so many graphs

That moment when you’re discussing a really cute headcanon and then a angsty/cute/feelsy headcanon follows which causes an idea for a pic…

Basically meandsatan​ thought it would be cute if Raph could heal with kisses. And so then I came up with this: 

Basically Gabe after falling and turning into a demon and has all this resentment and built up frustration and all this negative stuff festering inside of him. Enter Raph who just wants nothing more than to at least help Gabe to be able to just let go of said resentment and help heal all of his emotional hurts with kisses. And Raph’s got Gabe’s hands pinned but their fingers are laced together but you still see Gabe mentally struggling and you just see Raph’s face so close to Gabe’s and he’s just staring him in the eyes and just you see him whisper “Just let me help you…”