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James and Lily's wedding: a summary
  • [Best mans speech]
  • Sirius:now as you know, James is very deer to me-
  • James:are you serious
  • Sirius:yes actually I am
  • Remus:the jokes getting old Padfoot, I'm a were.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius:did you just

Have a Safe April Fools! No wonder they can never unmask the menace, he wears multiple masks!

I also recommend following @askjjonahjameson
I laughed pretty hard when going through the blog!
As well as @ask-spiderpool , I absolutely love those children who can’t admit their feelings and their mod is wonderful!

Alright, have a great day!


Then look no further, fellow bibliophiles/old sports:

See, the good people at Coverspy don’t ask for much. There are so many pricks in this world who want to see love and literacy and good food go the way of Myrtle Wilson (spoilers?). We have to fight and scrap for our books and our food and our romance. And the good people at Coverspy want to help. They want to answer the question: “Can I really encounter these great loves of my life all in one place and time?”

That’s right! For next Tuesday the good people at Coverspy and the strandbooks’ Rare Book Room will provide a small, luxurious oasis, contained within the Valley of Ashes that is all of New York in July. For a few hours, you too can mingle and flirt and eat and drink amongst the prettiest/awkward-in-an-engaging-way/smartest/eligiblest singles this side of paradise. For the shockingly non-opulent price of $20 (a single trip to the ATM!) you’re sure to conclude the official Worst Day Of The Week (Tuesday) with at the bare least a lot of pleasant fun and a full belly, and at the best that plus the phone numbers from a few Roaring 20’s who love books, booze, and big yellow cars.

So buy your tickets here, and remember, space is limited; when it comes to the attendance for this event,

So hop on and secure your reservation stat pronto, or end up like Myrtle Wilson!

Poly Diaries #4
11/28/15 4:03 PM
I started this post earlier but then something got in my eye and I died
Anyway so we had an ice cream (shaved ice, whatever) date today!! It was super cute and we cuddled in the back of Nathan’s car and everything was super great and super cute and I got lots of kisses which made me nervous
And they made so many puns they’re such a great and cute duo I love them ahhhh
@jessiezombifyed @everything-is-created-as-nothing (yes Nathan got a tumblr yay)