so many handsome men

im jaebum is one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever seen, period.

You know, up to this point, Chiwetel Ejiofor has been my casting choice for T'challa, for obvious reasons, 

but I may have to reconsider and put my vote in for Aldis Hodge instead, because

actual African prince right there. He looks like the kind of man who could talk science to you, while being capable of taking out two men with just a fierce glare and I’m all about that.

Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he's with her



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He knew it wasn’t the best idea to invite his friends to a dinner with you, but you really wanted to meet his friends. Most of them are famous film actors and some of them are musicians. He was very close with them but you weren’t. When they came in you heard loud greetings and laughing. They were really happy to see each other again. You entered the room and introduced yourself. You recognized most of them from the movies. It made you nervous knowing you were among so many famous people. But dinner was just starting and you were chatting with everyone and got close with a lot of them. At the end of the day, you were all really good friends. You wanted to tell T.O.P something but Yoo Haejin, his friend from movie Tazza: The Hidden Card started teasing him about your relationship.T.O.P gave him a scary look with his eyebrows up and his brown eyes staring at him. You laughed at his comment but you wondered what will T.O.P do. He looked at him for a minute or so and made a threat against him then… laughed. He laughed.
“What did she tell you? You’re gonna have a private dinner later?”
*stares at him for a minute* 

“You…. You…. I’m not gonna forgive you…. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH got you there hyung!”

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You were at home when Jiyong came and brought a few friends with him. You came to ask him why did he bring friends but when you saw Seungri and Taeyang you didn’t even bother. They were here a lot so you got used to it. They decided to watch a football match together here. You made popcorn and snacks and joined them. They were just chatting for a while but when Seungri noticed you were laying on Jiyong’s shoulder he started complaining. Jiyong is used to his complaints so he just ignored him as long as he could so he didn’t do anything. He just took a deep breath and prepared for all the words he’s about to hear.
*stares at him for a while* “Shut up.”

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You were in a car with Taeyang driving to one of his friend’s party. You loved going to parties with him because you met a lot of new people. Today you went to a theme party and the theme was black-white. You loved themed parties. You both wore matching clothes and to make everything interesting you both wore the same shoes, but yours were black and his white. You arrived at the party and people greeted you. His friend came and started teasing him about your relationship and he just laughed. He didn’t like to take jokes serious because jokes aren’t serious. That’s why they are called jokes. You were a little bothered about listening to jokes the whole party so when you came home you just wanted some silence.
“Just don’t kiss too much at my party, okay? Because I will stop you… From being cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“ㅋㅋㅋ You will?”

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Daesung was in Japan and you didn’t have work this weekend so you decided to visit him. When you arrived you called him where he was, because he didn’t answer you called his manager and asked him for the key of his hotel room. You waited for him in a hotel room and he came with a friend. He was also a singer and famous for his amazing guitar skills. He was very happy to meet you and Daesung was surprised by your sudden visit, but he was happy though. When he started teasing him how cute you are together and what couple things you should buy, Daesung was a little embarrassed but happy because he was his really good friend. You both promised him you will buy those things.
“You must go and see the cherry blossom trees and buy matching phone cases…”
“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…okay, we will hyung…”

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He decided to take you with him to one of his friend’s club in Denmark. You were really excited to go to a club in Europe. When you arrived at the airport, his friend was already waiting for you. He greeted you with a joke about your relationship which you found really weird because this was your first meeting. Later at his club, he was still talking about your relationship. Seungri was of course bragging how awesome girlfriend you are and where have you been until now. He loved to joke and so did his friend. So when he teased him how to watch over you, so no one will try to flirt with you, he just laughed and promised he won’t take his eyes of you as always.
“You should watch her over, because there are so many blond handsome men over here, you know, hyung…”
“What? I was blond too and she likes me if I’m blond or not, right jagiya?”*looks at you with his puppy face waiting for an answer*

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I’m a bit tired of hearing “that girl looks like a guy” just because of some facial feature that is not cute and smooth like a fat baby’s bum.

Men and women are born in the same moment, you know (sorry, bible) so what makes some facial features “man’s prerogative”? you can get all the combinations is both cases sooo.

The nose is probably the biggest source of insecurity and so probably the most modified facial feature in girls, so many handsome men on tv are showing off all those beautiful varieties of noses while we se about 2 models of noses in girls defined pretty.

I have so many cute friends who worry about their nose shape, it’s been also one of my biggest insecurities too in the past, not anymore. 

Some of them don’t realize that changing that, in a number of cases, will just make them end up looking like every other cute girl, big whoop.

By the way I’m getting side tracked now, I am not here to complain about “who does what and why”, everyone can make their own choices and I don’t judge cosmetic surgery at all, if it makes you feel good you better do it for sure-

 I just think that handsome women are a bit underrated these days. 

The end.

Bye. Ciao. Adios.

Wear your face with pride gurls <3


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*Requested* Imagine Klaus becoming protective around you whenever Damon is around because both have a crush on you but you’re already dating Stefan

( Klaus and Damon really don´t like it each other. Damn they even got quite rude in this one.I hope you enjoy and sorry for the delay, my computer acted like a bitch. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.034

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a warm day in the woods of Mystic Falls as you stare into the big bonfire the students of Mystic High build here to celebrate. Watching a fire is always cozy and exciting at the same time. How the flames dance around the burning wood, creating a mixture of warm and vibrant colors with the somehow relaxing crackling sound it makes. It´s beautiful.

You so are hypnotized by the fire, you don´t notice Klaus walking over to you, after he switfly watched you from afar.

Klaus: “Hello love.”

You instantly look away from the fire, startled for a moment.

Y/N: “Klaus? What are you doing here?”

Klaus: “Can´t I just stroll around at a bonfire party in the middle of the woods, talking to one of the few lovely people in this town?”

Y/N: “Well, from what I´ve heard and seen you´re more of the “I´m having a literally bloody picnic in the middle of the woods” type of person.”

Klaus: “Come on now Y/N, I´m not that bad now am I?”

Y/N: “Maybe not.”

Klaus: “Just maybe?”

A flirty, yet dangerous smile is painted on his face as the nearby fire dances on his skin, highlighting his undeniable handsome features. You smile but shake your head as well, because of his attempt to flirt with you even though he knows you´re dating Stefan.

Klaus´ face suddenly hardens and he rolls his eyes in annoyance, as he senses Damon walking over. 

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1,690

Genre: Fluff

Description: You hear a rumour about Jungkook and automatically assume the worst.

Warnings: Swearing.

~ Masterlist ~

You could feel your blood boiling under your skin, setting you on fire. The feeling would have been no different than if your blood had been replaced with lava, making the hair on your body stand up. It sent hot chills down your spine and set a bright red tint on your cheeks. You were hot and bothered, and not in the good kind of way.

The rational part of you told you to relax. It was probably a misunderstanding, right? Probably, but that was the problem, probably didn’t mean definitely no. The insecure side of you broke wild, your body shaking with adrenaline. You told yourself to relax, to calm down before Jungkook got home.

You knew it. You knew you’d never be good enough for him. He was an idol, afterall. Someone with the title golden maknae would never be someone you deserved. He truly was perfect by your standards. Every second with him felt like it wasn’t real, like he wasn’t real. How could he be? That being said, your relationship itself was not perfect. He was a busy guy, after all, and you felt more alone with him than without him. Every waking second you looked yourself in the mirror and reminded yourself of how unworthy you were for him. You didn’t have a perfect body, your skin wasn’t flawless, your hair bordered on frizzy, your teeth weren’t completely straight. But him, he had millions of girls fawning over him - how could you not be insecure with him?

Your phone buzzed nonstop for what felt like years. You wanted so badly to pick up, to hear his voice, but the bile that settled in the back of your throat and the shaking of your hands refused to comply.


“Hey beautiful how’s your day??”

“You’re probably busy! Msg me later.”

“Ya! Pick up your phone I miss you”

“Okkkk it’s later. Are you working?”

“Jagiya.. It’s been hours I’m starting to get worried. Is everything okay? Your phone isn’t dead because it’s not going to voice mail.”

“Are you ok?!”

“Did I do something?”

“If you don’t answer your phone in an hour I’m going to come check on you.”

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How Well Do You Know Your Chrises? Study This Guide to Sound Super Smart

So many handsome, ripped men in Hollywood named Chris, so little time.

With their chiseled jaws, bulging biceps and sparkling smiles, how is the average moviegoer supposed to tell Chris Pratt from Chris Pine? That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to recognizing your Chrises.

(Although, when in doubt, just remember that they’re all very hot.)


Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Blue and sparkling
Does He Have a Dreamy Accent? Uh … sometimes he slips into a Boston accent, which is made attractive by the fact that it’s coming out of his mouth.
Does He Play a Superhero? Yes — he’s Captain America himself, which basically means that being hot is one of his super powers.
Does He Have a Brother? He does; his younger brother Scott is equally charming and handsome, and also an actor.

Such a great weekend with these two. I really lucked out in the sibling department. #missingshanna ALSO thank you @joshuastinnett and @thegendarmerie for getting my hair all ready for the weekend!!

A post shared by Scott Evans (@scottevansgram) on Feb 29, 2016 at 6:01pm PST

Is He Single? Yes, which means we’re all still in with a chance. (Hey, a girl can dream!)
Does He Like Dogs? Yes, in fact, he and his dog Dodger are basically the sweetest human-animal pairing we’ve ever seen in this world. Oh, and Dodger is named after the Artful Dodger from Oliver, just in case you weren’t already swooning.

Does He Look Equally Hot with a Beard? You bet he does.
How Do I Tell Him Apart from the Other Chrises? He’s most likely wearing a backwards baseball cap.
He’s the Chris Most Likely to … Help you carry a heavy box into your house. It lets him be a gentleman and show off his biceps.


Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue, like the beautiful ocean waves
Does He Have a Dreamy Accent? Indeed — he’s Australian.
Does He Play a Superhero? Yes, he plays Thor. You can recognize him by his gorgeous, flowing golden locks, although he will lose them for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.
Does He Have a Brother? Yes — in fact, he has two hot brothers, Liam and Luke. The Hemsworth gene pool is truly the most exceptional in the world.

Is He Married? Yes, to Elsa Pataky. And yes, they’re absolutely perfect and charming together.
Does He Have Children? Yes, three: daughter India, 4, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, 3. This perfect family blessed us with this picture. You’re all welcome.

Has He Ever Been PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive? Why, yes, he was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2014.
How Do I Tell Him Apart from the Other Hot Chrises? He’s by far the blondest Chris on this list. Oh, yeah, and that accent.
He’s the Chris Most Likely to … Kill a spider for you. He’s Australian; there’s nothing that scares him.

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Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: The deepest, bluest of blues
Does He Have a Dreamy Accent? No, but his voice is plenty dreamy nonetheless.
Does He Play a Superhero? No, but he does play Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek films, so he’s used to hanging out in outer space.
Does He Have a Brother? No
Is He Single? As far as we know — Pine is notoriously private. But, hey, we’re happy to help take him off the market!
Does He Sing? Like an actual angel on earth.

Does He Look Equally Hot with a Beard? Abso-freaking-loutely
How Do I Tell Him Apart from the Other Chrises? When he has a beard, it’s got a very distinguished salt-and-pepper quality to it.

He’s the Chris Most Likely to … Serenade you on a whim. Look, he played Prince Charming in Into the Woods, he knows how to make a girl swoon.


Hair Color: Brown (although sometimes blonder)
Eye Color: Green, and gorgeous
Does He Have a Dreamy Accent? He doesn’t need one.
Does He Play a Superhero? Yes — He’s Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. He’s also in the new Jurassic Park films, in which he doesn’t play a superhero, but he does train velociraptors, which is pretty darn cool.
Does He Have a Brother? He has an older brother named Cully.
Is He Married? Yes, to Anna Faris, and yes, they are the goofiest, sweetest couple in Hollywood.

Does He Have Children? He has one son, Jack, 4, who is absolutely delightful and adorable.
Was He Ever on a Cheesy Teen Soap Opera? You bet he was; he played Bright Abbott on Everwood from 2002 to 2006.
How Do I Tell Him Apart from the Other Chrises? After getting in shape for Moneyball, he is now more ripped than we ever dreamed a human could be.

He’s the Chris Most Likely to … Do something goofy in order to get a laugh. If there’s one thing we learned from our years of binge-watching Parks and Recreation, it’s that nobody commits to a bit quite like Pratt.

And now that we’ve gotten that sorted, it’s time to focus on other difficult questions. Like, which Ryan is more handsome — Gosling or Reynolds?

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"I need a hug." for the muse's reaction meme please? BTW I really really like your Purge that Urge series, just so you know. It's lovely. :)

Oh sweetie sweetie sweets thank yooooou!!!

My masterpost list of all the bullshit I’ve written can be found here. :)


Jack sneezed from under the mound of blankets he’d cocooned himself in. “I’m literally about to die.”

Rhys grinned from where he was heating up soup in Jack’s kitchen. The older man was sick. And not even badly sick, he just had a cold. To Jack though, it might as well be the end of the world.

“You’re not about to die,” Rhys told him, trying to keep the amusement from his voice.

Jack shot him a dirty look from the couch. Apparently he hadn’t completely hidden his tone. And Jack was in a petulant mood to boot.

“I’m about to die and you don’t even care.”

Rhys snorted at the pitiful tone, unable to stop himself as he poured the soup from the pan into a bowl. Jack was making grumbling noises from the couch as Rhys brought the tray and tried to give him an authoritative smile.

“You need to eat, handsome.”


Rhys ignored him. “Some chicken soup is one of the only things that actually fights colds. Dig in.”

Jack pulled the blankets tighter around himself, sniffling. “I don’t want it.”

“I thought you didn’t want to die,” Rhys told him with a smirk as he set the tray of food on the coffee table before the older man.

Jack managed to muster the deepest glare he could, but most of the venom was lost as he sneezed again and moaned in discomfort. Rhys handed him the box of tissues next to him. His eyes were watery and his nose was red from all the wiping. He was miserable.

Rhys picked up most of the tissues Jack had strewn about below the couch, fully missing the bin he’d set up. Jack really was miserable though, and he wasn’t used to getting sick, so Rhys decided to cut him some slack on that.

“Do you want some OJ or anything to drink?” Jack just grumbled and repositioned his blanket mound on the couch. Rhys smirked and went to empty the tissue bin.

“I need you to put me out of my misery,” Jack groaned, blowing his nose into more tissues.

Rhys huffed with a smile. “Mercy killings aren’t part of my contract. Sorry, handsome.”

Jack whined sobs into his blankets, sounding extra miserable. “I need a hug.”

A warm smile spread over Rhys’ face as he emptied and replaced the bin, and joined Jack on the couch. The older man leaned into him with an uncomfortable sound and Rhys wrapped his arms around the miserable CEO.

“A cold isn’t gonna take out the great Handsome Jack. You’re gonna kick this thing’s ass and then go on to kick more bandit ass, mark my words.”

Jack just grumbled as he was half-in Rhys’ lap. The younger man just hugged him close until the CEO thankfully fell asleep.

He gave the soup cooling on the table a dirty look.

Well, he’d just heat it up again and make Jack eat it then.

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do you think girls these days are too shallow and superficial? its kind of like all they look for is a good looking guy.

Quite the opposite, actually. Pretty much all I see is beautiful women walking around with subpar-looking men. I get why though, I mean, there aren’t many pretty/handsome men out there, so girls are forced to lower their standards and settle for the first ‘at least he’s nice/funny’ guy they see. Really works for me though because I’m a horrible human being, but I’m pretty and charming so girls are usually attracted to me despite all my inner ugliness. 

When BTS get jealous on their Wedding day

Written scenario: it’s the wedding day, at the wedding party,And as usual,you as a bride must dance with guys. He(V,Suga,Jin,JungKook,Jimin) gets jelous because there are too many guys inviting you to dance and they are all young and good looking.


He was the happiest man in the world right now, or he would be, if it wasn’t for all those idiots dancing with you right now.

He stared at your beautiful figure from across the room, as it made its way over to the snack table, and he smiled to himself. He knew you hadn’t eaten at all that morning, because you were too scared of looking a little bloated, so he knew you were ready to attack the snacks as soon as you had a chance. He watched you sneakily munching on as many snacks as you could, and he chuckled to himself.

He couldn’t take his eyes of you, he thought he was in the Nirvana right now. No one could take away the happiness he felt at the thought of being able to spend the rest of his life with you as your husband. He played with the newly positioned ring on his finger, as he nodded at whoever was talking to him, not fully paying attention to the conversation.

His eyes narrowed the moment a young man approached you, and took your hand, asking you for a dance. He eyed him up and down, displeased, and huffed, yeah sure, that kid was handsome, but at the end of the day, he was the most handsome man in the room, so he didn’t make a big deal out of it.

He observed you dancing with the young man, your body twisting and twirling gracefully, until another young man asked you to dance with him too. This one was even more handsome than the first, and he began feeling jealousy bubbling up inside him. J-Hope, who he had been talking to for the past few minutes noticed Jin’s lack of attention, and so followed his gaze, chuckling slightly when he saw you dancing with another man. He patted his friend on the shoulder, before walking away, knowing it would be no use to try to talk to him now.

Jin remained calm, simply glaring at the guys that asked you to dance with them, but when the fourth handsome guy took your hand and pulled you towards the dance floor, he had had enough. He had never been the patient kind, and he wasn’t about to start now. He squared his shoulders and walked your way, holding his head up high.

He stopped behind the handsome young guy, and tapped him on the shoulder, flashing a bright smile at the guy as soon as he turned around.

“Excuse me, but I think it is time that I had a dance with my wife.” He spoke, before the guy excused himself, and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Was my precious husband jealous?” You teased, poking at his chest with one of your fingers. He smiled at the sound of that word rolling off your lips.

“Say it again” He asked you, a warm feeling expanding in his chest.

“My precious husband?” You asked with a smile tugging at the corners of your lips. He grinned, before attacking your lips with his own.

“I’ll never get tired of hearing it” He whispered, before kissing you again.


He grumbled as he watched you dance with the 5th boy since the reception had started. His eyes narrowing at your beautiful figure, enhanced by that mermaid cut white dress you were wearing, as you smiled at the man you were dancing with. He wasn’t sure who the guy even was, but he was starting to get a little bit sick of it.

He had tried to go over and talk to you from the minute he saw you dancing with the first guy, but every time he tried to make his way across the dance hall, someone stopped him to speak to him and congratulate him. He stared at you like a puppy, while he had to make small talk with the many people that spoke to him, wishing he could just walk away, but he couldn’t do that, because some of them were your family members, and some were important people from work, and he knew he had to be respectful and kind. But how he hated it.

He felt his stomach churn as the guy brought you closer, and he just wished he could rip his hand away from your waist. He started feeling uneasy, seeing so many handsome men dancing with you. You were beautiful, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his whole life, and he had always had a feeling he didn’t deserve you, that you were too good for him, and now looking at those handsome young men with you, all those feelings resurfaced, stronger than ever. It was silly, because he shouldn’t have felt jealous at all, you had literally just married him, but he couldn’t  help himself, the insecurities were getting the best out of him.

He saw the young man’s eyes glisten as he stared at you, and his arm pull you a little closer, and anger started to boil his blood up. His chest began to raise and fall harshly with every angry breath he took, his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. His hands were balled up into fists, the knuckles turning white, as he felt his self-control slipping out of his hands.

Yoongi noticed his friend’s anger, and rushed to the rescue, distracting the important member of the company with a set of random questions as he pulled him away towards the snack table. Jimin sighed in relief, grateful towards his friend.

Before anyone else could come talk to him, he sprinted across the dance hall, straight towards you. You noticed him, and knew immediately how he felt. You watched the anger in his eyes, and quickly let go of the boy’s hand, flashing him an apologetic smile.

“I think it’s time for us to head home… I think we should start out wedding night already.” He growled in your ear, before grabbing your wrist, and dragging you out the door. You smiled cheekily, knowing all of the pent up anger would just lead to a hell of a passionate night.

You quickly said your goodbyes to everyone, excusing yourselves for the night, before running to the car, ready to start your first night together as husband and wife.


He was beaming, his smile could literally light up the whole room, and you were right next to him glowing, looking like a an angel in your pure white dress. People clapped and cheered as he leaned in to kiss you, sealing your wedding. He looked into your eyes as he pulled away.

“I love you” He whispered, his smile stretching so far on his face he could feel his cheeks burning.

“And I love you Jungkook” You whispered back, before touching his face with your soft hands.

You both turned to the crowd, and made your way out of the church, hand in hand, the feeling of pure bliss filling your hearts, for now you were sure, you would spend the rest of your lives together, and everyone present that day was witness to your love.

You stared at Jungkook with adoration in your eyes, as he spoke to his manager, his hand enveloping yours tightly. You noticed the way his eyes sparkled as he was congratulated, and you knew he felt just as happy as you were.

Suddenly, your shoulder was tapped by none other than Taehyung, who was smiling at you cheekily. He bowed down to you, and then offered you his hand.

“Care to dance with me, my lady?” he overly exaggerated the invitation, making you laugh. Jungkook seemed a little too busy with his chat, so you decided to dance with Tae anyway, Jungkook wouldn’t mind, right? He was his best friend after all.

So you took Taehyung’s hand, and let him lead you to the dance floor. One of his hands was pressed firmly on the small of your back, as the other gently grabbed yours. He lead you, as you danced, swaying your bodies to the music. He twirled you in his arms, smiling at you.

“I’m glad you are my little sister now” He whispered in your ear as he brought you closer. Jungkook saw that, and started to feel uneasy. He felt the green monster of jealousy slowly awaken inside him.

Soon enough you felt another tap at your shoulder, and Jin was there, asking you to dance too. You smiled at the older boy, and unwrapped Tae’s arms from you, to dance with Jin. Dancing with Jin was even more fun than dancing with Taehyung. Jin was a little clumsy, and sometimes accidentally stepped on your feet, but you were happy to lead him.

“Welcome to the family Y/N” Jin told you with a warm smile that could have made your heart melt if it wasn’t for your strong, undying love for Jungkook.

Jungkook stood there, angrily staring at his hyungs as they danced with you, feeling a little jealous. He had never admitted this to you, but he had always been scared of losing you to one of them, for being older and more experienced. You noticed Jungkook glaring, and you quickly pulled away from Jin, excusing yourself. You ran up to your husband, picking your dress up at the front so you wouldn’t trip over the long material.

“Kookie, are you jealous?” You teased, smiling at him, but he shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I think you are… Silly husband, I was only dancing with them because you seemed busy.” You explained, trying to unwind his arms from his body so you could place them around yours.

“Well they were clearly enjoying themselves a little too much with you, with all the touching and the whispering in your ear…” He mumbled, looking away from you, but letting you position his arms around your body, placing both hands on your hips.

“You want to know what they said to me?” You asked him, and that perked his interest. “They were welcoming me to the family” You whispered shyly, a pink blush rising to your cheeks. This made Jungkook grin.

“We are a family now” He spoke, before gently brushing his lips against yours.


His eyes were reduced to the smallest of slits as he stared at the young boys dancing with you. He knew it was the custom, the bride had to dance with people at the wedding, but he was far from happy about it.

He felt envy rush upon him as he watched you being twirled by other men, handsome men he didn’t even fully know. He hated it, he absolutely hated it. You were his, you were only his, and you had just gotten married. You were supposed to be with him today. It was your day as a couple. How dare those guys even lay a hand on you?

He wanted to literally rip their hands off their bodies, so they couldn’t touch your waist again. But he had to remain calm, he couldn’t ruin this day for you. You seemed happy, you were literally glowing with happiness in your princess-like white dress, and he caught you staring at your new wedding band placed on your ring finger multiple times, biting your lips and suppressing a smile as you looked at it.

He smiled at you, but the anger still bubbled inside him. He was suddenly becoming self-conscious and insecure, for those young men were a lot more attractive than he believed himself to be, taller, with bigger eyes, and manly faces, big muscles and wider backs. He wanted to rush over and sweep you away, and suddenly, a light bulb lit up in his head.

He made his way over to you calmly, a perfectly composed expression plastered on his face. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, perhaps squeezing a bit too much.

“May I have a dance with my lovely wife?” He asked, smiling at you, subtly pushing the boy away. You nodded, smiling up at him as you took one of his hands as the other rested firmly on the small of your back. You stared into his eyes, and watched them darken as he looked at you.

“Yoongi? Is everything okay?” You asked him, as he led your body against his, swaying both of your hips.

“Why do you ask?” He replied back, with his own question, as he licked his lips, twirling you so your back was against his chest. You could feel his quickened heartbeat.

“Oh… Nothing…” You replied, before subtly grinding your hips against him. You heard him moan softly, the grip on your hips tightening further.

“How about we go for a walk? Somewhere more private… I really want to talk to you…” He purred into your ear, making a shiver run down your spine. You grinned, and nodded, knowing exactly where this was headed.

He grabbed your hand and gently pulled you through the crowd, exiting the room, before pushing you inside the bathroom. He locked the door behind himself, before turning to you, his eyes almost black with desire. He licked his lips before eyeing your dress. You walked up to him, and wrapped your arms around him, pressing your body against his, before attacking his neck with your lips. He moaned lightly, before pushing you up onto the sink, your legs wrapping around his, and right then and there, you both knew your wedding start would be starting a little earlier than expected.


You had been trying to get Taehyung’s attention for a while now, but he was too busy talking to his manager and other important people from the company, and you knew he wasn’t going to dismiss them just to talk to you. You missed him, and you wanted to cuddle with him, after all it was supposed to be your day, your special day.

You stared at the wedding band on your ring finger and smiled, almost becoming emotional again when you remembered the words he spoke when you exchanged vows. He had told a short story about how you met, and how he had fallen in love with you, promising to be by your side for the rest of your lives, loving you, and protecting you, making sure you always felt as happy as he felt right now.

You loved him, more than anyone could possibly fathom. You knew everything about him, you knew exactly how he liked his meals seasoned, you knew exactly what temperature he liked to have his showers at, and most of all, you knew his serious and responsible side, the one that made life plans with you, and whispered sweet things in your ears.

Everyone thought Taehyung was weird, and hyperactive, but you knew better, you knew the true Taehyung, and you had fallen hopelessly in love with him. So you couldn’t be any happier knowing you got to call yourself his wife.

You waved at him from your spot on the dance-floor, but he barely looked at you, all of his attention focused on the two members of the company he was talking to. You knew it had to be something serious, otherwise he would have waved back, so you let it slide. You felt a tap on your shoulder, and your eyes met those of a handsome young man who was asking you to dance with him.

You quickly agreed, ready to have some fun. You began dancing with the guy happily, giggling as he spun you round and round in circles. The boy was clearly happy to be dancing with the bride, and you couldn’t help but feel a little flattered as he complimented you.

Suddenly, the song changed, and another boy asked you to dance. This new boy held you a little too close for your liking, but you ignored that, allowing your body to rhythmically sway with the music. You felt the boy’s hand slide down your body, and you began feeling a little uncomfortable. You tried pulling away, but the guy had a strong hold on you. You didn’t want to cause a scene on your wedding day, but you really did not want to have some random guy touching you when you had just gotten married. Who was he anyway? You didn’t even know his name.

Suddenly you felt the guy being ripped away from you, Taehyung quickly taking his place with the biggest smug expression on his face. He grabbed you tightly, and began dancing with you. You looked towards the spot where his manager was, watching their confused faces as they stared at Tae. He must have left suddenly, rushing to your aid. You smiled shyly up at him.

“Thank you Tae…” You whispered, and he cocked his head to the side.

“Tae? Who is this Tae you are talking about? He has a pretty name, he must be a handsome guy though. I am not Tae, I am Your Husband” He replied playfully, frowning slightly, and you laughed. He could be such a fool sometimes.

“Okay, I am sorry, thank you Husband, for saving me back there” You sighed, looking into his deep, deep eyes. He smiled at the word.

“You are welcome sweetie, I didn’t want anyone’s filthy hands on my Wife” He replied with a grin, and you felt your heart flutter at the sound of the words wife rolling off his tongue.

“I am your wife” You whispered, completely in awe by the notion.

“You are… You finally are” He spoke, his voice becoming slightly higher with the excitement, and you could swear you saw a tear fall down his cheeks. Today was officially the happiest day of your life.

Dahmer Detective: Part II


• After the first interview, Dahmer was noticeably more stoic, and his voice and mannerisms seemed parallel to how they would later appear in interviews, rather than the obviously anxious and more emotional version of Jeff that Pat encountered the night of his arrest. Jeff only seemed especially anxious when it was time for Pat to leave, this may have been due to nicotine withdrawals.
• In some of the interrogations, especially if someone else was in the room, Pat noticed that Jeff would seem to space out, his voice would become more flat and he would stare straight ahead, and return to attention when he was done speaking.
• Steven Hicks’ retainer was recovered where Dahmer said he had thrown it in the river on the chain back in 1978. Bones found where Dahmer said they would be. Everything seems consistent. They test him with photos of non-missing persons, Jeff is not caught in any lies, seems honest and helpful.
• Once booked in county, awaiting trial, there was an instance where Jeff was escorted through a group of female prostitutes that had been arrested - inciting a lot of chaos, one screaming “It’s Jeffrey Dahmer!” Jeff hadn’t had a shower in a week (due to a lack of police escorts) and was unshaven, he joked that he didn’t think he looked THAT bad. This joke threw Pat off and Jeff smiled at him.
• Jeff explains to Pat that he only killed the men that he found especially beautiful. He slept with many, many others.
• Also says that the reason his grandmother asked him to move out is because he was caught in the basement with a guy, (not named - Ronald Flowers) an intended victim that survived because his grandmother had seen him there. ( Flowers is the infamous “I don’t remember you. We should get coffee” guy that noted Jeff’s scruffy hush puppies and tried to beat him up in a bar a year after this event - Jeff had put him on a bus and he was found in a field, and taken to a hospital. He was medically cleared but he noted bruising on his neck and his underwear was inside out.)
• When Pat and Jeff meet up again after this meeting, Jeff is cleaned up and neatly shaven. Pat states it is no surprise he was able to pick up so many men, he was a handsome guy. Murphy also noted this, but aloud, and Jeff blushed. (I’m completely serious, I’m not making this up.)
• Dahmer identified 3rd victim (not named - Jamie/James Doxtator) by noting some small scars - two were from cigarette burns as a result of child abuse from when he was a baby and one was from an appendix operation. Dahmer is surprised to hear that the victim was not Hispanic but actually Native American and 16 years old (the victim was actually 14 - unsure if this is preliminary information, but Doxtator was 14 when he was killed?), since he met him near a bar at a late hour. He also states here that he liked to orally take advantage of his victims while they were under the effects of the sleeping pills and would be disappointed if arousal did not occur.
• Thanksgiving “candle instance” is brought up by a newspaper article in the Milwaukee Journal, where a preacher that caters to the homosexual population claims to have met Dahmer and tried to convert him - this preacher is the man that took Jeff home and hogtied him from the ceiling and sodomized him with a candle while Jeff was passed out from drinking. Jeff, awaking to a panic and begins yelling and struggling, and is let down, preacher offers to make him breakfast and talk him down and Jeff refuses and leaves. (Jeff was five hours late returning to his probationary work release program because of this.) Two days later, 6 inches of the candle is “retrieved”. Jeff says “This is the price you pay for engaging in a high-risk lifestyle.” He didn’t report the incident. He also said, “You know, Pat, there are some really weird people out there.”
• The eighth victim (not named - Ernest Miller) was offered $150 because Jeff knew he wasn’t gay and needed extra persuasion. He apparently threatened him as Jeff fellated him, but Jeff didn’t care because he had already drugged him. This is the victim he used a knife to cut the carotid artery because he began regaining consciousness and Dahmer couldn’t fight him - there was a struggle.
• For his fifth victim (not named - Anthony Sears), Dahmer mentions he liked and kept the hair because he could wear his scalp (?) and fellate the acetone preserved genitalia.
• Jeff received a copy of Killing for Company by Brian Masters, detailing a Dennis Nilsen’s case, one of striking similarities, and requesting an interview with Jeff. Decision was left up to Boyle, his attorney.
• Around this time, still prior to trial, Jeff receives lots of fan mail, including risque photos of women. He looked at Pat in disbelief after reading one of the letters, asking to talk to him because he was fascinating. Some requested interviews and one offered to pay for his defense. His legal counsel (Wendy Patrykus/Patrickus - someone Dahmer would later say was one of the closest friends he’d ever had ) took the letters, she said couldn’t believe anyone would want to be his penpal.

My notes are the italicized portions. I can elaborate on any of the above, I just wanted to get some information down while it was still fresh in my mind. I was hoping to make this into a trilogy but there’s just so much important information, so it’s going to be a small series instead. I am still only halfway through the book! I’m learning that victim’s names aren’t going to be noted, especially because Jeff knew so few of them, so I’m taking my time to make the connections and notes as I read and adding them here.

Bad Boy BTS- Shades of Grey- Hoseok (part 14)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13 , Part 15

“You can all come in to see Mr. Kim now, but please be quiet, he is still recovering.” The doctor delivered the good news with such tranquility, that it threw you all off. You all stared at the doctor, completely speechless for a few seconds, blinking repeatedly, trying to process the news.

Suddenly, you all stood up, and darted into Taehyung’s room. Your heart shattered once you saw him so pale and weak, in a hospital robe, and attacked to multiple tubes and needles. You could hear his heartbeat on the monitor, and that gave you a sense of relief in the pit of your stomach, dissolving the knot that had formed from nervousness.

“I see you are back together.” Taehyung choked out with a weak laugh, as he pointed towards your hand intertwined with Hoseok’s. you hadn’t even noticed you were holding it as you walked into the room, but now you could suddenly feel all of its warmth. You blushed, and looked down at your feet.

“Yah! Do you know how worried we were?!” Jin scolded him, a stern expression plastered on his face. Taehyung grinned at him with his trademark squared smile, and you felt your eyes begin to dampen.

“Hey… Y/N why are you crying? I’m alive… I’m okay! Are you not happy that I’m okay?” Taehyung asked you, his expression filled with concern, and his voice soft and amiable.

“You are such an idiot Taehyun! I was so worried about you! I was so scared you were going to die!” You told him, as you ran towards him, and wrapped your arms gently around him, trying not to apply any pressure on any wounded area.

“Aaaah you are so sweet Y/N! But why are you crying now? I’m alright, see?” He told you, holding you against himself. You wiped a tear away with the back of your hand, and smiled at him.

“Because I’m glad you are okay!” You sobbed, as the rest of the boys made their way towards their best friend.

“Yah, I swear if you ever scare us like this again, we will make sure you DO get killed.” Yoongi threatened, but his gummy smile gave away the happiness and relief he felt.

It was almost perfect, all 8 of you together in that room, smiling and laughing, almost manically, from the sudden surge of relief, and peace you felt. You had all been put under so much stress, you couldn’t help but let go a little too much once it had been removed.

The memories of the previous fight were long gone, almost as if nothing had ever happened, and honestly, you intended on keeping it that way. You hoped you never had to go through anything like that again.

These thoughts left a stinging sensation in your chest, and a few questions that you were too scared to speak out loud. Would dating Hoseok put you in danger? Would situations like these happen again? Was Hoseok worth all the pain, fear and suffering? Would he be able to protect you?

You didn’t have time to formulate more questions, when a nurse walked into the room, with a change of pillows in her hands.

“I’m sorry but visiting hours finished about two hours ago… You can come back tomorrow if you want. He should be okay in a couple of days too.” She told you guys shyly, and you could tell that not only was she overwhelmed by being in the same room as so many handsome men, but also, she really didn’t want to interrupt the moment you were all living in.

You all nodded obediently, and quickly said your goodbyes before leaving the room silently. Your whole body began to ache, all of the events from earlier on finally taking a toll on you. Your bruises became sore, you had a pounding headache, and your bones hurt more than you could possibly believe was possible.

You felt your knees give out underneath you, but before you could hit the ground, Hoseok had already caught you, pressing your body against his for support.

“Are you okay?” He asked you, worry creasing his forehead, as he examined your face. You looked at him, and you couldn’t help but smile as you nodded. You felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach, as you finally realized how much he genuinely cared about you, and all the things he would do for you with no hesitation. He would always be there to pick you up when you fall.

“Thank you, Hoseok..” You whispered, your cheeks tinting a slight rosy color.

You noticed Jimin open his mouth to make a comment, but he was quickly being pushed away by Jin, muttering something about privacy, and shooting you an apologetic look, as they continued to exit the hospital to make their way towards the cars.

The drive back home was mainly silent, but this time it wasn’t a panic ridden silence, it was merely due to the fact that you were all inevitably exhausted from all the previous events. Your bodies were drained from all the energy and strengths they had once had, and you were all beginning to feel the discomfort from your wounds.

“Y/N, where am I supposed to be taking you?” Jin kindly asked, as he stopped at a red light. Your eyes opened wide, as you processed his words.

You hadn’t given much thought to where you were going, you just wanted to find a place to sleep and rest in for the moment, and weren’t particularly bothered by the location. But Jin’s question suddenly rose the argument of whether you should go back home, or stay with the boys for the night.

Honestly, you were terrified of staying at home, completely alone again. You knew it wasn’t very likely that you would get attacked tonight, but you weren’t going to trust those guys again, not after everything they had done to you. But was it okay to go back with the boys? Wouldn’t that be just as dangerous? Or awkward? Everything had happened because of you. Taehyung was in the hospital because of you.

“Will you come back with us? It will probably be safer. I won’t be calm unless I know you are not home alone.” Hoseok told you, looking at you with pleading eyes so beautiful and intense, you just couldn’t say no.

“Ah… Okay. I don’t really want to be alone either…” You told him, with a shy smile. Your cheeks flushed red with the thought of what could possibly happen if you and Hoseok shared a room together, at night.

Jin nodded, and sped up a little as he drove back towards their flat. Hoseok smiled to himself and squeezed your hand softly in this. Judging by the color of your cheeks, he could imagine what you were thinking about, and he found your flustered state quite adorable.

Once you had reached the apartment, Jin parked his car once again, and waited for Namjoon to come back with his, while he handed you and Hoseok the keys to the flat.

You walked in straight after Hoseok, staring down at your feet. That night, everyone was quiet. Everyone was too exhausted by all of the previous events to even know or care about food, or showers, or getting changed at the moment. You all said your goodnights to everyone, and then shyly walked into Hoseok’s room.

He closed the door behind you, and then walked over to his wardrobe. He took a large t-shirt and some boxers out, and handed them to you shyly.

“What’s this for?” You asked him, looking at the neatly folded clothing. He smiled, as he turned away from you, giving you his back.

“It’s for you to change in. I don’t have any girl pajamas, so I am giving you this. You’ll need something to sleep in.” He told you, as he over-exaggerated his actions, because you couldn’t see his face but he wanted to let you know he was sassing you.

You began removing your clothing, and slipping on Hoseok’s clothes, the t-shirt falling loosely over your body, and reaching almost down to your knees. What you didn’t realize, was that from where Hoseok was standing, he could catch a small glimpse at your body through the reflection of a mirror in his room, which was making him blush.

You turned over to him, with his clothes now in place, and looked him in the eye, before doing one twirl.

“How do I look?” you asked him, standing up straight, and tugging at the hem of the shirt. He smiled at you warmly, his eyes sparkling, as he walked towards you, and wrapped an arm tightly around your waist.

“Beautiful. As always.” He replied, before kissing your lips ever so gently, making the butterflies in your stomach go wild. Was this it? Were you going to give in?


So, yeah I’m lucky to live in a country where there are so many handsome men!

🔹Marcus Ericsson - Formula 1 driver
🔹Måns Zelmerlöw - Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest
🔹Joel Kinnaman - Actor
🔹Tim Bergling - AKA Avicii
And let’s not forget the Skarsgård brothers!