so many great puns

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hoshido-foxx, flowerpickingdaughter and Tomeato for the posivity meme

Very well~

hoshido-foxx​: I love how they write Nishiki and he’s really cute with Pandora and the twins. Their art is cute and they’re definitely a blog you should consider giving a follow.

flowerpickingdaughter: I haven’t gotten to RP with them at all yet but I really like their videos.

tomeato: omfg this blog! They have made me laugh so many times with their great puns. I love how they RP Leo and Yukimura and RPing with them is really fun. That reminds me… I should respond to them soon.

hamlcts asked:

♖ ♣ ✓ ▲

♖ :what quote/moment makes you laugh the most?
okay well there are too many great jokes/puns/whatever for me to decide, so I’m just gonna go with mall santa death because I just reread hogfather recently

♣ :which book would you recommend to newbies?
either guards! guards! or wyrd sisters, probably. guards! guards! is a pretty good intro to how both discworld and ankh-morpork work, and plus the city watch books are some of my favourites. I read wyrd sisters a lot later on, but the witches books are hilarious and pull from pop culture and stuff more strongly (in this case, shakespeare) which seems good in a ‘familiar story with pratchian twists’ kind of way. alternatively, good omens, which obviously isn’t discworld BUT has a similar kind of humour and style without having to figure out the whole ‘flat earth on top of some elephants on top of a turtle’ thing

✓ :what is your favourite Discworld novel?
for stand-alone books I’d definitely choose monstrous regiment, and for the others…night watch, probably, since it’s one of the few I’ve read a few times and it’s really well-written. also, les mis references

▲ :pick your favourite - dwarves or trolls? wizards or witches? vampires or werewolves?
dwarves, probably, because of the gender and sexuality things going on with them
witches, definitely, because discworld witches are GREAT and super interesting and a really nice break from the stereotypical witch. also, their books are hilarious
vampires, thanks to maladict and otto