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Men Like You

Prompt: Could you do a Steve Trevor Imagine where you are an Amazon woman and you meet Steve Trevor. A charming man which puts a very high bar for man kind. Seeing as he is polite and all you could ask for in a friend. So when you go to the real world you are devastated to find out that not many humans are like Steve Trevor.

Requested By: ANON

Fandom: DC

Triggers: Hint’s at abuse, hints at rape (from when Amazons were in captivity) Nothing graphic

    You had done many thing in your long life. You had mastered languages, fighting styles, you had memorized entire novels. You had also learned to never take the world in absolutes. But despite that lesson, you had taken in everything Steve Trevor was, and allowed yourself to believe that perhaps the world of men had changed from the one you knew all those years ago. But now, looking at the world of man, you realize that very little has changed.

    You swallow the lump in your throat and force yourself to keep walking forward. “You okay?” Steve’s voice is gentle, an oddity in this harsh world.

    “It hasn’t changed.” The meaning behind the words is blanket statement.

    “When’s the last time you left the island?”

    You take a deep breath, “When I fought for my freedom. The Amazons were created to bring peace, to soften man’s heart. Instead, we were enslaved, used as breeders to bear strong sons. Most daughters were lost.”

    You can see the shock on his face, and you give a small smile, “I was young when that happened. My father was not an evil man. He was a slave as well. He loved my mother. He protected me. Hid me from their master’s eyes, and from my half brothers.”


    You nod, “The sons my mother bore to the man who tried to control her. Each was more evil than the last. Her master believed I was a stillborn child, thanks to my father.”

    You continue walking the streets of London, and he asks, “What happened to them?”

    “My mother killed them. And in retaliation, her captor killed my father. And I killed him. We left man’s world, grateful that we wouldn’t have to go back.”

    “Then why did you come with me?”

    You smile, “You crashed on our island, and Diana brought you to shore. You defended her when her back was turned. Protected her. It reminded me of my father. I watched her grow up, you know? She’s young. Idealistic. She was not ready to set foot into man’s world.”

    Steve nods, “But you were ready to return?”

    You shake your head, “No.”

    He stops in the middle of the street, “So you just came to protect Diana?”

    You give him a small smile, “No. I came because I hoped that the rest of man’s world was like you, Steve Trevor. Like my father was.” There’s a moment of shocked silence before he gives you a smile. And then the two of you start walking, ready to take the next step to end the war of Man’s world.


A number of people had asked when I would have prints back up in my shop after I took then down when there were seemingly some issues with featuring gymnasts names etc. 
I decided I wouldn’t upload them again to my shop in case there were any lingering legal issues. I also just made these for fun and enjoyment, not to make any profit. However since so many people liked them (and I am so grateful for your kind words of support) I decided to upload higher res versions you are welcome to download and print to use as you like. 
I only ask that you don’t be a dick and try to sell them (kind of defeats the whole purpose) and that if you do anything cool with them (hang them in your room, get autographs, gift them to someone) that you post a photo and tag me!
I will continue to post downloadable versions (previous version were low res and I would imagine wont print particularly nicely) of as many as I can. I do hope to keep making them as well so feel free to request any but I might not get to them as fast as I once did.

so im coming to the end of my askbox requests - looks like it’s time for another url graphic post!

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✧゚: *✧゚ if your url doesn’t relate to a person/show/movie/game etc, add what you would like in your graphic/gifset in the tag

✧゚: *✧゚ i will do as many as possible but pls remember i work a 40+ hr week so may take a while to get to yours


So many people! Thank you so much for following me! 

When I restarted this blog again after my 1-year hiatus exactly a year ago, I never dreamed I could get 5k followers, and certainly not within one year!

I asked you how to celebrate and thank all of you, and most responses were in favour of a…

Gifset/edit/graphic/manip giveaway!
You can request whatever you want and I will do my best to make it pretty and nice for you:)

Rules to join: follow me (this is a follower celebration after all) and reblog this post, and of course send me what you’d like to get!

Commission Updates :o

Eyyy; the prices for commissions are a little different now, so check them out here if you’re interested:

Portraits (Portrait/Full Body):
Pencil Sketch- $5
Digital LineArt (no color)- $10
Colored Digital Art- $20

Extra $5 For Additional Characters

Extra $10 for Backgrounds

Fully Colored Chibis:
$10- Heads
$15- Full Body

10 seconds- $50
30 seconds: $75
60 seconds: $100

And yes; I do NSFW and bloody graphic things if you’re interested in that sort of thing

Please send your request to my email at
with the subject, “Commission Request”
You can also shoot me a message on tumblr here:

Please make all payments out to my PayPal, which is

Also, just wanted to say thank you. I honestly didn’t expect so many people to be interested in my art. But holy moly, I have been proven wrong.

Thank you very much. This is something I’ve always dreamed of.


WARBLOSSOMED’S PAID COMMISSIONS   ;   I am currently accepting PAYABLE commissions available to mutuals! those who request graphics do NOT have to pay up front as it’s expected for MY policy that I produce the graphic before any exchange of money.  I am currently not working as many hours as I once was and still would like to make money on the side! I have absolutely no problem with those who would prefer my NON-PROFIT graphics and I thank you all so much for this chance! SOME PREVIEWS HERE


  • theme bg: CAD 10$  ( includes psd for matching graphics )
  • inbox headers: 5 for CAD $5   ( 1$ per banner PLUS the psd so you can make your own )
  • promo: CAD $5 for a promo of your choice. WILL NOT use other rpers promo’s as a reference as that’s not fair to copy. 
  • mobile header + icon: CAD 3$
  • starter call / plotting call / online and offline banners: CAD 3$
  • ** please, INSTANT MESSAGE me or add me via discord at  YOGI BROGIE#5627 for the form! thank you!

i finally freaking made it…one thousand followers. it’s been a goal for a long time, and i’m so happy i got it. many of you guys are new to my blog but…its all good. well sappyness over i’m just super happy that ive been able to reach my goal….bless

okay…a lot of people do something super special for follow forevers, like an icon page or something of the sort, but i realized i should promote my REQUEST A GRAPHIC page! if you want me to edit one of your favorite characters, please read the text and if you follow the guidelines ill be able to make one for you! 

okay….now to the actual people that i love


girlfriend: ♡ @212133 ♡

thanks for dealing with my shit, citrine, i love you

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thank you guys for being there and talking/interacting with (whether its through overwatch or through tumblr messaging) me it means a lot more than you think it does…you guys are really the best i could ever ask for…this is super sappy but i love all of you…. ♡♡♡


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for mamoeru


I get asked this question alot ‘Can I have some tips on being a RPH’ and honestly I have spun out some very good answers in my opinion and I thought that I would assemble a little guide for you on how to be a successful roleplay helper. I say successful because everyone is a great roleplay helper and everyone does their part but below is my guide on some tips and advice that I myself have learnt from and some mistakes I’ve made in the past. So take these as you will they are not meant to be hurtful in any way just keep that in mind.

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girls that can hold their own [2/??]: AELIN ASHRYVER GALATHYNIUS (CELAENA SARDOTHIEN)

She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - and she would not be afraid.

-Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (sjmaas)

hi everyone! welcome to my third tumblr awards (the struggle not to say third annual hunger games was real). I thought I’d do something cool for my followers so here ya go ;)


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there may or may not be multiple winners per category depending on how many notes this gets! good luck everyone :)

I’ve added a “donate” button on my blog and I feel the need to explain you why. 

Some of you asked for details or how I feel about it and I think it’s obvious if people want to know more before helping me, so I’ll try to write a longer post. I’d be really glad if you could spread this and I’ll reply to all your questions.

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Hey babes! I just hit 600 followers so I’m doing my first tumblr awards to celebrate (:

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I may not use all categories if not enough qualifying people enter

  • Best Icon
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  • help with anything you want (I’ll reblog your selfies and things)
  • all of my love ♥


Hi lovelies <3333

So I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for following me, for liking and reblogging my work, for your messages and your mentions, for all the million ways you all make this little tumblr experience so monumentally rewarding for me. I got into this because I wanted to get better at editing, but I had no idea how many beautiful, amazing, talented, kind people I would be graced to meet along that path.

And that’s exactly what all of you are, and I’m so grateful.

So this is me showing my appreciation the only way I really know how… graphics requests that will probably take me way longer to complete than you expect! :D

(This time I’m definitely limiting this to graphics only though, after last time’s fic-requesting disaster fiasco garbage catastrophe lol)

Here’s the deal: I will be taking 10 open-ended graphics requests from the winners of this drawing.

This means I’ll attempt to do any graphics request that I can, within the fandoms I’m familiar with (TVD, TW, HP, Pacific Rim, SPN, TMP, JTV, HTGAWM, etc) though I may attempt to go outside my comfort zone fandom-wise if there’s something you very strongly want. Graphics requests include but are not limited to: edits, gif sets, au gif sets, manips, icon sets, banners, twitter banners, facebook headers, and sidebar gifs.

And here are the rules:

  • You must be following me.
  • Likes count once, and reblogs count once (meaning if you both like and reblog you get two chances, but reblogging multiple times only counts once).
  • I will be using a random number generator to determine the 10 winners.
  • Winners will be announced Friday, November 28, at 8PM ET.

Thank you all again <3333 ILYSMMMM

xoxo, Nisha


sorry this sucks so bad but I’ve made it in 10 minutes and my graphic design skills are 0

I AM NOT ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS AT THE MOMENT! I already have a lot of requests for now, this is for whoever has been thinking of getting one, so they can make up their minds.

to the people who have already inquired: please get back to me asap stating whether you want to get one or not (don’t be afraid, saying ‘I can’t at the moment’ is absolutely fine, I just need to know how many I’ll have to do , so I can queue you and start working on them without losing too much time!) inquisitorsophie  becausedragonage samael76 resoan embeebee letoilealyrica s0tc


idk i did a thing like this last year and i wanted to do it again:)
I want to do something nice for my followers so those who are following me and reblog this until Christmas:

  • 10 people each day from Christmas till New Years will get a nice message in their ask
  • 5 people will get a graphic request
  • 5 people will get any of my saved urls
  • the rest will be promoted (solo promos and/or a promo list, depending on how many notes this gets)

i will pick these randomly yay ily all:)