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Beginners guide for wlw mangas/manhwas

1. Tamen De Gushi (Ongoing)

Okay. Listen. This manhwa is for yall out there who just want a chill, innocent, non complicated, 50/50 fluff-to-humor ratio story. Blonde and Brunette. And listen, listen, listen… This is DIABETES worth sugar. The art style is really good too. It’s simple but somewhat sophisticated. So far it has 139 short chapters (about 12 pages per chapter). There’s a linear story to it, but it sometimes drifts to a completely different timeline. It updates about once a month, or sometimes once every two months. 11/12

2. Fluttering/Exciting Feelings (Ongoing/Currently in Hiatus due to Author’s health)

Before I even start with this, I got major Korrasami vibes out of it ho ly shit. Anyway, this manhwa is currently at chapter 68, and sad to say that the author may never continue the story again due to cancer and several other reasons. But I am still adding this manhwa to the list because it’s sooo good. It’s not as fluffy and humorous as Tamen De Gushi because later in the story, No-rae (brown hair) brings in some drama while Seol-a has drama of her own kind. The art is simple but it’s great enough to look amazing. Still though, the manhwa is great, but sadly… it might be discontinued :(. 10/12

3. Citrus [Saburouta] (Ongoing)

I like this manga. I like it a lot. The art is good anatomy wise, but sometimes it gets too…. much….. Here’s a note, though: These two are step sisters. Yes. You heard me right. There are a lot of love triangles, a lot of drama, a lot of “Im-gonna-kiss-her-wait-no-nvm” moments, but there are a lot of WELL-DRAWN kiss scenes and semi-sexual things. There is almost no story line? Well, there is, but it’s your typical high school plot. It barely updates, and it currently has 30 chapters. Probably updates once every two months. 8.5/12

4.  Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Ongoing)

Yo, listen. This one is ……. VERY complicated. If you are planning on reading this story, I need you to know that this is as basic as I can put it: Nanami hates herself and doesn’t want her partner Yuu to fall in love with her, while Yuu is someone who can’t fall in love with someone. The art is simple but good god it’s really good *o*. It has fluff, but for every fluff there will always be some sort of angst right after or before it. There is certainly a plot line on this but it doesn’t focus too much on the plot. Characters are great and they have a personality of their own. Despite the “Im not in love” thing that is going on in this manga, there are many, many, cute parts. It updates about once every month or every two months. 10.5/12

5. The Love Doctor (Ongoing)

(PS: this image is misleading btw but it was too fucking cute) I. freaking. love. this. manhwa. so. much. Now, this has many, many fluff moments but it also has its bulk of angst and drama. Love(ish) triangles, dark past from both parties, and there IS an age gap between the two but I forgot how many years. Still though!!! It is worth a read! The art style is cute and light and adorable, but sometimes the emotions can start looking the same in each panel (especially for one of the characters). Updates, I believe, every month. 11/12

6. Pulse [Ratana Satis] (Ongoing)

Look at this art. Look at it. Isn’t it cute? Well, if you’re here for cute shit turn the fuck away cus this IS indeed cute, buuuuuut it also has sex scenes. There is also fluff and drama, and as you can see, one of them is a doctor. The art style is pretty well done and really sophisticated. I can’t remember if there’s an age gap? I’m pretty sure there is? Anyway!!! There’s a story, yes, and also a shitty ex that no one should like but everyone feels sorry for (for good reasons of course). 12/12

7. Magan & Danai / Magan he Danai (Ongoing)

This one reminds me of Tamen De Gushi a lot, BUT…. This one is directed to the life of two women who love each other and what happens in their daily life. The art is much more detailed that TDG, and the characters have very different personalities. Danai, the shorter one, is the more mature one but also the more feminine one while Magan, the taller one, is definitely a fucking cry baby. To be honest, idk how frequently it updates? But!!! Still!! Go watch!!! 11/12

8. What Does the Fox Say? (Ongoing, 2 chapters left)

Ho ly shit whe re to be gin…? Definitely not light. It is not full of fun or fluffy or innocent. This manhwa is dark, sexy, angsty, drama-filled, teeth gritting, and very complicated. VERY, VERY, VERY, Adult. A story with a beautiful young blonde who loves a much older boss, and the much older boss has a shitty ex that everyone loves who fucked up a lot but she has her reasons. This is one of those manhwas that you need to ANALYZE every. single. fucking. scene. It is one of those where each scene MEANS something and you have to keep a sharp eye even at the sex scenes. The art style is good. Not amazing, but decent enough. As I said, it ends in two chapters. It updates twice a month (from my observations). 12/12

*Note: These are all based on my observations


One Piece ワンピース : The Ōka Shichibukai

“The reason the Grand Line is called the ‘Pirates’ Graveyard’, is because of the Three Great Powers that rule over it. One of them, is the Ōka Shichibukai. They’re seven Pirate Warlords that are officially authorized by the World Government. The Shichibukai inhabit wild regions of the seas and as long as they give a cut of their loot obtained from marauding & pillaging, the World Government sanctions their actions. Other pirates may look down on them and call them ‘Government Dogs’, but they’re among the strongest the Grand Line has to offer!!” 

Thus ends my journey with the Shichibukai. It was fun & arduous while it lasted and I had a hell of a great time re-reading some of the most epic and sad moments in One Piece. I’ve compiled all the gifs into a short video in the order of the manga’s storyline, so enjoy this final treat me buckos! Oda has given us so many fantastic characters & memories it’s hard to wait a week for each chapter but it is always worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what else the sensei has in store for us!! 

☠  Hoist the Colors


I have never seen anyone fanboy harder over anything than Hoechlin being presented with “THE jacket” to match my Stiles cosplay. (Literally matching Sterek jackets from the same line, if you look closely ;D) He thanked me too many times, sent messages through other people to thank me for letting me wear it to recreate those moments from Wolf’s Bane and said how much he loved “that Sterek scene”(!!! XD) He was so happy about the whole thing he kept cracking and smiling! Just such a great guy.

Can’t wait to see him later in the year. Doing all the Sterek cosplay with my cospartner Nem at HowlerCon, including something with Tyler. :D

What a dork. <3

So I’ve already made a post on different kinds of RPG characters.  Here’s a reference for different kinds of RPG players!

Actors: Actors get really into the RP part of RPGs.  They tend to have detailed backstories, thoroughly analyzed motivations, and a unique set of mannerisms for each character they portray.  They seek out interactions with NPCs or other party members and tend to stay in character a lot.

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On the Dark Side, Actors can become Scene Stealers.  Scene Stealers are attention seekers who tend to lack patience when the spotlight isn’t on them.  They tend to talk over players and often instigate problems, often with the excuse of “What?  I’m just staying true to my character!”

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Power Gamers: These players love optimizing their characters, usually for combat.  They tend to be minmaxers and metagamers who play RPGs like something you can win just as much as a story you can experience.  Powergamers do often possess a great zeal for the tactics and mechanics of the game, and live for the moments they can face overwhelming odds and turn challenge into victory. 

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On the Dark Side, Power Gamers can turn into Munchkins. Munchkins couldn’t care less about the story, the roleplaying or the feelings of their teammates.  They want to win, and win harder then everyone else so they can get as much kills, loot, and XP as possible.  Many munchkins cross the line into cheating, by fudging rolls and trying to use exploits in the mechanics.

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Lorers and Explorers: These players are in it for the story, world building and environment.  They will challenge DMs to come up with richly detailed worlds with lots of in depth history and atmosphere. They also tend to be note takers and cartographers, keeping close track of every bit of information they believe might be valuable.  Most likely member of the group to be “writing a book”.

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This kind of attention to detail can be great, but is also shared by Rules Lawyers.  The rules lawyer has memorized the game’s handbook and will generally interject whenever they see something that contradicts it.  Rules Lawyers can be useful as references for how to handle less common situations in RPGs.  But they also tend to argue with the DMs when they disagree with their decisions, even when the DM is motivated to “break” the rules in order to make the game a better experience for the players.

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Deliberators are motivated to come up with creative or well thought out solutions to problems.  They are often fun and well intentioned, but they do sometimes drag out decisions for too long, agonizing over the pros and cons of each choice.

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On the flip side, Firestarters tend to have very little patience for deliberation and are always looking for the action.  Firestarters have a lot of enthusiasm for RPGs, but tend to cause problems or derail stories when they get bored.

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Party Moms: Thus called because they go out of their way to take care of and help their party members, Party Moms are a valuable part of any gaming team.  Whether it’s making sure there’s always snacks for everyone to enjoy, helping others level their characters or smoothing out player conflicts, Party Moms can be relied on to get it done.

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Party Gamers: Thus called because they’re there to party.  These players may be interested in the game, but they’re just as, if not more interested in hanging out with their friends and/or getting wasted.  Fun to have around, but it may not be a good idea to rely on their character in game too much.

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Bored Gamers: For whatever reason, these players just aren’t really into your game.  Maybe they’re just there for a significant other, maybe they don’t like the system.  It’s not always easy to say.  Can often be found using their personal electronic devices and not really paying attention.

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Newbies: Newbies have little experience with RPGs and sometimes lack confidence.  Their unfamiliarity with the rules is often more than balanced out by their enthusiasm and delight in discovering the joys of the game.

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n00bs, on the other hand, talk a lot of trash, but are generally less experienced and skilled then they claim to be.  These players tend to whine a lot when things don’t go their way.  

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Finally, a type the tumblr crowd should be familiar with, the Shippers.  A shipper is often in it for the role-playing, but mostly when the roleplaying leads to romance.  Table Top RPGs can be a great outlet for those thus inclined, just make sure the other player is okay with it. :)

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Please note that these are my interpretations on these types, and that it’s possible to be multiple or none of them.  What other player types have you encountered?

Renew The Get Down

Hey all,

I really love that Tumblr is rallying around Sense8 and trying to get it renewed. With the same energy, I think we can also try to renew The Get Down. There’s already a petition you can sign to show your support (which is linked at the end of this post), and if you have Twitter feel free to spread the petition there too.

Here’s my testimony to the show if you. In Part 1, you might not fall in love with the story right away, but you really fall in love with the cast. The direction is a bit all over the place, but the chaos works for the 1970′s Bronx, New York setting. Part 1 is cheesy, outlandish, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Episode 1 can be treated as a microcosm for the rest of Part 1, but the series gets more grounded and less outlandish as it progresses. Part 2 really raises the stakes. Honestly, you’re missing out on a lot of bonding moments and character development if you skip Part 1, but Part 2 is where the drama really starts, and if you watch all of season one you’ll understand why fans are so frustrated with the cancellation. Part 2 left us with so many unresolved plot lines. Similar to Sense8, it seemed things were just getting started out, and they cut us off. The Get Down had great amazing black and Latino/Latinx representation, and also included canon gay/bi representation. The young and incredibly talented cast made The Get Down enjoyable even when the writing and direction wasn’t at its best. Tremaine Brown Jr., who portrays Miles “Boo-Boo” Kipling, was just a 14 year old rapping on the subway when he was approached by a casting director for his ability. A lot of these actors and actresses are new names, raw talent, but The Get Down will make you remember their names.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Immigrant Heritage Month.

Please sign the petition (there’s only 3,000 signatures at the time of this post) and spread the word to #RenewTheGetDown

buffysummere  asked:

what is ur fave spuffy moment


if i had watched the show during its original run, that would have been the moment when i would have started shipping them seriously (i’m gonna be honest i would have started shipping buffy/spike after his first appearance yes i’m THAT type of person but this would have some type of proof in my mind that it wasn’t a total crack ship lmao) 


  • “we’re mortal enemies we don’t get timeouts”
  • “you want my help because your girlfriend is a big hoe? let me take this opportunity to not care.” 
  • spike trying to persuade buffy 2 join team #spuffy but she just keeps punching him(a prelude to season 5&6 if u will)
  • the “who is this man? who are you?” line probably isn’t meant 2 be as funny as i find it but kristine’s delivery of it makes me laugh 
  • ( i was gonna include captions when i was making the gifs but for one i didn’t want 2 take the time and for two let’s not pretend we haven’t watched btvs a zillion times and don’t have most of the dialogue memorized)
  • spike is enjoying tf out of watching the slayer squirm but he needs her so he backs up her bad lie….AND IS JUST AS BAD OF A LIAR AS SHE IS LMAO
  • not 2 mention that spike is there when buffy comes out 2 her mom as the slayer 
Good Great Comet things

- Lucas Steele winked at me on the “women and wine” line so we started in a great place
- Amber Gray was so near to me so many times, at one point in thigh highs so I had a gay panic every moment
- I got a letter that called me a fine-apple
- I made eye contact with everyone in the cast, or if I didn’t I did my damn best
- Ingrid Michelson? Yes
- Nothing could have prepared me for Dust and Ashes
- Oak was so amazing as Pierre
- Marya and Helene made out very much not far away from me and I wasn’t ready
- also the lesbian dancers were right by me
- and all of the beautiful women smiled at me
- maybe they knew
- I wanna reiterate that Amber Gray sat next to me
- she also hit me with her dress a lot
- a lot of them hit me with their costumes
- Denee Benton is so small
- Sonyas party outfit was a neon corset and it made me feel… things
- Lucas Steele also picked up my water bottle and handed it to me so we’d toast with him
- every time I almost cried I was in the light
- the great comet made me feel things man

SJM Accent Challenge: The best of

I love this challenge so much! So I thought I’d share some hilarious lines/great moments from some of the ones I’ve heard so far. I’m sorry if you’re not on the list! There were some I forgot, or looked for and couldn’t find. And there are so many I haven’t listened to yet!

If you heard a line that was funny to you that wasn’t on this list please feel free to reblog and add it!


  • (epic entrance) “We’re live.”
  • “I love doing weird shit like this.”
  • “Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemiah—what the hell is that?
  • “Oh, that’s not a ghost that’s my dog.”


  • “Abraxos is hugs in Spanish”
  • “I don’t know the context of destroyed… anything manorian.”
  • “I would die for manorian.”



  • “My favorite ship is definitely Nessian, but I wouldn’t say no to myself and that magical cabin.” (Little does she know, she’d have to fight @rufousnmacska )
  • “I’m not saying that he’s terrible he’s just super moody and I just want to slap him.”

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HVFF Nashville Wrap Up

It’s midnight. This is the first second I’ve had to sit down and write about Nashville. I was knee deep in SDCC planning with my Just About Write ladies today. It’s gonna be lit folks! We can’t wait to cover it for you.

So… I decided to go to HVFF Nashville for one reason and one reason only. M*lissa B*noist was attending and my daughter could meet Supergirl. The obsession runs deep my friends. When M*lissa canceled Lauren was absolutely devastated and I was in a bit of a panic. Primarily because I didn’t know what else she would enjoy at HVFF. She’s not allowed to watch Arrow. She’s only seen a few clips, but Lauren loves Felicity Smoak. Hand to God this is how she described the show to a friend.

Friend: What’s Arrow

(The friend overhead my husband and I discussing my blog)

Lauren: It’s about Felicity Smoak. She is super smart and loves computers like I do. She fights crime.

Friend: Okaaaay. But… who is Arrow?

Lauren: (completely blasé) Oh. He’s just Felicity’s boyfriend.

I mean…. she’s not entirely wrong. She also possibly summed up 95% of the fandom’s view of the show, so I give her points for that. But… Emily Bett Rickards wasn’t going to be there. So, I was unsure of her level of excitement over Stephen.

Turns out she was pretty excited to meet him. 

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Read It Wednesday

Welcome to week 14! A day late, sadly, hope you can forgive me. Please note that Drabbles are no longer included in Read it Wednesday. Also note that if you don’t see a series here, it means I’m behind on reading, but once I catch up you can be on the lookout for it here! This week is a little shorter but I tried to include at least one fic from everyone who tagged me. Alright, here’s this weeks compilation of fics!

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10 things that absolutely happened in Baker Street after Series 4 ended...

So, like most of us in the Sherlock fandom, I have had a great variety of thoughts about the events of Series 4. For instance, I have thought about the many details from Canon they included (“The Six Thatchers” story line was a really cool update in my opinion), and the details they chose to omit for some godforsaken reason (that sweet moment from “The Three Garridebs”), and why.

But, if I’m honest, I have thought a lot more about the lives of our heroes following the ending (if S4E3 is indeed an ending). And about how that ending was, honestly, as true to Canon as it could be (Sherlock and John together solving crimes at 221 B for the rest their lives), and offered us even more than we hoped (John has a daughter and Sherlock is involved in taking care of her in some way).

So, in my mind, the following are 10 things that absolutely happen after Series 4. 10 things any sane Sherlockian will be on board with. These aren’t in any particular order.

1. Sherlock and John never again have another major falling out, like the one after S4E1. They are each other’s family. That is that. And they both deeply understand it now. 

2. John apologizes sincerely and extensively for taking out his grief and rage on Sherlock and beating him up. Sherlock explains that he doesn’t think John needs to apologize; John convinces him otherwise. Sherlock forgives John, because of course John is always John and thus he is always forgiven. They go downstairs and continue their game of Monopoly with Mrs Hudson (game which, of course, Sherlock doesn’t understand the rules of, either). That is the night that John moves back in to Baker Street, with Rosie.

3. They spend a whole week redoing the flat, again: they baby-proof, clean, demolish and painstakingly make over the large upstairs bath into Rosie’s room. When I say ‘they’ I mean John and a mate down at Speedy’s who also works in construction. Sherlock has none of it and opts to leave Rosie with Mrs Hudson in favour of solving five cold cases before returning five days later. 

4. Sherlock and Rosie become, eventually, father and daughter. Sherlock, of course, never thought about this happening - ever. But, sure enough, he finds himself offering to babysit while John’s at work more and more, to the point where Molly and Mrs Hudson almost never have to anymore, unless Sherlock’s on a case (read: Sherlock and John are on a case). Many, many times, he sings silly songs, and spins her around and bounces her on his knee and crashes with her on the couch because he’s been awake on a case for 72 hours and he didn’t realize it. When she is 3, he teaches Rosie to play a tiny 1/8 size violin, which he then replaces on her birthdays as she grows. When she is 4, he starts giving her lectures on science and teaches her while she looks through his microscope. He has also taken to reading to her nonfiction appropriate for children her age, as fiction is handled best by John at bedtime. The way she looks at him when he reads is so utterly John, he is almost as bewitched as she is. So he doesn’t have the heart to mock the way the authors sometimes trivialize the scientific/historical concepts. He just corrects them as politely as he can (just barely steering clear of insults) and reads. When she is 6, after she asks about her mum (for the nth time), he is finally honest, because he knows John couldn’t have been. Yet it is also him who plays the violin to soothe her to sleep after she is done crying in his arms. When she is 8, John asks Sherlock to please finally assume Rosie’s legal guardianship, only to find out Sherlock says no. Sherlock asks John if he can instead adopt her. John agrees and Sherlock does (in record time, because Mycroft gets involved). Rosie already calls Sherlock “pa” anyway.

5. John, eventually, dates sparingly - and then not at all. Whether he likes it or not (he finds that he does) he is already in a long-term relationship, even if it isn’t (yet)/won’t ever be romantic. That has always been the case, right? It has always been him. Sherlock, and now Rosie and Sherlock, very nearly occupy his entire heart. There is simply no room for anyone else. Not after Mary. It doesn’t even cross his mind to meet someone else with intent of a serious affair. 

6. They both find therapists and stick to treatment at least for a little while. Sherlock’s therapist happens to be the second most patient man on the face of the planet (the first being, of course, John Watson). He is also, well, not a complete idiot. And he is just as annoying as John about Sherlock’s substance abuse problem, which means he must be doing something right. John’s therapist is an older army vet, a widower, who understands John’s anger issues and adrenaline addiction nearly better than John does himself. The very calm, mild-mannered, highly empathetic man is a stark contrast to both Sherlock and Mary, and John, oddly enough, finds he can work with him just fine.

7. Eurus and her brothers now have something of a relationship. Of COURSE she can’t leave Sherrinford again, but she does have her moments of sanity. Few and far in between though they may be. And in those times she helps Mycroft with matters that Sherlock is too much of a diva to tend to, and amuses herself composing music alongside Sherlock. She does plot their deaths, and in general people’s deaths, often in her mind, of course, but that’s beside the point because she is left absolutely no way for those plans to come to fruition. She receives lots of gifts from her family. But never again any special visitors.

8. Molly leaves for the United States when Rosie is 10. Because she needs to. After a few years of struggle, she ends up as one of the pathologists on a coincidentally all-female research team at Johns Hopkins. As she works she is hit by the notion: she is done admiring the brilliance of men whilst overlooking her own. Over her career, her team publishes dozens of peer-reviewed original research articles, crucial to the development of several new medications. She is also the editor of the general and organ-systems based anatomy curricula at three newer medical schools, where she teaches said courses. Her students, she finds, become like her children. And, given her reviews, they like her very much as well. So much she gets tenure, in fact. Whenever she is not too busy, she visits London again. She gets a coffee with John, and goes shopping with Rosie, who now is 24, and in graduate school. And she takes a walk with Sherlock. He’s aged very well, the bastard.And he is a little warmer, kinder, sweeter. It’s finally nice to be just friends. 

9. Sherlock gets that knighthood. After one of the best cases of his career, actually, one John blogs about in particular detail. John takes him out to dinner to celebrate when they get back from the official string of engagements.

10. John publishes his blog in book form and it becomes a best-seller. His private practice doesn’t exactly thrive, but he does okay. Primary care offers a quiet little alternative to the life-or-death situations in his writings.

That is it. That is my collection of headcanons.


11.  John makes a very strong point of celebrating Sherlock’s birthday, since he went so long without doing so. He also ropes Rosie into doing it. In fact, she is the only one who ever manages to plan a surprise party that actually surprises Sherlock.

12. John’s hair continues to be on point for eternity. So do Sherlock’s cheekbones (obviously).

13. Mycroft gets to his ideal body weight. Which is a small mercy, since he is almost, not-quite-trying, definitely-not looking for his goldfish. In between taking down the Trump presidency and knocking down a few terrorist cells.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about season 3? :DD Do you want the lion switches to be permanent? Or do you think it will be based on what we're given? I have really conflicted feelings on this and wanted to know the take of some other fans who are more analytical :)

I generally like season 3 so far. Like I said in a previous post, it feels relatively incomplete, but I think that’s because season 4 in October is actually the second half of what should be a whole season. The final episode of season 3 felt like a mid-season finale. The season was a bit choppy sometimes overall, and I’m sad we didn’t get as much personal interaction as the characters learned to pilot their new lions. But at the same time, the way they integrated their rapid growth was really well done. Them learning on the fly and the funny moments/terrifying moments as they did were really effective (like when Allura was being stalked by Lotor, that was a legitimately scary scene. That whole episode was pretty scary). I also like that all the characters, in the advent of Shiro being gone, have stepped up. To a certain extent, Shiro was their safe security blanket and him being gone has allowed them all to grow in ways I don’t think they would have otherwise. I mean, even though Hunk wasn’t central to this season, you can tell just in how he acts that he’s grown more confident and become a good support for the team. 

I also like how the humor was integrated into this season. It wasn’t childish as it has been before, and some of the characters had some really great, witty lines (Hunk specifically, and Keith that one time). The comedic relief was integrated really well to the tension and fast pace, and it didn’t resort to cheap humor that lowered the value of any of the characters. Which, after season 2, I know we’re all grateful for. Also, Allura trying to flirt with Blue, and Lance trying to talk to Blue, like, that was so good. Honestly, I could watch this season over and over again because there are just so many good moments. It just makes me smile.  

As far as the lion switches being permanent, yes, I do want them to stay with the new formation. I love Shiro, but I think he played things a little safe and, though well-intentioned, was stifling the potential of the team through his wise, if not static, leadership. Without him, all the characters have had to step up, which will ultimately make them a better, more effective team. However, I do not think it will be a simple transition to permanent. There’s suspicious things going on with Shiro and Lance’s character development is hinting that something might happen to him. Who is piloting what lion is not resolved and I think we’ll pay for that later. I was, overall, impressed with how much better the storytelling got this season, and so I’m no longer viewing the situation through the assumption that the writers are predictable. I have no idea what’s going to happen to the characters and I’m glad for that–season 3 surprised me in a lot of ways and I’m so thankful. 

That’s my opinion on the lions anyway. I think Shiro was a good set of training wheels while the team learned, but I think Voltron will be more effective with him back in the castle guiding them from there, while Keith’s decisiveness pushes them forward and Lance’s thoughtfulness becomes their caution and the glue that holds them together. In a lot of ways, Keith and Lance are both co-leading Voltron at this point, the difference being that Keith is the blade itself (the one pushing forward) while Lance is the one deciding how the blade will be swung. With two minds working together instead of everyone being dependent on Shiro, I think they’ll be more capable. So whenever the real Shiro returns, barring he doesn’t die or Lance doesn’t die, I think he will become the voice of advice from the castle. And I think, to a certain extent, Shiro would prefer that as well (after everything he’s been through). The only thing that causes me pause in this idea is the hugely important development that happened between Shiro and Black, how much of a focal point that was, and the fact that Shiro is Zarkon’s foil. Which makes me think that Shiro will eventually be forced back into piloting Black and Keith will be forced into Red. Which is where the linchpin lies. Lance has already admitted that Allura could, potentially, be a very effective paladin. All his insecurities and the foreshadowing through his character–down to how they frame him as he leaves certain rooms–implies that something is going to happen to him. I don’t know that this change will be permanent (I’m personally hoping for “oh no! Lance is dead, but wait, we couldn’t retrieve the body and Haggar brought him back and now he’s evil!” but that’s just me. Lance would make an excellent villain). I say this because I think Lotor is going to be having problems staying loyal to his father once Zarkon comes back and will become less of a threat/even change sides as the story goes on (or he’ll become a different kind of threat not aligned with the Galra directly, like how Zuko and Fire Lord Ozai were both threats to the Avatar, but they weren’t working together), which means we’ll need a new minor villain leading up to the final confrontation with Zarkon because Haggar will need her own “underling” (like Azula was to Ozai).  

Yet, at the same time, there is another way to look at this. Keith and Lance have had some major development this season and they could also be building this up to Shiro becoming the new villain while Lance becomes the support Keith leans on during this difficult time. But we’ll see. Like I said, it’s impossible to predict. 

Hope that satisfies your curiosity, friend :D 

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Anon: “First of all you accept mixing DC and Marvel ? If so … Imagine being a member of the Avengers and the youngest of all so all are extremely protective of you , therefore, all fall into despair and enter in ’ ’ guard ’ ’ when the Joker (Jared Leto) is in love with you and flirts every time you guys are on a mission to stop him from blowing up the world , you do please ? Thaks AND i love your imagines <3″


and also, dirty and hilarious pick-up lines.

Words: 1081 (Pretty Short)

Pairing: Jared Leto!Joker X Avenger!Reader

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The Future of House Stark

My dear readers,

I write to you from the bottom of the cesspool known as Jonsa where I have established myself and forsee to remain until the end of my days. The climate here is dank, but thoroughly enjoyable, and I’m glad to report that last night brought an influx of curious visitors beneath the depths. They are currently setting up camp, but I won’t complain about the crowding just now, for the occasional murmers of “Joffrey”, spontaneous hand grabs, and heartfelt cries of “the Queen in the North” have bouyed my spirits such as they have not been for many a moon’s turn. 
And now, dear readers, to business. 

*please be aware that the following paragraphs contain linguisticly advanced terms which the author has chosen to employ in order to convey her feelings on the following subject in the most accurate means possible. It is worth noting that the author is not well-versed in the Common Tongue and prefers to revert to her native Anglicus in moments of extreme emotional upheaval. A brief suspension in disbelief would be greatly appreciated*

OMIGOSH guys, that was amazing! So many great Jonsa moments! I’m honestly still squeeing over the Joffrey line and the fact that they fight like a married couple. Not just any married couple, but one in which Hubby has resigned himself, over the course of many years, to the fact that Wifey will always be right, as much as he hates to admit it. They tease each other and the “why are you laughing [at me]” and “would that be so terrible” really struck a chord with me because it was so intimate.

Anyway, enough squeeing. I have a theory (more like a hypothesis) which I would like to share with you and which has only been strengthened by the events witnessed last night.

The Starks have been the “main” characters in ASOIAF and GoT since its inception. They have been written to appeal to the audience and so that we, the readers, sympathize with them and wish the best for their future. Over the course of five books and 6 seasons, we have laughed, cried, cheered, and shaken our damn heads at the stubbornly (stupidly) honorable men and kick-ass, sharp-tounged women of House Stark. But we have come to love them all the same.

But, let me ask you. 

Can we imagine a future without House Stark? Can it be possible that the characters we have come to know and love are really the last of their line? That the descendants of Brandon and Builder and the Kings of Winter will not reside at their ancestral seat (whether it be as Kings in the North or Lords of Winterfell) for generations to come?

This meta by the lovely @fedonciadale describes just why it is so important that “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell”. And before I continue, I must add that no, I don’t think that the WW will be completely destroyed. It may be a hundred years, it may be a thousand, but Winter will always be coming for Westeros. New heroes and saviors will rise and fall, but, there will always be a Stark in Winterfell.

That being said, let’s examine the possible progenitors of future Starklings available to us at this point in the Game.

Ned: Yea, I don’t need to repeat what happened to him. If you don’t know, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Catelyn: Currently wandering the Riverlands as a Lannister hating, vengeance bearing, fire zombie killing machine. Not happening.

Robb: Very dead. I should include Talisa/Jeyne. Talisa is also very dead, and Jeyne never actually got pregnant, as theories claim, (otherwise we would know about it by now) so that’s not happening either.


Bran, the actual heir to Winterfell: I’m going to hazard a guess and say, medically impossible?

Arya: Unlikely. Highly unikely.

Who are we left with? Why, Jon Snow (Targaryen), the current King in the North, and Sansa, of House Stark, his queen in all but name.

Before you say “but Jon is a Targaryen, not a Stark”, I would like to quote for you the honorable Lady Mormont who so eloquently put it: “I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins”. Jon is more Stark than Bran, who is off swiveling his three eyes, and Robb who is, again, very dead.

And then there’s Sansa. Sansa, Sansa, Sansa. Sansa, of the dreams of her Queen Naerys being declared the undying love of (Jon’s, it’s important to point out) Prince Aemon the Dragonknight. Sansa, the beautiful, sassy, “you don’t need to have the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll just assume it was something clever”, queenly creature that she is.

You can’t tell me that Sansa has been left alive for 61 episodes just to die in Daenerys’s dragonfire. Nope. Nope. Nope. There is a higher purpose. Seriously. This has been rehashed here time and time again so I don’t need to repeat the details. 

Go read this meta by @blindestspot which pretty much predicted the Jonsa events of Season 6 FOUR years ago. FOUR.

Let’s be honest here. It looks like the leaks were legit. The bare bones of them, anyway. At this point, there’s about a 75% chance in my head of boatbang happening. Why it won’t sink my ship is another post for another time. So, I’m not worried. I’m not worried because I don’t see Jon riding off into the sunset with Dany. I don’t see either of them sitting the Iron Throne. In fact, a theory I heard first mentioned by Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell RIP), is becoming more and more plausible. The theory goes that the throne will be melted down, whether to fight the WW or to form a democracy/feudal system. I think the throne will be inconsequential as an entity in the end. 

GRRM promised “bittersweet” and “bittersweet” I’ll accept. It’s not a fairy tale, has never been one, but the Starks of Winterfell will have a “bittersweet” ending. In my head, that translates into Jon and Sansa continuing the line while learning to deal with the ghosts of the past and confront the uncertainties of the future. Whatever the ending is, House Stark will continue, and will always be prepared, because Winter is always coming.

Thanks for reading and please please please let me know what you think!

Reveling in Richonne

#47: The “Even If” (7x5)

As much as 7x5 became a bit of a blur after the kiss of life lol, I still had just enough vision left to take note of one more Richonne moment in this episode. 😋  And it’s the scene that follows, with Michonne and Carl. 

(Side note: I know we’re supposed to assume a lot of conversations between characters are had off camera, but this 7x5 scene is pretty much the first time we’re seeing Michonne and Carl really talk since Richonne became a thing 🙉 Again, I low key feel robbed that we haven’t gotten more scene with them post-canon lol. Here’s to wishfully thinking hoping season 8 will give us some continued development of Carl and Michonne’s relationship. 🙏🏽)

So, Richonne is obviously relationship goals and I love that Michonne is definitely an admirable example of a wife. What her character depiction confirms is that you can be both an independent boss and a loving supportive wife. Like she has her stuff together and she can take care of business while simultaneously respecting her man and his leadership and decisions. 

I say all this because this sentiment really comes through in Michonne’s talk with Carl, post-the kiss of life. 

Side note: I feel like there’s Richonne “pre-kiss of life” and “post-kiss of life” cuz, for me, that kiss took their relationship to a whole nother level lol.

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But anyways, let me stop myself before I get off track and start going on about that kiss again, cuz I need to break this current scene down right quick. 😋

So our homie, Carl has two sides to me. Like he’s either this good kid with a killer instinct, or he’s this wildn kid with a killer instinct. Both are understandable considering the crazy world he’s had to grow up in. But, I must say, what I’ve noticed is that when Carl’s in “wildn kid” mode he has a tendency to disapprove of and try his father. 🙉

So in this scene he’s kind of in “wildn kid” mode and trying to see if Michonne also disagrees with Rick’s “Submit to Negan” approach. I love that the first thing he asks tho is, “Why didn’t you go with my dad?”. Like Rick and Michonne are such a package deal that it feels strange to other people for them to be separate. 

Also I love that Michonne and Carl are in this house cuz it reminds me of when they were in that house in “Claimed” and they were just becoming family back then and now it’s pretty official. 

Michonne tells him she has to figure out how they can do this or if they can and that lets you know that while yes, she supports RIck and his decision, she is still trying to find some way to fight.  Carl says “We can’t” which reminds me of when Michonne tells Rick those very words in 7x4. I’m telling you; like Step Mom, like Son lol. 😋

Carl feels like they can’t win if they do things Rick’s way. And I know Michonne understands where he’s coming from but she tells him, “Your dad thinks differently.” I appreciate this cuz it lets you know that, as much as everything in her says they have to fight back, she’s obviously really taken to heart what Rick thinks about the situation. 

Hearing her say “your dad” stood out to me too cuz, what’s so different about this conversation than pre-canon conversations between Carl and Michonne, is that now Rick is not just Carl’s dad but Michonne’s husband lol. Like this just reminds you that they truly are even more of a family than before. 

Carl responds to Michonne saying, “And he’s wrong. You know it”. And low key when he said this, I was like…

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Carl tried it just a little bit, cuz even if Rick is wrong, that’s still his father so he has to put some respek on his name lol. But I know this was “wildn” Carl talking. 😋 

And as Michonne lets this resonate it could appear she’s between a rock and a hard place. Does she voice her agreement with Carl that they shouldn’t just play along with Negan? Or does she pretend like she’s fully on board with Rick’s way of thinking? And just when you think maybe she doesn’t know what to say…she reminds us that, y’all, this is Michonne Grimes, she always be knowing just what to say lol. 👌🏽👸

So she responds with such a great line. She tells him “Even if I think he is…I don’t know.” It’s a very powerful and wise statement. It’s also such a meaningful thing for her to say because, as strong as she feels, she has enough maturity to say she doesn’t know. She’s not blindly agreeing with Rick, nor stubbornly disagreeing. She’s acknowledging both sides and going out to get answers because she’s productive and a real one. 👌🏽👸

She doesn’t feel like Rick’s way is the way to go, but since she doesn’t have the facts to know for sure, she’s choosing to remain open. She loves Rick and trusts his judgement and so she’s willing to consider his side, which is why I love that “even if”.  She’s saying “Look, I’m not going to lie and say I think he’s right, but I’m not going to just assume I’m right either.” She’s wise enough to know that she doesn’t know. 

To me, that’s real wisdom. Like wisdom isn’t always having the answers, but rather being open to the fact that maybe you don’t have all the answer, and then going and seeking out the answers, as she’ll later do in 7x7. 

This line is also such a perfect answer to give Carl because it accomplishes two things. It allows her to be honest and admit to having an inking that Rick’s way may be the wrong way, which is good cuz it allows her to honestly communicate with Carl and keep him in the loop so that it’s not like he’s just some kid. He’s still her friend too.

And Michonne’s answer also sticks up for Rick and says, “I support your father and we do need to be cautious and consider that maybe we don’t know everything”. Something Carl needs to do (and completely does not do, as his “wildn kid” side takes over and gets him singing songs in the Sanctuary 😑🙈).

This line also reminds me of “The Distance” when Michonne tells Rick, “You know what you know and you’re sure of it, but I’m not", in regards to Aaron and ASZ. Like this relationship is so healthy because R&M can have strong opinions while also acknowledging that they don’t always have the answers. 

Throughout the series, Michonne has had so many great lines that can be used as real life lessons. And this line to Carl is just such a great example of acknowledging that you’re not all-knowing or always right just cuz you think you are. So Michonne leads Carl by example in this moment and is both friend and mom. That’s some healthy balance right there. 👌

🏽And you know Carl at least lets this resonate momentarily. I love that it’s really only Michonne who can tame Carl’s “wildn kid” side. (If only Michonne knew what Carl’s plan for the day was 😑) 

And I adore the last part of this scene, where Michonne’s mommy mode does in fact take over lol. She heads out and reminds Carl to change his bandage and “be nice to Olivia”. It’s such a cute mom/son moment and I was so here for it.

(Side note: I always find it such a funny parallel that Carl has his first low key awkward kiss with Enid in the same episode where Rick and Michonne have the greatest kiss of all time. 😋 )

So this scene is a Richonne scene cuz, even though Rick isn’t in it, this is Michonne putting aside any pride to be a supportive wife and a good mom. And I know Rick would be appreciative of how she handled that situation with Carl. Rick’s got himself a woman that is A1 wifey and mother material! 👌🏽👸

Michonne is only in like two and a half scenes in 7x5 but I love that these scenes are so memorable. It shows us loud and clear why Michonne is both an excellent wife and an excellent mother. 🏾😊

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Hey there!

I’m back with a small advice post. By this time last year, I was busy as hell, stressing over my personal statement, so i guess most of you guys must be doing so now, especially the ones that are applying for medical school or some unis that have earlier deadlines.

It takes a lot of work to do a good personal statement, but it’s not either something to be too stressed about it. I’ll tell you some of the stuff that I did or was advised to do, so you can write a great ps!

disclaimer: I’m talking from my personal experience. Feel free to use/not use this advice. I’m only doing this post because I received some great help while writing mine, and then got accepted into every uni I applied to, so, while I don’t think I’m better than anybody else for this, I want to help people who might be feeling too stressed, and to share some of the advice that helped me get through.

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