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I don'tknow if you already answered this but do you have any anime recommandation?

i’ve never been asked for anime recommendations in my inbox before usually i just recommend some to ppl that message me or my friends irl but IM ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED TO DO THISSS -

okay here are 15 anime i’ll recommend to you anonie :)

these are in no specific order 

1: Boku No Hero Academia - character develoment? check. Non-neglecting of side characters? check. Bomb af graphics? double check. Loveable best boy? yep yup. Great fandom that collectively hates Mineta? yesh

2: Diamond no Ace - sports anime that actually shows the struggles of different teams? yesss. epic scenes that are so great it could be a meta anime but it still retains the basic functions of baseball? huehue double yes. the mc is such a ball of energy and genuinely wants to be the Ace and has so much development as a character that you honestly start wanting him to get that number? yes yes yes yes yes

3: Nichijou - one of the greatest work anime has produced. really its so effing hilarious and it really pinpoints the things everybody does in everyday life. like flip a police officer for mistakenly confiscating your boys love manga. accidentally stabbing your thumb with a mechanical pencil, the struggles of ordering at Starbucks or even..

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yeah.. ordinary life ha

4: Magi - a smol baby boy tryna bring peace to the world? check. fucking strong girl that can beat any kind of wild beast there is? heck yeah! magic? yup. loads of backstory that actually makes sense and relates to the arcs? checkity check. villiains that really arent villains and good guys that truly are the bad guys? ho boi yessss. a magical recorder? you got it. also the graphics are great

5: Mob Psycho 100 - another smol baby boy just tryna navigate middle school. blessed with amazing psychic powers but powerless in terms of popularity and friendships. truly such a great anime that teaches a lot of moral stuff and has A M A Z I N G fight scenes. our boy mob is such a freaking god and the art style is very different but so expressive 10/10 would recommend

6: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - [Daily Lives of High School Boys] like nichijou, this is another anime that is at the height of comedy gold. every episode is such meme worthy. the main protag really isnt the main protagonist, so many puns, great side characters, and i cant express how much of a feel good anime this is

7: Bakemono no Ko - okay this is a movie. and when i say this is such a fascinating movie, i mean it. this really smol boy gets adopted by a bear after he runs from home. this big bad bear™ is actually so pure and best dad. the uncles are great and so punny i cant. okay, they also have some really epic sword fights.. i really cant explain this movie without giving spoilers lmao but go watch it if you want, you wont regret it

8: Hunter x Hunter - young fisher-boy and young assassin-boy walk into a hunter exam together, who survives? friendship.. and the newly acquired dads they found along the way [honestly go watch it, i was skeptical at first but i never loved anything more in my life] also the arcs are so monumental, really great plot and friendship!!

9: Yuri On Ice!!! - edgy ice skating and gay couples that reaffirm what love is? check. little smol bean yurio tryna act all mighty and tough? yep. amazing soundtrack? heck yeahh! great characters that in no way hate on homosexuals? you got it. amazing graphics? best boys? well dang, you got it!

10: Shokugeki no Soma - food. food. food wars. great scenes that have food giving you orgasms? basically a sports anime but about food? great mc that really deserves all the love he gets. when they tie a bandana on their forehead, shit is about to get started. food. food. food wars.

11: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - as i write this, i cry. this was so good and i was wary of watching it bc there was/is so much hype around it but alas IT WAS SOO GOOD I CANT. like two brothers? amazing morals? the fact that nothing is as it seems? kickass female characters. alchemy. the hype is real with this one, but its so worth it and i 10/10 would lower you down FMA hell.

12: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - [also known as Reborn!] i found this by mistake and my life really hasnt been the same. mafia story. first few eps are just comedic and really dont tell you jack shit about the storm thats coming afterwards. holy heck, a main character that set standards for how to demolish your enemies? friendship! fight scenes that make you wanna fite anyone? so many powers that actually make sense? checkity check. friendship!!

13: Bungou Stray Dogs - hidden powers that main character doesnt know about? check. good dad dazai. another mafia story. a mafia boy tryna kill the mc because of his powers and dazai has become mc’s dad instead of his [okay i’m trolling lmao] but really this is a great mafia anime. theories. villainous characters that have been blackmailed into being bad.. really it has it all

14: Haikyuu!! - small chibi boy just wants to play volleyball in peace. “i can jump™” meets skyscraper black-haired blue-eyed god who rules the court. [trollingg] but honestly, this has to be one of the most accurate sports anime i’ve watched. spiky main and side characters that are completely adorable and its kinda hard not to get sucked in, but you will

15: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - gamer dude dies [by mistake] and on his way to the afterlife, he’s given a chance by a goddess to go to another world and defeat the demon king. grants him the possibility of taking any one thing to this new world, my guy picks the goddess [fukin dead] and whoops there ya go lmaoo. but no honestly, its great and funny and the explosion/action scenes are beyond E P I C. also best girl, Megumin, is there so you should def check it out

— obviously these recommended anime are in my opinion. im not some anime god but thanks anon for giving me a reason to finally do this *finger hearts* —


I like writing these so much

Danny groaned as he flew slowly into the Justice League’s shared kitchen. He opened the fridge and stuck his head inside, ignoring the strange looks he was getting from his fellow superheroes, who watched the halfa in fascination.

Flash was the one who approached him, asking what was bugging the half-dead teen. Danny moaned and leaned halfway out of the fridge, showing a disheveled white bedhead and bags under his radioactive green eyes, “Just let me cool off man.” The ghost gave a half-hearted laugh at his own joke before shoving his head into the freezer, sighing in relief.

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UT! Charisk with US! Charisk (Part 2)

Here is it! The continuation of the fiction where US! Charisk meets UT! Charisk. Hope you like and to avoid confusion here are speaking patterns for each character:

Normal: All the Undertale Characters

Italics: All Underswap Characters (except Frisk)

Bold: Underswap Frisk

Also congratulations on your 7000 followers! (in fact, this is my gift for you).


Author: CrystalgemSmashMario


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I’m gonna write a very cute very gay story about a novelist and her girlfriend and it’s gonna have the best title ever but I don’t wanna spoil it cause it’ll be great and I also already have an entire au plotted out because of a pun on that brilliant title. Be excited if this is your thing. And if I remember to post it on here.

ok but imagine if phil actually did develop a game now??? it would be SO intricate and beautiful with such a fantastic storyline and deep characters and so many puns and references (and inside jokes) and a great soundtrack and plot twists and moral questions it would be undertale but better bc it would be so PHIL and there would be characters based on ppl he’s friends with now and definitely one after dan and dan would be so proud of him and be praising every part of it the whole time they’re playing it and !!!!! wow I’m getting emotional !!!!! PETITION FOR PHIL TO DEVELOP A GAME

The Signs As Things Said On The KOTLC Discord Chat (UPDATED)
  • Aries: wow there are so many great opportunities for dead wylie puns
  • Taurus: lmao who doesn't like the idea of kenric and oralie
  • Gemini: fintan, apparently
  • Cancer: all keefe betrayed was our trust in shannon to actually create a good betrayal arc
  • Leo: ✨FITZ ME IN THE F A C E✨
  • Virgo: I'm sorry I live under a rock that only receives memes and books
  • Libra: she's slowly filling the plot holes with the bodies of the characters she's killed
  • Scorpio: me, writing on a document called "keefe is shit": what
  • Sagittarius: Although elves normally have brains, I'm pretty sure Brant doesn't have one, and for that his genetics are closer to a jellyfish than the rest because a jellyfish doesn't have a brain.
  • Capricorn: he's.... um.... not a serial killer? that's positive i guess?
  • Aquarius: *sassy trumpets*
  • Pisces: Garlic bread is my genetic makeup

Ok I’m already too deep into this PTA Sans hell I might as well go all the way.

I noticed there seems to be a lot of horrible parents but no awesome teachers to balance it out so I made one up based on my high school physics teacher.

His name is Tim and even his students call him by his first name. He’s been at the school for so long the 40 year old chemistry teacher used to be one of his students and they have a friendly rivalry around that (and their drastically different views on cats). He always starts the class with a cat video he found online and has a whole list of sayings like “When I become the ruler of the universe…!” or “I’m sorry I’m late I was at a Lady Gaga concert.” After midterms he always posts a picture of his cat sitting on his folder with the caption, “The real reason I haven’t graded your tests yet.” He loves his students and does his best to understand their problems and help them. He was one of the only ones to try to stand up to Linda at the PTA meetings before the monsters came but really wasn’t able to get anywhere until the monsters started putting Linda in her place. He’s great friends with Sans and they make so many physics puns. SO MANY!

James and Lily's wedding: a summary
  • [Best mans speech]
  • Sirius: now as you know, James is very deer to me-
  • James: are you serious
  • Sirius: yes actually I am
  • Remus: the jokes getting old Padfoot, I'm a were.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: did you just

Have a Safe April Fools! No wonder they can never unmask the menace, he wears multiple masks!

I also recommend following @askjjonahjameson
I laughed pretty hard when going through the blog!
As well as @ask-spiderpool , I absolutely love those children who can’t admit their feelings and their mod is wonderful!

Alright, have a great day!

Being High Lady of the Summer Court

-You’d first meet Tarquin while visiting the Summer Court and the mating bond just snaps into place.
-Everything else is history.
-You’d get the cutest love notes from him delivered by Reuben.
-You’d be best friends with Cresseida. Your talk about everything from affairs in the court to Varian’s love life.
-Speaking of Varian’s love life you’d always give him relationship advice and you and Cresseida are always trying to set him up.
-There would be so many inside jokes and puns it would be great.
-Long walks and picnics on the beach are a daily thing.
-Dates on the beach would be the best. Tarquin would spell out words in the sand, you’d collect seashells, watch the sunset over the ocean and stargaze on the beach, and you’d build sandcastles together.
-And pretty soon you’d become a pro at building sandcastles so you and Tarquin will have conversations about every Saturday.
-Sundresses and sandals are your main court attire and you would kill it each and every day.
-The wedding would be this medium sized party and it’d be so much fun. Every High Lord and Lady is invited and it’s on the beach at sunset and its beautiful.
-In High Lord and Lady meetings you, Viviane, and Feyre are just roasting your mates and the other High Lords it’s great.
-You’d become pretty good friends with Viviane and Feyre so whenever one of you visit the other’s court you all just get together and just talk about everything.
-Tarquin is probably lowkey protective. Glaring over your shoulder and having an iron grip around your waist. That kind of thing.
-Your first child is a girl and when she’s born Tarquin throws a huge party for her.
-You two would be the cutest couple in all of the Summer Court no doubt about it.

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So this is my first time doing this kind of thing so?? I dont know if it’s good but here it is!

someone: isnt it great how so many transformer’s names are actually puns? haha i love it!

me, a non-native english speaker, who has no idea of what the other person is talking about: Haha! Yeah :) So fun!!! 

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For the anon who wants funny ways to come out over text: puns are great, esp bi puns bc you can make so many of them and really easily slip them into casual conversation. And if the person doesn't get it, you could always clarify by saying something along the lines of "(pun) bc im bi"

Yay bi puns! For this anon here.

- Noodle

What you probably don't know about magic and salt!

by Da'at

I really ought to have thought of a good salt pun[1] for that title, but I figured I’d go for the direct approach.

I’m not here to write a treatise on all the great new ways you can use salt in ritual. I don’t have to, really. Salt is hella used in ritual and just about any other magical practice. It’s the go-to purifier and boundary-tracer. It’s commonly used as a component in holy water. You toss it over your left shoulder and interesting things happen to nearby demons. Try it![2]

Instead I’d like to ask a question: why does salt work the way it does? Or at least, why do you think it does?

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Poly Diaries #4
11/28/15 4:03 PM
I started this post earlier but then something got in my eye and I died
Anyway so we had an ice cream (shaved ice, whatever) date today!! It was super cute and we cuddled in the back of Nathan’s car and everything was super great and super cute and I got lots of kisses which made me nervous
And they made so many puns they’re such a great and cute duo I love them ahhhh
@jessiezombifyed @everything-is-created-as-nothing (yes Nathan got a tumblr yay)