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i finished the song of achilles yesterday night and no book has ever destroyed me like this.., who even need feelings anyway, please if you have headcanons about patrochilles to share or anything tsoa to share im willing to cry

Oh my gosh I have so many thoughts about Song of Achilles (and have forced them on so many. I cannot tell you the amount of people who hate me for making them read this book)

  • please give me all of the patrochilles friendship where they love each other so deeply and are already folded into each others lives before they even start dating
  • it is so natural for them to start dating, and they realize their relationship has always been heading towards this immense something between them that was fate 
  • Achilles knowing just how much Patroclus makes him a better person, and always calling him his better half 
  • Patroclus always calling Achilles petal as his endearment, and it started as a joke, but now Achilles feels all warm inside whenever Patroclus uses it. 
  • Achilles being an absolute disaster at life in general, and Patroclus being able to calm him down somewhat. Achilles always becomes softer around Patroclus. 
  • Patroclus being an absolute badass who works in a hospital and has seen some shit, so everyone always assumes that Achilles is the super aggressive and assertive one until they see Patroclus angry. Achilles just is a disaster; Patroclus is a storm.
  • They have a playlist of songs that they call theirs. It’s a really eclectic mix and Careless Whisper is definitely on there. 
  • Achilles is really particular about folding clothes. Patroclus is really particular about kitchen cleanliness. This is how they battle out problems in their relationships. 

Steve and John talk about gay marriage.

I am extremely hungover from the post-parade Pride party I went to, but it was a great day and totally worth it. Received many compliments on my hair and the Wonder Woman/Supergirl shirt I was wearing. Collected a lot of beads but not the purple ones I really wanted and then at one point a girl just came right up to me and put purple beads over my hair so that was perfect.

Girls are so great.

So Many Stars (Ch. 14)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 5,867 words
Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, vomiting, illness, mentions of Kanye West
Description: Morning after regret…

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13

A/N: please enjoy! chapter 15 on sunday (march 1)! 


Phil was lying beside him, backlit by the sunshine pouring through the French doors that led onto his balcony. His face was in shadow, but his eyes were strangely clear. Phil stretched an arm out toward him and pulled him close, pressing Dan’s face into his bare shoulder. Dan closed his eyes and breathed deeply of the warm scent of Phil’s skin—

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Yo Cisco how'd you survive getting your engineering degree? I'm working on one right now and like I'm dying...we're all dying... we say that we're not an engineering school with a drinking problem, we're a drinking school with an engineering problem. (on the other hand we lit af)

Cisco: Oh man…college was nuts. I definitely know what you mean about the drinking, I had so many hangovers I’m surprised I made it out without dying of alcohol poisoning.

Francisco: What are you talking about, you never drink.

Cisco: I do, just not as much as I used to. I’ve learned to cope with my stress in other ways now, not to mention I’m not supposed to drink with the antidepressants I take.

Francisco: Huh…I can’t even really imagine you as a drinker…like did you drink the real stuff, or like…the fruity stuff?

Me: *indignantly* The fruity stuff is the same thing!

Francisco: The fruity stuff is for kids RJ, the real stuff sets your chest on fire, and wipes two weeks from your memory banks.

Cisco: *giving Francisco a concerned look* Um…I drank whatever I could afford as a college kid living with his mom…so like…cheap tequila, fireball, and beer.

Francisco: Oh…ew. No wonder you were hungover all the time.

Cisco: What were you drinking to wipe two weeks of memory?

Francisco: *shrugs* The real stuff.

Me: *shaking my head* Probably someone’s basement, bootleg moonshine.

Cisco: *nodding* Anyway, the only advice I can give you is, keep at it, and eventually you’ll get there. Make engineering your bitch. It helps. Oh, and ALWAYS hydrate after drinking!

Francisco: And buy better booze!

Me: Or not *smacks Francisco’s arm* we don’t want to encourage alcoholism here Francisco.

Francisco: *rolls his eyes*

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Ayyy Happy New Year everybody!

2015 was one heck of a wild ride, so let’s make 2016 even wilder (and safer)! :D

Goodness, I’ve met sooo many new people and have made so many new friends in just half a year, I don’t think I can tag them all ;_;

To Mah Art Buddies and Amazing Supportive Peeps (I AM GOING TO MISS TAGGING SO MANY PEOPLE IM SORRY): @emmathepaintdragon @a-random-commenter @stjarn-natt @windycube @barawolfdad @surrealectrus @greatmar2 @venthedragonkin @lemmyloopy @cheetahtrout @vindisticshadow @321comics @tantoria @chaoskirin @kudalyn @zerodestiny169 @alatreon-claw-attack @mini-squatch @gryfowl @communiquesfromm @tarmahartley @coroniux @coral-stone and EVERYONE ELSE THAT I PROBABLY FORGOT TO TAG crais ;w;

Thank you guys so much for making 2015 a special one!