so many guitar players after the show

Name: Bob Anthony

City: Largo, FL

Instrument: 1971 Fender Jazzmaster

I picked this instrument up for $250 in Jan. 1988. I was living in Tallahassee at the time and was down at my Mom’s in Seminole recuperating from a serious car wreck. My band at the time had several dates booked, including many out-ot-town shows. I was going to be sitting to play for the next several months. A friend sold me this guitar, which was designed for the sit-down player, and I had been wanting a Fender guitar after using one in the studio and years of playing Gibsons. So it became my main guitar for many years.

The guitar was pristine when I got it, but it has seen many a spill of every kind, including a fall onto a rough road face-down (All it did was break a string–I put one on and played three sets that night). It is a temperamental beast–the pickups howl, it’s too noisy to record with, but the mojo is unbelievable–I probably play better on it than any other guitar, and I can get any sound I want out of it.

The period when I got the guitar was a real turning point for me as a person and as a musician. Sure, I wish it was pristine, but I can trace each ding, and there were (may still be) bloodstains on it from my own dings! I play it less than my other guitars, but when I pick it up, I wonder why I would play anything else.

Song sample is ‘Sha-La’ by the Casual Ts from the 'Contrails’ album (1994). Solo picks up at 3:38 until the end. Jazzmaster through BlueTube or Boss OD1, Boss CE3 chorus and DD2 Delay,>1978 Fender Twin Reverb.

Band name: Solo, Botomatics


Audio Sample: Sha-La