. By the way, I hope you like your present.

        I miss you.

        Say hi to Amber for me. See you soon.


    Dan put the letter down. He could feel his throat start to constrict. If he could be honest with himself, he was lonely.

    He just wanted to see Phil.

    As it grew darker, he just sat in his room. Phil’s words kept swimming around in his mind. I miss you.

    “I miss you, too,” Dan murmured, his voice cracking.

    Suddenly, something bit his nose.

    “Ow! Damn, what the hell?!” He sat up.

    Susan was sitting on his bed.

    Dan stared at her.

    “Susan?” he whispered.

    Susan looked at him resignedly. She suddenly jumped off the bed, scurrying toward the door.

    “Wait!” Dan jumped up and ran after her. “Wait! Susan! How the hell did you get here? Wait!”

    He chased her out of the Slytherin common room and around Hogwarts. He followed her out of the dungeon and across the corridors right into the Great Hall.

    He threw the door open.

    He hit someone with the door.


    “Shit! Sorry!”



    Just as the clock struck midnight, Dan found himself face-to-face with Phil, who was holding his arm as he smiled brighter than Dan had ever seen.

    Susan jumped up on Phil’s shoulder smugly.

    Phil looked up as the Christmas tree in the hall lit up. “Happy Christmas, Dan.”

    He was speechless. Finally, he threw his arms around Phil and hugged him tightly, finally managing the words: “Happy Christmas, Phil.”

    “Why are you crying?”

    “Shut up, I’m not.”

    “Come on, I have your present for you.”

    “How on earth did you even get here? Why are you here?”

    Phil laughed. “Christmas miracle?”

    “You’re so full of shit.”

    Phil nudged a present toward him. “Here.”

    Dan took it and opened it. Inside was a handmade sweater with a Snitch on it. It was black.

    “I’m not very good at knitting,” Phil said regretfully, “and I know you want to be a Chaser, not a Seeker, but I thought it’d be nice.”

    Dan looked up at him. “Thank you, Phil. I love it.” He suddenly remembered. “Your present is still up in my room!”

    Phil laughed. “It’s okay. You can give it to me later.”

    “Phil…what are you doing here?”

    He looked down. “You didn’t write.”

    Dan felt his chest constrict. “I–”

    “I know, Dan. You couldn’t.” Phil looked at him, and he was smiling. “But to be perfectly honest, I missed you. I wanted to be with you for Christmas.”

    He didn’t know what to say. Did Phil know how much this meant to him? What about Phil’s family? How did Phil get here?

    And he suddenly found that he didn’t care.

    He didn’t care.

    Phil was here. He was here for Christmas, and that’s all that mattered.

    Phil nudged him. “C’mon. Let’s go get some eggnog.”

    “Ew, Phil…”

    “It’s either that or Christmas caroling.”

    “Okay, okay, you win.”

    They both heard a shuffling and turned to see Professor Kjellberg pouring some eggnog at the main table. He smiled at them. “Today’s a big day, boys. Better eat up.”

    Honestly, Dan wasn’t even surprised anymore.

    They walked over, and Phil started drinking eggnog and piling food on his plate, blabbing about this and that. Dan, however, was watching the headmaster. He walked over to him.

    “Did you like my Christmas present to you?” Professor Kjellberg asked.


    The headmaster smiled and put down the pitcher. “Happy Christmas, boys,” he said as he walked out, winking at Dan as he disappeared.

    “I don’t get him,” Dan muttered.

    “Hey, Dan.”

    He turned around to face his friend. “Yeah?”

    “Are the lights as beautiful as I thought?”

    Dan grinned, taking a seat next to Phil in front of the Christmas tree. “Yeah, Phil. They’re absolutely magical.”

Baller in Luv (Yoongi/Reader)
Prompt: Hi dere!!! I saw that you guys were open for requests so can I get an angsty highschool AU in which the reader and Yoongi are both basketball players and the reader is convinced that he hates her guts but in reality, he really likes her and when he confesses, she thinks that he is joking and rejects him? Thanks so much!!!
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Words: 1651
Author: Admin Nan
Summary: The game is near and you need to get your head in the game for the sake of the team and no asshole can stand in your way.

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Imagine Jensen comforting you after a loss.

Characters: Jensen x reader

Word count: 1,200

Warnings: angst, loss of someone close

A/N: I thought about writing this fic as a Dean x reader, but it just felt right for it to be Jensen. For all purposes of this imagine, Danneel is happily married to some other gorgeous Hollywood fella. This fic is EXTREMELY personal and many may not relate to it. I’m writing this more for me than anyone else. I just need to get some of my emotions out from events that transpired today, and this is a way I’ve always been able to do that in a healthy(ish). So I’m sorry this may not be relate-able at all.

Too Young to Lose

You woke up not particularly looking forward to the day. Professional development before the start of the school year was always a bit of a drag. You loved being a teacher, but sometimes the hoops you had to jump through along the way were tiring. Today you were sitting through two difficult training sessions. One about learning how to deal with kids going through trauma, the other about kids in poverty. It was going to be a bit of an emotional day. 

To make matters worse, Jensen was getting ready to leave for MinnCon. You were going to be spending three days without him, and right before school started. Sometimes your conflicting schedules took it’s toll. This weekend would have been a nice weekend to have him around. It was your last weekend of “teacher hiatus” as Jensen liked to call it. 

You sighed as your alarm sounded again, your head resting on Jensen’s bare chest. You pressed your lips softly to his warm, silky skin.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he muttered, his voice gravelly with sleep. He kissed the top of your head and embraced you. 

You lifted your head from his chest. “Hi,” you smiled sleepily. You kissed his lips tenderly before rolling off the bed to get ready for the day. Out of habit, you grabbed your phone off the night stand and mindlessly wandered into the bathroom while looking through Facebook like you did every morning. 

You had just stepped into the bathroom when you scrolled past a support page for one of your students from when you taught sixth grade. Two years ago, one of your former students had been diagnosed with cancer. In the last year, he had had his leg amputated and had generally been through a lot for such a young man. His parents kept the community updated through the Facebook page, being honest about the good days and the bad. Six months ago, they had found out the cancer had spread. Jack was only 15, and the prognosis wasn’t good. 

This morning as you scrolled past the update, you stopped dead in your tracks. There was a picture of your student from almost 8 years ago. The message below it read, “Heaven got a little sweeter this morning as Jack passed away in his sleep this morning.”

You felt like all the air had been stolen from your lungs. You stepped back to the wall behind you and slid down it to the floor as tears flowed freely without your consent. Your chest felt like someone had laid a ton of bricks on it, and you were powerless to remove them. You started to have trouble breathing as Jensen stepped into the bathroom. 

“Y/N?” he asked as he nudged open the door, the concern clear in his voice. “Oh my god. Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked in panic as he fell to the floor by your side, his arms enveloping you and pulling you close to him, your head falling against his chest as the sobs racked your body. 

You weren’t able to form any words. You just sat there consumed by the news that you had just read. Your phone lay at your feet. After several minutes of tears, you pulled yourself away from Jensen’s wet chest, your face sticking to it briefly. “It’s Jack,” you managed, pointing to your phone. 

Jensen glanced at your phone, unwilling to let go of you. “Jack, as in your former student?” he asked. 

You always talked about Jack. He had been one of your favorite students when he was in the sixth grade five years ago even though teachers weren’t supposed to have “favorites.” He was different. He was always so kind, and the two of you would sit around and talk baseball and football during recess until it was over. You had adored him as a kid, and were proud of the young man that he was becoming. Jensen knew how hard it had hit you when he was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago.

A strangled cry escaped your throat in response to Jensen’s question. His arms tightened around you, as he tired to comfort you. “Y/N, baby, I’m so sorry,” he mumbled, a tear falling from his eyes as he kissed the top of your head. He had met Jack on several occasions and knew just how much he had meant to you. 

You weren’t sure how long the two of you sat in the floor. Eventually, your tears dried, and you forced yourself to get ready for the long day ahead of you. Jensen watched you cautiously the rest of the morning. 

“Y/N,” he started, watching you gather your things for the day. “Are you sure you want to go in today?” 

“Yeah,” you replied. “I’d rather be with others than sit around here, alone. If you were going to be here, I might feel differently,” you said with a shuttering sigh as you stared as his suitcase. Now you really hated that he was leaving for a con this weekend, but you didn’t want him to let down his fans either. He looked at you with a sad look that almost made you start crying again. “I know that look. I’ll be fine, J. I promise,” you said with false bravado.

He closed the gap between you in several long strides, his hands falling on your face pulling you into a kiss. He always saw right through you. “At least let me take you to work,” he said as his lips hovered over yours.

So he did. The day was trying and exhausting. Throughout your morning training, you were spacey and somewhat unresponsive. The poverty training in the afternoon was eye opening, but by the end you were dreading going home to an empty house. 

When you stepped out of the school building at 3:30, you saw one of your cars waiting by the curb. You figured Jensen must have had Cliff come and get you since everyone was going to be off at Con though why Cliff didn’t go with Jensen you weren’t sure. 

The driver’s side door opened and you were shocked to see Jensen. Your mouth dropped open, and your bag fell from your hands as you ran towards him as if you hadn’t seen him in years and not hours. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist as you flung your arms around his neck. You buried your face into the crook of his neck and started sobbing, the emotions you had been holding back all day finally breaching the surface again. 

“Shhhh,” Jensen said as he ran a hand up and down your back comfortingly. 

Eventually you composed yourself and asked, “Why aren’t you gone already?” secretly thankful that he was still there. 

“I rescheduled my flight,” he said, looking into your eyes. 

“Oh,” you muttered, disappointed. You thought selfishly that maybe he had cancelled his appearance at con to be with you. 

“You’re coming with me,” he said, pulling a second ticket from his pocket. 

“Oh J,” you whispered, tears falling once more. If the two of you couldn’t be at home this weekend, you’d take going with him. You needed him this weekend, and he knew that. He’d make sure that he was with you as much as he could be, and the rest of the cast would offer you love that would start to mend your broken heart. 

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